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Verbal voguer. Tragically thin. Lost in a catsuit of emotions. Gay for attention. #KeepIt cohost on Crooked Media.

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I need Elizabeth Warren to slow down with the brilliant, progressive proposals, it is exhausting to be inspired in 2019.
@andymientus One of the great unproblematic faves, like Dolly @andymientus Do you stan Springsteen too? My #1: Curry is the Daniel Day-Lewis of camp. @joereid And some broad Marisa characters at thatI thought Marisa Tomei as Edith Bunker was absurd until I learned (ahem) Marisa is almost a decade older than Jean… @akilahgreen I hope this was an inspiring, eye-opening journey.
Didn't understand this part of the Mueller report to learn the Mueller report doesn’t pass the Bechdel test.i asked @ira 600 times to have me on Keep It and on the 601st time he finally said “fine whatever” and so here we a…
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@joereid My biggest accomplishment is once running into Mark DeCarlo twice in a single day. @17days @Popjustice Everybody is in my top 5 ever! @LaurenRPfeifer Oh I'm always up on Kathy's anecdotes!Sandra Oh is the gatekeeper in heaven and none of us are on the list. want Sandra Oh to sell me some goddamn Aleve you work against LGBT rights, I don't care if you're gay. In fact, I don't want to know. @ericeidelstein Amateur dramaturg here, I think this sweater and shirt are too cute for the suburbs in 2002.
@DPD_ The arts questions are a little bit shallower now, but I feel like old Jeopardy! was easier because of its st…, finally, @SheaSerrano is on tomorrow’s #KeepIt! @KaraRBrown @louisvirtel @crookedmedia
Retweeted by Louis Virtel @DannyPellegrino Just threw my hands up in the air like I'm on a roller coaster. @jonlovett So unlike the screenwriter of Stonewall to mischaracterize a sea change moment @alexawashere Cowritten by onetime game show host Nancy Pimental (Win Ben Stein’s Money)!RIP Georgia Engel. The ensemble of The Mary Tyler Moore Show is the gold standard and Georgia’s sweet, beguiling li… was "Cher released an album of ABBA covers" and 2019 is "Madonna is performing at Eurovision" for the annual "…
@rheaseehorn He'll also unscrew several light bulbs and create a beautiful lighting concept in minutes
If you throw a party at 9, Pete Buttigieg is there at 8:30 with ice. @17days Disney gays aren’t adult anything @ira It is enraging to be this disappointed in someone @ArielDumas You’re the only person who is allowed to perform AND judge
Coachella should be 150 actresses walking across the stage one at a time performing their rendition of Meryl’s “Why… @dreamoforgonon Fucking living for these White Chalk vibes. No one articulates dread in music like PJ. @mtgilchrist @ira And so long @rilaws I miss her dumbwaiter eels
@wyntermitchell American Idol contestants with navel jewelry“Good morning, my entrepreneurs! Today you’ll be scamming a bunch of up-and-coming tech investors at a fancy lunche… @ew_christopher
@evanrosskatz I miss when Brad Pitt and Kristin Scott Thomas had the same haircut @MarkHarrisNYC Did I mention that boyfriend was my assigned freshman roommate in college? Go Iowa! @jared_dias Love both! “I Don’t Need a Man” is my #1 PCD trackA Pussycat Dolls song came on and I felt like the boss of this Wet Seal.I’m loving Fosse/Verdon but it has me craving Abdul/Jackson.
@PFTompkins The trifecta is pulling into the Starbucks/Links & Hops parking lot on Glendale Boulevard, realizing th… and @louisvirtel discuss coverage of Pete Buttigieg and his bid for the Democratic nomination as an openly ga…
Retweeted by Louis VirtelIt's a new #KeepIt and I'm back! We've got: The View (and a major tribute to Cheri Oteri), sex cults, and the debat… on #KeepIt! I rotate in to the table with @ira + @louisvirtel to devour @RaminSetoodeh’s juicy new #TheView
Retweeted by Louis VirtelNew #KeepIt! @Ira, @louisvirtel and @jenyamato dive into 'Ladies Who Punch,' the juicy tell-all about The View, wit…
Retweeted by Louis VirtelI sat down for an interview with Morgan Freeman and he said: “Your shirt’s too small. Pants too tight. You look lik… already had a Grease prequel, it was called WORLD WAR II.
