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Never knew this about The Power Broker: "readers are required to own it in print, because Mr. Caro, who still uses… name is GEORGE FLOYD. He was murdered by police for allegedly writing a bad check. Her name is Senator KELLY L…
Retweeted by S. HoweAges of The Golden Girls cast, 1985: Estelle Getty, 62 Bea Arthur, 63 Betty White, 63 Rue McClanahan, 51 @bourgwick @3lobed @williamtylertn @jimmyjacktoth @thesonicyouth @SteveGunnMusic @TheRealYLT @SunRaUniverse I wonde… me a moral relativist but i am pretty sure murdering is worse than looting
Retweeted by S. Howe"I am sick of everyone in this community who tells me to stop creating a panic. How many of us have to die before y…
Retweeted by S. HoweOn January 25, 1991, this is how The @nytimes reported that 100,000 Americans had died from AIDS. They didn't bothe…
Retweeted by S. HoweWATCH: Dr. Anthony Fauci remembers the late HIV/AIDS activist Larry Kramer: "He was just an extraordinary man. ...…
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I don't think the quartet could be improved on, but the idea of two guitarists playing with this band is head-spinn… Robertson had recorded with Charles Lloyd in 1965 (see embedded tweet), with underwhelming results. It was i…, Coryell was comfortable enough with Lloyd & co. to drop acid before a studio session. months later—on September 3, 1965—guitarist Larry Coryell arrived in New York City, and looked up Charles Lloyd… Yellin on Henderson: "He was reading Thomas Mann, you know, all the things that the '60's people were into — a… month later, La Roca, Swallow, Kuhn and Joe Henderson recorded the great "Basra" album. @gretared Ah, but not with recording technology!At the time of the Vanguard performance, La Roca and Swallow had just finished recording Art Farmer's "Sing Me Soft… was at the start of a long sabbatical from the studio. Lloyd had recently cut a session with Gábor Szabo (… Hollingshead: "The first public psychedelic event ever performed was at the Village Vanguard jazz club...on… @bourgwick You know whose music was impervious to LSD? Maynard Ferguson's. @bourgwick I remember when you were researching that album! Surely there must have been a lot of pre-65 SF jazz rec… @JahHills @bourgwick Recorded! @bourgwick Yeah, was just about to say, putting field recordings of chanters aside. are the earliest known recordings of music made under the influence of hallucinogens?Twist ending!
aka "Theme From 2020" Wars wasn't the only thing happening on this day in 1977—that afternoon, Stan Lee watched as Kiss put their bl… in nightclub, fleeter than birds, Chambers & Kelly & Cobb. very briefly met Jimmy Cobb in 2009, and he was very patient with my gushing praise. Collins, 1971 Apprentice. is some new music that adults listen to?Front-page Billboard coverage of indie orchestral pop, 1996
@RealBeano @Koslofskyspeaks Hi, Mom! for sure. Greetings, for the NYC documentation.TOYLAND, del singular Al Columbia en Diamond 4, edita @floating_world doble tabloide #ComicsArchitecture – Bien apl…
Retweeted by S. Howe @bourgwick I feel like Blondie Chaplin could jump onstage at any moment. @Gregory_Ego Looks like there was promise from the beginning! Announced at a symposium in St. Louis at the very end… hole report, 5/23/20: Correspondence between the discoverer of CBD and the U.S. Treasury Dept.—which was su…
Excellent, deep history here. great! know how much of a cut Amazon gets from the used book sales on its site?
@QueenCityJamz Is that still considered the "standard" Phish logo? Bought this one at the State Theater in Ithaca. @YrOnlyHope Which are you thinking of, in the aged-well category (post-Y2K)? @YrOnlyHope I *used* to feel that way about them, (until circa He Got Game and Ocean's 11), and I wish I still did.… @tgregcarpenter It's an extraordinary sequence! @likaluca I will try. May need a shot of courage.My Unseen Spike Lee: Get on the Bus Bamboozled She Hate Me Miracle at St. Anna Red Hook Summer Oldboy Da Sweet Blo… @JahHills @dankois No, I didn't know about those! I'll have to track them down. @tgregcarpenter My favorite part of Orient Express is definitely the credit sequence. @dankois SG meant/means a lot to me—I've bought multiple copies of Impossible Vacation—and I think I just wasn't ready for it. @od_sobolev I remember wanting to see Bubble very much when it came out—not sure how it got away from me!The gaps in my Richard Linkliteracy are: The Newton Boys Bernie Last Flag Flying Where'd You Go, BernadetteThe Soderbergh films I've never seen are: Full Frontal Criminal Bubble Ocean's Thirteen And Everything Is Going Fi… @ArchivesBoy Little Buddha had Ryuichi Sakamoto and Vittorio Storaro and broke my little film-student heart.Herewith the Gordon Willis-shot movies I've never seen: The People Next Door Up the Sandbox September 30, 1955 Com… presenting: the Scorsese movies I've never seen. The Age of Innocence Kundun Bringing Out the Dead The Aviator Hugo Silence
What would you pick as the best run of three consecutive films made by Sidney Lumet?
