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I love all manner of horror/cult movies, wrestling, retro junk, TV, physical media, toys, & Halloween-y things. Co-host of @bluebarredcage. #BlackLivesMatter

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@FrakesOnFilm Actually better than I was expecting. It’s got some cool ideas, even if not all of them are as fully… flyovers during sporting events are indeed expensive, taxpayer-funded propaganda that have nothing to do w…
Retweeted by 🎃 Justin White Zombie 🧟‍♂️ @circlespiral Sounds like sheep talk to me, baa baaOVER THE GARDEN WALL (2014) is beautiful, spooky, melancholic, and funny. An absolute masterpiece that has become t…
@CultPopCult Like you read about it and think, “omg this is awful.” Then you actually watch it AND IT’S SO MUCH WORSE. @CultPopCult The Katie Vick angle finally pays off.If Rudy is dumb enough to get manipulated by fucking Borat, imagine what the Russians have been able to get him to do.not to brag but ive escaped every room ive ever been in
Retweeted by 🎃 Justin White Zombie 🧟‍♂️Exclusive photo of me waiting in line to vote this morning. @circlespiral @aimeereadstn Yeah they seemed like the type. What a weird racket that is.Some people will just always be your friend, no matter how far apart you are or how infrequently you get to see them.Last night I got to visit with an old friend who now lives and works in the African country of Malawi. It’s crazy h… morning I proudly cast my vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Let’s start the process of taking this fucking… @aimeereadstn I now have The Hunger, and nothing else I eat can satisfy it. @fisty Of course. Best raccoon meat I’ve ever had.There’s a lady in front of me in the line to vote who is unaware that you don’t actually have to be talking every single second of the day.Today a man came to my front door to try and sell me discounted meat out of some big freezers in the back of his pi… Polaroids from The Shining
Retweeted by 🎃 Justin White Zombie 🧟‍♂️Flying Squirrel Loves It Every Time
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@badnewsjones It’s region free. I haven’t gotten one yet, probably will after the holidays.Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 8 World
Retweeted by 🎃 Justin White Zombie 🧟‍♂️ @TheMorgster Argento stack he’s Superman.’s WFH Matinee was 1982’s THE SENDER a place with both. How many times have y'all hit a porridge joint & you're all "I need some bread with this…
Retweeted by 🎃 Justin White Zombie 🧟‍♂️A “beyond burger” implies the existence of a “bed burger ” and a “bath burger”
Retweeted by 🎃 Justin White Zombie 🧟‍♂️ @HauntedDriveIn I’ve certainly had worse evenings.I tweaked my knee today, but I’m happy to report that the cure seems to be an ice pack, a bowl of chili, some weed,… tribute to the late, great José Mojica Marin with the second and best Coffin Joe movie, 1967’s THIS NIGHT I’LL… @OverlordViper Thank you so much brother! Glad I can enhance your Halloween season haha.
