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Pres of DiBella Entertainment; Pres of AA Richmond Flying Squirrels; CEO of AA Montgomery Biscuits; Member of NY & CT Boxing HOF; Producer; Actor(sorta)

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Via @abeG718 for @NYFights, Fantastic Prospect Watch Read on #FutureWorldChampion @Jonfer1 Read >>…
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaLou Di Bella's next #BroadwayBoxing bill featuring Melissa St. Vil, Jude Franklin, Khalid Twaiti and more local pro…
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaHuge Thanks to Former Middleweight World Champion @maravillabox for his Gracious Help This Week with @Jonfer1!! Wat…
Retweeted by Lou DiBella @PedroDiazBoxing @IBaranchyk PUTTING THAT WORK IN FOR @WBSuperSeries @loudibella #ALITROPHEY @MichellePhelps
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Via @MMATodayNews, "@WBCBoxing Champ @RPrograis. "Young, Hungry and Just Getting Started" @loudibella #BEST140
Retweeted by Lou DiBella @RagingBabe Don’t respond to BULLSHIT like this, Michelle. You don’t have to.This Friday night on #SHOBox, ⁦@ShowtimeBoxing⁩, this #StatenIsland puncher opens the show in the toughest test of… and my bro @ThatNumba_b4One back at it again October 27th @LakefrontArena on the @RPrograis / @wbsuperseries und…
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaThe wonderful @BettyMWhite has been stealing the show my whole life. Great to see her do it again tonight at the…
IT'S FIGHT WEEK for @DiBellaEnt !! This Friday Night, Sept 21 #FutureWorldChampion @Jonfer1 Headlines an Outstandin…
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaWhen I fight @BronzeBomber I want Neutral judges 1 from uk 🇬🇧 1 from USA 🇺🇸 & 1 from a Neutral place. Things have t…
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaRaise your hand if you're feeling #Motivated? 🌞
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaOne cool dude! #Fitzmagic #Harvard...had to find some silver lining in this two week old #NFL season. It was this o…
Btw, Canelo deserves big props for fighting a smart, exciting Fight and coming away with the W. The three judges de… Sanchez: “We had a great fight, the one we expected the first time around. I had it close going into the 12th round.”
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaYou did call on actually. Wasn’t that hard to predict, though. They gifted him the first one; he was cert… @Woodsy1069 Mike, I think @GGGBoxing WON TWICE. Tonight, I can live with. It was close. The first one was an utter…
Retweeted by Lou DiBella @Woodsy1069 Mike, I think @GGGBoxing WON TWICE. Tonight, I can live with. It was close. The first one was an utter… @schraubd @GGGBoxing Agree 💯. Leaves a real bad taste for that reason. @nikkicoops7 @GGGBoxing No, dude, I disagree with the decision AND it wasn’t a robbery...and I’ve forgotten more about boxing than you know.
Retweeted by Lou DiBella @nikkicoops7 @GGGBoxing No, dude, I disagree with the decision AND it wasn’t a robbery...and I’ve forgotten more about boxing than you know.Thought @GGGBoxing won, but this was no robbery. I’m gutted for Gennady, who has every reason to think he won TWICE… @GregLogan1 Maybe two...I had one even. Thought he won, but this GGG took his foot off the gas in some of the middl… have GGG by a point. Helluva fight. I guess you can book the third, cause this was a way better Fight than the first.GGG coming on. Last round will decide fight for me. I’m afraid of the scores. #GGGCaneloI have it 5-4-1 Canelo. Hard friggin fight to score. Scores may be ALL OVER THE PLACE. #GGGCanelo @KevinI He’s not.Amen! Canelo. CMON GGG! I fear age has caught up. Needs to pick it up. 4-3 Alvarez.I’ve got it 3-2 GGG...but I’m not impartial. #GoGGG @latimespugmire @GGGBoxing 2-2...but you can score this 3-1 either way and that’s clear from my timeline. #GGGCaneloCanelo is faster. GGG needs to be more physical. Isn’t winning this on jabs. #GGGCanelo @HBOboxing Best 140lb. Fighter in the World, @RPrograis Holding Court Today at his Media Roundtable in Las Vegas…
Retweeted by Lou DiBella @MarcusQueensbry @mattmacklin From your mouth, to God’s ears. #GoGGG
@mattmacklin I’m with you Matt...but I doubt it.Like we did in Australia, we are here to claim the Coffee Authority in India. Having already won the Regional and t…
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaRespect to @RAMIREZBOXING on a relentless, professional performance. Respect to @PuroBoxOrozco for showing huge cujones. #RamirezOrozco
Arrivederci #EnzoCalzaghe. Condolences to @RealJoeCalzaghe and his family. @latimespugmire What face off? There was no face off. #clownelo @BruceTrampler @chargin_don @olympicaud @RAMIREZBOXING @espn Few better people in boxing or this world, than the gr…’mon @CarlMoretti (and you too @Jmizzone), you turncoat #Jersey natives, your #Cowboys go 0-2 THIS weekend.…👂listen up! Our Boricua, Brooklyn raised, 6 Division World Champ has a message for us. @Serranosisters 🇵🇷
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaThe @GoSquirrels are happy for our guy @Sam_Ravech. We celebrate when one of our own is able to use their experienc… @FrontRowBrian @BGBrigham86 @FOX4 I think the headline is victim shaming, and the headline is the tweet that was pu… I inadvertently left an important word out of my previous tweet of outrage: #RACISM. This @FOX4 story, whoever… @Serranosisters And, through the hard work of so many , #WomenInBoxing have been proving themselves and making grea… @Serranosisters You are crazy, girl. Crazy good, and crazy in a historic way, but still CRAZY, Amanda… Are Coming 👹 #TeamFerocious #TeamDibellaEnt @loudibella @loudibella @peterkahn
Retweeted by Lou DiBella @latimespugmire @ChrisBieszad @TheHHDiva Co-sign. That wasn’t even CLOSE!Great read! Get to know rising 135 pound star @georgekambosos, a future star with an inspiring backstory. #boxing is a male Terrier mix looking for a loving family!
