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Actress ,Voice Over, Vocalist, Vagabond. European.🌹 Stay together, strong and united, for the kind of world we want to live in.

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@JonBell61123722 Yes I did the same thing then read it and retweeted I blame rosé it's neither red nor white it doe… @simpson_anton @lyndon_chaney He really thinks we've bought that pile of tosh. @JonBell61123722 Thank you though. @JonBell61123722 Oh no, Jon it's not my story it's • Helen Goodman's who was the Labour MP for Bishop Auckland from 2005 to 2019 @MarkRaven1973 Thank you. I just did the same thing, don't worry. Read it before retweeting, though! @MarkRaven1973 It's this woman's story • Helen Goodman was the Labour MP for Bishop Auckland from 2005 to 2019 @MarkRaven1973 Oh no it's happened again this is not my story. My own father died in October last year.My dad died under lockdown in Barnard Castle. I find Dominic Cummings’ visit repellent @JohnEJefferson Oh no. Sorry! I'll deleteMy dad died under lockdown in Barnard Castle. I find Dominic Cummings’ visit repellent
Retweeted by Charlotte Moore @Tpopularfront Can't he take his own glass in? What a boor. @AJRichardsonMP No one's interested in your sycophancy Ms Richardson. @ElRaynerista And Johnson was a guest of Von Bismarck when he holidayed in Mustique..... @jercor1 I think it's a really nice smell just reminds me of the 70/80s there was Old Spice and then Denim!! I wor… the Old Spice ad. @jercor1 LOL!!! @jercor1 Stealing x @Hepworthclare @Mantra1298 He stood there. He lied. Where's the humility, faux or otherwise? Nearly 37k people dead. @MsCCollins1 @RishiSunak no today he displayed a sincere belief that everyone but him is terminally stupid. If that… @SueSuezep What about appalling judgement?And contempt for every other person on the planet? @unojen_wood I was weak, I couldn't stand and I couldn't SEE so I drove to a hospital picked up my wife and child a… @SimonClarkeMP Aw. Unseemly!! LOL Nearly 38k deaths with you and your despotic narcissist party in charge what'd y… @TomLondon6 Half of the judiciary (at least) are tories.Total #Covid deaths, 25/05: Far-right 'cults of personality' Govts 🇺🇸USA 99,300 🇬🇧GBR 36,793 🇧🇷BRZ 22,746 Democrat…
Retweeted by Charlotte Moore @dianehain Iron your shirt you insult to tramps. @SueSuezep @cool_grandad Sorry, how clumsy of me should have trod softly.x @Tingletoot68 Grassy knoll would be better. @rose_marie @raphaeldogg He should have got his ears drained as well. @SaraCureton @SueSuezep Where the hell is Lee Harvey Oswald when you need him. @SueSuezep @cool_grandad I'm sorry, I resign. You'll never see my face nor hear of me again. @HeldinEU @Mrs_FlangeE AwfulCummings holds everyone but himself in contempt. Always has. Why would you expect him to turn up at all?Jethro Tull - Witches Promise - on a loop ❤️ @SariellaHerself @pocketrocket49 @Hardeep216 @dawnsmith07 @TheXIIGate @K4Owen @trace2367 If you're a socialist its still there for you. @piersmorgan @MickyBTFC62 @BorisJohnson He's no better, this is the policy he's enacted.This is the man ⁦@BorisJohnson⁩ is so desperate to save. 👇
Retweeted by Charlotte Moore @silverrich39 Oh god I didn't know that. How disgusting, cruel and psychopathic...oh hang on just like the rest of them. @Shaunghosh There is someone....Marcus J. Ball.And yet, they can charge US if they shoot and kill a suspect.
Retweeted by Charlotte Moore @PeterStefanovi2 @greg_herriett The next question should be "What is your name, today?" @liamyoung He has a very tightly worded contract with the govt. for starters. @tighabhinn @CliveMyrieBBC Everything has to be 'allegedly' on tv.
@MonarchyUK Bravo Clive, there's still some good people at the Beeb. @judahnaveen Wow, Johnson doesn't even know how many children he has, he's hardly one to preach about fatherhood.As one of those involved in SPI-B, the Government advisory group on behavioural science, I can say that in a few sh…
Retweeted by Charlotte Moore @gallaetha_matt and hospitals in a couple of weeks.Boris kept talking about "clear guidance in cases of childcare need". Nobody asked him to produce it. Does it exis…
Retweeted by Charlotte Moore @PoliticsJOE_UK @ProletaireY Oh but now we're supposed to believe it wasn't for childcare it was for his uncle's fu… @PoliticsJOE_UK @ProletaireY Surprised Shapps hasn't changed his name again.And I thought sitting opposite them was tough. 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Charlotte Moore @harrytlambert My mum had 6 siblings, her last and final one died during the lockdown. We followed govt guidelines,…
Retweeted by Charlotte MooreI'm reminded of Jacob Rees-Mogg suggesting that people in Grenfell Tower were responsible for their own deaths beca…
Retweeted by Charlotte MooreHolly fuck. As if that press conference was really needed as proof! Boris Johnson is a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR.
