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@loverxic sphinx/gwyllgi. ♡ blk. 16. #Lesbian. any prns/terms !

u sure do got a purdy mouth

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@winterfa1ry switch grapes n strawberries @ilostfat ur therapistlooks grourss on mennot me tho stay safe recall👎ughh im EXHAUSTEDi so badly shouldve skipped todayAINT NOBODY CAREEEEE"im sorry to hear about ur brother" yeah im sorry too give me that fucking A+ season is HERE!!!!finally its getting cold @seulgiszbxtch it LITERALLY wiggled into my sad playlist like ill be bawling and then billy billy poco billy poco yeah!billy poco played after thisMY lyrics. nobody else's. tender is MINE.MY lyrics miss 2 days and she gives like 8 assignments a day nigga slow DEEEOOWWNNgod i am SO behind in spanish hw it's horrible @lalisunnies the candy>>>???????? why is he mei ask my dad to get me a superhero shirt from their closet n boom he walks out the door 10 mins laterin my sneakers girl erapov i throw up!thats my shitwhat crazy person has smiley fries as their enemy be serious so tired. so so tiredme when my eyes have to adjust 2 my contacts in the first 10 mins so theyre sensitive n i just rub them rlly hardi feel so.. idk.mentallywhy do i hurt so badanytime ive tried it leads to binging QUICKLY but if im the same weight as i am on halloweej ill d.egonna try to be stricter w cal counting tmrno cuz is there any bl that isnt bc ive genuinely tried to give it chances but boom. s4/r4pe being the same weight u are today on halloween.
Retweeted by iced coffees do nof deserve the hype they been gettin @stwbrrexic light green @luandbear Yes. @luandbear Yesm190 cals n im not finishing my medium fries (260 or smth) so like idk 270 calssurviving off this iced caramel coffee we stopped at mcds after to get @kreopea fren i think we in the same state or close states......god its 9 pmFINALLY done w academic team meet
when i write abt my traumaask me when to use gusta/gustan n i start throwing upno bc i almost left my WATERBOTTLE N MAKEUP PURSE!!!! i had to make the bus driver wait it was mortifyingits rlly pissing me off how my bus starts coming like 5 minutes early nowwho hit a power lineTHE POWER IS OUT FOR THE WHOLE STREETTTT LMFAO power went out n my phones at 17 HOW IS IR SUPPOSED TO CHARGE FOR SCHOOL N ACADEMIC TEAM MEET TMRi j realized i still havent edited the "archive for bunrxic" in my carrd🤭🤭🤭 @sulIengf its ugly tho! @sulIengf I DIDNT EVEN THINK OF THE ITALIAN FLAGGG LFMAOOAKD @zerocalsoda no. ESPECIALLY christmasworst color scheme EVER.nothing will ever piss me off more than red green and white togetherim not gonna do my makeup on the way to the meet n i have an outfit to change into Afterschool sooopajama day tmr but i have an academic team meetup Afterschool so im just gonna wear black lipstick w carebear pantsHES SO???"you smell wonderful." "geralt, we are at a funeral." "you smell wonderful at this funeral"
@lalisunnies naw cuz the way they be tastin i just got grossed out first oneblue eyed ppl SCARE me... put the camera flash on and their true colors show nuclear bombs @Iilacres its overrated @sincerelypazi as u should be lovebug @MUTTWHOSTARVES i love u more cassipoosometimes i wanna strve so long my heart stopsrips my throat outwdym ur older than me and weigh less @Iilacres why tf would uw ant to be SHORTER @ivespo_ hemorrhoidsits 5:30 am!no like why can i legitimately not sleep w/o melatoninim Ill. wont him snow app.www ww e e e www w www sat. i rlly fell out HES ... WOWWWWWWi didn't know kingdom had a new member @cixfries no pls listen ps @cixfries u dont understand @loveynine ITS WARMED UP TO ME. have a thing for gingers 😶 @anorexify hi (loudly)ITS WEIRDLY ENDEARING tell me someone agreesesp when it's animals bc what is that funky little creature u just drew from memoryi think its so cute when ppl who dont know how to draw still draw like2OO4why did they create an entirely seperate circle for zero (0) like i think the O looks way better @cixfries im crying ur literally nowhere on there @Ioonarexia mimi supremacy KICK IT?i will forever be pissed we were robbed of a full covernot to mention this slay this new embed video shit twt didoutdanced the *** guy