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One was a tax rebate for people who received the EITC. I had to come up with questions like the timing of filing, a… day: Reading 15 bills that average about 10 pages each, then writing a 1 to 2 page brief of each of them that n… @dankdrummer It's good. Maybe DandD (Dad & Daughter) TCG . Easier to say and gives you an in if you ever want to play other table topsFirst 15 hour work day at the Florida Senate. I honestly don't mind it. No time for lunch or dinner though so I'm fucking starving.
hey maybe we collectively should all not go see this movie
Retweeted by Lou @NineOuh90 @FUNimation this is gonna be a hard yikes from me friends, Harmony Gold has so many instances of abusing copyright…
Retweeted by Lou @AHNPodcastTA He's to serious so growth has to happen without memes. CAN'T BE DONE. @SubtitledAnime This is fucked up. The need to take this post down and qualify this list properly.My boss wants his social media presence to go up. I have no idea how to help him without memes.
@ProfessorOtaku Sorry dude, but I couldn't think of a better fit. Maybe Cross Ange but that's about it. @CaribouCoon Bernie would definitely like Pom Poko since it blends environmental themes and civil disobedience (class struggle?)THIS IS CHILE RIGHT NOW. The government set the military on the streets just because people were demanding rights.…
Retweeted by Lou @SubtitledAnime It's definitely in his top 5.My guesses: Bernie - Nausicaa Warren - Violet Evergarden Biden - JoJo Part 3 Tulsi - Gundam 8th MS Team Buttigieg… that Andrew Yang has confirmed his favorite anime is Akira, we need to know what shows the other candidates like. @ChaseFaceShow @fuckthem00n
@MegaMoeka Hope everything is ok :/ @sleepingbutrfli It's pretty greatThere are very real concerns that Trump won't surrender his power unless their is an overwhelming asswhooping at th… flipping blue would not have changed the outcome of the 2016 election. If the democrats want to make Trump… will probably be appealed, but assuming the appeals court affirms the decision this could have far reaching im… year a referendum was passed in Florida that ended the denial of suffrage to exconvicts. Our new Republican go… i think it's not a sin that my parents grew a clone of me in a tank like mewtwo to try an…
Retweeted by Lou @slitherup This is how we get Terra Formars
MY FIRST TITLE EVER IS FINALLY OUT NOW!!! pls support Digimon and/or ya girl if you own a Switch or PC 🖤 it was a b…
Retweeted by Lou @Thatinnerglow @SentaiFilmworks Give it a look. It's pretty dope. turn 33 today. Being an old fuck sure is tiring. @MurrayWombat You're absolutely right. I was being over indulgent. Sorry.Back in Miami for a few days. Going back to Tallahassee on Sunday because of the Scott Israel hearing (Broward sher…
Feels surreal seeing Ito-Sensei retweet some work I made. Absolutely unreal. Big thanks to @VIZMedia and…
Retweeted by LouProfessional proof that I finally got to check “perform stand up in Tokyo” off my bucket list ☑️
Retweeted by Lou @DakotaBroskie You lucky bitch. @SentaiFilmworks Kuroko because it's basically Dragon Ball Z and I want to be Goku. @myladysprout @thefunnypence Hit up my homie @Frankie_Lollia . Her voice acting and singing are top tier. @shadylaura @TommiCerberus Noblesse anime was announce a few months ago. Same with Tower of God. @RBKapoor1 Educateanime was FIVE YEARS AGO. @RBKapoor1 That was fucking wild.
Retweeted by LouMiami ≠ Florida
Retweeted by Lou @MssCellaneouss 😢 @muhamedalic @AndrewYang @felon_fred Fred did this independent of the campaign. The wraps are expensive so it's no… this shit looks pretty cool. I might just back it. @BaronJSaysWords I don't think they will.
In a break from watching Anime Joe shares his love of Wrestling with Travis, find out what he thought here-
Retweeted by Lou @pandaide Negative. I just started working for the Senate. I live in my district (Miami) but will be making frequent trips up here.My Tallahassee office. I need to decorate this ASAP.
