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Showrunners’ Assistant: Julie and the Phantoms // Known by some as the real-life Judy Hopps

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When you have found the pug just retweet ok
Retweeted by Ashley Bower @horgandee Current situation: waking up literally every 30 minutes!!!
@MaevePress The news we needed on this Friday#EverythingsGonnaBeOkay because we have a date an actual release date for #BlackWidow @loudandfearless and I are fr…
Retweeted by Ashley BowerPSA: starting Mad Men. This IG live was too inspiring to go another day without watching. Jones going live on Instagram is prime quarantine content.
@furrey @jholtham beat ya to it 😁 @jholtham @jholtham @jholtham just might set aside three hours to rewatch Endgame today because WHY NOT mess around with my current emotional state even more??? @thegarygraham how are YOU??I'm still crying 😭💞 thanks for watching with me!!! @thegarygraham Yes, thank you ☺️ genuinely just got too wrapped up in writing fanfiction that I didn’t notice the t… @snarkylicious @ElainaCScott @thegarygraham You all are wonderful ✨ @thegarygraham I forgot about dinner tonight @brookefreia @erictcarrasco @susaneisenberg1 So cool! I’ll have to check them out. Thanks for sharing! @brookefreia @erictcarrasco @susaneisenberg1 I love these covers so much! @erictcarrasco @susaneisenberg1 This is the Supergirl one I have, read, and loved! I’d love to more Supergirl or tr… @erictcarrasco @susaneisenberg1 This page makes me want to really read comics. However I’ve only ever read one and…
@RestingPlatypus @HowToGetAwayABC I laughed just reading this 😂Big mood. @cdrcasey Send me some pls @Neil_McNeil This is the only acceptable April Fools month, new twitter header that brings me joy. #Supergirl cancelled the trip about a month ago, but my dad & I were supposed to be leaving for Paris today. We were going… until it is, you should binge #EverythingsGonnaBeOkay on Hulu. Right, @MaevePress? 1st vs. March 31st @furrey @cadlymack Don't get me started with that face 😭 @furrey @cadlymack she's supposed to be named after THIS LEGEND. Isobel Evans. Because Roswell New Mexico is the first show we bin… sister's mom finished all of season one of Supergirl in three days (and loved it!). I am so proud of her.This video made my day 1000x brighter."You are not working from home; you are at your home during a crisis trying to work." I've heard this twice today.…
Retweeted by Ashley Bower @elcincodemaya This is truly the only answer I’ve seen to this tweet that matters @RestingPlatypus @TrevorProject 🙌🏻💜If you’re able, @TrevorProject needs our help right now. Follow the link to donate:
Retweeted by Ashley Bower
@NoahHarald I hope he feels better soon 🙌🏻 @RowlandJordyn Me a few weeks ago canceling my flight to Paris. I was supposed to leave tomorrow. @TravisSeppala I put some pepper on the egg while cooking it but on top there is everything but the bagel seasoning @BBCTania Not presently but I feel like once all of this is over I want to have everyone over for brunch @cdrcasey I want a quicheI have perfected my avocado toast with an over medium egg during quarantine 🥑🍳🍞“They want us to be invisible because of their own fears. They want to erase us so we will shine even brighter.”…
Retweeted by Ashley Bower @MaevePress @schuyleriona Chocolatero? Just go with it @MaevePress @schuyleriona Sooo hot chocolatero 😂
SAMOAS, this is the best one. @MaevePress @MelissaBenoist @SupergirlStaff @TheCWSupergirl I think we should watch this episode again... in Spanish.Name 4 musical artists that are personally significant to you then tag 4 people to do the same Kate Voegele, Haile… ordered my foster pup (who is always cold) a Best Friend Ever! dog hoodie so that’s how quarantine day 18 is going for me.Off the top of my head... Grey’s Anatomy - Into You Like a Train ER - 21 Guns One Tree Hill - When It Isn’t Like I… @MaevePress @camilluddington @GreysABC This is it. This is my favorite one.These are incredible. And now I’m even more excited to finally start Killing Eve. @Snacpack Lmao 😂 @ebethsherm @MaevePress @violetconner @RestingPlatypus @cdrcasey @_mazzasaurus_ @furrey Sestra, is that you? @mollyhampton IS THIS SCI-FI 🤣6 friends, 6 (more) series: United States of Tara The Bold Type Grey’s Anatomy Orphan Black One Tree Hill Chicag… 7 most watched horror movies: The Hitcher (2007). I’ve seen it about 1,000 times. And that’s it, because I real… @MaevePress No such thing as way too many
Welp @BaconWRLD Literally all of these are disgusting with the exception being an OCCASIONAL cosmic brownie. @nycblondee I could listen to it over and over and over againNew York State of Mind @KristaVernoff Thank you so much for doing this! 💜 @KaylaCromer17 This is my foster pup! @MaevePress @schuyleriona Is she sitting inside the puzzle box? This makes me love her even more. @erichcannon It really was. @GailSimone Teenage Dream @katyperry @Neil_McNeil @elcincodemaya @MaevePress Likewise 💞🥂It’s ok if you’re not creating right now. It’s ok if you’re frozen/depressed/anxious/lost. I keep being asked how I…
Retweeted by Ashley Bower @Snacpack Omg. Can’t wait to meet him someday. @Neil_McNeil @elcincodemaya The last thing I did pre-quarantine was go to one of @MaevePress’s comedy shows. She to… @Rattinger Ugh no thank you. I’m so sorry. @KristaVernoff Yes! I would love this! @Chelsea_Cxo Yeah. Not the most ideal circumstances to write right now. @Chelsea_Cxo Luckily I love my apartment and my roommate and I get along great! I’m just missing my friends and try… @Chelsea_Cxo Ugh at least you have a space to sit outdoors during this time thought! I’m sure you could get some pl… @RowlandJordyn I’ve been considering investing in a Himalayan salt lamp. @Snacpack I am in love @Chelsea_Cxo It’s such a struggle. Especially now that the weather is perfect!
Current mood: jealous of people with backyards and functional balconies. @JennKaytin YeAh can’t relate.So, some people just...fall asleep? Easily? Wild concept.
Retweeted by Ashley Bower @MeghinDelaney I’m so sorry Meghin. Sending you and your family so much love. ❤️Iconic. @thegarygraham Ugh. I’m so sorry Gary 💔 @rachelkiley Roswell New Mexico and The Bold Type!
@StillNotSam @hannah_burkee this reminds me of that one pizza place we went to in EMT school. @DavidHarewood Psychosis & Me! @DavidHarewood Hi! Where/how can we watch your documentary? I wasn’t able to find it available for purchase anywher… @thegarygraham Melatonin gummies have really helped me. @MarcSnetiker Popcorn Deenihan @ScriptsByJames Supergirl. I’d rather have Lex Luthor as the leader of whatever world I’m living in than our current president.6 friends, 6 series: Private Practice Roswell New Mexico The Morning Show Supergirl How to Get Away With Murder… @thegarygraham Lemon water or Dr. Pepper!
@snarkylicious @MrJonCryer His Lex Luthor and @RachieSkarsten’s Alice... I’ve never loved villains so much. @snarkylicious @MrJonCryer I am honestly so happy with this one. @cadlymack I have yet to find the motivation to work on writing more of my pilot and my allergies are TERRIBLE. But…