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WATCH: The Love Islanders perform @ShawnMendes' 'There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back' here #XFactorCelebrity #XFactor
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Our Islanders are finally heading down the aisle! ❤️🏝 The supermarket aisle that is 🛒 #SupermarketSweep Tonight 8p…
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@SuperSweepTV @MauraHiggins @itv2 🥳
That's it for another series😭, but if you think you've got what it takes to be a king or queen of the villa then ap… alert! Salmon flop on to the sofa for all the gossip since our Islanders left the villa. 9pm on… was all smiles when they returned to the UK, but who's going to bring the drama tonight? 💥💥 Love Island: The Reu… for tonight! We've missed their little faces. #LoveIsland
The Islanders' reactions to Greg and Amber's win are everything. 💖 #LoveIsland else still not over last night? 🤩 #LoveIsland🥰🥰🥰 2019? Completed it mate. We cannot believe another summer of love is over. Huge congrats to Amber and…
A little thank you from your brand new king and queen of the villa, Amber and Greg! #LoveIsland moment Amber and Greg found out they were the WINNERS of #LoveIsland 2019! 😭💕⚡️ “Greg and Amber win Love Island 2019 🎉” #LoveIsland’ve not stopped smiling since they first set eyes on each other... Amber and Greg are your #LoveIsland 2019 win… your top two couples! Not long now until your #LoveIsland 2019 winners are crowned… 👑 x 10000000 😭 @TylerWestt #iconicAre you looking for love? #LoveIsland will return in 2020 and we’re looking for vibrant singles who fancy winter i… scored a slam dunk when India arrived and now this beaut couple have come in third place! 💕 #LoveIsland cha-cha-cha’d his way into Maura’s heart and the pair have been smitten ever since! Congrats on landing four… @calric1998 @itv2 to think that before this series started salmon was just a fish to us. #LoveIslandWe've honestly never seen such well dressed salmon. 🐟💕 #LoveIsland, we're in tears. #LoveIsland @JessicaMaloneyy this is fantastic!Get #LoveIsland Final ready with a little something that is 100% your type! 😘 #LucozadeZero #ad @Lilly_Pollard @itv2 noted x 😉🥂We agree Ovie, everyone go ahead and embrace this very moment! #LoveIslandThese girls are on FIRE! 🔥💕 #LoveIsland don't our boys scrub up well? 🤵✨ #LoveIsland the things this mirror has witnessed over the summer. 😂 #LoveIsland #LoveIslandFinal #FYITommy @LoveIsland
Retweeted by Love Island @amyohconnor @calric1998 @itv2 @hannahleewrites You're welcome x! We enabled 'dance mode' on our Greg and we can't switch it off... #LoveIsland was born to shine. #LoveIsland this really the final? What are we supposed to do with our evenings now?! 😭 #LoveIsland've got one final chance to vote - head to the app now to vote for your #LoveIsland 2019 winners! The vote closes later in the show.TONIGHT!!!!!!
