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What a series! Thank you for all your love and support across the past six weeks. All that's left to do is enjoy ou…
"We have just won Love Island!" Congratulations Paige and Finn, we can't wait for the housewarming invite 😉… amazing moment for an amazing couple. Here's when Paige and Finn became your winners 🎉💜 #LoveIsland've made us laugh, cry and feel all the love! ❤️ Say hello to your winners, Paige and Finn 👏 #LoveIsland time in the villa has been an actual fairytale, 100%! Siânnise and Luke T are your second place couple 👑… smiles have lit up the villa ever since they coupled up 😄✨ Huge congrats to Luke M and Demi, they finish in t… muscled his way into Jess' heart, and they've been inseparable ever since. Congrats on finishing in fourth pla… up if you cried happy tears watching the Islanders' declarations 🙋‍♀️😭 #LoveIsland and gents, your class of 2020. What a bunch of beauts! #LoveIsland💕 100% stunning 💕 #LoveIsland we just take a moment for our four final boys? 😍 #LoveIsland @LilyMooreMusic Check out the full track here: #adThe perfect track by @LilyMooreMusic gave us a truly emotional end to the Islanders' last day in the villa ❤️🎶… of our Islanders have got the moves... and some have got two left feet 😂 #LoveIsland a rare bop from 2007 comes on shuffle #LoveIsland's time. Who will be crowned your winning couple? 👑 The final starts on @itv2... NOW! #LoveIslandOur Islanders really are one funny bunch, aren't they? 😂 have you awarded the ‘Banter boss of the villa’? And who did you lot think had the best sauce? Yep... it’s Love… week Chris asks the TikTok army to #BeKind, listen to one another and show the love #ad Look: Our finalists get their dancing shoes on, and things get emotional ahead of the Love Island Prom 💕… there's one thing we know about our Islanders, it's that they're 100% stunnin', they even say so themselves...
Every day's a school day in the Love Island villa! ✏️ #LoveIsland it comes to photobombing, Finn doesn’t do things by halves… #LoveIsland takeaways > A&E #LoveIsland instas must go through a strict baby approval process from now on 📱 #LoveIsland over to TikTok to see the #LoveIsland challenges that the TikTok army have created #ad, still got it… #LoveIsland M in a wig. That's all. #LoveIsland can’t help but think the girls drew the short straw with this challenge... 🙃 #LoveIsland’s a hard life, eh Siânnise? 😂 #LoveIsland the bromances to the... farts, the boys brought us endless laughter this series. Here's a roundup of the bits… you want to hear the sounds of Love Island, head to Spotify to check out the official playlist now #ad look back at some of the most memorable moments in the villa where the girls had us dancing, smiling and laughin…’s close, and then there’s CLOSE. Would you squeeze your other half’s spots?! Listen to The Morning After wit… M and Demi's families have our hearts 💛 #LoveIsland
Say hello to your final four couples! 💙 Luke M and Demi 💜 Finn and Paige 💚 Luke T and Siânnise 💛 Ched and Jess He… JUST CAN'T COPE! #LoveIsland and Priscilla arrived single, and now they're leaving the villa as an official couple 🥰 #LoveIsland Mike Energy 👏 #LoveIsland footage of me trying to return a compliment #LoveIsland💕 These guys 💕 #LoveIsland you someone who looks at you the way Eve looks at Jess #LoveIsland💕 Siânnise and Luke T tell all in this week’s episode of @JustEatUK's Second Helping - cuteness overload! #ad's crying, I'm crying, we're all crying 😢 #LoveIsland M and his mum are just too precious for words #LoveIsland else on an emotional rollercoaster right now? 