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More Lou Dobbs Tonight starting in just a few moments! 7PM/ET. #MAGA #AmericaFirst #DobbsEsper’s Incompetance: @MikePillsbury says he doesn’t understand why Defense Secretary Esper is covering up our curr… the People First: @MarkMeadows says President @realDonaldTrump is working on 3 executive orders to ensure A… the Nonsense: @BurgessOwens says All Lives Matter and the radical leftists who make it an issue will lose their… to our Democracy: @Jsolomonreports criticizes American institutions for becoming increasingly political and… To A Second Term: @EdRollins says @POTUS has to focus on getting Americans back to work & killing the China… Harassment: @POTUS rails against the failure to hold the Obama Administration and dirty cops of DOJ &…
A New Special Relationship: @robertcobrien discusses @realDonaldTrump’s White House meeting Mexico’s president & ho… Capitulation: @BobWoodson says the race grievance mob is so extreme, it has forced the renowned KIPP Charter S… the Black Community: @BobWoodson says we must stop funding Black Lives Matter and invest in organization… to Reelection: @GOPChairwoman hails the RNC’s biggest ground game ever with the goal to reelect… Storm Rising: @realKTMcFarland and @SaraCarterDC say China is taking advantage of the unrest in America while e… in America: The Radical Left wages all out war on Americans while Democratic Mayors appease the anarchists.…
More Lou Dobbs Tonight starting in just a few minutes! 7PM/ET. #MAGA #AmericaFirst #DobbsFront of the Line: @HomelandKen praises @realDonaldTrump for his efforts to put Americans back to work while corpor… Establishment: @KrisKobach1787 condemns the establishment RINOs who continue to attack @realDonaldTrump to Justice: @jsolomonreports says he is seeing activity building at the Justice Department that may soon lea… Tough on China: @MikePillsbury says China is putting on a full scale challenge to our privacy and the FBI n… on America: The Radical Left continues to try and destroy our nation as President @realDonaldTrump fights back…
More Lou Dobbs Tonight starting in just a few minutes! 7PM/ET. #MAGA #AmericaFirst #DobbsInsubordination: @RepAndyBiggsAZ suggests Defense Secretary Esper ought to be employed somewhere else for not suppo… Our Republic: @TomFitton praises @POTUS for calling out U.S. corporations that are censoring conservative… Opposition: @EdRollins says the people behind the Lincoln Project are not real Republicans but are ineffective… Action Against China: @RepAndyBiggsAZ suggests we put more pressure on China for their war tactics in the S… is the Outrage: Sheriff Darryl Daniels of Clay County, FL calls out Black Lives Matter for its silence follow… for pre-order now! #MAGA #AmericaFirst in Chaos: Violence and murder continues to ravage cities run by the Radical Dems while President… the Senator is late on the uptake, this is what we’ve been saying on the show for months. Grassley acknowl… was a beautiful evening at the @WhiteHouse celebrating #IndependenceDay 🇺🇸
Retweeted by Lou DobbsRed Storm Rising: China’s Xi gone mad—claims all of South China Sea and threatens United States. Chinese state me…
Nightmare in New York: Murders up as shops are looted and shuttered! Half a million middle class New Yorkers have…“Today, we thank God for the gift of LIFE and the blessing of LIBERTY. We honor the LEGENDS of our history, the GLO…
Retweeted by Lou DobbsTomorrow at 9am on TBN and 5pm CT on Daystar, tune in for a special airing of our Celebrate Freedom Sunday with spe…
Retweeted by Lou DobbsCommunists now want to smash our constitutional republic.
Retweeted by Lou DobbsPROUD to be an American today. PROUD of our heritage. PROUD of our values. PROUD of our equality in God. PROUD of o…
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"Our Nation is witnessing a merciless campaign to wipe out our history, defame our heroes, erase our values & indoc…
Retweeted by Lou DobbsAt Mount Rushmore tonight, @realDonaldTrump called on all Americans to stand up for the integrity of America.… very real question should be asked by real journalists: Did some US media outlets encourage people to NOT take…
Retweeted by Lou Dobbs🚨 To celebrate Independence Day, @realDonaldTrump is going to tell the TRUTH about American history—and the truth a…
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Retweeted by Lou DobbsThis is fantastic.
Retweeted by Lou DobbsAnyone else curious why there’s no mention of anyone dying of the flu this year.
Retweeted by Lou DobbsHe built it once, he will build it again! FOUR MORE YEARS!! #MAGA
Retweeted by Lou DobbsWho wore it better?
Retweeted by Lou DobbsImpeach Schiff? Schiff impeached @realDonaldTrump for asserting privilege. So should Schiff be impeached for hiding…
Retweeted by Lou DobbsMore arrests expected (timing unknown) in the Epstein sex trafficking conspiracy. Maxwell indictment: references 1…
Retweeted by Lou DobbsBehind the scenes from Mount Rushmore🎇via the @WhiteHouse advance team, prior to POTUS & FLOTUS arrival tomorrow ev…
Retweeted by Lou Dobbs. @AdamSchiff consistently hid transcripts, footnotes and reports that would have showed there were numerous people…
Retweeted by Lou DobbsI was not aware there was more than one...