the diary of a potato guardian
Retweeted by S. Howe @bourgwick @annemgarner @KevinFranciotti My copies of both books are, alas, currently in another town. If you still… @blakejharrisNYC Congratulations, Blake!This is a great story.
@tywilc @evankindley Goosebumps listening to this. I can still remember where I stood near the stage, staring slack… @markyarm Garcia's improv music for Zabriskie Point, "Love Scene": is the exact recording date known? I know it's circa…
@evankindley @tywilc Thanks everyone for being too polite to point out what I only just now realized—that *tomorrow… Times, March 1970 @davidlfear Per Netflix, Back to the Future III marks the end of the "classic era" @matthewspecktor Who would be the most likely guest harmonica player at a YLT show? Who is the Amerindie James Cotton? @matthewspecktor The second time I saw them was at Alligator Lounge circa 11/95—were you in LA then? @matthewspecktor JL repeatedly misremembers that I was with him on 9/11. @evankindley @tywilc Happy Anniversary!Ugh the graphic that accompanied that linkTwenty-five years ago today, I saw Yo La Tengo for the first time and my life changed.
@RealBeano @NoirAlley Just occurred to me that both KIMONO and NIGHT HOLDS TERROR are in LOS ANGELES PLAYS ITSELF. @RealBeano the original avatar for this account: listening & reading-alonging @jasonpwoodbury @aquadrunkard Thank you, Jason!This was the laugh I needed, thank you. @caleb_crain Are you watching SCOOB?Andrew Stone's got a pretty nice streak in his filmography, if you're looking for late-cycle noir., tonight TCM is showing another movie I had a hard time tracking down: Andrew Stone's THE NIGHT HOLDS TERROR,… other night I was flipping through channels and caught a bit of THE CRIMSON KIMONO on TCM, and remembered how h…
congatulations, @aquadrunkard! Alumnus, July 1957: Catching up with Gena Rowlands '51 and Uta Hagen '40. @parabasis I don't think I'll ever get over The Conversation/Godfather II trick. @parabasis needs more horses. @stephenmdedman @JaneEspenson @alex_segura @ChuckWendig I would urge anyone who's read Helter Skelter to also read Tom O'Neill's CHAOS.when you want to win $3,000 by wrestling Bonesaw McGraw without risking your secret identity as a US senator
Retweeted by S. HoweTHE COMMUNITY CORONATION COVERS PROJECT Day 14 To Whom It May Concern, performed by Bob Pernice @BobPernice, Pern…
Retweeted by S. Howe @QueenCityJamz I have an abiding love, but I understand.
It'd be great to hear the mythical ELECTRIC NEBRASKA, but what I really want is the Albini mix of BORN IN THE USAAd for the first of Link Wray's swampy chicken-shack three-track albums, 1971. "There was no bass drum, so someone…
Tonight, on the 50th anniversary of Tom Forcade's Senate pieing, the excellent FX series MRS. AMERICA will depict… @Gregory_Ego Thanks, Gregory. I'm afraid not—Michael Kennedy was the last person I knew who had contact with him. @tywilc @Longreads Thank you, Tyler!Fifty years ago today: A man walks into a Senate building with a pie. a truly insane movie tonight: WIND ACROSS THE EVERGLADES.
A watershed moment in journalism, from the Tombstone Epitaph, October 15, 1900: "The newspaper fellow ought to str…
This is my kind of clickbait headline: @emilynussbaum @Rumaan @EmilyGould I bet I'd like "Free Man in Paris" more if I didn't know it was about David Geffen.