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Verbal voguer. Gay for attention. #KeepIt cohost on Crooked Media.

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Excited to discuss my fave book of the year The Vanishing Half with @britrbennett on tomorrow’s #KeepIt!…
Retweeted by Louis VirtelHere it is, my entire life. I love about Jeopardy! right now is that people are right and rewarded for it.
@rachsyme Dynamite even in the smallest, least consequential momentsNothing could’ve prepared us for this tax news story except every bit of information we’ve stomached about this idiot since the ‘80s.
@RealMerrinD You’re missing some PROOF! @batoutofmel Her three lines in MRS PARKER AND THE VICIOUS CIRCLE, best performance in the movieNormalize “I don’t care what he believes, Tom Cruise is amazing in every movie!” but about Gwyneth Paltrow. @joereid Jesus is it nice to have a movie to look forward to
@Pschlarm @Peteyville @tyleroakley Wow I didn’t know we were all in this h&p business togetherThe heartache is always fresh for Stevie Nicks but Christine McVie has the solemn, knowing voice of a woman who has…
Just read up on Amy Coney Barrett and you better hope "dancing on a Sunday" never gets to the Supreme Court. @patjrogers I'm sick of fighting with Maluma about Joan Plowright's definitive work! @AaronMChamp Mid 2000s Jane, so interesting. Very Joan Lunden for Claritin hair. @TylerDinucci Any other 1972 name-calling you'd like to woo us with? Maybe some good McGovern jokes?It is amazing to see people tweet the words "Hanoi Jane" sincerely. She has never heard that insult before and will be shaken.
@tyleroakley @alplicable All right, fine, I'll get them tooNew #KeepIt! We discuss the Emmys, RGB’s legacy, Ellen’s apology, racist social media algorithms, and more. Plus,…
Retweeted by Louis VirtelNew #KeepIt: @ira @louisvirtel & @shutupaida discuss this year’s virtual Emmys, RBG's legacy, racist social media a…
Retweeted by Louis Virtel @ianmichaelstone I’ve only seen the peach scene so far and the woman is indeed here to serve her 41st year of disagreeablenessIf you take a shower and listen to "These Dreams" by Heart, you feel like a Lisa Frank dolphin.It's possible Ryan Murphy made "Ratched" just to order those actresses to hang out.On tomorrow’s #KeepIt we talk food with @davidchang, theatre with @ZacharyQuinto, and of course the #Emmys!…
Retweeted by Louis Virtel
Hawkeye ‘08 reporting for duty @MuuMuse I-like-it-racy-boy @film114 Eyelids half-mast, looking to the side like Felix the Cat, oh yes
I love eating vanilla yogurt slowly like a woman in a commercial having the time of her life. @PhizLair Ma’am I look like shit in orange but I got it anyway. 🧘🏻‍♂️ @katelyn__ann There's some Helen Hunt going on in herePlease welcome Victorian infant Jeremy Strong. bet Holland Taylor has been whispering devastating comments all night and Sarah Paulson is like "Stop that" but laughs.
I've live-tweeted the Emmys for the past 12 years. Now I'm writing for them, so I can't. Just wanted to say hi, enj… @AwardsConnect We love.
@LizHackett I'm so sorry, Liz. @yannhatchuel I’m sure the actual process is pretty similarI recommend RBG's Wikipedia page. The whole thing is the good part.Everyone in America should be crying in an incredible plank right now.
Welcome to the New Fucked @jxsxpx87 Love Judy. Have you seen High Tide? No one is a bigger critic of Judy Davis than Judy herself, who is on… @SunshineSucks Jane Curtin will also do this over a pair of glassesThis is an all-star team of actresses who can ruin your self-esteem by raising an eyebrow @AndyHerren You met me the next day. Seven years and you still fail to realize the true prize... @ira See this is the workout tape we still need
@devlyncamp Six years we’ve been at this game... @molly_knight Let's schedule this!!If you're looking for something to do, I recommend deciding that a perfectly nice person you've met once or twice is your bitter rival. @ira @sfallick @crookedmedia It's not alcohol's job to gurgle like a Dr fucking Pepper @AwardsConnect Probably The Graduate or Agnes of God but I also have an affection for when Anne is broad and bad, like in ‘Night Mother.The responses to the four movies meme alternate between "I'm WEIRD I like BLADE RUNNER!" and "Oh, you mean you didn…
Retweeted by Louis Virtel @judeeflick LOVE Margin Call @KatieKowalsky Tell me why I should want anything other than lesbians, candles, and waves from a filmI don't care what anyone says, I want to see Kate Winslet stare at Saoirse Ronan over a fossil.
