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@lovefingers This was the one...... @djmarcogiannini Tech house for even bigger cunts @oli_faulkner Look on the bright side, anybody wearing them will be sterile within weeks. Kind of natrual selectionHello @BBCNews, Do you think you could stop reporting that MPs have voted to ‘delay’ Boris Johnson’s deal and mayb…
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Retweeted by Fatus Neckus @kokeshimum Go to the rave bit ! @IanDunt As ever, an epic thread keeping me informed today whilst playing disco records to disinterested diners and drinking expensive lagerA great forensic speech from @Keir_Starmer. His detailed examination of the deal we are being asked to vote on is b…
Retweeted by Fatus Neckus @fourfoot Wild Orchid with Mickey Rourke No details Its far too embarrassingWhy do they only do vox pops in ‘leave-voting’ towns? It’s always ‘we spoke to some average bollock-brains in Barns…
Retweeted by Fatus Neckus @Northern_Sole Oh aye, tell Les to check his spam folder if you're at magic rock today. I sent him a mail this week... @Northern_Sole Its that restaurant I told you about last time I saw youJust bumped into Mark Francois who said to me “Morning Ken. Welcome to your retirement party”. Yeah, when are you g…
Retweeted by Fatus Neckus @jackiepatie @Nick_Pettigrew Thats paul merton and mick jones from the clashOff to play rekkids at a coroporate brunch thingy. Do I watch bbc parliament or hudds v blackburn on the sly as I… @NickMet75 @richardbea Thats Alan Carr mate @IanDunt Dying because of your policies you nazi cueballIain Duncan Smith is up, god help us all. Like a human skin stretched around snooker balls. Smugly laughing at his…
Retweeted by Fatus Neckus @MikeSimonetti Charge the cunts double/triple. Moral crisis over @richardbea @NickMet75 The Honved kit for me. To be worn sat in an armchair @wrigdog And what black eyes are made of
@Thelma_WalkerMP Peter is a bit of a botThis is boss @ICJ_MUFC @NewyVSPGet ready for 3 days of this
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Johnson: “we’ve got a great new Brexit deal... “ Parliament:
Retweeted by Fatus Neckus @IanDunt Could there, perchance be a certain amount of lying like fuck involved? @SecretDJBook Please re-post each year to remind usThe best video ever @SecretDJBook Yes. Yes it is @RadioGibbon ROTOS @OwenJones84 £ @BorisJohnson @bbclaurak HAVE YOU FUCK. BURST MATTRESS HEAD @scottbroadhead Dont mind toxic. Bring the hate back. Throw some seats. Riot. Fuck the scouse. Was always more fun when it was toxic as fuckAnyone watching "Another Life" on netflix? Lots of bits nicked from other sci-fi arrival/alien etc but I find it… enjoys full membership of the SM and the CU as well as opt-outs from the euro, the borderless Schengen Zone…
Retweeted by Fatus Neckus @scottbroadhead Plus I'm probably going to be still on the existential dread that has been beating me since arrivin… @RufDug It has a direct correlation to the sales of rotary mixers and italian cosmic disco re-issues @scottbroadhead Im not even watching united liverpool. I fear for the safety of whichever television I'd watch it on if I did.Could do with this again to be honest. Fills the hollowness rave hangover day 3. Think I should get the beers in. But I have parents evening later. Not a good look.......
@Man_Power_Music I agree completely. Especially as I've just returned from my HOLIBOBS
Airport fear
@SecretDJBook Having a pint with sharma & beezwax in about 10 minutes. But more than likely paradise lost later....Update : I'm drinking a can of estrella in a korean nail bar while the birthday unit gets pampered.How I'm able to sit in Plaza Del Parque and have Huevos Rotos mystifys me after the MAMMOTH session yesterday. *I…
It’s gonna be a big un this Sunday! @PikesHotel w / @markwelove @AndyWeLove @lowy72 @annabel_fraser + more!
