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"Unhinged British witch" "a textbook succubus"- Russian Insider

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@outline At first I read this and I was like... team @jackallisonLOL But then I did some actual research and I wa… @andysignore @outline How did he harass you?It’s so good to see @AndrewYang still knows how to have fun - after @BarackObama broke his heart (like Yang told us… @joepompeo @yashar @VanityFair Very interesting....but written before they stopped being Royal ....and of course th… @TrueFactsStated @DustiBrooks7 @IdeaGov @patribotics @lauferlaw @File411 @ericgarland @DirkSchwenk I’m not even giv… @kjkfisher @patribotics @lauferlaw @TheJusticeDept @e_kaspersky_ru @US_SOCEUR @CAFinUS @Australia @NZArmy @AIVD @kjkfisher @patribotics @lauferlaw @TheJusticeDept @e_kaspersky_ru @US_SOCEUR @CAFinUS @Australia @NZArmy @AIVD @kjkfisher @patribotics @lauferlaw @TheJusticeDept @e_kaspersky_ru Russia could not look any weaker or more patheti… @kjkfisher @patribotics @lauferlaw @TheJusticeDept Pension riots in Moscow, shoot-ups in FSB offices, the SVR physi… @AndrewWinston @AriMelber @MichaelSteele True, but many of the same people are in both; it’s just that they complet…’ll take “What are violations of the Hatch Act?” for $5,000 please, Alex @RepAdamSchiff You’re doing a fantastic job sir; keep it up :)Time and time again, President Trump has shown he will continue to abuse his power, unless we hold him accountable.…
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NEW: @CommonCause files FEC complaint alleging @OurRevolution, the nonprofit founded by @BernieSanders , broke cam…
Retweeted by Louise Mensch3/ In public and private polls in Senate swing re-elect states voters favor hearing testimony and witnesses by esse…
Retweeted by Louise Mensch @donwinslow @DEADLINE Congratulations Don! @TimHailstone @dobbs_michael Taxes and regulations are just politics, Timsplainer @moroccandna Fine, it’s always been fine @SputzieBird @dobbs_michael Climate change is bad. Advocating for specific policies to address it like taxes is par… @maryloubethune @dobbs_michael It should end for him as it did for Khashoggi @Colin899Dean @BorisJohnson She never will and this just shows why she must not“My brother’s been staying with a pedophile. My younger son nearly broke the monarchy. What shall I do? Oh, I say!… saw this movie already. It was called “To Play the King” based on the bestselling book by @dobbs_michael, and it… @Colin899Dean Her Majesty the Queen should never abdicate. Good chance she outlives him. @BorisJohnson should have… @Colin899Dean @RoyalFamily I didn’t see the word taxes in @DailyMailUK report. Need the transcript @Colin899Dean @RoyalFamily Oh, no @iAmErickSermon @AriMelber @HamiltonMusical @Lin_Manuel all the way, IMO. @bethkoob @SenatorCollins Not to my knowledge no. He tried earlier and failedThe second article of impeachment was for obstruction of Congress: covering up witnesses and documents from the Ame…
Retweeted by Louise Mensch @maxtaves @SenJohnMcCain @SenatorCollins Dude, she has nothing to gain by releasing that statement and not doing it… Parnas is a Russian mobster with nothing to gain from being totally honest about his crimes. You’re being pla…
Retweeted by Louise Mensch @maxtaves @SenJohnMcCain @SenatorCollins @BrentAllpress @911CORLEBRA777 @thespybrief @ericgarland Shocking that NZ system let a 2015 conviction go FOUR YEAR… @AndrewFeinberg @ericmwebb1 @realDonaldTrump @weijia What? @MollyJongFast @ericmwebb1 Remember when he wanted to give @DevinNunes the Medal of Honor? Good times. @a_team1983 @thespybrief STOP. BIGGING UP. PARNAS. @bethkoob Yes, there is a vote on witnesses to come and that’s when @SenatorCollins and others will vote for them.… @AndrewWinston @AriMelber @MichaelSteele No reason to assume it wasn’t one minute ago. Retired politicians keep their networks @ssampson0717 Of course that will happen, so what? @Colin899Dean @MailOnline @jamesdeeganMC CorbyEN is a little slice of Scotland in the shires :) and thank you sir f… @ralphharper1965 @SenJohnMcCain No it literally isn’t. @maxtaves @SenJohnMcCain @SenatorCollins Can get it in by witnesses.Also going on the record to say I see nothing wrong in the behavior of Chief Justice Roberts. These are unimportant… @maxtaves @SenJohnMcCain Because @SenatorCollins and others made it plain they will vote for witnesses @SaudiEmbassyUSA Do you plan to get them out by dissecting them with a bonesaw while they are still alive? #Khashoggi @Colin899Dean @MailOnline @jamesdeeganMC But that should not bother @BorisJohnson let’s have a bit of bottle @Colin899Dean @MailOnline @jamesdeeganMC