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I’m, you know...a “friend of Mara.” Cis lesbian (she/her), graphic designer, race traitor, obesity glorifier. Opinions all mine. 🌹🍞🌹

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MARTIN SCHNEIDER, 81 of Tuscon, Arizona died of COVID on Dec. 4. "Marty loved to travel and enjoyed photography.…
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭being a british actor rules because you play king leer, macbeth, and willy loman and then everyone remembers you fo…
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭 @lee_manel @AnthonySabatini Tell that to the families of the people who’ve died. My brother in law just lost his un…
@galactapoor Robert Rodriguez! Of the Spy Kids franchiseYour annual reminder that “Crimbo,” while it sounds like typical Millennial shitposting, is actually 1920s British shitposting @AnthonySabatini This is an absolutely unhinged and embarrassing way to talk about an epidemic that has already kil… @trickycrayon I was also very scared of that monster!Fucking sobbing again. Yeah it's the "not getting to fight in WWI" thing again. Fucking sucks. I feel like I would…
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭Just a parrot at the vets pleased about his recovery
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭For me I think a lot of it is coming from 1) the election is over and I now have extra worrying energy left over an… @tressiemcphd @rgay That closet is bigger than our entire bedroom @MissZindzi Or them enough! @jonrosenberg God i love Taxi. I had a tiny little TV in my bedroom as a teen and I would legitimately go in there… of being an adult for another year I would like to be a ginger cat in a farmer’s market, absconding with va…
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭 @cableknitjumper
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭yay we've got a vaccine!!
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭Anyone use Clip Studio Paint and have some brush advice for Medb? @premeesaurus @LouisatheLast I remember the first time I saw the moose collision sign on the Alaska highway.
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭 @Ahab_Of_Gilead Nope! Or maybe just below—some of the leaves have died back, but the fruit is fine. I’m going to ha…
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭 @hottestsingles Looking like you’re going to tell me about your favorite IPAClimate change? It’s December and I’m still harvesting tomatoes in northern Virginia KEEP TRYING TO EXPLAIN THIS TO PEOPLE YOU WILL PROBABLY DIE THEY ARE SO TALL YOUR CAR WILL KNOCK THE LEGS OUT F…
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭Kelly Loeffler is campaigning on understanding what it feels like living paycheck to paycheck. This is one of her…
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭 @kkbb087 He really was! It wasn’t a BAD movie, it just...wasn’t quite my vision @Khpri @heathdwilliams It’s solely because of the kind of guys who got obsessed with him @btx91 @IKEAUSA What, like the wicker doors and stuff? There’s a lot of cool accessories, if only I could BUY THE BASE SHELVES @LouisatheLast @IKEAUSA Reminiscent of the great Kallax shortage of '09. Board game collectors rioting in the stree…
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭 @sciencecomic Huh...have not heard of this, and am intrigued @crutchingreader Of course. Of course. And hearing aids are NOT cheap @sciencecomic Italian, Mexican, French, various Mediterranean dishes...gotta use a lot of itHey @IKEAUSA PLEASE make more IVARs already, stuff has been sitting on my floor for months and I am entirely too brand-loyal for this @beaminthecity Red pepper flakes, yes. Lemon juice...I'm saying no. To me, a "spice" is something in a jar on a she… @AlexandraErin Which, of course, then reinforces the same hierarchies as everywhere else: marginalized people are l… least once per day I think about how I have never judged a book by its cover so badly as I once did Guy Fieri
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭 @AlexandraErin My “favorite” thing about Twitter verification is that being popular *on Twitter* is not enough for… thing we now know to a reasonable degree of certainty is that if saying "Merry Christmas" killed the person you…
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭I feel like a lot of people don’t realize how big moose are, so here are some pictures
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Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭After that, maybe paprika. Or thyme. Similar reasons.Probably oregano because it goes in so many different cuisines tbh (I am not counting garlic and onion as “spices”… are only easier to raise than girls because you’re outsourcing your parenting to the women they’ll date in the future.