@TheAn1meMan But can it dodge bullets like that ome bit in HOTD?Friends that live in Tokyo, please consider going to this. She's good people and really funny.
@enzobadia Stay strong bud. You're a good dude
Traveling to the Tallahassee next week. Basically I'll be sitting in meetings and taking notes.My job so far is dissecting legislation, researching, and talking to experts from different fields. This is what I wanted. @S1N3N Fun fact, Hime is Japanese for princess. @MsRandomBadger Your work is super important. I can't fathom how difficult your work is, and I admire you for risin… @AAA_Mandi Here for you if I'm needed Mandi. Proud of you. @JawBurst @WyattWordWeaver I can't go into a lot of detail, but I will say it's fairly tame and I still expect it t… my hands on some gun control legislation. Reading through the bill really put Florida politics in perspective for me.
First day at the new job was pretty light until the end of the day when I had to ask a scientist/climate policy exp…
Mangapod is about to go live with some Yotsuba!
@BaronJSaysWords Very nice!
My birthday is 11 days away and I have no clue what I should get myself. This is frustrating.I WANNA DO THIS TO MY CAT SO BAD!!!! He'd have so much fun!
Retweeted by Lou @aplito00 @p2antwife @CanipaShow @LegendaryRQA This is gold but Gilgamesh and his Gate of Babylon would have worked better for this lol.
@DakotaBroskie This is the only one I have so far. Spawn rate seems low @DakotaBroskie Got any shiny from gen 5?Live Twitch captioning is possible with a special OBS plugin created by one of my mods! Super easy to install, work…
Retweeted by Loume coming over to retweet one of my own tweets
Retweeted by Lou @MrNiesGuy Stay strong dude!Next Tuesday, the Supreme Court will hear the case of Aimee Stephens, who was fired for being trans. If the Suprem…
Retweeted by Lou @GiggukAZ Proud of you and @BakaShift . You lads put in a hell of a lot of work and we're all thankful for it. Cheers! @aplito00 @GlassReflection Yup. @AHNPodcastGags Just a heads up, don't Google the game title. I did and got immediately hit with a major spoiler. @AniAvenue Yo @kezia1354 @GlassReflection For Read or Die, is it the OVA, TV Series, or both?Best feature of Dragon Quest XI is the little recap you get when you open your save file.My only critique of this is that it felt immediate and their was no buildup. These things need an arc smh.About 8 hours into Dragon Quest XI. There are STRONG gay undertones between the Luminary and Erik. I wonder if you… @cristina_pepper Tuesday. We're going to be doing the first 4 volumes of yotsuba
We got time tonight Bob. As one of your spiritual students, I'mma do my best to be the teacher here. The working c…
Retweeted by Lou @HappiLeeErin @dexbonus Whoooooaaaaaaa! @artbyjacstudio @MariaLaMetida yooo✨ArtbyJac GIVEAWAY!✨ I want to say thank you for the constant love so... To enter: RT this post Follow me Tag a f…
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@PedanticRomantc I loved the dub for DQ8 so I was going to start with the dub out of nostalgia but I figured it was worth asking.Dragon Quest 11, Sub or Dub? @MegaMoeka I'm going to put up flyers first, but that would indeed be the next step. I already have 2 cats and wou… are some pictures of the little shit. Super friendly and starts purring the second you get near her. @DEEsidia Tempted tbhFound a cat just standing in front of my apartment. She's wearing a collar so she definitely has a home. None of th… @PepperedHam Amazon has all kinds of data. Also, Alexa may have a built in 10 years ago: I wanna learn Japanese cause anime :3 me last year: I wanna learn Japanese cause its a highly c…
Retweeted by Lou @kid_zet Yup @ccblair5 Looks can killI just got banned on @twitch for doing bodypainting of Akasha. @TwitchSupport I was following TOS and have been doi…
Retweeted by LouYo @YokuramaTalks @dexbonus @DakotaBroskie High quality fashion
@AHNPodcastTA @AHNPodcastGags Scooby-Doo! and WWE: Curse of the Speed Demon @JCWijma Fair enough lol @eyebrowmom @NZXT Pinging @BrexxLive @S1N3N @MegaMoeka