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I’m, you know...a “friend of Mara.” Cis lesbian (she/her), graphic designer, race traitor, obesity glorifier. Opinions all mine. 🌹🍞🌹

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@HayesBrown @BlkNrdProblems And that one white one that’s kinda creamy??You had to be there
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭choked laughing at this
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭 @PlumleyJon The gayest thing of all @ears_of_steam Which is a marvelous achievement for the Polish Catholic, working class-born girl. A stealth coup of WASP culture @ears_of_steam I mean...isn’t it, though? Spiritually?I may have been almost in college before I figured out this was not the case.
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭This 230 year old Cork Oak tree is Portugal’s most prized tree and the most productive one on record. Ever since 18…
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭 @keetfeet I have a new life goal and it is “become a moss farmer” @keetfeet Excellent @keetfeet Ooh yes please! @keetfeet I’m going to order some moss soon for terrarium purposes. So many fun mosses and they don’t tend to carry… @keetfeet Oh I meant unpacking from the box they put them in for me at the nursery but you can absolutely order pla… @noprettypicts Weird! Probably nothing to unpack thereIt was a really cute dwarf fern okayI got some new plants today and I unconsciously gave one of them a little kiss as I unpacked it?? “bin” they are paid $30 for is around one ton of fruit.
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭 @Akitron It has its yikes moments now but it was a damn good showYes (and yes, she was) @Akitron I went through a phase as a teen where I watched MASH every single day because it was always in reruns. I… @nataliereed84 @sapphicsoftware @DarkSoulsSauron And then, yes, what I read as the twisting of my words. I can see… @nataliereed84 @sapphicsoftware @DarkSoulsSauron Yep, I had trouble following what exactly you were asking me. I wa… @nataliereed84 @sapphicsoftware @DarkSoulsSauron I meant what the Internet Archive did, not the idea of libraries.… @nataliereed84 @sapphicsoftware @DarkSoulsSauron That’s not at all what I said and I don’t appreciate the twisting… @NeolithicSheep It’s like you’re building more muscle mass! @nataliereed84 @sapphicsoftware @DarkSoulsSauron I was literally correcting you on what they were actually doing a… @nataliereed84 @sapphicsoftware @DarkSoulsSauron And they should have also thought “this will 1000% get us sued by… @nataliereed84 @DarkSoulsSauron Maybe? I dunno! I’m kind of on the fence myself, seeing the points on both sides. M… @nataliereed84 @DarkSoulsSauron I’m saying, you may not have been seeing the other side as much because there was a… @nataliereed84 @DarkSoulsSauron Maybe some of them didn’t say anything because they saw the shit Chuck got and deci… @nataliereed84 @DarkSoulsSauron Okay, and I can. What now? @nataliereed84 @DarkSoulsSauron Okay. I know a lot of struggling authors on here who were not on the Internet Archi… @nataliereed84 @DarkSoulsSauron Okay. But IA had to know they were going to get sued over this. They were already o… @nataliereed84 @DarkSoulsSauron But many, MOST authors are not making a comfortable living from their work, is the thing @nataliereed84 @DarkSoulsSauron That was what authors and publishers objected to. And publishers were the ones who… @nataliereed84 @DarkSoulsSauron No they weren’t. They bought physical copies of books, scanned them, and posted tho… @nataliereed84 @DarkSoulsSauron Neil Gaiman, Alexander Chee, Seanan McGuire...a lot of authors were involved. But t… @nataliereed84 @DarkSoulsSauron But libraries pay for those ebook licenses. They pay the publishers, which then mak… @DarkSoulsSauron @nataliereed84 And bluntly, I think blaming one modestly successful sci fi author for voicing obje… @DarkSoulsSauron @nataliereed84 I...don’t think that’s what he did? The Internet Archive started lending out pirate… IM NOT OWNED
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭 @nataliereed84 Probably a blocklist. He got a ton of harassment after he put a gay character in a Star Wars novelall guys wanna do is tell you where their Bonnie lies. Shut the fuck up
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭 @FakeDawnSummers American, but grew up in both the UK and the US. She lives in London these days @charityejbaker HA. In a weird coincidence I have actually met that BronsonBest American Non-Fiction 2021
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭 @LGwenn Maybe more like...a lacrosse ball? @danieldibartolo @chaoticUnohoe @redman To me, it doesn't pass the smell test. Users might be doing the dirty work,… @Little_Mouse16 Yep. That's about the sense I got. @LouisatheLast "I make my wife do all the physical labor to keep my and my buddies and also my kids warm and fed, b…
