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Ladies and Gays prepare yourselves because you’re about to enter an account dedicated to my self expression and reckless decisions,, buckle up it’s WILD

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@lanasleftshoe jhfjakldjkdjkdMore Portuguese vocabulary :) million dollars,, oof i dont know if I could handle that many friends tbh done some crazy stuff but i think they do know it so,, ig having a french girlfriend?? least- THE LEAST- W H A Ti live in a constant state of pain
Retweeted by Pluma ➐ Arrica month !! @felixalgay Your talent 😨 I cannot @WICKENlNG Yes.
@saviorxmills It’s the wink for me, ma’am you’re perfect @saviorxmills OopThere's a cargo ship with 60 million gallons of oil sinking off the coast Trinidad and Venezuela that will be catas…
Retweeted by Pluma ➐ Arrica month !! @Queennandy Zelena (sorry for replying so late)i’m crying over this again
Retweeted by Pluma ➐ Arrica month !! @millsxpoppins_ 😭😭 BSJSJDND @lmpsbby Bdhwhajdjsb @dionparrilla She so fineee 😼 @loganphy I understand, if you ever need to rant you can always DM ❤️ @parrillasgf 🤭🤭🤭Someone stop me I’m too angsty👀’m just going to... leave this here.. and ... walk away everything I’m crying again @RegalParrilla_ Nothing nothing I’m just 👀 silently observing 😂👀👀👀 @CHR0MATlCAL That’s fair but they do be cute @CHR0MATlCAL I TOLD UUUUI can’t believe tomorrow makes 9 years since the pilot aired and I’m still in this fandom 😃Honorable mentions because this is the Emma Swan I love it started How it ended Happy birthday Miss Swan🥺 @WICKENlNG Oop djsoNsoskxDamn if you know, tell me ‘cause I don’t honestly don’t think it would matter to me but I do find creativity quite appealing can juggle :) I can sew too idk if that counts as a talent.. hardest questions you’ll ever have to answer 1.hmm 2.single 3.I would hope not 4.Not normally but lately yes :(… @loganphy I hope you feel better soon <3Meu deus ela é trilíngue @onIyswen @dionparrilla I WILL INDEED CBSKNDDK @onIyswen @dionparrilla FINALLY SOMEONE APPRECIATES MY ART THANK YOUThe first actual Chapter is up Ten Years by evilregal_oncers - Once Upon a Time (TV) via @ao3org
Retweeted by Pluma ➐ Arrica month !!
@parrillaxgaga Yeah this is IG. I haven’t seen that tho 😳 I don’t get why they keep changing everything, it’s so confusingWhat’s going on why is everything changing?????? @alexamnd1 🐲 @parrillasthighs Ooooh thank you! I was so confused (still kind of am tbh)Why- why can’t I retweet things???? @millsxpoppins_ NOT A ROLL ON DEODORANT PLEASE AISNAJDHJAJSJC @lanasleftshoe @dionparrilla 😈😈 @saviorxmills @dionparrilla @saviorxmills @dionparrilla Bald Lana without earrings @dionparrilla Bald Lana is quite something,,, but yes imagine it being that Long😭 when I procrastinate @OneMortalFool Yess she’s been single for a couple years now :) @dionparrilla Listen, She is beautiful either way even if she went bald we know I’d simp BUT I just want her hair t… @RegalParrilla_ Me too💔I have to plan a class for tomorrow but I have no idea what to do *sigh*😔 @yay_shaye @sooper_gorl Lena Luthor @WICKENlNG @dionparrilla Mildred Ratchedcharacter i got: Regina Mills who’s older: Regina who’s taller: Regina 😔 who’s shy: me who’s funnier: I do find my… @yay_shaye Noooo no no nothe initial of a person you : 1. C 2. - 3. - 4. C 5. C 6. L 7. 😭 8. D 9. P 10. - 11. M 12. G leave a comment for the list! @hathawgay 🦦I watched this live last night and Im still thinking about this @parrillasburton The way you read my mind😂😂BLESSSSSSS mY two queens do be back together @madaaliyah_ Lana @RegalParrilla_ I knoww😫 he just moved on from it and hasn’t talked about it in forever @ginas_milf She definitely isss @saviorxmills And you did it on your own , estoy orgullosa @saviorxmills So do I💔 @WICKENlNG Can I report my own tweet? @RegalParrilla_ You’re right, my bad🤭 @madaaliyah_ The one she said was coming out in September 🤭 @saviorxmills Well damn look at youuuu @glowparrilla Hahaha no I’m not djdjjdjfjf @achelesmorrilla Sorry 😔 @WICKENlNG Fair enough @lanapmyworld Oh, for SURE @parrillaxgaga Jdjsjsjdj my baddI had the worst night sleep oh my godddd @scared_hoes @saviorxmills @felixalgay Oh. That.I can’t believe I just sneezed and said “I’m sorry”.. I’m alone downstairs... @scared_hoes Not Pinocchio 💀💀 @lanasleftshoe Oh definitely @bexnotmader 👀I love how we all collectively moved on from waiting on the song @lanasleftshoe Why thank you! Jdjsjsjdj @parrillasburton Sorry! Xjsjjf @lanasleftshoe I was bored stop😭😭😭She genuinely has helped me SO MUCH like sometimes it’s overwhelming to think how much this woman actively helps me… dead? So is she really varies between A LOT of planning to just a spontaneous trip,, think arrica for her b-day :) I don’t quite remember honestly,, I guess it was McDonald’s and we ordered in 🤷🏻‍♀️ wrong emoji, I meant 🤭Random gifts for other people 🥺 @scared_hoes Omg I love it!!! 🥺 @scared_hoes Oooh what are you getting?