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Verbal voguer. Gay for attention. #KeepIt cohost on Crooked Media.

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@paigeflink Likewise! Winter, spring, summer or fall!One thing I like about Elizabeth Warren is I picture her stumbling across a vinyl copy of TAPESTRY and saying, “I wore this one out.” @oigevalt That was me! Boystown is one of my favorite places.
In retrospect Black Swan was a full-length adaptation of "Me Against the Music." @DPD_ Tried combining “bourgeois” and “Abuja” into a Samantha gripe, didn’t happen
@ira I was almost mambo’d to death once, please be considerate before posting material like this
Oscar season ends and, like the clock striking midnight in Cinderella, all your favorite actors turn back into dist… @charlieputh Need to know your feelings on The CarpentersOne of the most shocking moments in pop music is when Wilson Phillips, still smiling and “empowering” us, reads us… @IAmBlankenship Bugs Meanie hot in retrospect @AndyHerren Wish you were dead(er)
@bessbell I just tried doing your Tess impression and it sounded homophobic somehow?Putting on my boxy pantsuit, sensible heels, and writing a valentine to my CAREER.Billie Eilish and her brother are the ASMRpenters.
Retweeted by Louis Virtel @uppityhomo A Sunday morning ride! @shenanigreat Watch me scorch a lake to Shirley’s chorus!I’m sorry but you should be able to jetski to a 007 theme.
@Pschlarm Good win @rilaws “It’s either the great void or Maria Menounos.” @PFTompkins Nick Cannon telling the audience he knew this day would comeOne time on The Masked Singer they should take off the mask and reveal no one inside.New #KeepIt with @ThePeterPaige! Parasite is triumphant at an otherwise predictable Oscars, Jessica Simpson’s memoi…
Retweeted by Louis Virtel
@eamccrory I can't explain it, Berger holds a very serious place in my memory. Maybe the most believable/realistic guy on SATC?Our very own Freeform Renaissance man @ThePeterPaige is on the #KeepIt podcast tomorrow talking #TheThingAboutHarry
Retweeted by Louis Virtel @ira We both know Kaleidoscope and Kelis Was Here topple Tasty
New #KeepIt tomorrow with Oscars, Jessica Simpson’s memoir, and @ThePeterPaige on Queer as Folk’s legacy!…
Retweeted by Louis Virtel @solomongeorgio The Patricia erasure... @closer2fine I feel betterWhat throws me off about Amy Klobuchar is she's named Amy. That's a Joan and don't tell me otherwise. @MattRogersTho @guybranum @Quibi Vintage globe? @JarettSays Dark horse candidate here, Emily WatsonIt's been two days but I have to give it up to Timothee Chalamet for attending the Oscars as Chachi in the sexy CW…
@kylebuchanan I’m also watching her morph into Rita Moreno @thatdevinfield Confession, the way you say "Judy" in this clip has been playing in my head on loop like a tape in The Conversation @brandycooklyn Saoirse never smiles with teeth, my new inspoWhen my bow-tie is askew, it's jaunty, fashion-forward, and intentional. Never forget that. winning Best Picture is the best win of the 21st century, period.Jane Fonda cracked her knuckles and my neck broke.Joaquin Phoenix always feels exactly halfway between Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.Thank you, Renee Zellweger, "Venus and Serena AND SELENA" is the new "Vogue" lyrics we need.Liza Minnelli should descend on a swing during Renee Zellweger's speech and scream "Great job, kid!"I'll say it, Joaquin Phoenix wants to be a slam poet.Billie Eilish and her brother are the ASMRpenters.It was awkward that Elton only had one Oscar before, glad we cleared that up. @MarkHarrisNYC I said the same thing!I worship the child in Hildur Guonadottir's eyes.Would pay Sigourney Weaver five grand to tell me I'm dismissed. @billyeichner @17days There must be a scene where Bjork refuses to collaborate and just drops off “Bedtime Story” i… "I'm Gonna Love Me Again" sound like the Golden Girls theme to anyone? After "I'm Gonna Love Me Again" I keep… @billyeichner First actress I've ever thought could/should do itThere should be Parasite cast members hiding in secret passageways all over the stage.Someone needs to whisper "Madonna biopic" in Florence Pugh's ear once a day. @toeberto Why just last year Lady Gaga didIt's like Cynthia Erivo got bored in 2017 and decided to EGOT.I spent all of "1917" paranoid that I couldn't save my game.Laura Dern always looks like you gave her a gift she has no room for in her house @ira None are coming to mind :(They cut off Laura Dern before she ended her speech with "Now if gay men could stop tweeting at me to choke them..."I did not realize Kristen Wiig was like 40% Annie Lennox now.Laura Dern is the Tilda Swinton of Connie Brittons.
