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Tonight at 7:30pm the stream goes live. We're on the brink of promotion to division 3. But that isn't the point. Ma…
Retweeted by laurenceONE HOUR WARNING 🚨 Me and @lozcast are going LIVE from 4pm -6pm BBBIIIIIIIIIIIIIG stream for #QPR 👉…
Retweeted by laurenceTrue News was great this week. Go watch it again with @VisualsByGio and @TrueGeordieTG!
@DanielDober9 I’m giving credit for *eventually* making the decision and turning their decision instead of doubling… boy @VisualsByGio was so good in this! show him some love! @S_R_Eric99 @SteTheSteve @LFC You don’t tweet about things you sweep under the rug. Separate owners and clubs. I do… @S_R_Eric99 @SteTheSteve @LFC Are you saying I’m a racist or support a decision which inherently has race attached… @louis_wilson98 You can separate owners and a club quite consistently. It takes a club to hold owners to account so… @BetwithMack You do know they’ve won plenty of other things in that time right? Including multiple European trophie… @S_R_Eric99 @SteTheSteve @LFC Don’t have one mate, not for it. @dismalmrgirth It could play a factor but I think the bigger decision comes from fan and fan groups and reflection.… @louis_wilson98 I don’t think anyone said forgive them yet. Put positive feedback is good for good decisions? I thi… @Orwyyn @BetwithMack Ah right. I hope your manager is okay. @kingkun93 @StevenMcinerney @OllieHolt22 #acanalunited @dismalmrgirth Did you speak to the board? Who told you it was the backlash that exclusively changed their decision… @louis_wilson98 You should praise him for doing the same, if he does. I’m not a Newcastle fan though so it’s not as… @kingkun93 @StevenMcinerney @OllieHolt22 I think that probably assumes that our Twitter and social reaction is more… @Orwyyn @BetwithMack Then it isn’t apt is it? @BetwithMack That’s fine, mate. Being around to witness the great football and squad is a huge part of it for me. W… @kingkun93 @StevenMcinerney @OllieHolt22 I’m not on the board so I don’t know if it was the shame but it was embarr… @BetwithMack Sorry, mad about what? @JackJ_1878 Absolutely, didn’t represent my thoughts at the time and I’m glad they changed the decision. @BetwithMack Sorry, the correlation between morals and Premier League cups is what? @FrostyIrish1 Oh, I agree mate. But I criticised the wrong decision and I’ll praise the correct one. Like I said, w… @S_R_Eric99 @SteTheSteve @LFC You left your straw can have him back 🥾🎩🧣🧤🥴 @FrostyIrish1 How did they hang the staff out? @StevenMcinerney @OllieHolt22 Cowardly? Shamed? Steven...this is great hyperbole. And it doesn’t sound fun the be a… @SUFC_Smithyy How do you think it impacts LFC in the future? @Tom22Beale I completely agree. Athletico isn’t something I know much about but I hope this makes them even more aware of the fans. @SteTheSteve @LFC Rash is a great way to put the way it looked, I didn’t get it. Thought the tone of the letter was… @SUFC_Smithyy I’m a Liverpool supporter: I said I didn’t like the original decision and I’m praising them for liste… @Tom22Beale I congratulate the people who did it right from the start and praise an organisation who can also admit… @SteTheSteve @LFC I think “backlash” and “fan feedback” are one and the same in this. Very few fans thought it was… @t_sampson_ I think some damage has been done to the image but that doesn’t mean a lot with it mostly being rivals… @SteTheSteve @LFC Maybe the backlash was part of it but I’m not in the board room so I don’t know. I’m all for rede…👏 @LFCWe can dig into the decisions and what they shows about the ownership and the club soon. For now, right decision ma… too late to make the right decision. For a club that had made so many other good decisions, it confused me th… seems like a wonderful man so you can only imagine what his mother did with/for him.
@thomjonze“...the thing with the guy in the place and I'll never forget it.” “That’s our pleasure.” “Never been to Belize.” @fffarres Sorry. Sincerely.I forgot how satisfying this film was, it’s basically all these guys having fun and making a film at the same time. @maclean_arron I’ll take a look! Thanks! @j_mitchell92 After! @Iwentupstairs What’s wrong with 12? @ua3one The storyline in 12 is good! @maclean_arron A few, depends on genre but 39 Steps, Lawrence of Arabia, Some Like It Hot aaaaand 2001! @boreasfulgur They’re both pretty good in their own right, no? @liamb0117 It was the best of the 3 but you can’t fault them for having a holiday and filming it 3 times... @the_pieface Lyman Zerga is the hero of the whole piece... @t_sampson_ Not impressed at all. Doesn’t represent what I’d have done or think they should do now.I’m watching Ocean’s Eleven after the Queen’s speech, tonight! Who is in my eleven?
Jewellery robbery; French Riviera; Grace Kelly; and “The Cat”. Honestly, they don’t make films like this anymore... @daniel_ashley @primevideouk I want to do the classics whilst I have the time... @daniel_ashley @DavidHartrick @primevideouk That’s 3 of us... @DavidHartrick @primevideouk It’s basically a childhood dream to put 11 people together to achieve a *legal* goal. @DavidHartrick @primevideouk Might go Oceans on Sunday! @thomjonze @primevideouk’m going to be watching some of the @primevideouk Film Club during the lockdown for a great #ad which you should j…
If you miss screaming at a live football game, come say hello at 4pm 👉
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@BlueVanMan4 💙
@Rooney_esque It’s alright David. I reassessed my view and upgraded him. Thanks 👍For everyone who is bored, @TrueGeordieTG is still making content! @joethomlinson @MichaelTimbs And then some!
#StayHome Please RETWEET and SHARE this video to spread awareness. 🔵 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information:…
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🍻PUB QUIZ LIVE TONIGHT!🍻 Join myself and @lozcast from 8pm on YouTube with a prize on offer for the winner🥇 You c…
Retweeted by laurencesupport UK artists like @KSIOlajidebt Time.
That was emotional 💙
Retweeted by laurenceThe NHS has been the backbone of this country for almost 3/4 of a century. Thank you to everyone who got us to this… was a classic! Both teams just going at it!
This is one of the games I love! @VishwasOLE Sorry.
@VisualsByGio Read the article. @jamesallcott @DudeyRhino @DoctorBenjy @Flav_Bateman @mrbloodred It’s all about the culture 👌
latest true news: @AndrewPassaro I like it... @Art_of_Football These are beautiful! The red stripe bucket is mine!well done @StephenTries you metropolitan, million sub man.
the podcast with @TrueGeordieTG about what is going on right now hope you’re all good
2020 was a classic. If you don’t know basketball, enjoy what @NBAUK and @NBA are doing for us now.
I loved this Rose
Episode 2 took a lot more turns than episode 1 and I didn’t expect that...each episode is like its own movie. It ha… didn’t think the visuals in this series could get any more realistic but episode 2 is very, very real 😧
@JakeMcWilliam1 I was thinking that...kinda the right level of revenge.Good soundtrack so far. I like the characters. What do ya think? @KHeneage @primevideouk Fine, I’ll get the book too... @dinshkali @primevideouk I’ll take a look!So with no football or going out, guess I’ll be watching another show on @primevideouk I chose Hunters because...Al…
@StatmanDave @jamesallcott We can do a stream to help diabetes charities any time Dave!
quarantine music