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Verbal voguer. Actressexual. #KeepIt cohost on Crooked Media.

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@TheFienPrint I'm Meryl coming back to avenge the death of my son, Sharp Objects Twitter.I hope there are meetings on Big Little Lies about creating GIF-ready content every episode. “Meryl, can you end yo… @lifeserial “Get an apartment. Stock the fridge. And invite me over. We’re having a girls night.”Big Little Lies is mostly about watching Oscar-winning actresses snap “Get in the car” at scared children.
@kathygriffin Wrong, I own them, everyone must borrow them from me @GinaGrad I also LOVE Rose! @GinaGrad, you are my Soul Spark! @joshgondelman Why thank you! You're so rad and generous and everybody here knows it. @joshgondelman Normal night for me but if you're still giving pep talks, I'll take one! @EricDSnider More than one Best Picture nominee with that title!Dreading Beto walking on all the podiums at the debate.
@DaveHolmes I stand by everything you write about pop music or any other topic 100%Taylor Swift threw the first bachelorette party at Stonewall.
@ianmichaelstone I'm always wondering about Meryl's dialogue input. Since she wrote the big monologue in KRAMER VS.…"It's a beautiful day. You're a whore, aren't you, Madeline?" -Meryl Streep starting a conversation in Big Little Lies @justinkirkland4 Cher calls her "Mary Louise Streep" in her Oscar speech @speriod I'm pretty high on this song @ira I DON'T SEARCH I FIND seems to be the big winner @ira This makes me feel better after your insane Jodie/Daria take @kathygriffin I'm sure there's a retired pageant mother up to the task? @rachsyme I can’t explain it, it bothers me that she didn’t write the lyrics to “It’s Too Late”
@JarettSays @AndyHerren It ends on the stage of her SCHOOL PLAY. That is a sub-Shelby Woo climax. @AndyHerren I wish someone would take you again!Sarah Huckabee Sanders handled her job like a drunk person at a traffic stop denying she's in a car at all. @miketvladue @TVMoJoe @Millsy11374 I will do it in full Anne Robinson drag if I mustLOVE, SIMON overtakes THE NOTEBOOK for cutest romcom Ferris Wheel scene and look what happens. @WilliamBibbiani @AWolfeful This is Margot Kidder-drinking-beer-at-the-police-station cool. Congrats! @MarcSnetiker The uncomfortable truth is it depends on how much of a whore Hamm isOn this week's #KeepIt, actress @MoreReginaHall joins @ira @louisvirtel and @kararbrown to talk about how she still…
Retweeted by Louis VirtelI love that "coming out" for straight white people is believing something stupid.
I get to chat with one of my heroes while you ALL WATCH. Come to Outfest July 25 as I lead a discussion with the de… #KeepIt! @ira @KaraRBrown & @louisvirtel talk the #TonyAwards, the alleged toxicity on the Grey's Anatomy set &…
Retweeted by Louis VirtelThis is the best breakdown of the 2020 Dem walkout music choices that you will ever hear ⁦@KaraRBrown⁩ ⁦…
Retweeted by Louis VirtelBig Little Lies spoilers are unique. I don't care if you give away a murder, but I'll be devastated if you tell me…
Regina BEEN Hall! New #KeepIt tomorrow! @louisvirtel @KaraRBrown @MoreReginaHall @crookedmedia
Retweeted by Louis Virtel @joereid I can only think of six at the moment but I know one is true queen DIANA RIGG. Forever the second greates… @joereid Actually life-changing. I wanted to be the superheroic gay men onscreen.I love that Big Little Lies is basically a half dozen of your favorite actresses saying “We’ll see about THAT” to e…
I love the Tonys because all of these people have been preparing to give an emotional speech their entire lives.
@ira Careful, you’re intersecting with my brand @mollymcnearney I am honestly not the same after that story.Happy LA pride and many spinning bird kicks from me and my second gay icon ever (after Vanna White, of course). For… someone at Twitter pitch "What if this was a website where we all agreed on the humanity and grace of Keanu Ree… @rudemrlang @17days @cathydennis Damn she still sounds immaculateIt’s Pride weekend and I expect Elizabeth Warren to jump into the splits.
@DPD_ These past few have been bizarre @MajorPhilebrity Jesus CHRIST
@17days @ira Never knew LAUGHS like this before. @OliverSava Did I lie about the superiority of "Runaway"?! @FeldmanAdam @TheTonyAwards @TimeOutNewYork @TimeOutTheater @PattiLuPone @Lin_Manuel @LadyJHOLLIDAY @BettyBuckley are a lot of overalls in gay culture right now and it feels like half my friends identity as "sexy Barney & Friends cast member."If gays can trick angry heterosexuals into performing a parade, we might be too powerful.