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭Listening to the new @RedHandedthepod about Josef Fritzl and realized that when they were talking about the camp wh… toddlers. You can’t reform this.
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭 @blurbette Happy birthday dear!This whole story is so fucking horrifying and should be a bigger scandal than it so far has been I’ll never be chuffed.
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭 @_thisbrowngirl_ @sadotonin And yet you’re also not responding to any of the queer women on this thread pointing ou… is a lot going on here
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭“The election is over, and rather than accept that his candidate has lost, plaintiff seeks the largest disenfranchi…
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭I know this is from after a lot of people thought the show started sucking but this is such perfect writing of how…
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭 @AmeriKraut That man is definitely talking to one girlfriend on the phone while looking at the other girlfriend who…"im so horny for josef stalin!" "oh no!" you say, clutching your pearls. "he's a pisces"
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭drinkinh my violence Milk it make's me evil and dangerious
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭 @LouisatheLast "I'm not boring," said Arthur to himself, overlooking his stamp collection and single framed photogr…
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭 @theSEM Luckily there’s a lot of great canon stuff AROUND the movies and I think even the end of TROS gave me an ex… @theSEM I’m in the painful position of being a compulsive stickler for canon AND writing about the main trio. It to…
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭 @TheMarySue Thank you for your choice of banner image hereArthur Dent to @clairewillett I am reading about Guy Fieri this morning and this is so nice:
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭 @theSEM The most painful thing I have to do in writing my post-TROS fanfic is having to engage with some of the asi… only someone had told them @fat_satsuma “Do you like shooting animals?” “No, I do not. I like shooting Argentines” lays me OUT"Wings" was funnier than "Friends" and I'm willing to fight about it.
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭 @Akitron Din...finding the ball...... @Akitron Like what kind of an evil POS do you have to be to be mean to THAT, I cannot wait for him to get his ass k… @Akitron Bébé is....alone?? I WILL. BE AVENGED @molliekatie @fasteronfire525 Well if you insist baby
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭 @Akitron Autumn I nearly perished with this episode, so absolutely berserker enraged did I become for bébé @fasteronfire525 @molliekatie Welcome, i have a fanfic on these themes that’s RIDICULOUSLY LONG and growing @LeighWilder42 @IanPetard Well, as the sage said, @LouisatheLast
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭 @LouisatheLast ass of the (daily) planet
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭I feel like Superman should be one of them given Henry Cavill @vintagegoddess He seems like a good egg and is very funnyThe Mandalorian is really just the story of a man who absolutely cannot stop making best friends
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭 @Bonobobuddy13 Nor should he. The man is stacked @beamish_girl @anotherketurah @bittergertrude Yeah, I heard they did one where they’re a couple! @AskAQueerChick @SolidShepard Probably? It’s been a while but that sounds rightWhich reminded me how we did indeed, on our last rewatch of The Last Jedi, declare that Poe has “the galaxy’s ass” @SolidShepard I have not watched the movie but I find it hard to imagine anything more batshit than the bookperfect casting for solid snake then
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭 @SolidShepard I’ve read that book and it was very, very strangeWas reading Mandalorian news and got caught in the endless scroll of suggested content and anyway, that’s how I lea… "Blaming JK Rowling or any other TERF celebrity for having any hand in the Tavistock ruling is a wild conspi…
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭Just watched this again and it’s just. It’s so perfect. is absolutely useless
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭Flex gif though for your motivation. Believe in yourself like big redhead muscle mom believes in you. 💪🏼❤️
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭Stormtrooper yearbooks but every student's quote is "You miss 100% of the shots you do take"
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the sun is for closers
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭 @k8bushofficial Thank you for mentioning this, because it is exhausting and then I feel bad for being exhausted by… uspol seems like a pretty easy decision to make four days before a special election that will determine the ba…
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭Well that's a statistic.
Retweeted by Louisa 🌈👭 @sweetbtchesbrew I cannot get over how gorgeous Dionne is these days. Still. Forever. @PrmativApostate @AdamantxYves Amazing. Tell them to listen to Aurora, I think they’ll like her