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Absolute perfection.
Retweeted by Fatus Neckus @Thelma_DWalker We're now a banana republic @TeamTrump @realDonaldTrump
Retweeted by Fatus NeckusDr Dettol and Mr Hide
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Retweeted by Fatus NeckusI wanted to see what @MattHancock would look like with a neat little beard. I think it suits him!
Retweeted by Fatus Neckus @Ravestab The aluminium content is very high
@AcidGrandads Thats a fucking mug is that ladAnother weird side effect of Lockdown Seriously considering taking my green been tut scrappers
@DonaldsonIan @jonkennaugh my father explained during his lifetime, a riot is the language of the unheard.
Retweeted by Fatus Neckus @AcidGrandads @RJJNY @djhistory firms innit @posthuman I thought the #bandcamp thing was tonight Spent 25 quid already Oh well....
Retweeted by Fatus Neckus @ste_owey @maitlis Imagine Paxman.... @AcidGrandads Geno Latino?
Retweeted by Fatus Neckus @bbclaurak @BBCNews @BBCPolitics You and emily on a retreat ?Wonder if #hignfy is going to feel the wrath of the establishment that @maitlis felt after giving the government less of a mullering?Government confirms groups of six will be able to meet despite daily death toll still being in the hundreds, and if…
Retweeted by Fatus NeckusI couldn’t attend the funeral today because only 5 people are permitted. But on Monday 6 folks can come round to my…
Retweeted by Fatus Neckus @adrtraveller @calneeagle Actually makes more senseCoronavirus 'test and trace' system crashes on day one with MPs told it will not be fully operational until end of…
Retweeted by Fatus Neckus @thedailymash And who Keyser Söze was after 15 minsOn this day 1990: Boris Yeltsin is elected President of Russia.
Retweeted by Fatus Neckus @kev1171 @wrigdog Its more ridicule than patronisation Kevin (That's patronising)
@scottbroadhead @Faycebuk Two birds from Huddersfield with fluffy bras? @wrigdog Is that you on the right?The Tory government's insistence on using Serco for everything despite their unfailing ineptness is like Wile E Coy…
Retweeted by Fatus NeckusAll these weak, feeble MPs who think being asked hard questions by intelligent journalists is beyond the pale. Wh…
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@carolecadwalla @maitlis @BBCNews As an ex-BBC Editor, I have never, ever been this ashamed of the place. Laura K s…
Retweeted by Fatus NeckusI understand @BBCNewsnight staff are united in opposition to the BBC's statement.
Retweeted by Fatus Neckus @wrigdog I'm working tonight. Don't patronise me David.The government have announced Under-5s can be tested for Covid-19 for free. The older lads and barmies are expected to follow next week.
Retweeted by Fatus Neckus @adrtraveller Why has he started shagging another secretary? @wrigdog I'm relaxed as fuck mate. Hit the mute button if it annoys youCan anyone I've ever argued with online please come back to me and tell me why you support this gurgling shredded w… when the leaders of both countries in The Special Relationship were able to speak in complete sentences?
Retweeted by Fatus NeckusI am embarrassed to be British. This waffling haystack is the best we have got ? The world must be laughing at us.
Retweeted by Fatus NeckusYvette Cooper is fucking mullering the waffling cunt right now.
Retweeted by Fatus NeckusWondered how long it would take for this to pop up. @RishiSunak Hi Rishi, will the Nando’s in Durham be reopening and if it is can I drive to it from my home in London to feed my child
Retweeted by Fatus NeckusFucking hell @citizenhelene Tech house with Gordon BrittasA thread for all me closet tory mates to read, pretty comprehensive......
Close to a genius Star front page (and I've never thought those words before!)