Retweeted by Louis Virtel @McJesse Yes to this joke @Nathan_Pensky I've sent this emissary to do the good work @Nathan_Pensky Anybody who tries to sneak Amy Adams on to the same list with Jessica Alba and Adam Sandler isn't se… gays can trick angry heterosexuals into performing a parade, we might be too powerful.
@CollinGossel Really love this @cameronjawesome @actuallyclint "Is she a sphinx or simply stupid?" @kylebuchanan Brie Larson beat Cate Blanchett, Charlotte Rampling, and Saoirse Ronan for an Oscar and I'm not mad a… @speriod @SAMGREIS My rights @speriod @SAMGREIS What don't you understand about Gwyneth Paltrow singing "Party All the Time" @ksausville This is... beyond wordsIt is very annoying how Elizabeth Warren is the best but still promises to do better? @jillboard Laura Nyro starring Lady Gaga, done
@mcterzakis @JaySixOfEarth2 She came up on the podcast today! Loved her in "Georgia" @JamesUrbaniak When people call Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson the lone romantic holdouts in Hollywood when we have a pe… dream is to sit around with Liz Warren after the pride parade with ten queer friends and debate who should play… @drmattdambrosio Cheri Oteri as Barbara Walters telling Debbie Matenopoulos, "Get in your cage" @speriod "Walking on Air" is a top 5 KP track? I think this counts as unpopular?One of my favorite episodes ever. @kathygriffin I love when you ask if there are straight men in your audience and the question elicits, like, a sole guttural moanEach float in the straight pride parade is 10 guys explaining a different Coen brothers movie to you.
ICON @TichinaArnold is on #KeepIt tomorrow! @louisvirtel @KaraRBrown @crookedmedia
Retweeted by Louis Virtel @YinkaDoubleDare It occurred to me recently that I will keep aging and this GIF will remain the same. Chills. @pricepeterson It's entertaining in every variation -- if it's a tight game, an up-and-down game, or one with a cle… pretend Jeopardy! is a slow game show you watch at your grandparents' place but many episodes feature Olympic-le… hell has a community theater production of Show Boat @DPD_ Crackle from Rice Krispies falling on hard times
@NekoCase @coldantlerfarm Athleisure origin queen
@ItsMattSteele Sporty radiates HUMANITY. She always seems (to me) to be having the best time. @kmarti01 I love Ginger because she’s truly the most Madonna (loves men + laughs at men with equal glee) but Sporty… @RussellH88 @Ezra_Caraveo Not even close?It’s Pride month so you have to either come out or admit the best Spice Girl is Sporty. @joereid Surely they kept in Elton calling Madonna a fairground stripper after her Golden Globe win? @joereid Was there a full act devoted to Elton and Tina Turner sparring during rehearsal at Divas Live ‘99
@DPD_ Amazing actresses are, in fact, amazing and I don't like when they're treated like loopy Real Housewives at a fan convention. @TJ_Burns_Nc The only thing Morrissey and I have in common is a furrowed brow and a fivehead. @DPD_ Yeah, it feels like tricking them for a cheap laugh.Every Pride it is my duty to remind you: Oscar Wilde died for our sins AND was funny, so Jesus is irrelevant. @Elizbethperkins @kathygriffin I’m on it. @PatchNavillus Now I'm dreaming of Charlotte Pickles calling me a faggot over the phone.Happy birthday to my nemesis @jonfavs
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We need a Real World reboot where people stop being real and start getting polite.A great Katy Perry song makes me want to take a pair of hedge clippers and slash all my jeans into ass-high cutoffs.If the sequel isn’t called Rocketman II: The Bitch Is Back, we riot.
@ryanoconn I’ll be walking alongside your float screaming from start to finishif you've ever had a curiosity about film festival culture or would like an interesting (non-spoiler-y) perspective…
Retweeted by Louis VirtelI’m the guest on this week’s #KeepIt where I talk about Tarantino and twerking, mostly. Put it in your ears!…
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@hrachovec She was on The Good Wife too!Bob Mueller came close but in my eyes he failed to explain the definition of camp.New #KeepIt! Quentin Tarantino stirs up controversy at Cannes & @kylebuchanan joins @ira @louisvirtel & @KaraRBrown
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