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ShimmerπŸ‘» @lovedbyshimmer (he/they, trans rights, 20)

*aggressive nostril flaring noises* πŸ₯•πŸ₯•πŸ₯• part time horse, full time dina simp #justiceformoobloom

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@elliesmorgn what about cancers? @Muffinnnn__ no YOU have a good night πŸ™„πŸ™„ @Muffinnnn__ no @elliewsimp @momtato i rarely say this but i love it here @AbbyStanAccount 😭😭 it's ok u rly don't have to @AbbyStanAccount πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜” it's fine ill just sit here @AbbyStanAccount shimmer fortnite dance when? @rheckus @seraphiteloves u did better than most people so
@seraphiteloves we been knew πŸ™„πŸ™„ @NiyevkaThe2nd @haught_topics @built_d1fferent horse camping @haught_topics @NiyevkaThe2nd @built_d1fferent no ur not ily πŸ™„πŸ™„ @haught_topics @NiyevkaThe2nd @built_d1fferent did anyone ask YOU clara @NiyevkaThe2nd @built_d1fferent no @Idle_Worship_ WHY @BreakMeQuakeMe @dinasimpinhrs @d_ragonmont THANK U 😭😭 @Idle_Worship_ AKSJ NO?? @goat_abby same thing @Idle_Worship_ nuffin πŸ—ΏπŸ—Ώ @babygirleIIie pretty! @BreakMeQuakeMe @dinasimpinhrs u sound like a fire alarm @built_d1fferent ofc slump @NiyevkaThe2nd just for u lora @yearinla πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @19_6_2020 da vinki??ellie and JJ @elliewsimp dont worry about it πŸ—ΏπŸ—ΏπŸ—Ώ @sharkytoy @seraphiteloves πŸ—ΏπŸ—ΏπŸ—Ώ @seraphiteloves @sharkytoy exactly it's like 90% minors smh @sharkytoy NOOOO ALEC WHYYY @SappyJJ DONT GO LOOKING FOR IT @damielovebot hate it here @Muffinnnn__ surprised u havent seen it yet lmao @19_6_2020 people rly be like lesbians lost and then post a dude that looks like this going to jailif one more person puts that fuckin dude licking the yogurt on my tl i stg @arthurmorganbot sir this is wendy's @elliesmorgn from an app primarily full of actual children BYE πŸšͺ🚢 @ElliedinasShera @arthurmorganbot @newtswinn @elliesmorgn @madsmxd @petit_giraffe @catradorafluffx @cybrcatt @NovaDouble @cactusapphic shore @ElliedinasShera @arthurmorganbot @newtswinn @elliesmorgn @madsmxd @petit_giraffe @catradorafluffx @cybrcatt @NovaDouble @cactusapphic wot @haught_topics @seraphiteloves how dare @Muffinnnn__ @seraphiteloves heck ye @AbbySimpHours @built_d1fferent @goat_abby @CraigUntlNytTym @elliessupremacy @seraphiteloves πŸ’–πŸ΄ @elliewsimp SAME @19_6_2020 and twitter still shat on the quality smh @19_6_2020 it's been a hot sec tbh @19_6_2020 happy birthday jeremy @built_d1fferent thank u 😭😭 it took so long but i finally finished it @sharkytoy i am looking respectfullythe duality @DinasScar @seraphiteloves it was hard so fair enough @DinasScar @seraphiteloves rip πŸ’€πŸ’€ @haught_topics @seraphiteloves we were always enemies clarai feel like this might've been too hard πŸ—ΏπŸ—Ώ @SappyJJ @seraphiteloves πŸ—ΏπŸ—ΏπŸ—ΏπŸ˜” @built_d1fferent is ok slump @19_6_2020 jordys rare once a month post about a man @built_d1fferent not a 10 >:( @19_6_2020 @seraphiteloves no @sharkytoy @seraphiteloves peepeepoopoo @built_d1fferent πŸ—ΏπŸ—ΏπŸ—ΏHOW WELL DO U KNOW ME? post ur results below (stolen from @seraphiteloves 😈) @seraphiteloves ur fav ship isn't abby x mel huh @19_6_2020 πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ u say that then post her on my tl every day @haught_topics nuffin @catradorafluffx ITS LEV AJDAKF @neanigico great minds think alike @neanigico πŸ‘οΈπŸ‘„πŸ‘οΈ @seraphiteloves deleted scene @SappyJJ just waiting for my dina dlc dont mind me @SappyJJ LOVE HIM 😭😭😭 @SappyJJ help 😭😭😭😭 he's a baby THIS ACCURATE??help??? @L0vedByLeah good thing y'all in the same place now then huh @haught_topics um @momtato @BreakMeQuakeMe aight make room @SappyJJ πŸ—ΏπŸ—ΏπŸ—Ώ @LesbianVeta i pretend i do not see @athicfsend i really fucking felt this i have a lab where im the only one in class every fuckin week 😭😭i miss him 😒tl dead so is bear πŸ—ΏπŸ—ΏπŸ—Ώ @momtato @BreakMeQuakeMe what if my hooves appeared on the edge of the bed? i get to sleep in the bed too right? @DIORMIYOUNGS horse @built_d1fferent @NiyevkaThe2nd exposed urself @built_d1fferent @NiyevkaThe2nd KJASGHKJD WHAT @damielovebot hot 🀩🀩 @built_d1fferent @NiyevkaThe2nd ass so thicc if ellie kicked me it'd be like a mosquito bite @damielovebot :( feel better @NiyevkaThe2nd @built_d1fferent oh yeah? then take a look at our wedding photo's πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ @built_d1fferent @NiyevkaThe2nd shimmer's hotter than ellie and i didn't leave her alone with a child so @NiyevkaThe2nd @built_d1fferent im actually dating someone btw her name is dina nolastname @NiyevkaThe2nd @built_d1fferent 😞😞😞 @built_d1fferent @NiyevkaThe2nd gay @enjoyableedits what song is this btw πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ @NiyevkaThe2nd @built_d1fferent @Muffinnnn__ @elliesbeech @Muffinnnn__ @elliesbeech ok so thats a yes? @Muffinnnn__ @elliesbeech apex?