Retweeted by Fatus Neckus @BiggusDiggus @theradgeygadgey @maitlis @ABridgen Thats a low bar @lukeunabomber lack of wiz you @maitlis for making @ABridgen look ridiculous on live television. A gammon drone #Newsnight
@bisonface7 Nothing is wrong with me. He and his government are responsible for the second highest worldwide death rate. Its a fact. @RishiSunak Dom's script part 321 We fucking see you @bisonface7 Harry redknapp wasn't personally responsible through inertia and inaction for the deaths of thousands o… starting to say that this Dominic Cummings story is boring now and we should get back to real news. Like how…
Retweeted by Fatus Neckus @bisonface7 And that is why everybody jumping on these two lying crooks is a GOOD thingCummings believes he did the right thing but accepts others may disagree. The right thing to do now is accept that…
Retweeted by Fatus NeckusHow many are saying the same thing? "now is not the time" part37 @adrtraveller @BarristerSecret Fair point @bisonface7 "I'm in the middle of stabbing someone with an ice pick, but you can only hold me accountable when I've… @bisonface7 The telegraph & mail will probably be easier @RobbieGibb Does he have pics of you bumming a pig too? @bisonface7 Youve just won tory botspeak bingo Cant you see it? Youve just trotted out a load of soundbytes they use @bisonface7 That is bollocks. @bisonface7 Yes. But its starmer now.... Corbyn is history And these fuckers need holding to account @bisonface7 Anyway, off to feed and water crazy offspring. see you later when I can just take the piss out of you… @bisonface7 But, you are in your bubble (as we all are) and a certain person who has just been on your telly making… @bisonface7 Who are his puppeteers? When did he change his mind? Please show me? How would his changing his mind (i… feel sorry for that Professor who lost his job for shagging during the lockdown. He should've just said he was wo…
Retweeted by Fatus NeckusFucking arrogant bullshitting goblin twat. I still stand with the sentiments of this composition from yesterday.
Retweeted by Fatus Neckus @bisonface7 So where do you form your politcal opinions? Social media? @bisonface7 Ok so now google boris's stance. And teresa may for that matter. Whats the difference? (Apart from…, leave me alone so I can get on with the important business of selling huge public service contracts to private…
Retweeted by Fatus Neckus @Mark_Spencer Did dom write that for you? @adrtraveller @BarristerSecret Hes very good isnt he @bisonface7 May I ask which newspapers you read? @bisonface7 When did he change his mind? And how? He repeated the same schtick over and over for years? Show me how he changed his mind? @bisonface7 Seriously, are you watching this on tv now? @bisonface7 Backed off from what? How do you back off from a virus? Boris has changed position and been about as clear as a pint of jizz. @bisonface7 Why ? He had very strong principles? And was slaughtered by the british press for 4 years. It didnt aff… @bisonface7 Why do you hate him? @Thelma_DWalker And so you should @r_alistair @SimonDunmore Mate, this is Kenny wearing a suarez t-shirt. But then you probably supported that too @tug This @bisonface7 @Man_Power_Music Sean or the floating head? @JamesBentley10 Still out from follies all nighter ! @bisonface7 This fella puts it much more eloquently that I would, and his points are pretty valid without the blink… told to stop attacking Dominic Cummings and to 'think of the prime minister's mental health'. Can we stop us…
Retweeted by Fatus NeckusI suppose this is what happens when a bunch of fucking idiots meet an arrogant fucking idiot who tells them he’s a genius.
Retweeted by Fatus Neckus @bisonface7 The architect of the rules broke the rules. We didn't. And as a result the next time I see my father, i… @bisonface7 Also none of the others had the prime minister lie for them on national television. He is a proper wr… @bisonface7 I agree to some extent. They were reprimanded and apologised (a scientistbwas sacked) Whereas the mekon… & cognitive dissonance (with a touch of stockholm syndrome) plus the fact they simplify politics into…
Popped out for some chips earlier
Retweeted by Fatus Neckus @bisonface7 Piece of piss when your pals hold all the cards @wrigdog I have a tinny walking thru the park with harrys trike daily.... @wrigdog a one party state through apathy? What we need to rid ourselves of some of the worlds worst bastards who… does the Cummings story matter? And what does it obscure? The real story is the huge transfer of government ass…
Retweeted by Fatus Neckus @wrigdog Thats poke her David @wrigdog Youve got four more years of it mateBoris must be really shit at poker