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They protesting in Bellevue. Ahhh shitThis guys a gangsta? His real names ClarenceBeat his ass rabbitThis what left after I had already eaten half the bag. So good just got off phone with my aunt and lordOld black folks got no filterJust picked up this crab boil bag. Let’s see if buddy got that workA dream of yours that has withstood the test of time could com... More for Scorpio Beyoncé got that damn filter on her videoI’m watching this ufc fight and ain’t no way I would do some shit like thisThose who are breaking into stores, destroying things aren’t there to protest, those are cowards who are overshadow…
Retweeted by TreThese are 🔥🔥🔥 needs to shut the fuck upMan I’ve bought 9 pair of shoes since quarantine started 😐A curfew? I’m bout to leave the house right now
@Nicoleloveseye Uhhh tire 😂😂😂I gotta go DT today. I’m just gonna our it out there try me and this might not end up well for anyone just sayingSo are people still gonna try to protest in this rain? @KicksDeals tried FF and no luck won’t addNike, Eastbay, Footaction, all them sites just magically sold out. Local store came thruI GOT A PAIR!!!’Guess getting a pair of Flints wasn’t in my agenda today @sneakersteal NOPEHere we go Ro James vibes 🔥🔥🔥, I just found the same bike for $500 less even betterProForm has a bike that’s $1000 at Best Buy. Oh that’s definitely more in my price point 😂I think it’s time to convert one of our guest rooms into a gym area.The peloton cost how much? Yeah I don’t care how much I make, I’m not about to pay that for this bike.More people like Officer Murphy.
Retweeted by TreThough you work well under pressure, someone with your intense... More for Scorpio if this bird don’t shut the fuck upI am so glad that idiot is no longer with the company too. when the tough got going they ran, instead of taking a stand and figuring it outI picked and won fair and square and that’s it. the game is voluntary and you don’t have to play. I choose to play… played football for quite some time, I understand what teams are good and look at match ups. if you stopped picki… if this whole football fantasy thing at work still has me pissed because some person who never played sports gr… seems that some people on the receiving end of those questions might get a little offended because of their comf… many cases, people want more information than they’re asking for, because they want a better idea of the big pic… if I ask questions in an aggressive manner or talk in a tone that you’re not accustom too.I still want to know how I am supposed to be not so direct? With my responsibilities for my role at work, I oversee…’s all be part of the change. #UntilWeAllWin
Retweeted by Tre @thatdudedurrell Damn that’s crazyAnyone watch Gemini man? @thatdudedurrell They don’t have jack in Detroit
@SocksWthSandals I was like what does that even mean Forgot I bought the strawberry Mexican ice creamThinking I’m going to smoke some ribs again and maybe do chicken wings or tri-tipMan how is it supposed to be 75 today but start raining in the morning smhJust knocked out 4 jack n box tacos and a margarita @rukizzel talked me into buying a new game Borderlands 3. If I don’t like it he getting an invoice for $16.50Do t even know what that meant but ok 🤷🏾‍♂️Had my performance review today. All positive but was told I need to work on not being so direct 🤔Bro my package was supposed to be delivered yesterday @FedEx and I’m trying to figure out why it isn’t out for delivery today 🤦🏾‍♂️ @KiCKS0L0GY 12Been waiting on this Ro James was quick the idiot out here tweeting and calling people thugs. 🤦🏾‍♂️This guy is mad@abiht the trade value of a set of M6 irons. Bro those are entry level which means to suck assBuilding a support network of friends, relatives, and neighbor... More for Scorpio, we mojito
Got a couple of hoodie and short sets. Still missing 2 pair of shorts and 1 hoodieI’m just trying to level up these weapons guy. Sorry I keep sniping youI declined the first meeting invite. So don’t send me another oneI can’t with people I can’tMaybe the email wasn’t clear but I’m pretty sure it was.Can we get an early access Nike for the Flints today 👏🏾Why am I having my performance review with someone who isn’t even my supervisor @AppleSupport The case is charging. It’s the earbud itself that wasn’t connecting the the case to chargeWhy do I have so many meetings this morning? 830-1130 really? I’m not sitting through all these meetingsThinking of heading to @BandonDunesGolf in a couple weeks. Just waiting on buddies to get their wives to say okGirl toes look like Vienna sausages from the can 🤢We have 10 pace jogs for 1 min with 1 min rest @AppleSupport @beatsbydre I’ve followed all the help tips and the case is showing the earbud is chergingb but it’s… right @beatsbydre Powerbeats Pro won’t charge. It’s in the case, connected but won’t charge. @AppleSupport please assistYour willingness to share the credit for a professional triump... More for Scorpio catfish from the crawfish spot is hittinI’m having to drink water with dinner to sober upCatfish & fried rice go togetherMy drinks be legit 3-4 shots and a splash of mixture
Ok it’s time to find another game to play. Modern Warfare isn’t fun anymoreGotdamn it I fucking trainThis idiot riding his bike in middle of street like a simbass bout to end up a hood emblem @BrownBear Just took my car thru 🙌🏾 to see @BrownBear back open so I can start getting my weekly car washes againWon’t catch me on street slippinYou reason I’ll never run on street is i just saw someone who looked like they was about to pass outDon’t know who needs to hear this but you don’t have share your camera when it’s your time to talk on Teams @embus11 That’s what they said @GolfDigest Either 4i or 3H depending on windOpening a bag of olives 😳When people tell me they’re business at work and don’t have time. I often laugh because I try to figure out what they’re doing to be so busyI don’t know what I did to my shoulder but it was a struggle to complete 10 pushups each setIf it feels like opportunities for advancement are minimal, a ... More for Scorpio
I used to knock dis Webbie in my black Jeep hard. I had 3000 watts in that thing. 1000W for each JL 12” and 250W fo…’m over virtual meetings and old people who don’t know how to use anythingSo today I was on a company Teams call and someone had their screen shared and I legit said “ stop sharing gotdamn… laughter when I see rookies think they gonna get selected for a shoe. SNKRS app don’t got love for newbiesI see I’m gonna have to send out some High Important emails today.Guess it’s time to turn my work phone and computer on. Let’s see who actually took days off and who decided to be o…