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I dusted off the old ink and quill to write some goofy challenges for this - it was a lot of fun putting them toget… @Reuxben @ChannelFireball We are about to film ban wagon now! @nalkpas Oh well among us @babyberluce Sweet, I’d be in for some games during the day for sure @babyberluce What time?A reaction to today's B&R plus a look at what @LSV would hit if he wielded the ban hammer!
Retweeted by Luis Scott-Vargas @SaffronOlive If this isn’t true, the adventures Omnath deck is the likely best deck, so it’s not like we are getti… for Uro, sighs (this is the most likely candidate for best deck in Standard now, and didn’t play Uro even bef… a ban reaction for @ChannelFireball, which can basically be summed up as “just Uro, really??”. @typingloudly 9/10
@WakeUpSuper @Marshall_LR @BenS_MTG oh yeah, this is basically perfectBack in the virtual booth today, doing @EternalCardGame commentary with the talented @Corey_Burkhart and also… @dofu_mapo @lordtupperware @mistermetronome @Chord_O_Calls infiltrator imo
@GabySpartz I am looking forward to playing with Christopher and Jordan @bmkibler @ChrissyCostanza @truffhotsauce Kibler convinced me - let’s see how this goes @RichCollab @BuildinGadwick @Deathsie Youre right - a better example is a Harlem globetrotter. I feel like I’m more… @BuildinGadwick @RichCollab @Deathsie In general more clarity is better, and while someone who does commentary on b… @BuildinGadwick @RichCollab @Deathsie Certainly - I said it’s a fine way to describe it. I think you can get even m… @RichCollab @Deathsie Words matter when trying to communicate accurately, yes? @elektrotal You’ve made our D&D games vastly better thanks to those minis, and given how important that is to seein… @Deathsie I think it depends somewhat who you’re talking to. For folks outside of magic, I think it’s a fine label,… @bmkibler I mean, you texted me at 5:36 am today, so... @MatthewLNass @GabySpartz @Mid_Tier_Ramen Oh yeah this is amazing. I’m hyped as hell to try and make malasadas 🤤
@arthurmauk @Marshall_LR genius, you're good @RadaNotSay yeah obviously @GabySpartz @StViers @bmkibler @JoINrbs @ToffelMTG @babyberluce @DoubleFried @dokomoy yeah playing with Jorbs is aw… @NachoJatabo 2-3 days ago? @gaz3tr0n @GabySpartz @wizards_magic Maybe next time skip to that part, chief? @babyberluce Are you around now? We are getting a sweet game together @HorouIchigo @Marshall_LR Mull / redraftThis was another really fun Zendikar draft - come kick it for an hour and see. @Vendilion I’m interested 👀Time for some Lies, Stabs, Vents - we are live for #MTGSUS 🗡️LIVE🗡️ @andividet Yeah, that lobby is awesome @RC8015 @Marshall_LR The deck is good, but sometimes you just lose @Dudaseifert Yep @Jeppz87 Oh yeah, sick deckMPL/Rivals league play begins early, and by that I mean I’ll be streaming a game of Among Us featuring all players… as 🧈 @BenS_MTG agree so much that I couldn't have written it better (well, I actually could have, style-wise). @CoreyBaumeister Im in obviously @mistermetronome @Marshall_LR @abaeckst I’m looking forward to defeating Mr Gladwrap and Lord Timepiece over here,… @lordtupperware Are you going to leave the drafting to those better at it too?? @LucienLonglais Too late @mashiscanlan I tried explaining this to Joe once and that was a conversation alright @JoINrbs I’ve found an among us evening diet has cut down on my late night snacking (no jokes)