@AndyHerren @joereid Good answers to this almost have to be embarrassing. I don't have it in me to represent SUFFRAGETTE hive rn. @ira @roywoodjr @crookedmedia @shutupaida @TheDailyShow Yeah, uh... it's actually chicNew #KeepIt: @ira @louisvirtel and @shutupaida discuss the new Oscars inclusion standards, the boycotts against Mul…
Retweeted by Louis Virtel @ira Well I’m hereThe idea of encompassing Madonna’s life and career in a single movie is so shocking. I could watch an entire Hamilt…
@MJSchulman @emilynussbaum Total Tony Perkins nut and I haven’t watched this in years. Time to revisit. @emilynussbaum This woman definitely gave Jean Simmons quaaludes in The Happy Ending @ira I believe all Aaron Spelling counts as a single decade @RealEricScottG Wow, absolutelyThe #1 thing I miss about the '70s and '80s is tough female characters ending a phone conversation with "Go to hell." @feistyfrank And also Amanda Seyfried energy?As much as it pains me to tout a West Hollywood-area comedy gay who [gulp] might be better at trivia than I am,…
Patti v. Gladys is the first Instagram video I have felt underdressed for.
“Let’s try a smoky eye...” -God to everyone on the West Coast @Yassir_Lester @PopTartsUS @larabar @cheezit @benandjerrys You really threw me with the non-dairy. The Cheez Its hit hardest here.Cate Blanchett always looks like she’s thinking “Indeed”
@dnicole80 Can honestly say I lose my mind to a little Amy Grant every now and then. She’s here to send us. @TonyTripoli Jesus?“Baby, Baby” by Amy Grant makes me want to show my husband of 21 years Dean how Christlike our love can be 😈 @JamesUrbaniak The Super Jeopardy!/Monopoly primetime game show hour, summer ‘90. I got one question right about Jim Henson at age 4.The weather today is Fran Lebowitz’s lungs.
RIP the legendary Diana Rigg. We need more British actors who can both comfort and chill you with a simple "Good evening."LA weather for the next two months is Dune with a chance of Blade Runner. @thatdevinfield I've been meaning to tell you this awhile but damn your dad is fierceGays watching the internet catch up with Jane Fonda's greatness @AndyHerren Well did you burst into tears or not? I FF if there ain't crying.
Timothee gives exquisite “You don’t like my painting, mother?” face #KeepIt! We discuss Jessica Krug’s blackfishing scandal, Charlie Kaufman films, and more. Plus, @MsJuneDiane jo…
Retweeted by Louis VirtelNew #KeepIt: @ira @louisvirtel & @shutupaida discuss Jessica Krug’s blackfishing scandal, Charlie Kaufman films, an…
Retweeted by Louis VirtelRule E: Every year Jane Fonda must present Best Picture and wait an extra beat before saying "Parasite" with a sly… @wunderkind87 Can't believe you forgot "C'mon and Get My Love" by D Mob and Cathy Dennis
If the national guard shows up first, it's a boy; FEMA, a girl. @raesanni I say this as someone who watches every year: I feel like a huge part of why they are awful is, secretly,…
@ANDREWTI I also find it hard to believe that a stranger struck up a philosophical life conversation with her at a bar! @chrisdallman I've been re-obsessed with self-titled album, what a voiceFun fact: It takes you 8-11 years of living in LA to hear the words "Santa Monica Boulevard" without thinking of Sheryl Crow.
Nothing makes me want to put on a bold tan lip and give up on my second marriage like the greatest hits of Carly Simon. @judeeflick Say it.
Dark chocolate tastes like milk chocolate that just received terrible news. @ddrewirwin Orlando is one of the few performances I would describe as “everything”
Using this exquisite photo from Venice to say: Just because Tilda has an Oscar doesn’t mean it’s OK she only has on…
The trick is to lose your AirPods on Monday or Tuesday so you can find them Thursday night in a weird pocket and enjoy a wonderful weekend. @yannhatchuel All right, this changed my evening @Bub1974 I learned TODAY that was the original title. What happened?!I can't believe Madonna's first greatest hits had the best title of all time, The Immaculate Collection, and the se…
New #KeepIt! @shutupaida is out this week, so it’s the third annual Ira & Louis Variety Hour: we discuss the #VMAs,…
Retweeted by Louis Virtel @tylersunderland But a beautiful Alicia Keys album
@marikotamaki I didn’t mean to drive a wedge