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭 @NeolithicSheep Ew. Yeah I was thinking more of the "nature is lovely and important" ideas. But I tuned him out aft… @TheWeaseKing @youmoron8 Our housemate is reading a book about the Transcendentalists and has helpfully informed me… @Little_Mouse16 I get very protective over Louisa as she is literally my namesake lol. I hear "too spirited" and wh… @TheWeaseKing @youmoron8 Oh I have heard tell of Fruitlands. Should've maybe made sure the land wasn't @alketrolyat's dad make this @NeolithicSheep Interesting ideas, beautiful poetry, ruinous to live with @youmoron8 I definitely want to! I'm named after herAnd Bronson tried to live like they said they lived, without that moneyed cushion. And surprise, it didn't workI am not like an expert on the Transcendentalists but it seems like a lot of them came from some money. Not that th… @scarynikki12 I....actually haven't seen Clueless but he was an educator! So maybeTbf Louisa May and her dad had a loving relationship, and Bronson had many good ideas about education, environmenta…, nothing, just thinking about how much Bronson Alcott sucked as a husband and a father and how the dad in Little… @chaoticUnohoe @redman The words they're written in can be, though @owlinautumn Yeah. I started college and then 9/11 happened. I left for a few years, came back and 2… @redman I would really hope you've run this past a lawyer, because it seems an awful lot like profiting off of some… @Elana_Brooklyn Oh good. I don't have to ruin a freelance client's day!Question that is making me want to hide under a river rock and wear a little hat made of leaves rather than interfa… @owlinautumn I'm so sorry. I actually got my degree in theatre and originally intended to be in the tech side profe… bless theatre techs
See you Space Cowboy. ✨ Day 28 of #28DaysofBlackCosplay - might as well go out with a bang. I finally got to cospl…
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭 @bethanyamanda The one in the back? Calathea vittata @smbodyoranother Lol yes, we are clones. My mom is also a clone, just shorter. Italian DNA tends to mug all other DNA in the area @erinbiba It is!! @ryszardwithaz @anthrodiva And also, as someone who sometimes helps conference plan and looks at a lot of those cat… @ryszardwithaz @anthrodiva I mean more that it’s a simple geometric shape—some straight lines and a square. Not the… @erinbiba I was sad to close but also glad to not work 18 hour days on my feet anymore tbh @erinbiba Yeah! It closed at the beginning of 2016, but I started by baking in a friend’s cafe kitchen and selling… need everyone to know that for Murder, She Wrote season 12, they moved it to Thursday night at 8, which was oppos…
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭 @erinbiba Well, depends on what you’re after (I say, as a former bakery owner—albeit that bakery was gluten free so… @DukeDoom @bittergertrude @anthrodiva From first being arrested as a Jewish socialist activist in the 30s, then mov… @DukeDoom @bittergertrude @anthrodiva It is unfortunately pretty universal for families from European Jewish herita… @erinbiba The crumb structure is lovely but I sure hope they intended to make a ciabattaThis makes me want the Democrats to pass the John Lewis voting rights bill more than anything I've ever wanted in my life.
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭 @bittergertrude @anthrodiva Wow. It’s stomach-turning to imagine going to a museum and just...finding family photos @NickWillGarcia Yep! I would almost say that it’s not worth trying to figure out because they will always, always d… @bittergertrude @anthrodiva Yeah. We have two pictures of Mauthausen that he took. I remember bringing them in to s… @bittergertrude @anthrodiva He, very wisely as it turns out, was afraid no one at home would believe him if he didn… @bittergertrude @anthrodiva That’s awful, I’m so sorry. May their memories be a blessing. I think my lifelong rep… to Quark’s and asking him to make me an ancient Earth beverage called a Baja Blast Freeze.
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭 @athenahollow Mm yes tell him to try going platinum instead if he wants to look AlternativeSomebody bring me a bead curtainListening to this playlist right now and spiritually, I am in a conversation pit and lighting a candle stuck in a C… @DamoneWilliams_ I’ve been trying to always go to the restaurant’s website and figure out what service THEY link to… come back to contribute to creatine vs their work meme
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭 @LouisatheLast Sometimes I think we, as a society, don't deserve children. That simple 'so why don't we just DO SOM…
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭Don’t get me wrong, the kid is awesome. It’s just....why is this an 8 year old’s problem to solve in the richest country in the world
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭This is my favorite domino effect
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭 @marielwashere Yesss perfect. I’ve been trying for a while to pin down a certain style of music that’s like...kind…