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HBD @zillxst u goat 🥳One of the smartest players in game and one of the most mechanically talented. Can bring so much to a team its unre… @hyjinxVAL If you need to talk homie lmk @Apex_VL @khanartist9 🙄 @Apex_VL @khanartist9 I didnt say that man, just people tilting lost us the game. @Apex_VL @khanartist9 I mean if you say to play trades then push up of course it wont be good bro
@MC_Lelicious @MetroEsportsUS @LogitechG Glad to hear it homie, kill it 🥳 @MC_Lelicious @MetroEsportsUS @LogitechG Good shit Kevin, excited to see you on your new journey! @TenZOfficial nt man you guys will bounce back 🤍 @CoachFate_ I think the roster had lots of potential but were missing something. I think yayster coming in helped b… shit, Sentinels is down for the first time at a major event. I would expect a loss to gambit or even g2 again… @Inf4mousEnergy @AyeeTrain DUDE LET ME BREATHE MAN LEAVE MY OMEN ALONE I KNOW HE SUCKS OK @AyeeTrain @koalanoob god sens no cap @koalanoob what sens? @hyjinxVAL 🧐 @RadianceGG @ReboVAL @venture_fps @FiENDval @cheatcodeVAL @sSef_tv @trainer_tv @wafflenomster12 Good shit boys, can… you don't watch anime you are losing out happy to see 100 Thieves come back on Acend. Was a really great match to watch overall and the fashion 100 Thiev… @sfX_x1 yessirI've always wanted to play on 1440x1080 but everytime I switch to it after a few rounds it feels like motion blur t… @CarbynVAL @Slandyyyy @mel_anji Nah the Lou montages are cursed @CarbynVAL @Slandyyyy @mel_anji Watch that, Screwfaces, raras, Aleksander, fiziqs and ohais. It’s the perfect formula @marynah_1 ❗️ @marynah_1 What does this even mean @beetakki Good afternoon to you too bee 🤍 @witnessqq I'm down get me in there @snoeyVAL @AstonLorenzoval gm sir @BayonetVAL good morning BayonetVAL @AstonLorenzoval gm homie @marynah_1 Gm Maryna 🤍 @extrnal Gm, same to you 🤍 @Klamran Gm, I gotchu sending a helicopter to pick u up @P4radox21 Morning para 🤍 @CarbynVAL Morning carter 🤍Good morning (say it back please) @SoarJM @Vanityxz @hyunFPS Idk I’m a Twitter demon @SoarJM @Vanityxz No that’s @hyunFPS @saturnmp4 go to sleep bro u were on omegle for too long @TrickAIM Goodnight Trick, have a good restFOLLOWED TO 0 if i used to follow you reply and igu. rt for a follow if i didnt before.
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Reposting for more exposure LFT Can play Duelist/Skye/Sage/Sova Also open to learning sentinel/smokes RT's and V…
Retweeted by Lou @frostyZK like the controller @maithority Truly a WSomeone complimented my voice today, that made me happy 🤗 @runiVL @ZeroMarksMenLLC YESSIR RUNI @OgSlym_ Slym I love you homie, treated me well under ZMM and still miss it man, enjoy your bday homieCONGRATS to the boys, great home for them to grow. Keep killing it boys @Klamran PogChampionGot a 70%, could’ve done better but the professor said this was the hardest quiz being the first one so I’ll take i… have a psychology test rn and I’m nervous as fuck @Official6pack_ 🤍Big vouch for 6pack, has a great head for the game and has great mid round calls @Casperrfps @venture_fps @Scrounge_ ^ @venture_fps @Scrounge_ dude using an exe from reddit @frostyZK @KnightsArena still got some catching up to do to get to you bro @regan_travis @KnightsArena @frostyZK 🤍 @regan_travis that'd be me @frostyZK @KnightsArena Gotta swipe that first next time 😈Got Second in @KnightsArena, couldn't get the first but @frostyZK got that. Schedule: • Wake up • Don't brush your teeth • Don't shower • get coffee • Q ranked
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Retweeted by Lou @SingularityCS OH MAY GAWD 🥵 @ARIANARCHIST Oh no its happening, jett main ari is in full effect.
@sevvn Good tweet seven, good tweet. @ToKacey @ManILoveFwogs @dnosVAL @_soupVAL @Junafour @cch0_val @cle_fairy @AsianRajun @darianfroot @bbnomula Ok tha… @kotunara thank you bro 🤟 @ToKacey @ManILoveFwogs @dnosVAL @_soupVAL @Junafour @cch0_val @cle_fairy @AsianRajun @darianfroot @bbnomula Thank you Kacey 🤍 @steeFPS try it, have trust in me and you will have a banger meal @ManILoveFwogs @dnosVAL @_soupVAL @Junafour @cch0_val @cle_fairy @AsianRajun @darianfroot yo I've been rewatching t… @tokyoVALORANT @steeFPS dude If I could buy a bottle to just have at home I would @steeFPS I didn't know what it was but it is in the cheese quesadilla as a default, It's hard to describe but it ma… @steeFPS Cheese Quesadilla with Creamy Jalapeno Sauce, shit bangs @ysk1ng I mean it's the only thing that I think makes sense. I wouldn't say sentinels "Threw" the match but they de… out of all the series' that Sentinels could have lost I think this is the best for them. Being a seeding m… @PingfuVAL DUDE THIS IS SO INTENSE HOW DID DAPR WIN THATZOMBSS LETS GO BABY @OkinFPS Welcome back homie, vouch @hyjinxVAL this is mean @CoachRuin Since they have 3 in their group instead of a upper/lowers they are doing double round robin @Klamran holy fuck thats a big doggm people @hyjinxVAL yessir, but for real bro know I am always here to talk bro 🤍 @hyjinxVAL bro you don't need bitches bro, just gotta keep the people who believe in you closest man @hyjinxVAL if you need to talk bro lmk 🤍 @steeFPS @frostyZK @nmgreeen @steph_ecx bro you were on one that gameDidn't even realize but thank you guys for 700, we gonna keep on growing and getting better by the day 🤍 @frostyZK @nmgreeen @steph_ecx appreciate it, we gotta grind out the kvl qs tomorrow 🤍 @frostyZK @nmgreeen @steph_ecx hey man its only cause I gave u the trio broAlways on target 🎯 Read:
Retweeted by Lou @AjjEsports I'm gonna miss synthetic man ;( , love you boys #StayRooted @aKoOoFPS Thanks lots homie, love you bro 🤍 @aKoOoFPS fair enough English is my first and only language and I am shit at it LMAO @aKoOoFPS you know what, you are right, but I want to say mine is right too @aKoOoFPS BRO WHAT WORD IS FOR THAT IDKI have been kicked out of a custom 3 times in a row for being in there too long. Finding viper lineups is the fun-est thing to me.
@hyjinxVAL q kvl @kittygirljizz @CarbynVAL 🎩 @kittygirljizz @CarbynVAL 😭