@Jaye622 @ira @jenyamato @MattRogersTho @crookedmedia I call out his "To Die For" determination throughout the showThe power that this has!!! New #KeepIt tomorrow! @louisvirtel @jenyamato @MattRogersTho @crookedmedia
Retweeted by Louis Virtel @YESsteveYES I knew there was a tell! Vital, thank youI can't enjoy "No Scrubs" on the radio because I spend the whole time dreading that it's the version without the rap. @PFTompkins Karamo: "The weather is nice... how are you weathering your traumatic past?"
Veep is the one thing that makes sense in the world because at least the most talented person on TV is starring on the funniest show on TV.I hate any movie without a conniving female newscaster.
@meliss_turcios Gwyneth is extraordinary! @zachheltzel I have not! Forgot it existed! @zachheltzel She's the weird case of someone is very distinct, yet doesn't really draw attention to herself. Loved her in First Reformed. @katherinespiers WHAT
I wish Elizabeth Warren's fabulous policy proposals were considered charming. @morninggloria No place on Earth makes me feel more powerless than a car dealership. They know all the car secrets and you don’t. @franklinleonard Thrilled to hear thisI’m excited about a gay presidential candidate because there should be one person in this race who can’t pick a fav…
@patjrogers @AndyHerren EXACTLY right @AndyHerren Wow this is almost correct @MattBaume @Sonari ! @AkilahObviously Tell me MoKenStef was there @evanrosskatz “More drugs... more women... more food.” -actual narration of the Chris Farley episode @billybob519 Why the hell doesn’t everyone quote Hilary all the time? One of the best characters everMinding your own business still slaps. @kathygriffin @sethquimby1 Celine is the greatest exotic Christlike bird of all time!Next time you hear a conservative whine about being marginalized, remember that this guy got paid to write this pie…
Retweeted by Louis VirtelStraight men on Elizabeth Warren: “She messed up once and I can’t get over it.” Straight men on The Joker: “Really… Dion is exactly halfway between an ostrich and Jesus.
Just watched The Joker trailer. I hate origin stories but "Mediocre man wants to be funny" is the realest villain e…
@Chas10Buttigieg I have every edition of Trivial Pursuit including Baby Boomer Edition when you’re both readyPete Buttigieg seems like the guy who opens a board game, reads the entire instruction booklet from front to back,…
April Fools Day is National Coming Out Day for unfunny men. @rachsyme Picturing Warren Beatty or Mick Jagger in an apricot scarf is always a pleasure. Every single listen. @TMROJ Wow, insane
Casting is a gay superpower. Ask a gay man to reveal his superpower and he’ll close his eyes, touch his temple and… @ira 😋 should be a sixth Queer Eye guy whose job is explaining that Kristen Wiig could be a great dramatic actress if given the chance.Surprise Twitter meetup with the goddess @JackeeHarry. Was too awed to mention I, um, own her merch.
@buzztronics We didn’t summon Joan but the real Faye Dunaway crawled out from under the table demanding an explanation @MuseZack A wild Chernobyl romp @SAMGREIS Two people who are passionate about rowing! @MajorPhilebrity Embrace your twisted rock hard sinew! @mpolikoff Here’s one of my favorite performances ever, if you have time to advance your hatred-of-Hero-disguised-a… @mpolikoff If all you know is Hero, maybe this conversation is already over @mpolikoff She has 18 #1 hits, start with those @mpolikoff But Britney is also very likable. I’ll go with the Housewives. @mpolikoff Mariah has so many unbelievable hits she wrote herself. I can’t even confirm that Britney sang half of hers. @mpolikoff Move this take to the garbage
@fillorianking I do not relate to Xanax! Choose life, teens!I might be too old for the Billie Eilish album because it makes me want to snap “Who’s giving my sweet daughter all… being surprised Elizabeth Holmes can land a man when she convinced hundreds of old dudes she’d cure AIDS with… #KeepIt Brief! @Cautiousclayton joins @ira, @KaraRBrown and @louisvirtel to talk about self care as a musician,…
Retweeted by Louis Virtel @dreamoforgonon Especially here to dismiss "You Learn" slander. More songs about the euphoria and grace of knowledge please!
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