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Owning the libs. @kenarneson They're using the rare Kelvin scoring scale.
@atrupar Is Adderall coming out of his nose? @thestustein @p0wkan @mattyglesias The joke is how willing Americans are to go along with his backwards and hostile… @ryankelly @LukewSavage We should appoint 22-year old crossfit trainers who are strongly pro-choice and supportive of voting rights.
@JimHenleyMusic The front would feature more posing. The back cover is the change of pace. @JimHenleyMusic Seems more like a back cover. @jaseidler I'm only joshing. 😉 @jaseidler Coward! @jaseidler How would you rate him next to say, Jo Adell?
Sit on it, Chachi. @madisonbks @ericnus @robneyer Discuss flannel shirts with Rob. @NateSilver538 This would be a good topic for an upcoming podcast discussion. @benavey @ProupmanLives @scottlay It's a poll. @scottlay What is being released?Television live at CBGB, New York, 1977 #TomVerlaine #RichardLloyd #BillyFicca
Retweeted by DanI had never seen this clip before today, and now I’m sitting here wiping tears from my face. Joe Biden is a good ma…
Retweeted by Dan @HeerJeet @lionel_trolling It may be Bergman's best, period.
@JeffReddKross Charlotte shares a birthday with Julian Cope! @darrenhayman @PhilAlexanderUK I had thought the same, but I don't know the origin of the dispute. @obrien @imillhiser @jbouie I'm thinking Haley or another non-politician like Tucker Carlson. @NateSilver538 @NickRiccardi Going forward, is Texas friendlier terrain for Dems than Florida? @OnThisDeity Here's another wish for a great birthday and many more to come! @JulianHCope @EJDionne @ThePlumLineGS Maybe she asked him what his 2nd term agenda is. Does anyone know? @iboudreau @owillis Wait...that's Lesley Stahl's music! @djrothkopf Seriously. I mean, is he running for reelection for any reason other than to stay put of jail? If the m…"There's no way I was coming to Erie" before the pandemic hit, Trump says in Erie, but now that the pandemic means…
Retweeted by Dan @NormOrnstein @brianbeutler Lot 49 2020: I'll take a crack at it
Steve Cohen donating to Trump is a great sign for the Mets because it shows a willingness to dump millions of dolla…
Retweeted by Dan @jonfavs They should also ask him what his 2nd term agenda is and the names of his grandchildren. I doubt he know those things, either. @KamalaHarris Happy birthday! I already voted, and we got your back! @DemocratMachine Still, yuck. They don't make enough antacid pills to handle the next couple of weeks. @DemocratMachine YuckTough debate questions for Trump: 1. What is your 2nd term agenda? 2. Please name all of your grandchildren.
@Atrios The PivotNEWS: The Government Accountability Office has agreed to “conduct an investigation of the Trump Administration’s po…
Retweeted by Dan @MatteoSanDiego Wicker Man @scottlay We are always turning the corner on COVID, and his health care plan is always 2 weeks away. @joshtpm Be more likeable and attack his son.
@ryankelly I don't know that many young QBs could do much with this crew, but his arm is nothing special. @jaseidler He's better off studying abroad than landing with the Jets. @djrothkopf "Four Years of Concern" by Susan Collins. @jbview @rickhasen @opinion_joe @NormOrnstein Maybe Trump pardons him first? He has likely been involved in some of the transgressions.Vote for the candidate who will kick out the jams! for final presidential debate: “Both of you gentlemen say you hope to leave this world a better place fo…
Retweeted by DanI think about this often
Retweeted by Dan @mike_petriello @AndrewPerpetua @CommonnamePA I think US Citizens deserve voting representatives. The electoral col… @tamino1959 @HeerJeet Ahem... @ElizKolbert @HeerJeet Great book!Jaime Harrison is brilliant. @C_Blessing Love it.