Retweeted by 🎃 Justin White Zombie 🧟‍♂️I regret to inform you that my brain will think it's the year 2000 until the day I die. When is 30 years ago? 1970.…
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How it started: How it’s going: I’m gonna write I have a novel during forgotten how…
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Retweeted by 🎃 Justin White Zombie 🧟‍♂️ @jumpingtheshark @letterboxd Nothing but hitsThe WFH Matinee for this Monday morning was the 1951 Atomic Age classic THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL. October movie marathon is still going strong! This weekend I watched some 80s minuscule monsters, a legendary b…
@Unrealized_Tomb Brah my buddy and I have started a brand new podcast, and the first episode is available NOW! Spend 50-ish mi…
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I ❤️ literature was trying to cool the planet and she was regrowing the forests. And they wanted us to root for... the trust fu…
Retweeted by 🎃 Justin White Zombie 🧟‍♂️Dave Matthews Band and Cracker boy and his treats. Created In Frito-Layboratory
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HUMPTY DUMPTY: *falls* [later] KING’S MEN: mrs dumpty we are so sorry, we tried everything. We even let the horses try
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Retweeted by 🎃 Justin White Zombie 🧟‍♂️ @jessebickers It’s some of my favorite music to drive to. @PerezJeremiah I know our circumstances are different, but if I survived a lay off and unemployment, I KNOW you can… @Newbobhead Thanks buddy! It feels good to get a win. @jessebickers @jessebickers @jessebickers @jessebickers Sweet, I’ll definitely check that out. I’m always looking for new synthwave music. I’ve got a series… @theuniversal I mean I’m always mad about something, but never you. @CalebJohnson3D @TardisNerd I went with the pumpkin orange 🎃🎃🎃She has paid more dues than anybody should have to at her age. I’m so proud of her and everything she has accomplished and overcome.My wife got her Masters last December. By April we were in a pandemic, she suffered the death of a parent, and I lo… @PerezJeremiah I’m so sorry man, that is bullshit. You’ll find something where they treat you better. @CalebJohnson3D @TardisNerd SameJust my favorite band putting out a Halloween EP, no big deal. 😱 crush on her just leveled up. but respect for MY president, Herbert West. Now watching this bee-yoo-tee-ful Arrow edition of RE-ANIMATOR…
@jessebickers @Scream_Factory Thanks man! @jessebickers It really does. I think everyone is just so exhausted.How it started: How it’s going:
Retweeted by 🎃 Justin White Zombie 🧟‍♂️I miss my life. I miss casual hangouts with friends and concerts and movies and restaurants. I miss not having to t… Carlin, man
Retweeted by 🎃 Justin White Zombie 🧟‍♂️This is great news. Can’t wait to get to listen to @RebekahMcKendry and @Elrickane on the reg again! @HauntedDriveIn Ugh, I’m sorry you’ve had such a bad week man. Feel free to DM if you want to chat/ventWe all know Tr*mp projects like crazy and always has, but has it ever been more obvious than when the best things h… @itsjessipashia @BrianIsSuperRad got my Friday the 13th poster from @Scream_Factory hung up. it started How it’s going
Retweeted by 🎃 Justin White Zombie 🧟‍♂️do birds ever fly just for fun or are they always on some kind of mission
Retweeted by 🎃 Justin White Zombie 🧟‍♂️my plastic vampire fangs thay ON during thex
Retweeted by 🎃 Justin White Zombie 🧟‍♂️if dexter is coming back, so is this video
Retweeted by 🎃 Justin White Zombie 🧟‍♂️Yo real talk @JohnHancockIII has put out SO MUCH music I love over the years. @lousywithghosts Sometimes!
Retweeted by 🎃 Justin White Zombie 🧟‍♂️ @Cactus_Mouth Hell yes it is. @Cactus_Mouth 🎷🎷🎷ummm is this porn?What better way to follow up a brutal excursion in terror than with a “grimy rhapsody of deviance?” Now watching RE… Giuliani Tests Positive For Slew Of Obscure Bat Diseases Unrelated To Covid-19
Retweeted by 🎃 Justin White Zombie 🧟‍♂️how can they confirm her after this
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Doing a big loud fart at the end of the day, that isn’t *too* smelly but still had a nice tang to it? That’s how a…
Retweeted by 🎃 Justin White Zombie 🧟‍♂️ @scarymarilynn Oh hell yes! I need to rewatch at least the first three seasons. The Carver story was so so good.You had me at “a brutal excursion in terror.” Now watching XTRO (1982) morning’s WFH Matinee is 1932’s MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE. It’s not as strong as some of the other early Unive… @Elrickane @RebekahMcKendry @bloodinthesigilGood morning brother @circlespiral It’s finally happeningHaunting of Bly Manor is so so good you guys. On episode seven.
@jggdlilwill @jumpingtheshark I was always a Sunny man myself @circlespiral Me when I see this inferior meme. @casualhex Yeah I really wish someone would find a way to turn that franchise around. So much potential.You crazy for this one @jumpingthesharkSome say the Attitude Era is best. Or the Golden Era. Or Ruthless Aggression. When in reality the best era of WWE i…“I can smell my own balls & ass from a standing position & I own around 40 slaves.” - our Founding Fathers 🇺🇸
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