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@theserfstv Evil never diesJoe Kennedy is a conservative Democrat. He's likely going to replace Ed Markey, who is significantly to his left.…
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Retweeted by LouThe liberal wing of the Democratic Party is hardly the left of the climate movement. Setting goals like zero emissi…
Retweeted by Loumaybe some fucking day music like this won’t need to exist or be spot on again and again and again. until then i’m…
Retweeted by Lou @GlassReflection What would you say are some of the best full CG productions? @CanipaShow Circle of life @BakaShift @CDawgVA I wonder if this is what he means. 🤔 @lerdyvision The benefit of deviating from Toriyama's style is that it helps cut down on the Dragon Ball comparison… @Beau_Oddball It all boils down to what team they are using and how they have the production mapped out. With DQ be… Dragon Quest game coming for Consoles. Its an ARPG.
Retweeted by LouI wish I could know more about the production so I can feel more confident about how it will look, but I'm hype reg… headline: “Bosses force workers to return to unsafe conditions, exposing hundreds to preventable pandem…
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The name of the libertarian party nominee is Jo Jorgenson. I wonder if the anime community can meme President JoJo into reality 🤔🤔🤔Should probably point out that this is an extension of the issues I was having in Miami, but it's less suffocating… expenses are really making it difficult to get by in the new place. Also, I'm having trouble finding work. Very no bueno.lmao, guess that Bernie-Rogan brouhaha was cynical concern-trolling after all!
Retweeted by Lou @Sefraca_ Dm sent :) @joewood23234 @_rbakerwwfc Code please! :) @ma_birb I would like a code please! I can get you 3NMT @korigaming Unit doesn't matter under those circumstances when what they are measuring is 0. No conversion has to be done.Really great system we got here. Can’t imagine why anyone would question how beneficial or sustainable it is for t…
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@senpainotes Not watching Hunter x Hunter or Monster is a mistake but whatever. You would probably love Fune Wo Amu.[Ann Coulter calling Voldemort the n-word for not murdering more people]
Retweeted by Lou @PepperedHam It's a good rule.Yakuza 0 is $4.99 on Humble ($3.99 on Choice discount) Kiwami $9.99/$7.99…
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Retweeted by Lou @grayfoxGA Caught a bit of it. Pure 🔥🔥🔥🔥We’re so close to qualifying for the ballot. My heart is heavy. Nearly two years ago I became the youngest person t…
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@Esharp777 It's my single favorite piece of media. By far, bar none. @myladysprout I think it's possible from the crunchyroll desktop version. Good luck! @Esharp777 Read Oyasumi Punpun. I promise that it's worth your time. @myladysprout Watch anime with a Portuguese dub. See if you can do that with English subtitles. @sleepingbutrfli Wholesome as fuck. Also it reminded me of this song Epic Games has an office like an hour from my house. I'm looking for a job at the moment so if any of yo…
@brokeotaku Definitely some great deals on here.Lots of Funimation titles on sale on their site. Most are lowest at Funimation, but lot all.
Retweeted by Lou @Strippin Leaving out food might attract other animals which may scare Watson away. Bowls of water and dirty clothe… @Joshua4Congress Don't be surprised if you see legislators conspiring with vulture capitalist to use public money t… @Joshua4Congress Idk man. I've seen what AVs can do and I'm convinced they aren't far off from eliminating like 80%… I need ONE player to fill the last team for my Valorant tourney tonight.
Retweeted by Lou @yyyazy NHK when I wanted to wallow in my feels. Magical Circle Guru Guru and Non Non Biyori to cheer me up. @DakotaBroskie Disagree with a decent chunk of it but you're entitled to your opinion Broskie. @sykotikkytten If you only want to interact with specific people you can always send a dm. This isn't about public… @ANIMEniacReview Sounds about right. Hopefully the cone to their senses and walk it back, though I would imagine th… Twitter for developing this. Now the question is, how the fuck can we ratio post like these 🤔 the fed level Trump wins NC by 2% and Tillis retains his seat by a similar margin. Turnout in extremely red dist… politics of my new state Senate district are super interesting. It's an area that went Obama in 2008, but fli…
@JDWootenNC The 2008 election, where Foriest won the seat by 5 points, would probably be the ceiling of what can be… have filed suit in US District Court in Baltimore seeking a reduction in the requirement of signatures for ballo…
Retweeted by LouMy Plan: 2020: @shizu0_any We have fiber. This is actually a little slower than what we had at our old place, but I'm still thrill… @PepperedHam Do whatever works best. I'll be watching regardless 😎
@S1N3N Indeed it is and im pretty happy with it lolFinally have internet at the new place! @soulkhan Just this guy. @ComradeKristie Happens to me when I switch between manga and manhwa. @BaronJSaysWords Unreal is the superior human fastfood establishment.