When I was nominated for Corby in 2006, I had to go see the head of the lo… @Colin899Dean @MailOnline @jamesdeeganMC I lived in Dublin in my twenties, Lower Leeson St (and it was respectable… @GeekCollage @SenJohnMcCain @SenatorCollins They aren’t doing it to be noble but to try and save their seats. That’s why it’s reliable :) @jdryan5000 @SenJohnMcCain @SenatorCollins is voting for witnesses. She won’t be the only one. @Colin899Dean @MailOnline @jamesdeeganMC Sinn Fein should be treated with the contempt they deserve. I’m a Catholic btw. @Colin899Dean @MailOnline @jamesdeeganMC Do they not understand what a damper this is on recruitment. If I were PM… @shastabarbell @SenJohnMcCain @SenatorCollins statement is clear on this if the chicken little brigade could calm d… @GeekCollage @SenJohnMcCain I know how parliamentary procedures work. Say what you like about @SenatorCollins she’s… @Colin899Dean @MailOnline If I were your lot cc @jamesdeeganMC I would be heartily sick of election promises to vet… @rfhyde1 That however doesn’t do much for the reputation of the Marines, you’re better than that, come on now sir. @rfhyde1 I didn’t see it but I don’t get that channel. Shouldn’t knock over US or Marine flag. Thank you for your service. @Colin899Dean @realDonaldTrump No no, it’s just Trump telling the truth by mistake as he has early stage FTD (fronto-temporal lobe dementia)Am a lot less fussed about this than everybody else in my feed, perhaps because I’ve been a parliamentarian. It s… @bad_takes @ericmwebb1 He made Putin and Kim the wrong color, those are Trump piecesWell, if there’s one thing that will turn @realDonaldTrump’s cratering poll numbers around its attacking social sec… @JenGranholm God bless you all @DeepSteak @Altern8rv Taxpayer @Mopshell @lauferlaw Sorry M, deleting now @Mopshell @lauferlaw Possibly xxx @Chris_Is_Tasty @josephabondy Oh aye. Justice 4 Lev #Yovanovitch @lennoxskyler @JaneToppan @GOP @RepAdamSchiff @JerryNadler 2/2 that means that they would be incredibly reluctant t… @lennoxskyler @JaneToppan @GOP I have no inside knowledge here, this is analysis only, but I doubt it.… @Mopshell @joelockhart @lauferlaw the latter (at the time of tweet) :) @Chris_Is_Tasty @josephabondy Tier 1 don't play, gentlemen. @Chris_Is_Tasty @josephabondy He's playing with fire here. If I were him I would try to understand that of all the… @MargaretHardwi5 @josephabondy LOL exactly @BarbL219 @Mopshell @lauferlaw And yet despite the fact he works for Firtash how few photos he has released of hims… @soldatliberte @GCHQ @BorisJohnson that should not be up to our decision. Listen to the cousins. It hurts to admit… @DaniLew11 @josephabondy Because he is trying to protect his boss Firtash @MargaretHardwi5 @josephabondy If you don't ask Parnas about Firtash, you are not serious @Chris_Is_Tasty @josephabondy and protecting his boss Firtash @warundpeace @josephabondy Let's assume @FBI are on those cases.... all of them @josephabondy SDNY accurately points out it's **Lev Parnas** who has been "slow-rolling" - the government asked him… @Mopshell @saradannerdukic @lauferlaw @IdeaGov @File411 @ericgarland @SlickRockWeb @ValdisKrebs @CheriJacobus SDNY letter to @josephabondy is..... well, it's quite the put down. But please, do carry on explaining how Fir… @quantian1 LOL idiot @quantian1 @colin93f where did your friend go? @quantian1 lol @quantian1 @ValueHao You misspelled "child rape victims" @quantian1 that didn't go precisely as you thought it would, did it @quantian1 @MugatuCapital LOL @quantian1 @visionsurreal @a_team1983 @thespybrief @20committee Answer the question: why would the FSB let one of t… @GrinningNumpty @freeagentrocks @visionsurreal @thespybrief @20committee oops sorry deleting, its interlocutor Colin deleted @rfhyde1 How did they desecrate the flag, Mr. Hyde?Hope springs eternal, perhaps they did :) is not journalism. That is all.
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@NSoames @DanielJHannan Dan you could have at least have turned it to Megxit, surely :)Excellent news that @GCHQ are speaking up about the dangers of #Huawei in the UK Let's h… to my friends who say "what's the point" of this trial if #MoscowMitchCoverUp is happening? This polling is your… @maxtaves and swing districts. Why? Because Senate seats depend on those. As @DougJones can tell you, it mattersAll #MoscowMitch is doing by preventing witnesses is infuriating a vast majority of Americans - including at least…"Should the #ImpeachmentTrial include witnesses? According to new polling from CNN, two-thirds of respondents think…"In both CNN and Monmouth polls, we get a remarkable result: more support for throwing Trump out of office than sup…