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaThis is disgraceful, @FOX4. DEVELOPING?!? WHO GIVES A DAMN!!!! I want to know the toxicology on the cop who illegal…
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaCongrats, Franchon @TheHHDiva! Well deserved! A fighter, a good woman and now a CHAMPION! 👍👋🥊
Proud that I was able to promote a number of fights featuring @Lamonakis. A boxer, a teacher and yet another commit… once-in-a-lifetime picture of me smiling and laughing was taken last night by @darrylcobb, at the VBA Clubhous…
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaWatch out lightweight division. @georgekambosos is coming for you! #boxing #SpartanStrong #australianboxing #boxing is no place for this kind of headline, @badlefthook. C’mon now! #boxing @Serranosisters @Claressashields @HeatherHardyBox Unfortunately, Amanda, it’s one of the things that’s sad with our… was inspiring to attend the @eji_org’s Annual Dinner tonight. @BiscuitBaseball is proud to support Bryan Stevens…
These Fighters 🔥 @Serranosisters #WCW
Retweeted by Lou DiBella @MrBrianKenny And the fruit hasn’t fallen far from the tree, my friend.Thank you all for the kind words about my Dad. He certainly deserves them. Coming from a farm in Ireland, he was…
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaSalute to your Dad, Charlie Kenny, @MrBrianKenny, a hero and victim of 9/11. So many fine and heroic men and women… friend Emily is a great example of using your platform to remind the world about whats really important. Love yo…
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@Serranosisters @MiaStJohnBoxer 👋👍🥊❤️Remembering the victims, survivors and heroes of 9/11. Prayers for the #FirstResponders who are still battling 9/11… boxing is live right now!! My turn for a title is next! Who y’all got? #womensboxing #teamprettybeast #support
Retweeted by Lou DiBella @MARKHDUNLOP @LoveIrishBoxing @TevinFarmer22 @EddieHearn @JamesT931 Touché’. Lol. 😉Lost Dog #JackRussellTerrier #LasVegas Nevada please #rt share #lostdog #missingdog - thank you!
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaWho Won the Weekend? #Porter and #Serrano Get The Love -
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My younger (and only) brother was brilliant, talented, good looking; seemed to have it all. Sounds familiar, right?… Evans is confident of a victory over Alberto Machado: by .@Woodsy1069 .…
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@Serranosisters stands alone: @loudibella @DiBellaEnt @combateamericas @ShowtimeBoxing @StephenEspinoza #boxing
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaNo, champ, you won’t! 😉🥊#FarmerTennyson, Oct. 20, @tdgarden, #Boston. #SaundersAndrade TO: ADAM KOWNACKI & CHARLES MARTIN FOR A HELLUVA FIGHT!!! #BOXING #THAHURTBUSINESS
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaDeontay's brother Marsellos Wilder with another first round stoppage
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaCongratulations Amanda Serrano! first female boxer to win world titles in 6 weight classes, after defeating Yamila…
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaDevoted #dog stays on pace with his #BestFriend 🐕♥️🐾 Remember #AdoptDontShop @HumaneSociety 🐶🐱 #dogs
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaLove this. Steve Willis is terrific. He’s one of the best referees in the sport of #boxing and he loves what he doe…’s now-classic letter on fame was today 1990:
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaThanks 2 my Team, My Fans, My Sponsors, My promotor @loudibella, @WorldBoxingOrg, @barclayscenter,@StephenEspinoza…
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaThank you Brooklyn, you never disappoint. #GarciaPorter #Celebrating30🥊
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaAND NEW!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaThanks @Claressashields...not only for being a great athlete, not only for your excellence in the ring, not only fo… MADE. @Serranosisters battled to become a six-division champ - joining Pacquiao & De La Hoya as only box…
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Women’s boxing still fighting for equity. @Serranosisters @HeatherHardyBox Me and my favorite southpaw of all time Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whitaker. Ranked as the 10th greatest…
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaLet's GO! 🔥 #GarciaPorter #UgasBarrionuevo #KownackiMartin #Celebrating30🥊
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaALERT! Her fight is on a @ShowtimeBoxing #stream.
Retweeted by Lou DiBellaIT’S FIGHT DAY! Doors open and first bout begins at 5:00pm. @barclayscenter widow only had $3 for gas, so a cop pumped an extra $20 into the tank and inspired others to help her…
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Former champions @DannySwift and @ShowtimeShawnP vie for vacant @WBCBoxing welterweight title in a pick'em fight th… @BarclaysCenter @ShowtimeBoxing Polish heavyweight contender Adam Kownacki @AKbabyface clashes with former… easy, Skip. He was a terrific guy. My condolences to his daughters and the many, many people who loved him. It…'s Amanda Serrano @Serranosisters can become the first woman and first Puerto Rican to win world titles in… eliminator tomorrow between Yordenis Ugas and Cesar Barrionuevo on #GarciaPorter undercard.… @BiscuitBaseball!!! C’mon #Montgomery #Alabama represent! They’re your #Biscuits; #butterthemup! Tonight is game… Prograis gets ready for the World Boxing Super Series: by .@mikebaca2 for .@UCNlive .…
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