@Lights_A5 @abaeckst @GabySpartz i would not play with this person again @AntJons massive amounts of prideThis is my early frontrunner for best Zendikar deck I've drafted (and it made for a sweet video too). @dwpoker ChannelTunaBall @DeadsetConor @Marshall_LR we most likely will, but the timing has just been awkward @Lufty You love to see it @Chris_VanMeter That was amazingOne of the guys I used to play magic with many many years ago would order the now-discontinued seafood mix, double… anyone else want to grab some Subway after reading this thread? No? Just me? @todd534 Synergy decks do get a bit worse @TheMindChasm But we are all going to be at home???To be fair, they snap accepted the challenge, so I can’t realllllly call them cowards... I’m so hype for the Resou… @edelgenius Add Lucky Clover too @Bloody @ChannelFireball I knew you were following me around suspiciously @BenIsgur @abaeckst @GabySpartz It’s mostly because most lobbies we know about ban it too, because it feels like a… also included an in-depth discussion of the double-faced lands, which fundamentally change deck construction. @jdransom_ @abaeckst @GabySpartz They make the game less interesting when someone is 100% clear and no amount of cunning can change that @Stranjak Speaking of detective stranjak, when’s the @ChannelFireball among us lobby? @Stranjak Detective Stranjak is on the case @chopwizard1 @abaeckst @GabySpartz I didn’t go too far down, but I think basically every tweet I’ve seen you make is in bad faith, so yeah. @Oltanya_ It’s been great playing with you (except when you caught me killing on cams) @strong_sad @SUPEOPLES @SaffronOlive @Rose0fthorns @Marshall_LR @AyersRares @CedricAPhillips Honestly tagging 10 ra… @Ajelenbogen agree on both! @coien @squirrel_loot @abaeckst @GabySpartz That one didn’t make it out of committee @aceanddeuceMTG @abaeckst @GabySpartz Good play @npcchris The taskbar displaying at 25% increments or only showing during meetings would be better, but this is eas… @BA_Tetsuo @abaeckst @GabySpartz Usually 22.5 - 25s cooldown, 1.25x speed, 0.5 crew vision 1.75 imp vision, and a v… @BaxterStein1 @abaeckst @GabySpartz @Yetiapocalypse He’s always welcome, but I haven’t tried to set up a game yet (I should, he’s awesome) @woodrodius @abaeckst @GabySpartz *squelch*Oh, and rule 0 is no yelling or being a jackass, but we have luckily not had to explicitly state that. @squirrel_loot @abaeckst @GabySpartz I don’t think we need a rule stating that I have to go there every game, I’ll just do that naturallyHere are our Among Us house rules (written up by @abaeckst). Our goals are to focus on the fun part of the game (so…
@Zapgaze @NumotTheNummy @FallGuysGame can confirm that mani is very good @OliverTomajko I'd have to say the 2010 Rookie of the Year, @wildestnacatl @ducktales2020 @abaeckst ty ty - ill try and fix, appreciate it @diegovinardi89 @abaeckst and we are recording ANOTHER LR in just a few hours haha @JaxonTadpole @Marshall_LR -1 gul draaz mucklord, -1 blood beckoning -1 might of murasa, +1 vanquish +1 mind rot, +… took a good look at Zendikar on Constructed Resources this week, and spent plenty of time talking about how the… Rare and Mythic Rare set review for Zendikar Rising is up! Grading the spell lands for @lsv and I was either ver…
Retweeted by Luis Scott-VargasA+ combination of two meme templates, 10/10 @abaeckst @iHionyx yup, next episode coming out tomorrow @aceanddeuceMTG @jesstephan there's a reason i like you 🤝 @SolarSoothsayer it was all worth it @jesstephan the ability to always be hungry and sleep on command in any situation
Getting some kills in on @bmkibler's stream.*Calls emergency meeting* I was doing my tasks in electrical, then Blue AND Green vented in and tried to kill me 😱
Retweeted by Luis Scott-VargasNote that this policy applies to preorders, which is not something I ever thought would be relevant. @coien @AKehoeMtG I’ve tried, I get a couple tweets a week like this and it’s tilting to think about these imposter… @bmkibler OK, I'm recording LR (apparently I'm supposed to every week), but I'll be on the discord when I'm available @bmkibler HMU when you're amonginging @ArtOfDanliness @Marshall_LR yes and skyclave cleric too @AKehoeMtG that's not me @Darkest_MAJ but have you put a counter on relic amulet with it? @tubelkain Orah