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dad, husband, HST Prof @ GVSU author of I Fight for a Living (17) & We Will Win the Day (17) Black Athlete Podcast. views R mine

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DeAndre Hopkins was tweeting on Denmark Vesey back in early June. Only 136 RTs? Guess I’m not only one to miss it...
Retweeted by profloumooreStarting to think Texans coach Bill O’Brien got rid of DeAndre Hopkins for a bag of chips cuz he couldn’t handle hi…
Retweeted by profloumoore @loumoore12 so turner and prosser next... wait till they hear about Haiti
Retweeted by profloumoore @loumoore12 Now we're talking.
Retweeted by profloumooreThis is dope. Wait till they learn about Stono. whispers, "go look up Stono" a lot of “i learned something new” re: vesey. what’s at the core must be considered: slavers in this country ha…
Retweeted by profloumooreDak Prescott's asking price just went up.don't get no better than this hopkins got the story of denmark vesey on monday night football. that’s pretty dope.
Retweeted by profloumooreMe:
Retweeted by profloumooreThe Black guy in the back 🤣😂🤣
Retweeted by profloumoore.@curlyfro wrote about Bob Gibson. It's worth your time.
Retweeted by profloumooreWhen the tax man show up at 50 cent house.
Live look at Kwame Kilpatrick reading that Trump quote @loumoore12 Yep! As usual, their card was pulled and they're happy to comply. 🤦🏿‍♀️
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Retweeted by profloumooreI see we've reached that time in the election season. wrote about my university's failure to defend its faculty from politically motivated attacks and protect free spe…
Retweeted by profloumoore @loumoore12 Marvin Miller was voted in last year -- it would be fitting to see them go in together.
Retweeted by profloumoorePut him in the Hall of Fame. Africa Network (@sportsinafrica) hosted a roundtable with 5 basketball players from the African continent.…
Retweeted by profloumooreThe LA Dodgers are heading to the World Series. The defensive play of Mookie Betts saved the Dodgers. Listen to…
Retweeted by profloumoorewhen you get that call for the Fauci power walk security job. paraphrase @loumoore12 ... #Thereaintgonnabeno herd immunity
Retweeted by profloumooreOne of my neighbors has the shittiest yard sign ever. It says something dumb like, In this house we stand for the… @loumoore12 “I’m a huge history buff.” “I’m great at sports trivia.” “Here’s a question, I bet you won’t you know the answer.”
Retweeted by profloumoore fight someone people call Merciless. @loumoore12 Same except they want to know who my favorite writer is. EVERY time. (Also, “who should I read?”)
Retweeted by profloumoore @EdgeofSports White Men Can't Juno is definitely something Trajan Langdon said.
@loumoore12 back when i talked to people, there were always those precious ones who, when they discovered i studied…
Retweeted by profloumoore @loumoore12 Middle aged white guys who want to discuss civil war battles. I’m an early Américanist.
Retweeted by profloumoore @SarahCalise @loumoore12 One woman told me she was “a fan of the Civil War.” A fan. That night my family were joki…
Retweeted by profloumoore @loumoore12 It could be worse: in my case, they usually want to talk about Winston Churchill.
Retweeted by profloumoore @loumoore12 them: "I'm a bit of a historian myself. I love the Civil War." me: *internally screaming*
Retweeted by profloumooreWhen I get dragged to a party and have to make small talk with a stranger, they tell me who their favorite presiden… God
Retweeted by profloumoorethis is a useful thread
Retweeted by profloumooreThe fact that Adam Gase is an NFL head coach and Eric Bieniemy is not is about all you need to know re: the racial…
Retweeted by profloumooreDear Jets fans, You could've had Eric Bieniemy.Odell should do the exact celebration that Rodgers just did next week & see how it goes over.
Retweeted by profloumoore @loumoore12 yep. most people don't know that his nephew Ducey Jenkins, who had a cup of coffee with the Atlanta Bl…
Retweeted by profloumoore @Tommy_W1587 @loumoore12 "A Wrecking Ball with Feet" Derrick Henry's agent needs to trademark that and get it on t-shirts.
