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Pres of DiBella Entertainment; Pres of AA Richmond Flying Squirrels; CEO of AA Montgomery Biscuits; Member of NY & CT Boxing HOF; Producer; Actor(sorta)

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@RPopBox Fig throwing and landing more.Interesting... TV is seeing Molina leading and I’m seeing Omar. #FigueroaMolinaJr 🤷🏼‍♂️🥊This is a good old fashioned brawl on #PBConFOX. Tune in to @fox and catch the second half of #FigueroaMolinaJr. Bombs away. @linusesq He’s still in a crowd pleasing war. Credit where it’s due. #FigueroaMolina @linusesq I dunno. He just never seems to be on weight or in primo shape. He throws down when he’s in there, but do… x 2 fighters with balls and no D = a fun fight. #FigueroaMolina
@EditinKing to @robertbrantusa who kicked it up a gear and got a guy out who he needed to get out. Opponent was not condu… @MarkEOrtega He’s holding his own now, but he doesn’t take chances or see openings. He is so straight up that it lo… to Lennox Allen (22-0-1, 14 KOs), who dominated Derrick Webster for 10 rounds to capture the…🎯 @maxkellerman 🙏🏽
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaSuper proud coach,,,AND the new gold champion Lennox 2 sharp Allen,a easy 10 round unanimous decision,,Lennox is no…
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Brooklyn's undefeated super middleweight contender Lennox "2 Sharpe" Allen (21-0-1, 14 KOs) vies for the… @jleblanc_sports @usykaa @DAZN_USA Take down your #GratefulDead banner, tool! Jerry is rolling in his grave. IS MY WHOLE LIFE❗️#boxing #alwaysfirst #life #1 #ilovemyjob #championoftheworld #ko #beast #ivanbaranchyk
Retweeted by Lou DiBella @IBaranchyk Looking sharp!!! You too, champ. 😉❤️Hey Benny, I need a @GoSquirrels St. Patty’s Day t-shirt! ☘️☘️☘️🐿 @Meister71 @usykaa @DAZN_USA I’m not a gun guy...period. Don’t think they are “cool” or toys or accessories. I’ve b… @mcclung_conor @usykaa @DAZN_USA Lol. I perpetrated my share of mayhem for a law student. All the best, Conor. @mcclung_conor @usykaa @DAZN_USA I’m sayin that when I was your age, I had more hair than you and would have kicked… @j190687p @usykaa @DAZN_USA And I’m speaking to @DAZN_USA, no? @mrmattmoreton @usykaa @DAZN_USA It’s an @DAZN_USA tweet. That arguments isn’t very relevant, is it?I’m gonna be trolled for this, but, in 2019, I don’t like this imagery with the gun and the glove. @usykaa doesn’t… @Jollybob100 No, she’s not brainless. While I don’t agree with @AOC on everything, I agree with her on this. I also… @MattRitchie88 I’m also a political scientist and someone who has long believed that we are more an oligarchy than…⬇️⬇️⬇️. If a corporation makes in excess of $11 billion and pays NOTHING in federal taxes, the system is broken…
It’s great to be back as the champion of the world, these scenes today were unbelievable I want to thank everyone w…
Retweeted by Lou DiBella @Claressashields Smh. Not a good idea!!! He will be... scenes as ⁦@RichardCommey⁩ returns to Bukom to a hero’s welcome! ⁦@loudibella⁩ ⁦@KBouhairie⁩ ⁦…
Retweeted by Lou DiBella#NeverForget #ParklandStrong’s only World Champion in #boxing returns to his homeland! @RichardCommey deserves this kind of welcome in a… buzzing for @RichardCommey and @Mickey_Moo - No one deserved to win a world title more 👊🏻
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Great celebration of up and coming #boxing talent in #PuertoRico and of the @WorldBoxingOrg’s regional champs.… hunter: MIKE JINES. Top Gen Energy, LLC #TopGenEnergy #bantrophyhuntingNOW, Johnny. #Tapia WBO Latino 122lb titlist Yenifel Vicente and 7-division world champion Amanda Serrano, among other t… mismo en el Complejo Ferial de Ponce reconoceremos a las futuras estrellas del boxeo puertorriqueño como las emp…
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaThis murderous #American slimebag, BRYAN KINSEL HARLAN spent $110,000 US in Pakistan to trophy kill a rare, magnifi…’t!! fucking! leave!! your!! dogs!!! outside!! in!!! this!! WEATHER!!!!!!
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaCan I ask fans of @kristoffstjohn1 a favor? Let’s do him & our late son @TheArtofJulian & @TheStJohnFamily Justice…
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaLos Angeles! Please help save Han and Solo!!
Retweeted by Lou DiBella👸🏼🐝👐🏼 @WuTangClan @adidasboxing
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#SuperTuesdayBreakfast back in LEX! Zim’s Cafe is brilliant and we have @BiscuitBaseball swag. 5th ranked…
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaI had the honor of knowing and working with Arthur Ashe during my years at @HBO. This is a well deserved honor for… @cle2ric Yes. I love going when my schedule allows. See you at @GoSquirrels season opener.#RVA #Richmond #baseball Birthday to my old friend Naseem, one of the greatest showmen in the history of #boxing. Many more,… ... and Cancio. @RPopBox @UltClassicRock Likewise. He was a good dude and a great drummer (one of metal’s greatest ever). #RIPVinniePaulVinnie Paul, Pantera drummer and four-time Grammy nominee, died in 2018 yet was absent from the "In Memoriam" secti…
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaThis is our General Manager, Ben, flipping hot dogs, dressed as a hot dog. Fav this tweet if you're ready for ballg…
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaGo @RooTurbo! 💛💛💛
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaFarmer, Rosado, Lundy vs Sparrow, oh my! Call 215-765-0922 for tickets.
