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literally everyone involved in quantum computer manufacture seems to be trying to do things with photon detection.… booksellers are unfortunately a lot more unreliable than photons it requires potassium titanyl phosphate crystals; this is one thing for waterstones / barnes & nobel, but indi… problems: it doesn't sync with webmail or shopify, isn't compatible with most POS (point-of-sale) systems, ca… main problem is that it doesn't support batchline or gardlink, or as far as i can tell any alternative stock ma… booksellers reading this who are tempted to invest - i would strongly advise against it. we've had a light-bas… couldn't shake Viola's essay from my brain for days... well worth a lunchtime read ⬇️
Retweeted by LRB BookshopLoved this gorgeous collection from @Influxpress , especially ‘London, an exercise in learning’ from Susanna Moreir…
Retweeted by LRB Bookshop @Influxpress On the blog today you can read Viola Di Grado's essay from the book 'Getting Better', translated by An… Book of the Week is LUCIFER OVER LONDON, new collection of narrative essays about the city, first published in… up your mind, books imagine travelling back in time 145 years with the intention of meeting rainer maria rilke, somehow tracking h… for anyone else who needs it: four beautiful @hazel_press pamphlets are available to order via our online shop:
Me and a mate once planned to go on Dragons Den with a plan for a startup that was a van full of dodgy meat. And un…
Retweeted by LRB Bookshop @iamamro super! i've refunded you the cost of the secondclass postage - you should get an email confirmation in a minute. @iamamro yes! on it now. do you want them to go first-class or second-class?Lots of places are out of my book until reprint arrives early next week, but praise be for the @LRBbookshop, which…
Retweeted by LRB BookshopLots more signed editions just added to our online shop, including Brian Eno, @herdyshepherd1, @edcaesar and… @HindChristopher ok the plot is starting to come together. who do you think would be in the market for frodo's mithril shirtthere's a lot to be said for them but they do tend to dragon a bit towards the end @AtlasResolved do hobbits have banks?the council of elrond could be a massive charity auction instead. "you have my axe" "you have my feedback on a manuscript in progress"for the plot to work it would be vital that for some reason gandalf couldn't create the money by magici would definitely watch a lord of the rings where instead of casting the ring into the fires of mount doom, frodo…! very thin watery snow! falling very fast straight downward and melting immediately on contact with anything!just had a visit from an eminent scientist who confirmed what we had long suspected - at some point during second l… from time.Today's Christmas gift suggestions come from our Essays section 🎁 Browse our picks here: @scepticalranil An absentminded heathen."why are you tweeting everything i do" he asksdavid sullenly jabs the fire with the poker. it flares up briefly then subsides. he replaces the poker and absentmi… curlew moans from across the moor. a lonesome hootopen in the drizzle @EmilyPegues i love that cupid just assumes the lion can read already
Buy your loved ones The Dominant Animal this Christmas, as recommended by Sophie Mackintosh 🐕🔪
Retweeted by LRB BookshopSigned first editions of BLUE TICKET are also available to order from our online shop've asked some pals of the shop to tell us what they'll be giving this Christmas 🎁 First up is Sophie Mackintosh,… The Poet’s Cat is a Christmas pick by the always chic and erudite staff of @LRBbookshop, who know their fe…
Retweeted by LRB BookshopGather round the (virtual) hearth, pour yourself a dram or two, and settle in for this week's podcast. Contains:… saying, this quartet would make a lovely gift this month, with books by Ella Duffy, Sean Borodale, Matthew Hol…
Retweeted by LRB BookshopDelighted to help with this Secret Santa request 🎅🎁 If you're looking to do something similar, get in touch!
@StephenTChase & ed yorn @iucounu oh noi think in many ways the likeliest outcome is that the lion wouldn't understand the prynneimagine that you *didn't* send his prynne & the lion rang a week later to ask where it was & you told him "oh i tho… once said "if a lion could talk, we could not understand it". i think this would depend on what the li… pick of the season's best new biographies! gayle why has this picture come out so blue it would be a mews flat, and i would not tire of pointing this out to people who asked for my addressshe would bung a shoe at me but i would simply use my jetpack to fly out of rangeif i was matt bellamy, i'd live in a flat in whitstable, and whenever mrs. bellamy came home from work, i'd leap ou…
if, like me, you have trouble remembering which simpson is which, this mnemonic rhyme may be useful: Bart has flat… of calling it "a false positive on a coronavirus test", i think we should call it "the roney baloney"✨SUNDAY STAFF PICKS✨ Katy recommends PET by Akwaeke Emezi: 'A spellbinding exploration of friendship - a YA book…
this except for instead of alphabetising by author surname i would alphabetise by the isbn written out longhand. "n… picks of the season's best new books about nature and the countryside.