Retweeted by Love IslandHeya #loveisland fans- since tonight’s finale ep is filmed LIVE, there will be a delay in the catch up being up on…
Retweeted by Love IslandTHIS IS YOUR ONE HOUR WARNING! 🎉 Get ready to experience approx 357 diff emotions, because it’s almost time for th… out what's sent the internet into a full-on frenzy this summer 👇 #LoveIsland results of the VERY important and serious Love Island Awards 2019 are in... Say hello to your official winners!… you know your partnership’s been a good one. #LoveIsland, it’s been real ✌️@UberEats_UK #HungryForLoveIsland💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺 #LoveIsland✨FIRST LOOK ✨ An epic summer of love is almost over for our Islanders, and the final four couples wake up to one l… your ears on the #LoveIslandPodcast as @VickNHope pops in to discuss last night’s emosh episode! Between visi… you wake up and realise it's the FINAL TODAY 🙌 We'll see you at 9pm on @ITV2 as we crown your winners of…'ve just missed out on the final, but Belle and Anton didn't miss out on a chance to read your tweets! Time to…
"I came in as a boy, I feel like I came out as a man." - Anton is looking forward to his future with Belle 💖… still can’t believe how her relationship with Jordan ended… #LoveIslandAftersun’s official: Chris and Harley are "exclusive"! #LoveIslandAftersun'T GO ANYWHERE! It's time for #LoveIslandAftersun with @carolineflack1 😘 She'll be joined by dumped Islanders An… to our #LoveIsland 2019 finalists! 🥂 The vote is now OPEN! 🎉 Head to the app now to choose your winning cou… love between the boys is melting our hearts (in a nice way) 😭❤️ #LoveIsland to see that the Islanders' families are just as embarrassing as our own. 🤣 #LoveIsland Belle's dad is everything we hoped for and MORE. #LoveIsland's time to officially pass the razor baton, what an honour to be witnessing this moment!! #LoveIsland is now officially part of the Danyluk family! #LoveIsland salmon, but make it dad. ❤️ #LoveIsland your match with the Islanders' latest date styles! Shop the @isawitfirst #LoveIsland Exclusive Fashion Collect… when people try and bring their negativity into my life: #LoveIsland*Searches for an application form to apply for Soko family approval* #LoveIsland's mum just reached legend status. 🙌 #LoveIsland's happy tears should be stored and used for their healing powers. #LoveIsland've all been there, Debi. #LoveIsland's mum couldn't wait to meet one man and one man only...sorry Curtis 😂 #LoveIsland moment you realise your mum has joined Twitter. #LoveIsland taking the kimono for a test drive and we v much approve. #LoveIsland's time for one final Flack Attack... 😱 @carolineflack1 See you tonight at 9pm on @ITV2! #LoveIsland's got his fishing rod and he's not afraid to use it! Time for Jordan to find out what you've been saying... 🎣… Little Mix to Courtney Act, see what the stars have been saying about this summer of love ⬇️ #LoveIsland exclusive: Watch Jordan and Anna try to clear the air outside of the villa, tonight at 10pm on…'s quite literally impossible not to laugh when Tommy laughs. 😆 #LoveIsland hearts 😭💗 Josh and Michael at the ultimate #LoveIsland fan experience! 🌴 Immerse yourself in the world of the Villa prese…🔥FIRST LOOK 🔥 It’s time to meet the parents 😱 but will everyone get the seal of approval? Caroline arrives and sen…, Jordan, Harley and Chris are joining @carolineflack1 for a special #LoveIslandAftersun from the villa at 10pm…⚡️ “The boys SMASH their secret missions” #LoveIsland @itv2 What a boot-iful guy!More epic dates, more salmons, more love 🥰 #LoveIsland yourself as a bombshell? Time to see what stepping into the villa for the first time is REALLY like.…
UNSEEN BITS: When you get a text back from the fitty you've been chirpsing... #LoveIsland BITS: Anton and Belle's parenting skills need a wee bit of work... #LoveIsland's your flavour? Get #LoveIsland ready with @RewiredClothing: 🙌 #ad all your pals rush off to watch Unseen Bits, tonight at 9pm on ITV2. #LoveIsland fierce pharmacist leaves the island with some unbreakable bonds. Absolute girl power goals. #LoveIsland glam mode on like Belle in our hottest drop of dresses. Shop the @isawitfirst #LoveIsland Exclusive Fashion Co… we had to ask Chris to refrain from performing 'the salmon' as he Fished For Compliments with Harley. 🎣… young man has manners more impeccable than his dance moves. 🕺 #LoveIsland's time for the boys to go undercover. 🕵️‍♂️ #LoveIsland
👀 Sunday night: It's time for some very special guests! #LoveIsland to the app now to vote for the couple you'd like to save! 🌴 The vote closes at 10.30pm. #LoveIslandHere's how many votes each couple received: Amber and Greg: 0 Molly-Mae and Tommy: 0 Belle and Anton: 1 India and… perfect man doesn't exi... #LoveIsland these dates are like scenes from a Hollywood movie 😍🎬 #LoveIsland