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Laurence Fox 🥋 @LozzaFox London, England

Dad/Fierce Liberal - “R E C L A I M” - Reason - Reform - Progress. You are free. Media enquiries @thereclaimparty

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It’s really simple. If you wear the uniform, you’re welcome forever. End of. Fijian-born British soldiers lose lat… whoever takes @SadiqKhan’s serious face photos pls contact me ASAP. Asking for a friend. Yousaf. aren’t they listening? That’s the question. Humza Yousaf...🙏🏻’s very much in hand @toadmeister about servicemen who fought and died in WW1 who lived just a few doors away from me this morning. Humbling.…! Comrade Police Commisar I write concerning your intention to prevent families celebrating Christmas together.… the right are getting rather fond of doing that as well.
Do you feel free to speak your mind?
Retweeted by Laurence Fox 🥋Vote Dave. 😂😂😂👌🏻 of us who call Britain home, belong here. All of those, who paid the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that we may c… horrible news. No child should drown on the way from one free country to another. Find the bastards who make m… isn’t the cure for racism., I admit this one gets to me a bit.
Retweeted by Laurence Fox 🥋END THE LOCKDOWNS If the Govt we won't, we should. Go live life.
Retweeted by Laurence Fox 🥋Madness.
Every single human life is sacred. #AllLivesMatterThis #RemembranceSunday should be the largest and most unified expression of our mutual respect and commemoration f… you feel free to speak your mind?#save12hkyouths 🇭🇰🇬🇧
Retweeted by Laurence Fox 🥋If you have a bottle of beer... if no one else can open it... and if you can find him... maybe you can hire... Oran… @toadmeister floated the idea of the @SpeechUnion I was supportive but, if I can be honest, somewhat skeptical…
Retweeted by Laurence Fox 🥋I just got a call from one of my all time heroes. He said he wanted to reach out and tell me that it took bravery t… piece by ⁦@JamesDelingpole⁩ it started. How it’s going. men, the last wave by, crying how bright Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay, Rage, rage agains… is ridiculous. No wonder the public are losing faith in Govt. 👇
Retweeted by Laurence Fox 🥋Amen. “I find identity politics not just annoying but incredibly dull. It reduces the entire human being - their… an irrelevant term, says Tony Sewell | News | The Times ‘not worth hit to economy’ | News | The Times
@metalhead_babe @MichaelYeadon3 Big fan already! @DreyfusJames Why are you making me want you so bad? 😘No. Not at all. Trans women are biological men. They are not biological women and never will be. I wholeheartedly s… E S I S T with all your might. They have no sustainable plan. They have no moral plan. Just obsessional reactivi… am deleting this app as it’s starting to remind me of “The Hunt for Red October.” And “Crimson Tide” Both of wh… Twatter gods are burying the @kanyewest and @joerogan clip. They’ll promote ANYTHING divisive, but unifying mes… @kanyewest 2024 ❤️'ve go to search for the Chris Noden inside yourself, Search for the clothes that they hide. Search for the Node… meetings can be really demanding. The ones that involve buttered bourbon cocktails and a cigar particularly so… this day from this time on and forever, be know as Chris Noden Day. 🙏🏻“Since when have children’s clothes been non essential?” Furious Welsh shopper. How has Britain come to point where…
Retweeted by Laurence Fox 🥋Are you trying to suggest that Twatter interferes with accounts that don’t splurge the correct opinions?'s hard to disagree with this from @LozzaFox...
Retweeted by Laurence Fox 🥋100%. Having spent time on the railways up north, we should at the very least connect our northern cities with a fa…“The BBC is promoting a damaging ideology to children... breaching their own guidelines on editorial impartiality a… is spot on here.
Retweeted by Laurence Fox 🥋They are the very thing they accuse you of.
Me. In a nutshell. single human life is sacred. #AllLivesMatterIn exceptional circumstances, such as this pandemic, it being half term and parents prevented from earning a living… it. 💔 has a pipe in her mouth in memory of mum. ❤️ worth a read. The truth about race and pay in modern Britain | The Spectator local businesses in Snowdonia in Wales. Let’s keep them in business x please RT x
Retweeted by Laurence Fox 🥋Do your things Twitter. Christmas from Wales!
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Retweeted by Laurence Fox 🥋And another. Come on Twitter we can do this 👇🏻 RT please x
Retweeted by Laurence Fox 🥋I’ll give you my freedom when you pry it from my cold dead hands. @kittheyounger Happy birthday, my friend. XIt’s time to cancel #CancelCulture @MrWinMarshall I’ve been meaning to talking to you about this. First time I saw you I thought “football referee”Also, I wouldn’t get ahead of your self about Christmas just yet. We’ve #RemembranceSunday before. We have a duty t…’s something so eerily patronising about the elites lecturing the great unwashed masses about what we must do… candles made in Wales and sold from Wales. Let’s give them some support. RT far and wide please x 👇🏻
Retweeted by Laurence Fox 🥋Go away, you silly hypocritical man. You’ve done more than enough damage already. Don’t trust people who rule wit…’m genuinely interested to know who at @Tampax thought it might be a good idea to gamble your entire client base (… and unforgivable. The conscious neglect by the authorities of minors who were systematically raped in…
Retweeted by Laurence Fox 🥋💯 @lozzafox. Bad arguments is what you mostly get, from a population educated in what to think but not in how to thin…
Retweeted by Laurence Fox 🥋OTT & not advocating this approach. But God knows many people will sympathise with this guy's sentiment. Children'…
Retweeted by Laurence Fox 🥋If you run a small business in Wales and have an online delivery service for your products, let me know and I’ll re…
Retweeted by Laurence Fox 🥋🙏🏻 answers to some of your questions in today’s @Telegraph"People who depend for their sense of moral superiority on branding others racists need to grasp the seriousness an…
Retweeted by Laurence Fox 🥋🙏🏻 “The National Trust has a very sort of clear, simple purpose, which is about preserving some of our great hist… me know if you are up for a cuppa. That is if tea hasn’t been banned by then, as a non essential item... can safely assure Boris Johnson that families will celebrate Christmas together, irrespective of whatever tier of…
Retweeted by Laurence Fox 🥋 @calvinrobinson @commonheather @Miss_Snuffy @triggerpod @KonstantinKisin @francisjfoster Yes please, I’d love to get involved as well.Please give this @JamesDelingpole a listen, especially with all the tragic stories of lives lost to delayed treatme…
Every single human life is sacred. #AllLivesMattter Night, night Twatter. See you in the morning. XWe live. We learn. We move on. Good on you for stepping up. 🙏🏻 is a totally racist term. Really pleased to see it cancelled. don’t enjoy watching good people defend themselves against bad arguments.It is impossible to lead a full life without making mistakes. Be fearless enough to make them and pray for the wisd…’m so tired even sparky is being nice to me. the hell gets to chose what’s essential and what’s not essential to people? We are all different and have diffe… a captain.👇 👏🏼 has just ended restrictions on all over-70s - saying the cost of loneliness and isolation is greater than th…
Retweeted by Laurence Fox 🥋Get a new strategy. Moral - Sustainable - Practical Using phrases like “God forbid” and “Unleash it’s full forc… @DailyMailUK leads with a story based on a scientific paper debunking a non-pharmaceutical intervention. It h…
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