😭*starts petition for Luke T's mum to get her own chat show* #LoveIsland minutes in and we're already in bits 😭💜 #LoveIsland Islanders' friends and family have arrived! It's going to get emotional 😭 Pop @itv2 on right now #LoveIslandAfter spending weeks away from each other, the twins are finally about to be reunited! ❤ Will Eve give Ched the st…❤ FIRST LOOK ❤ It's time for our Islanders to get a few visitors from home... The family and friends have arrived… the secret to Molly’s flawless complexion? Watch how she preps her skin after hours in this exclusive post-par… night we learnt that Luke T and Siânnise are the king and queen of the dance floor 🔥 Here's what else we lear…ânnise has shimmied to the Beach Hut to answer all your burning questions 💃👀 From spilling the tea on her favour…'s reaction when he found out Scots don't wear anything underneath their kilts 🤣 Listen to the latest episode o… the fitness of Ched and Jess' talent show routine 💪 #LoveIsland
The perfect man doesn't exi-- #LoveIsland's out here lifting a whole person while we get out of breath just putting chicken nuggets in the oven…'s gone into proud boyfriend mode over Priscilla's dance and we're here for it 🙌 #LoveIsland"I feel like I do love you" 💕 brb, crying happy tears over Luke T and Siânnise's date #LoveIslandânnise and Luke T's final date: crank the excitement levels up to 💯 #LoveIsland footage of me and my friends taking over the hotel pool on holiday #LoveIsland alarm forcing me out of bed every morning like... #LoveIsland and Luke M's final date was too cute and the scenery was blossoming just like their relationship in this essay… trying to hide my tagged photos from my crush #LoveIsland talent show, an undercover challenge and more epic dates. It's all happening on @itv2 now! #LoveIslandThe Love Island Awards are now open! Head to the app to pick your faves 📲 #LoveIsland fairytale-obsessed Islander is about to be whisked away on a date fit for a princess! 👑 Where are Siânnise and…*tries to subscribe to Shaughna and Paige's imaginary channel immediately* 🤣 #LoveIsland night we learnt that Paige and Finn have tripped, tumbled and fallen for each other ❤ Here's what else we lea…🎤 FIRST LOOK 🎤 From fairy tale dates, to the Love Island talent show... It's time to see what hidden talents our I… Eat’s Second Helping | Molly and Callum play a spicy round of “Hot Sauce or Not Sauce”🌶 #ad it turns out Shaughna did a bit too much duty free shopping on her way back from South Africa 🤣 Listen to the l… this date wasn't already amazing enough, Mike went and took it the next level 😍 #LoveIsland
Whose date gave you the most feels? 🥰 #LoveIslandAnyone else tripping, tumbling and totally falling for Paige and Finn's first date? 💖 #LoveIsland = 😱 #LoveIsland's smile, we love to see it #LoveIsland tasked the TikTok tribe to Get Busy to Sean Paul's new single 'Calling on me' #ad is this sasspot and what have they done with Luke M? #LoveIsland and Priscilla's date looks roarsome 🦁 #LoveIsland can't get over how well Mike and Priscilla timed their heel clicks #LoveIsland is all of us trying to impress our crush 😂 #LoveIsland Callum and Molly 😢 #LoveIsland more couple is about to leave the villa... 😧 It's time to return to the firepit on @itv2 #LoveIslandIt's time to take the romance to the next level ❤✨ Where are the Islanders headed for their final dates? Find out… night we learnt that our Islanders would make the cutest parents ❤🍼 Here's what else we learnt during last ni…✨ FIRST LOOK ✨ Love is in the air as the first couples venture out for their final dates on the Island 💘… to go behind the scenes in the Love Island Beach Hut? From Hideaway drama to villa beauty tips from your favou… babies = happy Islanders 🍼❤ #LoveIsland and @chrishughes_22's bromance is one of the best things ever ❤ Nas and Eva join the boys on The Morn… and Natalia's time in the villa is up 😱 #LoveIsland
Jamie and Natalia have been dumped from the island! 😢 #LoveIsland's Reassuring Wink™️ #LoveIsland in a wig. That is all. #LoveIsland's the challenge we've all been waiting for... 🍼👶 #LoveIsland was clearly very tiring for our girls 👶 #LoveIsland had one job Jamie 😂 #LoveIsland @HRVY Check the full track out here: #adFeeling the love in the villa? @HRVY hits all the right notes with the new track Me Because of You…