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pride began because of a riot 🌈 black lives matter in my 🌎 and they should in yours too 🌈

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@_MythicalWolf It’s your birthday?! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 💕🎶🎉Rhett didn’t traumatize the fandom today. Maybe Jessie really did steal his phone for us. @beanboirhett You know my potato stance @dinkitfam You’re hilarious 😂😂😂As someone from Seattle who watched this happen on live-streams the audacity Tim Pool has to skew the story is fuck… @ManbunRhett This is gonna sound stupid as heck but tape a piece of paper up to the screen after you write the firs… @KatieOfficially It’s a fan account for her haha nothing official @dinkitfam Doodle your name real pretty and then after it write is a wonderful person because it’s trueeeeeee @ManbunRhett Tf is this witchcraft? @captainsourwolf I’m sorry for the yelling BUT SO DAMN CUTE I CRY @captainsourwolf THE OAW OVER THE OTHER PAW WHY WHY WHY SO FLUFFY AND SWEET🚿 @mythicalitys I love you and you’re right that human rights are non negotiable. @terisgril Negatory good buddy @Fairylightsneal @BrittonBuchanan He’s got merch!’m thinking again: @LinksBarfBucket I’m just saying there’s some sus activity involved and I want answers.Wait, what if the jessieinteriors account is also the linksoceanblues account?! Like the way they both just kinda happened is WILD.No better way to bond with MB’s than sharing your frightening dm experiences with the main account. 😂 @youdidinthdark @celestiallink @MythicalCopWife Ohhhhhhhjj I remember now 😂😂😂 You’re not an asshole by the way @celestiallink @youdidinthdark @MythicalCopWife Yeah how could it be worse? @youdidinthdark @celestiallink I legit about drove off the road 😂 @celestiallink @youdidinthdark I remember have three orders from mythical waiting to ship, a fourth going to lainey kathryn, and my two vinyls shipping aro… @mythicalbre Cute human is cute. Cute fur ball is cute @youdidinthdark I started the @LCOBleakCreekNC account 😂 @dinkitfam Bb beard @youdidinthdark Yes but OUCH. Bleak Creek week was EVERYTHING. I’m so glad you got to experience that moment. 💕KIM* @youdidinthdark WHY IIM WHY
@rhettroedits ❤️❤️❤️ take care of you first. @mythicalitys Howdy pahdnah 🤠 @randlerrose @MythicalCopWife I cried... a lot 😂For the record @MythicalCopWife is both on my “I would die for you” list and also “I will be the one doing the kill… @BrittonBuchanan Thank you for respecting that I will be on a boat @BrittonBuchanan Yes please but later tonight like 6 because I’m about to get into a boat thanks @MythicalCopWife Somehow that seems to reframe it as a challenge for him to mentally exhaust his mythical beast com… @mythicalitys @beanboirhett The way I literally thought bri was responding to herself just now 😂 good work @LinksBarfBucket I mean yeah, how else am I gonna date you?I love them. I really do. They spark joy in my life. 💕 @beanboirhett Ooooh and Link drives up on the fresh cement and runs it over additionally. Insult to injury @beanboirhett Don’t forget the new Apple Watch he’s been wearing lately too I just remembered. That things gotta go also. @beanboirhett A shame if this is the first day their new pool is filled and Jessie accidentally pushes him in @beanboirhett Let’s just hope Jessie has already hidden the phone 😂Good morning, how will twitter user @/rhettmc scar us today? @heartpainz @sweetpeachluna @losfamgeles Me too didn’t worry @linkspeanutbutt @sweetpeachluna @losfamgeles Mentioned in this episode, they made it real. :-) sweet for bed time: @MythicalCopWife @_MythicalWolf I think I’m actually in the rare percentage here which is also rare but I love the… @MythicalCopWife Takes one to know one @randlerrose Yeah gimme a minute to find it 😂 @randlerrose Can confirm. Hot country boy is hot @randlerrose @terisgril @rhettmc @losfamgeles The fact it’s a baby 🍼 @geothusiast I love you. ❤️ @geothusiast @MythicalCopWife HOW MUCH DID WE HAVE?I think I actually found a more appropriate red convertible for Rhett. He can ride off to get his juice box on this… @MythicalCopWife @geothusiast What IS this @MythicalCopWife Practice: drunk practice could reveal some shit @terisgril 😩😩😩 no it’s me who loves YOU💕 @bleakcreek Oh yes! Just be all smart and safe and healthy. Encourage those in your circle to be the same way! Euro… @Shasta_La_Croix I have BEEN here and I do not like. Sending all my love. @bleakcreek You’re gonna be great! It’s an adventure and it’s big but I think you’re gonna be just fine! 💕 @terisgril You see DeFranco makes an ounce of sense. Just an ounce.2020 is a trip. Kanye West is running for president. @sweetpeachluna @losfamgeles You just gave me the perfect opportunity @mythicalbre Accurate tweet is accurate @randlsystem @mythicalvee I wish. Rhetts are a floral print and links are camo. I would literally combust if they were 😩😩😩 @sweetpeachluna @losfamgeles They actually know a guy... ... you won’t be upset @80smclaughlin SO BIGAND THEN THERE WAS THIGH FOOD @rhettmc @losfamgeles Guy fieri is upset with you, Rhett @rhettmc @losfamgeles Well* @losfamgeles @rhettmc You mean like this? @losfamgeles @rhettmc Toasting this glass of Merlot in your honor tonight Jessie. 💕 @LinksBarfBucket Perhaps another day, today I don’t think I can.#ProTip - Imma need McLaughlin to shhhhhh @mythicalbre Tbh thought I was already so we press on @rhettmc No, you know what - @rhettmc This is knowledge I appreciate Mr hollandaise from a syringe @jaetee1 @rhettmc @LinkNeal It’s beautiful. For sure.Dog* @beanboirhett @Cameraonhold It’s fine now that you said stadium that’s all I can see too. It’s a dig bowl stadium @beanboirhett @Cameraonhold Well am I wrong?! @beanboirhett @Cameraonhold I thought it was a dog bowl 😂 @sweetpeachluna I’ll be sending you good thoughts. Wish I could come distract you! @sweetpeachluna Grab your headphones turn away from the windows choose your fave drink and watch gmm until the sunrise. You’ve got this. 💪🏼💕
@RhettLobster Well y’know @mythicalbre @MythicalCopWife This look familiar or no? @mythicalbre @MythicalCopWife 😇😇😇 I’m pure. Whatever do you mean? @MythicalCopWife I made this forever ago when we were on a feels trip what did you expect!? @MythicalCopWife @RhettLobster @rhettmc @LinkNeal Some would say... a specialty even @MythicalCopWife I regret nothing. @MythicalCopWife @rhettmc @LinkNeal Why not is the better question?The fact that they’re doing the same poses essentially... what a cinematic parallel. 🥺 @MythicalChef I used to get made fun of by all my college friends for asking for five sauces. I have never felt mor… @sharpcstIives Harley, i will cry for you @dinkitfam Loud noises