Retweeted by Fatus Neckus @oli_faulkner She's asked which bus Reginald is on today
Thought I try #bbcqt Hartley-Brewer is on for some bizarre reason Fuck that Just caught Father Jack on #Newsnight instead @aarongonsher @towneoneill @anenonmusic @jondashkyle @chairmanmaonyc @Brian__Jackson @jzonedonttweet @questlove out stuff for beefa and found an old mix from @ibizasonica with loads of records I've forgotten about...... @mike_ohmara Badman's having matching t-shirts done apparently @paulcarr001 @lukeunabomber Currently sat outside a hairdressers with a sleeping toddler waiting for the unit...... this ALL DAY LONG"Acid Neck Death Squad" @lukeunabomber Goes to ocean beach (deja vu tweet)
PornHub for old men who cant be arsed and would rather have a pint PubColeen Rooney showing more plan in her attack on Rebekah Vardy than we’ve shown all season
Retweeted by Fatus Neckus @EmmaKennedy @ColeenRoo If she dressed up like Miss Marple she'd be 100% more attractive to Wayne
Some of today’s politicians have learned propaganda tricks from 1930s fascists, Yale professor Timothy Snyder tells…
Retweeted by Fatus Neckus @LeaveEUOfficial My mother is poorly at the moment in hospital. She is 96 and served as a Radar operator on D Day a…
Retweeted by Fatus Neckus @DannyMoodymanc Has it dropped again? FfsFucking state of these cunts @lewis_goodall Da phuq is wrong with these people? @annabel_fraser @PikesHotel Yes, I can destroy an inflatable unicorn again @PikesHotel ❤️❤️
Retweeted by Fatus Neckus @JamesCleverly Are you a chris morris parody? @lukeunabomber I'm going indoor rock climbing wearing adidas tobacco in about 15 mins, I'm 47 @CraigBoz37 @EmmaKennedy I'm really hoping this is a parody account. @mike_ohmara Theres a running thread on a hac group where people post black and yellow striped shit with the word "…
With an orchestra/peaky blinders themed @Faycebuk This is awesomeLads are you over 50 and do you where Adidas ?? The police are allowing an Amnesty if you hand in your 3 stripe box…
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@terrystuckshop @DJDavidMorales Clubhouse desert storm/red zone dub Total face melters
@lukeunabomber Hardest game in the world is the old football Leave voters, do you ever get the feeling you were manipulated? Leave campaign messaging during 2015/16 had b…
Retweeted by Fatus NeckusA ruddy-faced white guy mansplaining racism to a foreign woman of colour in the middle of #BlackHistoryMonth is abo…
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@riffraffhands And BennySpent three days meticulously putting together a Norwegian camp/bunk bed with desk area, pull out futon & draws/sto… work he did with defmix is superb & his production wotk.on Jamie Principle's"Your Love" is fucking ace“You do realise they're everywhere, poisoning our way of life with their strange ways and beliefs.” "Immigrants?"…
Retweeted by Fatus Neckus @midlandsound It could be worse. It could be sendspace"We are governed by the principle of consent," Johnson says. Appalling. There is no consent from either community f…
Retweeted by Fatus Neckus"Our" Prime Minister at #PMQs not answering any questions for a change. @scottbroadhead @wearestickyheat @BBC6Music Yes, being subjected to shouts of "hey! Who put radio old person on" ma…’ve teamed up with a number of high-profile Conservative MPs to make this video shedding light on the shocking ab…
Retweeted by Fatus Neckus @will_basnett Ah, playing the ridiculous card eh?
Last night at Tory Party Conference (sound on)
Retweeted by Fatus Neckus“We’re leaving on 31 October.” “How?” “On 31 October.” “That’s when, not how.” “Come what may.” “That still do…
Retweeted by Fatus Neckus @kev1171 More daft reallyI don’t know who made this, but... 👏😂
Retweeted by Fatus Neckus @kev1171 Thought that was Foley ? @kev1171 Like this cheeky twat... @kev1171 I had it sent by about 4 people (the cunts) so cheers ! @kev1171 @kev1171 Just need to lose a load of timber so the mille fits me now then..... @kev1171 Doing that dude. Although the little bugger just woke up..... @kev1171 On a completely unrelated matter, do you have any of those little spare button bags that you get with CP c…