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truly it means the world and i can never thank you enough for that. i just really hope you know how important you a…🥺- i literally don’t know what i did to deserve u in my life but you’re the sweetest angel i swear. you have the ki… hang out with you one day. we’re gonna have th e most amazing time!!🤡- i love you so much. like we just have to meet one day it’s gonna happen. you are one of the first couple of peop…🕊️- we haven’t really gotten the chance to talk much but i just gotta day that i follow u on insta and you’re liter…🦍- I LOVE YOU SO INCREDIBLY MUCH GF!!! you are the funniest human i’ve ever met and i’m so thankful for cos introdu…👩‍❤️‍👩- you’re the hottest hottie for realll🥵 plus you are so sweet for messaging me every once in a blue moon and… and jes because it’s truly what you deserve babe. ily💗😏- i’m so glad we’ve become friends even though i’m shit at keeping up with my messages sdhdhdh. but i think you’re… but i just hope you know ily and i’m always a text away if you need someone to talk to. oh yeah and let’s not…🍷- I MISS YOU!!! i feel like we never get to talk anymore but just know you mean so so much to me and i think you’r…💌- I LITERALLY LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH. you’re the biggest sweetheart and truly anyone would be so lucky to have you as… friend. you are an an amazing human and i will tell you that everyday if i have to!! i love you so so much.🐷- i literally love you so fucking much you don’t even know!!! ur the loml and you mean the world to me. thank you…🦔- you’re literally the cutest human!! like not only are you so sweet always but you’re also adorable. i love u so…👾- you are such a kind person i can just tell !! thanks for always being so sweet and keeping me updated on snap ev…🤠- i still want to be friends with you so bad haha!!! you seem so fun and like the biggest sweetheart. you’re one o… you mean more than words to me and i love you so much my beautiful beautiful wife!!!🦋- you know i love you with my whole heart. like seriously you mean the world to me and i’m so happy we’ve gotten t…🌌- we haven’t really talked much but i know we’ve been following each other for foreverrrr. you seem so sweet and i…✌️- you are probably one of the sweetest people i’ve met in this fandom. you are always so positive and kind to eve… @roseskarsten i wish more than anything i could meet you :(quote this with an emoji for a soft indirect because i’m bored and it’s been awhile since i’ve told you all how much you mean to me💫oh to be violently making out with saoirse ronan and getting paid for it
Retweeted by sam | supergay™i want to meet all my friends on here so badly, fuck distance :)))photos of caity lotz that make me gayer than i thought possible that 70’s show layout because i’m watching it right now and laura prepon ((‘:blowing smoke out on the roof laugh so hard until we cry
Retweeted by sam | supergay™tattoos and piercings aren't unprofessional tattoos and piercings aren't unprofessional tattoos and piercings are…
Retweeted by sam | supergay™THEY
Retweeted by sam | supergay™i just seriously love seeing you all so happy for real, it makes my heart happy!! i just hope you guys have the mos…
Retweeted by sam | supergay™IM SO HAPPY FOR ALL OF YOU THAT GET TO MEET CAITY AND JES!!! ITS WHAT YOU GUYS DESERVE❤️i just spent half my last paycheck on art supplies hahaha... oopsSince we’re talking about range let’s not forget this iconic legend. Becoming a new human being every year since 20…
Retweeted by sam | supergay™i just wanna know who gave them the right to be this cute??? don’t know who needs to hear this, but no one has this range
Retweeted by sam | supergay™memes of tomorrow
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Retweeted by sam | supergay™Just to be clear we’re all attracted to this woman right ?
Retweeted by sam | supergay™ @zleepynads me babe 😌👋🏼hi i’m feeling needy and i miss talking to you allSam starter pack lmao
my twitter is broken ripthe last episode of criminal minds is airing tonight and i’m so sad. that show and cast was one of the first i ever… course i have to fucking close at my job every tuesday night so i can’t live tweet w y’all :((I’m having a gay panic attack in public
Retweeted by sam | supergay™ @wosoloverr thank you so much(‘: @roseskarsten thank you my love @darhkkline honestly same like wow @Zariscanary thanku babe ((:⚡️2-18-20 ever just think about the fact that both caity lotz and jes macallan exist at the same time as you???new layout who dis
@roseskarsten hi babe
like literally at work so many guys come through drive through and hit on me and some r very creepy and i think i’v… just wanna know WHY guys are constantly hitting on me but girls never do. being a lesbian is tough lemme tell ya @Zariscanary ily toooooo💘 @lotzofsara IM SO GAY FOR HER OMYGOD @qualitydanvers righttt like woah i’m in lovethe way she just looks like that so naturally..? she's so hot help me
Retweeted by sam | supergay™brb @haughtslance and i are road tripping to vid con JUST for laura preponphotos of jes that i think about on a daily basis @Zariscanary RILEYYYY i’m the biggest idiot😔x-ray wow i can’t even typeso i think i made my fractured wrist even worse if possible and now i have to go back for another x-day because i’m a dumbass
like i could post questions and the fastest person to respond gets a point and so forth. idk this might be stupid b… @darhklances mellyyyyy ofc i miss you :(( but come back when you’re ready babe!GUYS i’m thinking of maybe doing some type of legends trivia contest with some handmade prizes for the winner. idk… @zleepynads 🍄 @zleepynads you got them all right that you put woahhh ur amazing @zleepynads shdhdhdh BABE i love you so muchhh @roseskarsten BABE U DID SO GOOD fleetwood mac is def one of my fav bands and the only one you got wrong is my fav color haha !oh yeah i forgot to tell you all that i’m the biggest dumbass and fell off my skateboard last week and fractured my…
quote this with 3 words that come to ur mind when you think of me, i’m so curious✨i doubt anyone knows these all but let’s give it a try🤪 real first name: age: from: sexuality: favorite artist:… about grey’s anatomy’s most iconic scene
Retweeted by sam | supergay™your honor, i love these badass softies so much @adcginny i love you more!!i know my layout is valentine’s themes but i’m not ready to get rid of it yet lmao15. going to the beach and just talking for hours and listening to music. or just hanging out and smoking and painting and being goofballs14. anything that smells warm or like autumn. but i use more incense than candles and i like the more musky calming scents13. i love any colognes but i’ll usually only buy cheap ones for myself so i don’t rlly have a fav shdhdi’ll love them forever
Retweeted by sam | supergay™ @adcginny um hi you’re the cutest !#ValentinesDay
Retweeted by sam | supergay™12. i really like sunflowers or unusual looking flowers that i don’t know the name of lol11. brunch i guess?? idk, food dates r not my thing though10. cookies and cream9. yeah i have :/8. i don’t really read fanfics tbh but if i had to choose a trope it would be like enemies to lovers7. love letters 100% i love writing love letters and receiving them so much. i cherish all of the ones i’ve ever received6. soooo fucking gay5. last kiss was nothing special it was with my friend at a bar when we were drunk but i didn’t really feel anything towards her obviously 😂4. it was pretty bad. my bf back when i was in middle school kissed me and i hated it3. anything by al green. i really love simply beautiful by him2. i’m not a huge candy fan but i guess like peach rings??¿1. quite possibly, but i prob screwed that up just like i do with everything🤪