@djrothkopf I have considered applying for dual citizenship in Ireland (I'm eligible through my grandparents). I co… @KT_So_It_Goes Maybe, but drops like this also help make other drops look valid. @stevesingiser @Neoavatara @nypost I think a leak like this is intended to add the look of authenticity to the whol… a rule, I don't like to amplify Never Trumpers as they're too complicit in creating today's Republican party. Th… @lonestarball A good piece of hitting.
@Britt_Ghiroli I think he simply has poor command.
I may be wrong but this may be the first time NBC has had a rapist on at 8pm Thursday since Cosby. @realDonaldTrump
Retweeted by Dan @scottlay I only said UK because it sounds significant, but, really, it would be hard to screw up. Just keep the fl… @DemocratMachine Are these new registrations, early voters, or...? @scottlay Is there something Biden could appoint her to? Ambassador to UK? @jay_es_one @GoStevenGoldman I liked Bull Durham, okay. The nostalgia for Major League, the Sandlot, etc., has always surprised me. @GoStevenGoldman @jay_es_one Hot take: Almost all sports movies are bad. @DemocratMachine Ha! I'm more bummed about the Senate race. @joshtpm Also, read the fine print. If it says unclaimed devices go to Rudy Giuliani, you should take your business elsewhere. @SenTedCruz You earned it, Ted!Remember, Rudy is a security specialist. NYT: On Feb. 24, Trump's economic team privately addressed the Hoover Institution and implied that a COVID…
Retweeted by DanFolks, read the fine print when you purchase a laptop. They all say, "If lost, return to Rudy Giuliani."
Even Buttigieg and Klobuchar are getting along, now. The party is unified! @JeffFletcherOCR @injuryexpert I only liked Season 1, but I agree that Season 3 was terrible. @RobynHitchcock Retrodelic, I thought. @RobynHitchcock At least we're delicious. @RobynHitchcock I am concerned by this. @BarroldBonds I'll Stop the World and Melt With You, Barrold. @jaseidler Well, I guess the whole "they'll pack the court!" thing wasn't working. @jbview Do I have to spell it out?Yes, questions are being raised. closing message seems to be insulting seniors and women who live in the suburbs, spreading Covid, and eliminating healthcare.
Retweeted by Dan
@jaseidler I didn't want him to be the nominee, but he's killing it as a TV surrogate.
@djshort The whole FO will have Microsoft Office now! @ddale8 @ParkerMolloy Dang typos! @ddale8 @ParkerMolloy Maybe he's stalking about the ticket (Bush was a Yalie). Still, he should state it correctly. @EmilyAinCA Michigan Senate race (Gary Peters) is way too close for comfort. We can't lose incumbent seats if we want a Senate majority.Amy Coney Barrett Promises Catholic Faith Won’t Interfere With Court’s Crushing Of The Poor, Downtrodden…
Retweeted by Dan @ParkerMolloy @daveweigel I thought it was to let fundamentalists know they should stick with him.
Remember in 2016 when Republicans thought Clinton was going to win and planned to change the size of the Supreme Co…
Retweeted by DanIt really is some sort of psychosis our country has: Democrats are expected to be the political party that upholds…
Retweeted by DanSenator Graham said "over our dead bodies" when asked if he would extend the $600/week federal jobless benefit for South Carolinians.
Retweeted by Dan @HeidiNBC @HC_Richardson @NBCNews Focus on issues not process: "McConnell and Trump are using all means at hand to… @NateSilver538 2016 is one thing, Nate, but you are totally discounting the boats in 2020. @joshtpm "McConnell and Trump are using all legal means at hand to enshrine unpopular policies into the judiciary f… @Redistrict Is Trump trailing even in Russia? @J_Schneider @BrendanKutyNJ ARod
@jasonsisney Well, ultimately it requires hearings and a vote of Congress, so a ways to go before he could make it happen. @kibblesmith It's BS. He might pull something like that to get a pardon for Fed crimes after the election (it would… @jasonsisney Biden's potential answer: "McConnell and Trump are using all legal means at hand to enshrine unpopular… @drvox @mattyglesias Ice cube twitter is the worst. @Atrios A big key is being calm. A crazy Republican will be called a moderate for not yelling.