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Work in @MiLB they say it will be FUNN - minus the tarp pulls and occasional @MiLBprobz but you can have a 🥊 match…
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaHAPPY 9TH BIRTHDAY NUTZY! (if anyone knows how Squirrels years work, let us know) You put the FUNN is Squirrels Ba…
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaStay away from Regis Prograis!!!
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaApproximately 22 Veterans a day commit suicide. Would at least 22 of my Twitter friends please copy and tweet?… @RealAlvinRamos @RPrograis 💯 @RPrograis will KHTFO. #Rougarou. #boxingI can stay in New Orleans for Mardi Gras and eat crawfish and king cakes until fight night and still beat Ramirez.…
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaI only thought one score of the three (8-4) was off. That was the definition of a fight with a razor thin margin. R…
@Masterfu5 @YouTube When he throws his hands, though, he’s not meh.Prince Naseem Hamed 'Thriller' ring entrance vs Wayne Mccullough via @YouTube @IsheSugarShay @kieranmulvaney @KevinI Congrats on a truly admirable career, Ishe. You have many things, inside and… are things in life worth more than $ Like these Young girls in Puerto Rico inspired by me. Glad I’m able 2 gi…
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@JelenaBoxing @ShowtimeBoxing I can assure you that there were no calls from your representatives left unanswered.… for sharing this, @_SJPeace_. For some reason, I saw quite a few uplifting things on @Twitter today. This i… this second serious and credible allegation of sexual assault, Justin Fairfax should resign. This is not a partisan issue.
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaI need @CompuBox count on this! #boxing’m hoping we can. Looking good. 🙏🤞#hardymrdjenovich #MrdjenovichHardy @ShowtimeBoxing @spike_osullivan Thank for sharing that, Spike. Watched it about a hundred times, mate. That kid is as much a champ… ⬇️
Be an #organdonor. @MiaStJohnBoxer @kristoffstjohn1 @Julian4Justice Praying for you, Mia. Sending love and strength. ❤️🙏 @nickhiggins86 @maxkellerman @espn I’ve actually been thinking about doing a podcast. Stay tuned.Hanna Gabriels is ready and willing @360BoxingPromos. “Max on Boxing” on Manhattan cable when @maxkellerman was a wee child and he singlehandedly lowered the dem… to one of the greatest players I ever watched
Retweeted by Lou DiBella.@JohnDingell was a voice and a hoot until the very end. #RIPJohnDingell on this. You can’t blackmail someone who won’t let you get away with it. Perfect chess move. If they have pic… is no doubt that Virginia’s leaders need to be held accountable for their personal history, but every Virgini…
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After beating another prospect, Patrick Day wants all-Haitian showdown vs. Erickson Lubin - by @ryansongalia
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaAfter beating another prospect, Patrick Day wants all-Haitian showdown vs. Erickson Lubin - The Ring @loudibella
Retweeted by Lou DiBella @TheHHDiva That’s a great goal. You’ll do it. You’re pretty good with goals, Franchon. 😉 @unionsamurai 👍👊This is really good matchmaking. Can’t envision anything other than a really good fight. #boxing @premierboxing for sharing, @ThomasRussell. Congrats @ratsosloman. Just listened to the single, “Our Lady of Light”. Love N… @JamelHerring @DiBellaEnt @HeatherHardyBox @shelitosway @Serranosisters @MsPrettyBeast @tiarabrownbox for this feeling again! It’s almost that time.. New Fight details dropping this week!
Retweeted by Lou DiBella @soledadobrien @ACLU Warm thoughts and condolences to you and your family. Your Dad was quite a guy. God bless.#Trolling is a polite word for #bullying. Pause for 1 min before posting; remember there’s a beating heart on th…
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaBrother and Sister meet up .. #Beautiful
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaThis just bummed me out. URGENT. C’mon, some #dog lover in #LA area, foster this poor older pup. There’s a shelter…
The story behind the photos on Richard Commey's title-winning trunks!! ⁦@loudibella⁩ ⁦@EKoranteng_⁩ ⁦⁦@Woodsy1069⁩…
Retweeted by Lou DiBella @TyanBooth2 Wtf. I can’t believe this hasn’t been taken down. What ignorant, nasty, mean spirited BULLSHIT!! This k… strongly supports women's boxing and admires the hard work and sacrifice put in by all of our female f…’s to #MeredithGreenberg. #NGWSD2019 #NGWSD #NationalGirlsAndWomenInSportsDay #LeadHerForward #boxing's National Girls and Women in Sports Day! 🏋️‍♀️🤼‍♀️⛹️‍♀️🤾‍♀️🧗‍♀️🏊‍♀️🚴‍♀️ Today we say thank you to the incredib…
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaCongrats to my friend and partner, Gary Green (@ChasersOwner, and to the @AHRCNYC for its fine work. @GoSquirrels💥🇺🇸 @mightymohooker defends his WBO Junior-Welterweight title for a second time, facing unbeaten Mikkel LesPierre…
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaThe Captain’s Treatment