Retweeted by profloumooreMe on defense
Retweeted by profloumooreAlso, you ain't stopping Derrick Henry on a direct snap when he has a 5 yard head start.Bieniemy-Watson, 2021.Dear White Mothers- Please Don’t Speak About Your Black Kids Like Amy Coney Barrett by @DreamzRreal
Retweeted by profloumooreTexans ain't even trying to tackle Henry in open space. Neither would I.The Ravens sit Lamar, because they have big leads. Yikes. is me. Derrick Henry is 2020. @loumoore12 The Jets traded take Sam Darnold.
Retweeted by profloumoore @loumoore12 I will never not laugh thinking about Bears fans watching Mahomes dominate while they took fucking Trubisky😂😂😂
Retweeted by profloumooreWhat if I told you, the Browns passed on Lamar Jackson for Baker Mayfield?how it started. how it's going. to the students who are getting their papers graded while I listen to this. would look great in Vikings purple. Just saying.Mans did a press conference asking us to keep his businesses safe while saving Black lives but is happily risking t…
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Retweeted by profloumooreThe Jags are horrible. Congrats on getting Trevor Lawrence.If Corn Pop or one of those guys from Delaware ain't the Minister of Big Payback, Biden is doing it all’s the way i screamed
Retweeted by profloumooreLaptop Plus sounds like a store that is now a Spirit Halloween. fact-check: 1 in 1,000 Black Americans have died from Covid-19 - Vox. This is horrifying. Not 1 out of 1000…
Retweeted by profloumooreMy new favorite kicker.
Retweeted by profloumoore @Ethnography911 @loumoore12 I found the rest of the interview. That segment starts at about the 3:30 mark. The rest…
Retweeted by profloumoore @thisisdaryn he was so bold with that "and what" until he got asked the "and what" @loumoore12 Where did he think it was going to go with the “repeal and what?”?
Retweeted by profloumooreCam Newton's style is absolutely his own.
Retweeted by profloumoorethis is bad. like real bad. BTW, I know why people have John James signs, and so does everyone else. NFL keeps following Trump into the abyss — first with Kaepernick then with COVID
Retweeted by profloumoore @loumoore12 I'm on the floor right now...🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by profloumoore @BlackDigitalHum lol, there's more. I just have to find them.Lol I thought this was a white persons leg
Retweeted by profloumoore"Lucious Harlen Newton"🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by profloumoore @loumoore12 You are amazing at this😂😂😂
Retweeted by profloumooreLucious Harlan Newton. Born in 1896. One of the leading soap box orators in 1918 Harlem. Believed if Black folks ha… don't know if I told you, but my girl has a clip new followers! Here's a piece I wrote on the realities of USCT military service on the men and their kin. My boo…
Retweeted by profloumooreLopez was so disciplined. His biggest problem moving forward is that he's too big at 135. Not sure how he can keep fighting at this weight. @Prof_Suddler Lopez fought the full 36 minutes. It's hard to score Loma because the announcers were going wild ever…, is a shocker. My guess is she only gave Loma round 8 or 11. It seems off but Loma was only fighting in chunks. It's Loma's faultMy guess is this all rides on round 2.This gotta be Lopez. 8-4 or 7-5, but this is boxing. They calling this a draw.My guess is judge have it 6-5 Lopez. This is winner take all.It's 8-2 Lopez, but my guess is judges have it 6-4. Lopez needs this round to cut thru the bsIt's 8-1. Lopez. Lopez just needs to pump his jab for 3 more roundsIt's 7-1 Lopez, but would be ok with 8-0It's 7-0 Lopez. Loma gonna open up and get tagged. Lopez just had to keep walking him down.It's 6-0 Lopez.It's 5-0 Lopez. I'm not sure what's going on with Loma. But he ain't even throwing.It's 4-0 Lopez. At some point Loma gotta throw a punch. #LomaLopezIt's 3-0 Lopez. They keep saying Loma is downloading info, but he's getting walked down and losing rounds.It's 2-0 Lopez.Lopez got in 3 really really really good body shots. Loma literally threw 1 punch, but it came out so quick @JCuevasSports I'm gonna go Lopez even though Loma is the far more superior boxer @MauroGM3 I'm cheering for a good fight. Loma is Hella quick, but I think Lopez catches him.Finally fight time. Turn on ESPN. #LomachenkoLopez"Women's soccer players generally are cute little White girls while WNBA players, we are all shapes and sizes ... a…
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