🚨 ATTENTION 🚨 Please spare some time and give this video a watch! Lotta blood, sweat, and tears went into this thi…
Retweeted by LouI may get internet tomorrow. Good thing to because I think my data is on its last legs. @AAA_Mandi Im sorry to hear that he's been having a tough time. :( @Aleczandxr It's a great show and is really good for most of its run.
I think it is time. I need recommendations on legit cams and lens for my stream. Please hit me up with what you think is best.
Retweeted by LouStupid fucking analogy but let's rock: - seasonal flu deaths could be radically cut down if vaccines were mandatory…
Retweeted by LouWe found this boi chilling in the middle of the road. We set him up in some woods by our house which borders a bunc… @kenbolido @Kanvy2D @MinhP765 This is the kind of energy the world needsSo Warren is cancer? Cool. really need to reckon with the fact that the NYPD rolled up to seize PPE intended for doctors and nurses. Even i…
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found this youtuber who traps his villagers like zoo exhibitions and made his visitors change into children uniform…
Retweeted by Lou @ShonenSpotlight The hell if I know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I was supposed to get internet hooked up at my new place today. The customer service agent apparently got confused… switch was too heavy so i had to get a lighter one
Retweeted by Lou @kaden_main @iElijahManley Elijah is right. Differences in educational outcomes are based on income disparity and n… @MegaMoeka I didn't think of that. Thanks!I wont have internet for a week so I doubt I will be able to take advantage of this. Ugh just hit a deer. Im fine. Car took some damage but is still drivable. 2020 just doesn't let up.LRT: I keep seeing people recommend others read Chainsaw Man, but the manner in which they do so is by showing some…
Retweeted by Loulol, if this is fake Sony gotta shoot whoever made them look this bad.
Retweeted by LouIt's time! AVerMedia Partner Program Applications are now OPEN! Apply today if you want to work with one of the bes…
Retweeted by LouThey make me happy. I have a graduate degree in IR with a concentration in terrorism. You know how people misuse “literally” a lot…
Retweeted by LouThis is the demon that Reed (the current villain in my comic) had traded an arm with. It's my take on a Dalaket fro…
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@HappiLeeErin Hope hes ok!
@thehill much as I appreciate Senator Sanders and the Biden campaign's efforts, the immigration list is made up of entire…
Retweeted by Lou @JoeBiden 1. I doubt the policies that come from this will be progressive enough to match what we need. 2. Even if… doesn't surprise me at all. Houseless people in Downtown Miami being evicted RIGHT NOW by Miami Police. A sign was put up last night…
Retweeted by LouHealthcare should NOT be tied to employment. Pass it on.
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@TomWojcik It wont unless we push people to get offline. Unfortunately the internet isn't a great tool for forcing… @TomWojcik @workerism Maybe it has to do with the fact that the majority of people that lost capital during that ti… @PepperedHam This is just pure oscar bait tbh.Had to throw a twitch channel trailer together quick for the channel redesign so I might as well put it here too. P…
Retweeted by Lou @G0ffThew You earned this. Congrats buddy. Onward and upwards to 2 million! @alejandropupo_ Quality work as usual. Would it be possible to add a few frames holding the pose before he throws the back fist?Both of these are true: 1) LA County is correct in extending Stay-At-Home for another 3 months. This pandemic is f…
Retweeted by Lou @DoctorJohn_MD Also utilities + internet access (since that isn't classified as a public utility) @steve_shives I doubt the left would have cops on their campus since ACAB.