Retweeted by Charlotte MooreWill they? I think the parents will decide that. Make a stand! Boris Johnson confirms primary schools will reop…
Retweeted by Charlotte MooreThank you#NHSHeroes,Drs,Nurses, HCPs,Carers,Postal/Social/Key/shop/Essential workers,farmers,farmhands,Bus,Train,de… @unojen_wood Or go and stay with your just about to give birth girlfriend in the countryside... @bsazzled @silverrich39 @dicko1977 @sue_lees Why would you vote for fascists if you're not right wing? This is the… @Project_Coup I hear you. However, there are always exceptions, he seems to think himself exceptional and above the rules.... @Project_Coup What goes round....I’m fuming. All those men who missed their babies being born, all those elderly mums and dads dying alone while the…
Retweeted by Charlotte Moore @silverrich39 @neilsonandson Actually 10 million people who voted for him regardless of the entire MSM and his own… better was that he read it out slowly, *twice* ! 😂😂
Retweeted by Charlotte Moore @ElRaynerista I do this every morning before a spot of yoga..obviously I have to get a plane to the Amalfi coast an… @VoxPopu07251706 @K4Owen It's ok. Your cat's driving. Where's the harm? @evolvepolitics Pathetic. He didn't mind risking the young children's lives or other people's children's lives, the… @Morrigan_Wolfe @nickylabour4eva Really despicable. I bet he didn't even like his uncle. @Clare_Jennifer Back in Durham Jail. @dawnsmith07 @K4Owen @SariellaHerself @Lotx @pocketrocket49 @trace2367 Law Breaker cummings must go Would be my one :)
Retweeted by Charlotte MooreI couldn’t go yards to say goodbye to Dad a stone’s throw from Cummings's visit
Retweeted by Charlotte Moore @HeldinEU Of course not, it's spiritual. Love a horse me. @Spoonhead8 Oh dear. Doesn't seem to have a clue - Prue. If this remark were a cake it would definitely be undercoo… are like condoms - if someone tries to convince you that you do not need one, you definitely need one. #JoinAUnion
Retweeted by Charlotte Moore @Calumets @garywilson2013 @bilbalbag @Mr_ReadingTown @Raywoolford @socialiststeve6 @SariellaHerself @tinakalinen @lester_hickling Well he won't do it Wednesday as that'll ruin both his weekends. @reece_dinsdale You'll probably get more followers! X @ElRaynerista Let's boo for Boris on another night if we can be arsed. I can be asked to clap for and campaign for key workers. @red_black_cat @ElaineDyson1 @BlogRedRobin @DameLozza @Lovehasnowords1 Happy Socialist Sunday, Cat! xxxx @DanielWBmouth @shopabella @silverrich39 He has done literally nothing to make me a fan. He's only been an MP 5 yea… @garywilson2013 @bilbalbag @Mr_ReadingTown @Raywoolford @socialiststeve6 @SariellaHerself @tinakalinen @dawnsmith07 @djbthe_artist @LaraOyedele We all do @mataharifilms Hhahah! Yes he did! @shopabella @silverrich39 @DanielWBmouth Oh puhlease the idolisation of this public prosecutor is nauseating @blackdogday69 There’s so many effing nails in that coffin Shame he didn’t get in at first @mataharifilms @Nclarke30 GET RID OF THIS CREEPY MONSTER @silverrich39 @DaveCol08591776 He went on at Khan about the con.charge. but in terms of a greener world I'm very ha… @blackdogday69 @silverrich39 He is another's monkey don't forget. Namely Matthew Elliott (and his spouse). The root… @silverrich39 The big test was the report for which he remains in minus figures. @garywilson2013 @bilbalbag @Mr_ReadingTown @Raywoolford @socialiststeve6 @SariellaHerself @tinakalinen @dawnsmith07 #dominicgoing #BorisHasFailedBritain
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@jean_mcghie Sack them both @laureleccles Crisp sandwich?’t Let Them Spin the Pandemic by @WillBlackWriter @Jacqui_Smith1 @bbclaurak There is more than one villain , and she is one of them. @ArtCrunchy Rebecca long bailey not Raynor WTAF