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Standing up to China: @MikePillsbury calls for more pressure on China for its actions in Hong Kong. #AmericaFirst Will Triumph: @primarymodel16 says his election model predicts @realDonaldTrump has a 91% chance to win reele… American Comeback: @SecGeneScalia hails the addition of 7.5 million jobs over the past two months and says mi… for America: @robertjeffress encourages Americans to remember our faith and freedom as we celebrate Independen… Samantha: @TomFitton on @JudicialWatch’s lawsuit seeking Samantha Power’s requests to spy on American citize… Americans First: @POTUS' strong leadership restores our nation and economy, putting millions of Americans b…
Join us for more Lou Dobbs Tonight starting in just a few minutes! 7PM/ET. #MAGA #AmericaFirst #DobbsBumbling Biden: @VDHanson says Joe Biden’s press conference on Tuesday exposed his cognitive decline. #MAGA Politics: @EdRollins & @DrMarcSiegel discuss the left-wing media’s politicization of the China Virus to sp… Our History: @BobWoodson says we must defend the integrity and ideals of this country from those who are… to Radicals: @BobWoodson says the Democratic Party has surrendered to the Radical Left that uses the pai… out the Anarchists: The Radical Left’s occupation of downtown Seattle is over after police push them out.… to a Great American! Ex-NFL star Burgess Owens wins Utah GOP House primary #MAGA ⁦@realDonaldTrump…
Join us for more Lou Dobbs Tonight starting in just a few minutes! 7PM/ET. #MAGA #AmericaFirst #DobbsRINO Recipe for Failure: @jasoninthehouse says RINOs will fail in November if they run on appeasement rather than o…‘Blood is on their Hands:’ @RepJimBanks condemns the New York Times’ despicable hit piece that was published to dam… China: @mikepillsbury says the Communist Chinese Party is desperate for the Dems to win in November so the… Voter Fraud: @KrisKobach1787 says @realDonaldTrump must be reelected because Joe Biden will mandate mail… Security Threat: @AjitPaiFCC says the U.S. will no longer tolerate Huawei and ZTE’s ties to the Chinese Co… America Safe: FCC designates Chinese telecom companies Huawei & ZTE as national security threat.…
More Lou Dobbs Tonight starting in just a few minutes! 7PM/ET. #MAGA #AmericaFirst #DobbsShutting Down the Cartels: @jaeson_jones says we must designate the Mexican drug cartels as a foreign terrorist gro… of Credibility: @gen_jackkeane says the New York Times & national left-wing media truncated the intelligence p… Left’s Manipulation: @JennaEllisEsq says the Radical Dems have used the Supreme Court to manipulate the rule of… Ballots are fine. A person has to go through a process to get and use them. Mail-In Voting, on the other h…
Retweeted by Lou DobbsPoor guy. 🙄 ⁦@NYGovCuomo⁩ complains of 'political heat' over nursing home deaths
Retweeted by Lou DobbsThe U.S. and our European partners must work together to continue the Transatlantic awakening to the China challeng…
Retweeted by Lou DobbsFunniest Sunday Show exchange - watching the biggest Trump hater of all, John Bolton, tell corrupt Chuck Todd to gi…
Retweeted by Lou DobbsNearly half of those testing positive are Americans under the age of 35 and those that are requiring to be hospital…
Retweeted by Lou DobbsThis is leadership! @realDonaldTrump will not tolerate these vandals destroying America!
Retweeted by Lou DobbsObama knew.
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Truth is Trump’s Greatest Weapon – WaPo Tries Debunking Claim The Democrats Run Most Dangerous Cities – Fail Misera… Obama/Biden Administration is the most CORRUPT in HISTORY!
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More Lou Dobbs Tonight starting in just a few minutes! 7PM/ET. #MAGA #AmericaFirst #DobbsSold out by the Left: @DavidJHarrisJr says police tell him they are losing hope because lawmakers are bowing to dem… Travels: @TomFitton says Hunter Biden’s trips during the Obama-Biden era raise questions because he nev…'Enemies of Faith': @robertjeffress condemns the radical Left’s anti-Christian agenda. #AmericaFirst #MAGA #Dobbs Style Justice: Roger Stone calls the charges against him ‘fabricated’ and pleads for a pardon or commuted se… of Success: @POTUS continues putting America first strengthening our immigration policy, defeating the Deep St…
Stopping the Ignorant Mobs: @GOPLeader says if cities don’t protect monuments from the Marxists & uphold the rule o… Resistance: @jasoninthehouse insists congressional RINOs get behind @realDonaldTrump’s America First agenda if…’s Failures: @mikepillsbury calls for more FBI funding for counterintelligence against China because Director C…
More Lou Dobbs Tonight starting in just a few minutes! 7PM/ET. #MAGA #AmericaFirst #DobbsSupporting Black Americans: @BobWoodson says in order to redeem the black community we have to invest in the commun… White House Corruption: @SidneyPowell1 says Peter Strzok’s notes are damning and demonstrate the role Obama &… Civil Society: @BobWoodson says low-income black America is being used to promote insurrection and anarc… Obamagate: @WalidPhares addresses reports he was the 5th target of Robert Mueller’s investigation based… is Served: D.C. appeals court orders Judge Emmet Sullivan to immediately dismiss the criminal case against… Is Now Censoring Trump For Saying He'll Enforce The Law
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Join us for more Lou Dobbs Tonight in just a few moments! 7PM/ET. #MAGA #AmericaFirst #Dobbs‘Malicious Conspiracy’: Judicial Watch’s @TomFitton says the DOJ Spygate probe is a failure. #AmericaFirst #MAGA