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LowSpecGamer @LowSpec_Gamer Barcelona, Spain

Finds ways of playing games on ultra low and pushing budget/unexpected hardware to its limits. 'Theoretical gameologist' according to Dave Wiskus.

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@KameaSinger I already knew I was a Slytherin, but it still surprised me! @KameaSinger So mainly gryffindor for you then? I just read them all and weirdly tickled almost every box for Slyt… @SirLonecelot I can defeat this. I have the technology and the know how.There are cases in Barcelona and I suffer from asthma and other pulmonary complications. I am use bad humor to cope… regarding the coronavirus is getting so much traction on Twitter and YouTube these days. You could say i… que tenemos unos cuantos episodios grabados ya con temas bien interesantes.Volvemos con Pantalla Partida, el Podcast que llevamos @Baxayaun y yo. Esta vez hablamos de como los retrasos de la… @softwincn What is the current expected release date? 🤩
@TheTierZoo @HannahTiedeTV @this_vid Holy molly he is FAST @RoccoWNL Aaaand it´s on my library for future videos @vizcra @BaileyJXIII @JoeTheVidEditorWhat players think editing is vs. how it actually is
Retweeted by LowSpecGamer @daniel_hede If it didn't had Thunderbolt 3 I would agree, but if done correctly this is an interesting trade-off.... Thunderbolt 3? Is this about to become my main PC?
@metabaronn is a problem at the heart of capitalism: you can never just have a good thing that makes money. There must ALW…
Retweeted by LowSpecGamer @thealexURL @softwincn @CasualEffects OMG
I think this is a good thing. So many opportunities to break in.Welcome to hyper fragmented YouTube. There are no longer "famous to everyone" YouTubers. @psegura3 @nategentile7 Yo personalmente no lo he probado pero imagino que cualquier quadcore Ryzen a lo mínimo debería ir.
@syouta_jpg @NVIDIAGeForceES Aw @samkolukas48 Gtx 1650Briefly went to Vidcon in London. Caught up with @JillBearup, saw an interesting talk from @LowSpec_Gamer and bough…
Retweeted by LowSpecGamer @ashens @JillBearup @kickthepj You still around by any chance? @lIRGBIl Interesting...Knuckles knuckles knuckles knlcukes PLEASE
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@KameaSinger @Jack_Septic_Eye Wow. Congrats! @sayvitv @HydraTheAwesome When I saw it become a meme I had to @Vorem0 I have talked about this on the cloud gaming videos I have done, but as much as I love cloud it is only ava… phrase “I need a high end PC” is such a weak mindset. You are ok with spending money. Imperfection of a craft.… phrase "265GB is enough" is such a weak mindset. You are okay with uninstalling, uploading to Google Drive and…
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@nategentile7 @DanteGTX3 had to get it out of my system. I will now rest. #AnimalCrossing #DoomEternal
Retweeted by LowSpecGamerMy new cell phone wallpaper.