Retweeted by Louis VirtelI can’t explain it but Laura Dern and Toni Collette can never meet.
Retweeted by Louis VirtelToday, Verizon's 360 camera on the red carpet is giving fans in NYC an immersive viewing experience, powered by Ver…, Verizon's 360 camera on the red carpet is giving fans in NYC an immersive viewing experience, powered by Ver… do the Oscars to see Diane Keaton wear something belted and haunting.I say this as someone standing at the Academy Awards and loving every second of it: I cannot wait to be on a couch…
At this point I’d be fine with Laura Dern giving a “You’re welcome” speech.Look for me and @iamsydneypark on Twitter at 3:30 PST talking to all the nominees on #OscarsAllAccess. Should I cha… @thousandfabrics @iamsydneypark It’ll be right on Twitter!The other two popes. So psyched to be on the red carpet again with #OscarsAllAccess and @iamsydneypark tomorrow. Pr…
I had no idea she could Juliette Lewis this hard. #LovettorLeaveIt: @MrEmilyHeller joins to break down the #DemDebate, @franklinleonard talks about how Hollywood…
Retweeted by Louis VirtelWhen you take your clay death mask out of the kiln too early @scottbix Annie landed on Forbes 30 Under 30 for sureI’m almost positive Amy Klobuchar is Danielle Atron from The Secret World of Alex Mack today. This is someone who W… @TIFF_NET Laurie, Piper Olivier, Laurence Ustinov, Peter Irving, Amy Schell, MaximilianEvery actor who wins an Oscar should have to pitch an Oscar-winning role for someone who hasn’t won yet and deserv…
I'm at it again. Check me out on Sunday as I cohost #OscarsAllAccess with @iamsydneypark. Will I remind every singl…
@joshuarolson Not true! Plenty of people considered it attention-grabbing and evil. @joshuarolson I know Sinead's stunt was riskier. But I think the kneejerk, chauvinistic reaction of eyeroll-and-outrage is not dissimilar. @joshuarolson In a way I'm upset that Sinead O'Connor is mostly known for one risk when almost everything she has r… @joshuarolson I don't mean to compare the gravity and risk of each "rip"; just that both, to some degree, are treat… @platinumjones I’m not comparing the risk taken, I’m comparing them being called paper-ripping stunts. @emkayyyy Anthony Hopkins for sure @bearinduffy @ira @SkylarAstin @ZoeysPlaylist @shutupaida @crookedmedia It was insane we didn’t get into Eyes Like…
@Illeanarama 45 YEARS my favorite nominated performance of the decade @AwardsConnect ALMOST twins here. @simoncurtis I feel we need to stick up more for the single Future Nostalgia, especially the "Then you can't GET wi…'s paper-ripping is like Sinead O'Connor's pope-ripping in that in 30 years it'll be regarded as a basic reac… chatting with the #KeepIt gang! Listen here it wherever you get your pods!
Retweeted by Louis VirtelTake a moment and appreciate this historic moment where a Republican steps over the lowest possible bar.New #KeepIt: The Iowa caucus descends into chaos. J Lo & Shakira’s Super Bowl halftime show is met with controversy…
Retweeted by Louis VirtelWhen this came up on the podcast it occurred to me, I'm not sure how many people actually know about this? I watch…
@awake_the_soul @ira @SkylarAstin @shutupaida @crookedmedia Because I know you're watchingPete Buttigieg giving you "gifted third-grader who has this spelling bee in the bag" energyI'm sitting here longing for the efficient, dependable voting system of Dancing With The Stars.
If I’m not mistaken, J Lo and Shakira’s asses passed the Bechdel test all by themselves.There is a specific gay endorphin that only a woman over 40 wearing a spangled leotard can produce.Each of Shakira’s body parts is controlled by an individual puppeteer.
I’m worried JLo will be thrown an easy pass and Kathy Bates will intercept it. @tcm You and I know damn well Donald Crisp won that year