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"Unhinged British witch" "a textbook succubus"- Russian Insider

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@voss749 they did, under seal. But that was 2017, Barr may have killed it. If so, @NewYorkStateAG has her own case. @ChrisDJackson Census; she announces partnership with other state AGs to sue Trump en masse @MarieTitus9 @BryanMinehart @lauferlaw @MelissaJPeltier @mikes_booh @NewYorkStateAG @Agenthades1 @Trump @eshap Lol. True an appropriately named company.
Retweeted by Louise Mensch @mikes_booh @m_mendozaferrer @lauferlaw @MelissaJPeltier @NewYorkStateAG @Agenthades1 @KamalaHarris set the path @lauferlaw @MelissaJPeltier @mikes_booh @NewYorkStateAG @Agenthades1 @Trump @realDonaldTrump @felixsater That’s all… @lauferlaw @MelissaJPeltier @mikes_booh @NewYorkStateAG @Agenthades1 @Trump @realDonaldTrump @felixsater Phew: pres… @lauferlaw @MelissaJPeltier @mikes_booh @NewYorkStateAG @Agenthades1 2/2 and i am wondering if @NewYorkStateAG inhe… @lauferlaw @MelissaJPeltier @mikes_booh @NewYorkStateAG @Agenthades1 Goddamnit people think i wanted to nuke all my… @TrentCanDream @TheRickWilson @Dry_Observer @911CORLEBRA777 Lol @TrentCanDream @TheRickWilson @Dry_Observer @911CORLEBRA777 @MelissaJPeltier @mikes_booh @lauferlaw @NewYorkStateAG @Agenthades1 Andy.... this isn’t what i think it is, is it? @Jeeannali @911CORLEBRA777 @AltNellGwyn @TheRickWilson @Dry_Observer Thanks Pete x @KellyO @sandra_united @RogueFirstLady can confirm @BeijingPalmer @travelingirl68 @JoshNBCNews is describing performance art of a high level here
@eortner @NCSCgov @StateDept @VOANews Personally i have referred to them as “Voice of Russia” for the last couple of years @Cy_Schubert @SallyQYates @realDonaldTrump I bet @Yznhymer @realDonaldTrump :( @itzme2 @realDonaldTrump At least 15% i reckon @jaydestro @Dixie3Flatline @King_Venceslas @GuoWengisCow this could workThe @StateDept Global Engagement Center (GEC) has issued a new analysis of Russia's disinformation and propaganda e…
Retweeted by Louise Mensch @TheRickWilson @Dry_Observer You missed @911CORLEBRA777’s back and forth with the Australian ambassador about this @King_Venceslas @jaydestro 我的奶昔把所有机器人都带到院子里 @King_Venceslas @jaydestro 你受惠了我,我感到受宠若惊。 您在2012年加入Twitter,但只有六个关注者。 你是一个数字隐士。 但是不知何故,一个关于史蒂夫·班农(Steve Bannon)的笑话把你吸引到我的饲料中。Remdesivir manufacturer, Gilead, just set the price for the COVID-19 treatment: between $2,300 and $3,100 per patie…
Retweeted by Louise Mensch @King_Venceslas @jaydestro So yes we know Bannon is now working for Guo Wengi No-one: You: 别那么明显, correction, therapy, sorry; does not change the key point; your tax dollars partly paid to develop COVID-19 me… @cob2221 @toppan_jane @chey_cobb I like a beach with sand and shells, but if it must be one or the other i will always take shellsThat’s why, as shareholder, we are calling on Gilead to reconsider their pricing, to make the drug more accessible…
Retweeted by Louise Mensch @KwisatzDunkin @SallyQYates @realDonaldTrump Id like to be interrogated, the non-enhanced way. See how far you got @Cernovich “Live Freeloader or Die” @cob2221 @toppan_jane @chey_cobb Shells are stone flowersNo, it wasn’t @SallyQYates. Never ask a question to which you don’t know the answer, @realDonaldTrump. First rule… University is giving its vaccine away for free. @realDonaldTrump is allowing Gilead to steal from Americans.… & appalled—I just left a 90 minute classified briefing on foreign malign threats to our elections. From spy…
Retweeted by Louise Mensch @Grania64156311 @CoriBush @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris Because liars lie @CoriBush @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris hahahahaha @wekern @CatSawyer @De_Ninaaa @RBReich But that pardon wasnt legal, mist experts say. It’s just that nobody challen… @lakersblake2 @De_Ninaaa @RBReich SDNY is Federal. @HeathenSawyer @RBReich There have been no signs that there is any such danger so far @toppan_jane @chey_cobb Fractals! That’s it. I couldnt think of the word @DirkSchwenk @SusanMDOrazio1 @toppan_jane @Comey Hillary is bitter about @Comey yet has no idea how she owes her re… @DirkSchwenk @SusanMDOrazio1 @toppan_jane @Comey No it wouldnt, because Bill Clinton was blackmailed on to a plane… @DirkSchwenk @SusanMDOrazio1 @toppan_jane @Comey ...then i think i might shut the hell up forever about how the LE… @DirkSchwenk @SusanMDOrazio1 @toppan_jane @Comey I mean if i had evaded Federal records laws in order to excuse