Retweeted by LowSpecGamer @DanteGTX3 @nategentile7 Esa miniatura es arte puroThe pinging system is one of best innovations from Apex. I have had entire matches with complete strangers (or peop… Developer: This is a common sense feature that doesn't need documentation. End User:
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@Potatopolitics Everything will be fine🤔 @chrislamp6 And Geforce Now. Great idea. @El_TanoDC El tercer mundo es difícil @httpsWina @samkolukas48 I would go for a 560 at minimum, bit the 550 would also help if not @samkolukas48 Check if you have the BIOS that allows CPU OC of that Athlon. If yes get a dedicated GPU. @samkolukas48 What's your motherboard? @witchergame @DonLasagna @Kotaku Yep. Seems so.... I might buy the Switch game. For my girlfriend of course, I m sure she is interested after watching the show.… @Jonathanrolpkm It's not an important plot point. It gets thrown around as Sonic's backstory at the start and barely mentioned again. @Jonathanrolpkm It's literally the first scene in the movie.Please who ever is in charge of the Sonic sequel movie, give Knuckles his cowboy hat from the OVA. Do it you coward…
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Retweeted by LowSpecGamerWe watched the movie last night and I am very confused. I have very mixed feelings about the whole thing. I did lo…"All those years of seeing you boys play those games, and I never knew Sonic's mom was an owl!" My mother last nig… do we call it "the DOOM social media account fawning on Isabelle from Animal Crossing" and not "IsabHELL"
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Dishonored and Wolfenstein games go DRM-free on GOG, and they're very cheap
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@thealexURL THERE IS A BRAIN AGE ON SWITCH?! @LowSpec_Gamer and both wolfenstein drm free for 9$ fuckin epic
Retweeted by LowSpecGamer @SenateBoi If you enjoyed Dishonored 2 you will like it. It's like a destilled version of Dishonored but with new p… 3 Dishonored games at 21 Euros is bananas. It is such a good deal. DRM free (when available) is at least part of a way of providing a message to publishers regarding this.As I said in a somewhat recent video, DRM not only potentially affect low end CPU performance but also in general c… really good games are available DRM free and cheap now. I personally recommend the full Dishonored pack, of wh… you screw around with the level of detail of the animals on game's background. @adreplays @BRLeaks_ES Al lado de gran sarria multicines dando a ronda del general mitre y frente al central café doctor Fleming.
@Adria71818275 Cerca de la estación de tren tres torres. Más abajo donde el cine. @BRLeaks_ES He visto dos sets en la misma área justo ahora así que definitivamente están 😅No link or promo material. Just the logo.Why are random Fortnite logos plastered all over the "cultural events" poles all over Barcelona? Will I ever be ab… @Samurai65284553 Con esa fuente en un año si quieres agregar una gráfica lo vas a poder hacer perfectamente y tendrás un PC fantástico. @Samurai65284553 Yo me inclinaría por la aorus. La falta de disipadores en la otra me preocupa a la hora de hacer OC @Samurai65284553 Yo iría por la de 600w si es posible @Samurai65284553 Cuál es la de 118? @oleivarrudi For some bizarre reason I intuitively thought there were no rats in Norway. In retrospective that was… @oleivarrudi @Samurai65284553 Mientras la fuente no sea super super barata debería permitirte un Overclock bueno en CPU y GPU.… @OfficialPCMR Successful and recognized fun and we'll designed games on weird things is good. I love playing new un… is this life similar
Retweeted by LowSpecGamerGotta tame 'em all. 🔥 Let GeForce NOW be your gateway into Temtem, a massively multiplayer creature-collection adv…
Retweeted by LowSpecGamer @PedroPCMR No, no, no. It's "I miss being known less" 😜 There is a difference there somewhere!
Retweeted by LowSpecGamerFree from its @EpicGames exclusivity, Metro Exodus is coming to Linux. Great move @deepsilver!
Retweeted by LowSpecGamerOh. During this match my hand slipped and I accidentally triggered my ultimate in the most inconvenient of times.… is obvious if you think about it, but I do kinda miss being believed and then having a great time playing with… am back to playing a lot of Overwatch, and I always find it interesting how it is the one game where I get recogn… the Goose is the best Sonic character
Retweeted by LowSpecGamer @TastyPCTV Oh I have run into this issue so often😂. I have received a lot of odd looks or email responses when I tr… @TastyPCTV Exactly! Not to mention the used market is very region specific, so build strategies rarely translate to… @TastyPCTV I would love to see your take on a budget build! @BradyHaran I wish YouTube's staff was a bit more aware of how the platform's systems funnel you naturally I to an… @kitten_sighting Holy crap this looks amazing!Look at the second tweet. Literally on the same page YouTube is telling you that it is "ok to take a break"YouTube: It's ok to take a break. Self care is important. Let's combat burnout together! Also YouTube:“What’s your spirit animal?” -cultural appropriation -not for you -kinda racist “What’s your fursona?” -for every…
Retweeted by LowSpecGamer @studioanisa With the right packaging this sounds like a terrific video idea people when the movie theater clerk asks them how many tickets they're buying for the Sonic movie on valenti…
Retweeted by LowSpecGamer @oleivarrudi I want ugly nightmare Sonic back