@blangry anyone from hope of the states or any of the bands which split off from them can also have a free tote bag @Redowse it is one of the great unanswered questions of our time. alongside "why d'ya leave the keys upon the table"this is also valid btw for members of reuben, thisGIRL, hell is for heroes, and hundred reasonsvoxtrot were the business. free tote bags on the house for past or present members of voxtrot and eggs
Retweeted by LRB Bookshopwhen you see a sign like this, you can be certain that you are not in folsom prison @JSFox42 completely missed this at the time and this is amazing! @robpalkwriter @DianaHenryFood @maxjohnporter it's amazingif i was jesting pilate i would simply stay for an answeranyway our christmas reopening details are here no sooner were we assembled than it immediately began to snow! just a brief flurry, but enough to make everythi… just before we reopened in july, a neighbour of ours took this photo for us. we decided we would recreate this i… i was an elizabethan mercenary, one thing i would definitely make clink, would be the cannikin
We're thrilled to have a wonderful series of FREE children's events lined up this Sunday 💛 Sign up for FREE ticket…
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Support the excellent ⁦@LRBbookshop⁩. Now in stock: Chantal Akerman Retrospective Handbook by Joanna Hogg and Adam…
Retweeted by LRB Bookshop @SashaDugdale Attendant, would you tell with such high zest To children ardent for some desparate glory The old lie… @DanteMicheaux @LRB isn't it the businesspublishers weekly had us all going there for a minute! LRB Screen at Home continues, with Xiaolu Guo on Angela Schanelec’s Passing Summer Online, 7pm - book he… and I talk about animals, Lynn Margulis, science as structure, clarity in poems & other things for…
Retweeted by LRB BookshopThis week's podcast: @daisylafarge reads from her debut collection LIFE WITHOUT AIR (@GrantaBooks) and discusses he… @pressfuturist OK this is amazingit just struck me that the first 4 words of cypress hill's "hits from the bong" - 'pick it, pack it' - is an excell…
Let's support our indie London bookshops @LRBbookshop
Retweeted by LRB Bookshop.@owenhatherley's Red Metropolis is top of the pops for a second week in a row! 🌹📕❤️
Retweeted by LRB Bookshopthe book behind the beef! available from all good bookshops!
Retweeted by LRB BookshopJust in from the US: Mary Gaitskill's essay collection SOMEBODY WITH A LITTLE HAMMER. Gaitskill on Björk, Norman Ma… @britishmuseum @englishpen You can find out more about the exhibition in the beautiful book published alongside - a… @britishmuseum x @englishpen inspired by Edmund de Waal's Library of Exile exhibition sounds fascinating - thi… part of the second season of their Screen at Home series, in partnership with @mubiuk, the @LRBbookshop will fe…
Retweeted by LRB BookshopWe recommend wrapping your #EssexGirls gift in a sheer and glittery pop-sock.
Retweeted by LRB BookshopWhat do Alan Bennett, @Elif_Safak and @WigtownBookShop have in common? Their books are a) amazing b) stocking-size…
Retweeted by LRB BookshopBig on content, and small enough to fit in a sock, it's our Christmas Stocking Fillers 🧦 everything Freud said about gifts and family and get your loved ones a weird and wonderful Christmas gift fr…
Retweeted by LRB Bookshopit is astonishing that it seems to be beyond this government to find a single person who was at download in 2017 an…, pyro. obviously an absolute no-no in a bookshop setting. they didn't use pyro in 2002 but my mate saw them… jokers in the DMs suggesting we could get round sound system problems by going for a Serj acoustic gig. look…, support. i saw them with *dillinger escape plan* at the nottingham arena in 2002 and that was grand - but… neither Oliver Dowden, Matt Hancock nor Chris Whitty has so far said a word on this. this is an area where mini… - this is something the government could help with - setlist issues. we envisage a setlist drawing very he… tourbus parking. right through the pandemic bury place has been absolutely chocka from 11am onwards (deliv…, slightly less important but still crucial - lighting. our lights switches are downstairs by the back offi… of all, our sound system. it works fine to amplify our regular bookshop events / record podcasts etc. - but i…