mys… @DirkSchwenk @SusanMDOrazio1 @toppan_jane Tish tosh nonsense dirk @Comey did the right thing. Before you get all… @toppan_jane @DirkSchwenk @RichardGrenell @Comey Rod wasn’t fully read in either, lol. @Comey told people what they… @toppan_jane @DirkSchwenk I knew when i read her Flynn 302s as helpfully declassified by @RichardGrenell that… @toppan_jane @DirkSchwenk Yeah, Dirk could not be more wrong. And Sally Yates was also wrong if the snippets i am p… @LSTrip44 @joncoopertweets @JoeBiden Not to worry @axios says dozens of staffers have it down to Rice and Harris @chey_cobb Wow - stunning petals. Almost geometric @TheRickWilson That headline genuinely sounds like it was created by an algorithm, like one of those “daily mail headline generators” @TJFixman “We’re not so different” @peterbakernyt @magsmom7 @jaydestro @austinlparker @fsckdpod Got some stuff to fo tomorrow but ill follow him and DM me friday if you still… @karolcummins @schwifty_got @AngrierWHStaff @AmbassadorRice I like Susan Rice a lot. Everyone can learn from mistak… @karolcummins @schwifty_got @AngrierWHStaff @AmbassadorRice I’m tagging her in to tell her. In no way whatsoever do… @karolcummins @schwifty_got @AngrierWHStaff You need to read what the Trump side are saying. They allege the Jan… @karolcummins @schwifty_got @AngrierWHStaff This is why Karol. This story was from a Bill Barr leak. It’s their ent… @Bad_joke_world @notcapnamerica @JoeBiden Supporters of racial justice and police reform, as well as supporters of… @jessbrammar I only just saw your tweet but i look forward to reading it, hope it matches up to the high bar set by… @Bad_joke_world @notcapnamerica I dont know. :( bernie bros mist likely because she was a cop. Enormous mistake. He… @jessbrammar The headline alone deserves some kind of award @karolcummins @schwifty_got @AngrierWHStaff When did Barr need one of those? @notcapnamerica One down one to go @MaxKennerly @notcapnamerica LOL @karolcummins @schwifty_got @AngrierWHStaff It’s utter bollocks. When has that ever stopped Barr? @bohemiarch @thespybrief I already pointed that out days ago, that was my first reply to john. That the Twitter e… @susanoconn @AngrierWHStaff Same. @JoeBiden certainly shouldn’t fear Grisham or Whitmer. But Harris is fine. @DavidHarlan3 @notcapnamerica Twitter deleted that tweet for her @HotlineJosh @thespybrief Your criticisms of Harris are beyond parody @thespybrief Honeytrap type stuff? @thespybrief Give TSB a hintBlack women are drunk with power, she says. 😐
Retweeted by Louise Mensch @notcapnamerica Who is this lunactic @leahkrevit @galendruke @HurdOnTheHill When it counted, @HurdOnTheHill abandoned @CIA and did not vote to impeach a traitor. Iacta alea est.In advance of the classified briefing I’ll hear later today, I reviewed classified documents this morning. They are…
Retweeted by Louise Mensch @AngrierWHStaff @SpectorGeoffrey I’ve never read a lawyer who thinks that pardon was valid @RBReich Wasn’t constitutional @AngrierWHStaff Pass it up the chain please. She’s leading and that has to change. @schwifty_got @AngrierWHStaff Email The one with Obama and Comey about Flynn on Jan 20 @galacticdad K @galacticdad galacticdad why did you delete the far right tweet @AngrierWHStaff He’ll never quit. His legal status depends on the gig. @AngrierWHStaff Rice, sealed indictment misuse of govt property Flynn meeting on January 20th. Brennan too. RUMINT, two sources @galacticdad @JRubinBlogger @politico galacticdad why do you like far right memes @jaydestro @fsckdpod If it is your pod i will @cindycrum @KlasfeldReports LolUpshot of today's census hearing: Judge Furman fast-tracks the case, finding that Trump's late announcement in a m…
Retweeted by Louise Mensch @chey_cobb What is that gorgeous yellow flower that looks like a ball of lace, Chey? @thespybrief @Barbara60117444 @RealKHiveQueenB @PrezHillary17 It’s not Benghazi, that’s played out. Strong RUMINT that Durham is… @mememoreme @therecount @Acosta So unfair; his dad didn’t love him either @jaydestro Oh no i stand by my reporting i’m just amused by the reaction I was joking with you; i never sh*tpost,… @ReginaA1981 I hope you feel better :) I’m sending something my daughter drew a few years ago I feel a doctor wil… @shossy2 Would be even better if you started it “Sure, you...” @jaydestro Same @01KarenO @WalshFreedom I kind of think he’s more the disease the party is dying from @jaydestro Ok, thats what i get for being too clever by half and not reading the article