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Berlin based music manager. @iambecharlotte / @vanivesvanives / @wuh_oh / Glasgow Celtic forever & ever. Scotland is now

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being home these last few weeks has left me in absolutely no doubt that the general British public are among the st…👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 demand for our hardship fund. 2700 applied in the first 24 hours alone. Government really needs to get a…
Retweeted by louiegood morning Celts.
Beautiful moment. The Holy Goalie @TheMireCSC2002 Boruc 🇵🇱 VanDyke 🇳🇱 Rieper 🇩🇰 Ajer 🇳🇴 Moravcik 🇸🇰 McStay 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Roy Keane 🇮🇪 Nakamu… @plasmatron Mr BeastJust a reminder that we are the famous Glasgow Celtic and we will not be stopped. Good morning to the Celts and onl…
@MarkMelon Hahaha! Yes, ye got me there @MarkMelon 8/10 the scenic ambulance journey 6/10 the scenic hospital bed 9/10 the scenic journey onwards to Oban @MarkMelon I have been and I disagree 😂If you have pals who run their own businesses, check in on them please. A lot of hard working people have lost thei… know what’s fucked? As people keep going out and acting like covid isn’t a big deal, my nurse friends and I (in…
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@BorisJohnson You could have done it in January when the information was presented ya fox hunting bastard. @nadinettv @NicolaSturgeon Absolutely Nadine⁦@thegreatescape⁩ has unfortunately cancelled, but a decision we respect and understand. ⁦@vanivesvanives⁩ were re… respect to the Germans 🇩🇪 looking after their songwriters @MarkMelon @MarkMelon Thanks for that but can ye tell us in Klingon
Had the best time shooting the music video for ‘Shoeless’ check it out here
Retweeted by louie @martin_compston congrats on The Nest. Great story line. Some incredible cinematography showing Scotland’s beauty.…“shag under waterfalls” The new album by @martin_compston 👏🏽🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 @BorisJohnson Blood on yer hands ya fox hunting bastardSome patter from The Gaffer 😂 @euanrphoto AKA “what school did ye go tae” 😂Just saw some images of Zagreb. An earthquake during Corona virus lock down. Unreal. @BorisJohnson Fuck off you useless parasitic toff bastard. @90MinuteCynic My first ever Glasgow Derby. The changing tide. They’d been the dominant force (ebt’d up) my whole l… @polishturnstile @CelticFCShop Cheers Tony. Looking forward to seeing it @polishturnstile Can this be purchased digitally or via Celtic TV?So proud of my wee Granny who just figured out WhatsApp video calling. She had been feeling lonely due to #covid19 @nadinettv @tenementtv @chris__beltran @allymccrae @Grlbandblog @caarlaajenkins Nice one Nadini. 1. apprentice pla… boss is an absolute credit to our country. We are lucky to have her at the helm.
@Davidc2508 @SteinJock I meant this one. I thought Scott McDonald but then second guessing myself. I think it is G… @euanrphoto Oh my days. Nice light hearted viewingAbsolute love to the people of Italy. They’re in the belly of the beast right now with almost 2000 dead in 72 hours. Truly horrific.Brilliant
Retweeted by louie @SteinJock Who scored the one after Demebele. Back to goal and turn? @PaddyMcCourt15 @CelticFC announce Paddy McCourt lifetime contract @MarkMelon I bet ye did! Talking Clingon and aw that 😂 @MarkMelon Haha. The thing is, some people will pay that. When BC played upstairs at The Garage, Glasgow last year… chance to get this magical wee surprise from my bhoys @vanivesvanives @MarkMelon Exactly. That’s the point. People think they’ve already bought the record @Bedo76 @MarkMelon We have a responsibility as music fans to continue to purchase physical music, merch etc. I see… @MarkMelon Yes mate, defo agree regarding active music fans. That observation was more about consumer behaviour of… @MarkMelon *** more people pay for recorded music than they did before *** @Kyle2403 Retired mate @MarkMelon I also despise buskers for that reason. People think it’s okay to throw brown coins in the hat @MarkMelon I hear what yer saying. It’s all relative in a way: MusicWeek report last year suggested the average p… blown away by the reaction to our Isolate Tape EP. What’s your favourite song on there? #newmusic #Covid_19 #BandcampFriday
Retweeted by louieI’m no crying. You’re crying tips for writers and producers here.
@PaddyMcCourt15 Paddy, can imagine you nut megging the Corona-Virus, putting it on its arse and then smashing the b… @earleyboyehfc2 Sparkling sparks my manMusicians, stop being apologetic asking fans to pay you for yer music. You deserve to be paid. The same as an elect… @celticbible Big Peticure of Castlemilk. @iambecharlotte @bonmac_ @samfendermusic Immense.A very powerful short film by @bonmac_ about male suicide in our hometown of Dundee inspired by @samfendermusic’s s…
Retweeted by louie @allymccrae Yes Ally. It’s a pretty damn good surpriseCeltic 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 boys @vanivesvanives have just dropped a surpise mixtape exclusively available for 24 Hours over on bandcamp. G…!! Here’s a brand new EP available exclusively on Bandcamp for the next 24 hours.
Retweeted by louieBuild a bonfire 🔥 @MusicWeek Yes @harridavies_ 👏🏽👏🏽congrats @CelticFC announce maintenance of dinner tables for children and the unemployed @CelticLisboaa @JohnHartson10 The beautiful thing is. Its Slippy who jumps to allow Thommos goal @WildeBarnaby shave it off Bill
@EddieBuggy @nadinettv feel the same with a lot of live streams too 🦸🏽‍♂️ @nadinettv Shiiiiiite @EddieBuggy ShiiiiiteSometimes when I see pals posting pics and videos of their children, I just want to write “SHITE!” in the comments.… will save the world. one reminds me of my wee Granny. We watched it in her house and she spilled her tea everywhere celebrating.… @allymccrae @roddyhart @AdmiralFallow I saw it in all its glory Ally. @Craigpjohnston why doesn't he just shave it aw aff.Zat yous aw learnt tae wipe yer arse?
Less than 2 weeks ago the Prime Minister of England said he was actively shaking hands with hospitalised Corona Vir… @siferry8 Good stories, good player as well but subtitles are defo required when two Dundonians are gon full pelt @TheSnuts Check this incredibly moving short film by @bonmac_ #SuicideAwareness #SuicidePrevention #dundee for my health.
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"at the end of the storm, there's a golden sky"Taoiseach Leo Varadkar is to make a Ministerial Broadcast to the nation about Covid-19 on RTÉ One and RTÉ Radio One…
Retweeted by louie @MarkMelon Great point made better by the typos 😂So a quarter of a million dead in the UK is now a conservative (no pun intended) estimate. Johnson, you have beyond…
Retweeted by louie @HarveyKartel hahaha! yes.
Boris Johnson is pure rangers to the core. @coy_tam Usual from the usual Tam @Rory_Barnes Nice one Rory. I’d say 50% of those on that Glasgow list are chooktersAs an Irish person in the UK, I consume media from both countries. Currently, it’s like living in two separate worl…
Retweeted by louieMy daughter (10) has coronavirus. I'm so angry about the official response to the situation that I'm going to fucking well tweet about it.
Retweeted by louieAt @kobalt we have implemented a strict ”work from home” policy and all meetings are held as video conferences. If…
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@MDembele_10 @patrick7roberts 💚🍀
Retweeted by louie @CK67_ What game was this?Big Moussa
Nuff said @StoneNu You should get the same interpreter they hired for Morelos 😂 @martin_compston Cmon the Square. A resounding victory to quash unnecessary chookter patter