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#TeamCFB co-captain and VP of Marketing at @channelfireball and game designer at @direwolfdigital. I stream at

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@BenS_MTG @ajlvi I won some outrageous games yesterday - the deck is unreal. @ajlvi My goal is to maintain that win % going forward.Brent and @VierenPascal made an awesome Pioneer deck, and this article does a great job breaking it down. @HueyJensen @ChannelFireball @mtgpuzzles Sick brains brag @RagingLevine THERE’S BEEN A BREACHThe Birthday stream was insanely fun, and definitely something I want to run back. We capped it off by winning with…
Kicking things off with UB Urza in the Modern Challenge (list by Eli Kassis). and shine - the 12- hour stream is underway! 🎉LIVE🎉 @ChannelFireball 🥱T-minus 12 hours 👀
Hype for worlds, and even if we can't be there, @HueyJensen and I are glad to help showcase this awesome event! with @lsv at for some costreaming of the Magic: The Gathering World Championship!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Luis Scott-Vargas @strong_sad ty for the RT, and I'm still willing to wear your ridiculous shirt btwMy birthday is this weekend and I owe everyone a 12-hour stream thanks to the overwhelming support for @GabySpartz'… @kaibudde @OndrejStrasky @MrChecklistcard @LWIDELTOUW @mtgzen @mtgbentcard @CCalcano @blackshirtman I hope he gets… @GabySpartz @rileyquarytower @ChannelFireball @ThaGuyOnTheLeft I'm not a fan of either of those game losses - the r… @CubeApril I do love whole milk @abaeckst @HueyJensen @austin_ables Really earning that “S” right now @MatthewReed15 @Marshall_LR Probably just Grasp, since you’ve got such a strong late game already @HueyJensen @austin_ables I had S. Guest @abaeckst on last night, and we all know what the S stands for there.Happy Valentines Day ❤️ new @EternalCardGame set just dropped, and s. guest @abaeckst and I are jumping into the draft queues! @AndreSambiase @HueyJensen I did not @ThaGuyOnTheLeft @HueyJensen YupI’ll be making a guest appearance on @HueyJensen’s stream tomorrow while he co-streams Worlds! Things kick off arou… @azntimmay @Marshall_LR @HAUMPH now im jealous of worlds and this @Mengu09 big oof
@Smdster @nerockaron gross, i think you may be right there @Smdster @nerockaron tbh I don't really know what's legal in modern right now @livingcardsmtg @ChannelFireball "Hey Geoffrey, got a sec?" @nerockaron once upon a time and urza both are competitiveLooking at Modern lists after playing only Pioneer for the last two months and it feels like going from skim milk t… @SethManfield you look really excited about your deck @ericlakemusic @GabySpartz Ainoya on colorado - makes excellent spicy miso ramen (and much more). @GabySpartz @bmkibler It may be dangerous to Kibler to tell him that Postmates can deliver delicious hot Leonards m… @GabySpartz One of my finest accomplishments tbh
@TheTiuTangClan you get it. @armlx @abaeckst Clock + gy hate is ok, but still not that impressive. Strings as dark ritual into Ugin dunks on an… @patwmurray @abaeckst @armlx sure is @abaeckst @armlx one of these cards is good against breach, which isn't a bad ratio @GreenYeti33 @Marshall_LR @BenS_MTG NP, you're still on pace to have a pretty strong deck @abaeckst @amadeov @EternalCardGame @GabySpartz @trippdup @MatthewLNass @wrapter when does the latter part begin? @GreenYeti33 @Marshall_LR @BenS_MTG take woe strider and stop taking green cards, aim to play BW with an acolyte splashThis is amazing, and wholly accurate (including BK all tuckered out). @MSigrist83 @Smdster @abaeckst it honestly would make more sense and cause less harm to ban BK than mutavault @Michael_A_Jacob i think you grifted me to go first, and that's why you won our match (ignore that I actually won g1) @BenS_MTG suggested cuts? Could see 16 land here for sure. @BenS_MTG @dustin_stern @MackSmith79 @OndrejStrasky also super relevant that disenchant blows out banishing light a… @JanaAmariChan glad it went well, hope you had an awesome streamPT Top 36 Competitor plays Pioneer, Theros draft. @paulrietzl Over they may be, but “semi-pro”? Cmon man.Screwed in three lightbulbs and fixed a toilet seat, and it only took two trips to the hardware store. I’m basicall… @KojirohSakaki @HAUMPH 8/10 view
@Mengu09 I just hope you make it to the tournament my friend @Corey_Burkhart @ChannelFireball @Ponder_Podcast and what qualifies you to talk about Inverter with such confidence? @TheTiuTangClan @aceanddeuceMTG as this weekend proved, I didn't need much luck to come out ahead of Marcus. @wildestnacatl @IBlackmailLands Yeah, this.Feeling extremely not sick post-PT, and will be firing off a stream later tonight. @bsweitz123 I did trophy partially as a result, so I guess thanks are in order, Benjamin. @bsweitz123 @wildestnacatl That’s what prompted this @bmkibler No, but that reminds me of #KebabGate at PT Barcelona @old_wolf @BenS_MTG @Marshall_LR Banishing light for meFinishing the draft you started before the Pro Tour is like eating leftovers when you get back from a trip. @BenS_MTG @potratz_nathan @Marshall_LR Same and same @wildestnacatl @abaeckst @wangthatgotaway @lindtobias While I rarely pass up the chance to troll BK, I truly though… @abaeckst @wangthatgotaway @lindtobias This looks cut and dry, much like half of the wings.
@BenS_MTG @abaeckst @Top8Games Can you though?? @bertuuuu This was basically a scene from Parasite (great movie btw).Once, @abaeckst asked me to order him 12 wings, half with sweet and savory sauce. I interpreted that as six wings w… @abaeckst @JacobNagro @Smdster @armlx It’s all about ratios, you wouldn’t understand. @mshank420 @Marshall_LR @BenS_MTG I’d elspeth here @finofashark @Marshall_LR @BenS_MTG I agree @RuhRoh29395809 No and no @JacobNagro @Smdster @armlx We did try both no kill card and a tome scour in that spot, but I do think you want som… @JacobNagro @Smdster @armlx Gotta balance those with games where E/E turns a loss into a win, which was way more fo… @Smdster @JacobNagro @armlx +1 for E/E @Smdster @Adamc_snook Sick “tough tournament” bragsOh captain my co-captain 🏆 @CCalcano I think we’ve run our course here, so I’ll let the horse off the hook for now. @CCalcano I’m not saying every thing was exactly right, but projections can be adjusted. Also, 11-4 is 11-4, that part is just math. @theBiscuitJesus Hey, if you’re good with it that actually matters @nerdtothecore @dmccoy I don’t know @CCalcano That was a hugely positive change, though it did come as a result of an initially unfair structure. @CCalcano Yeah the initial projections were just that, projections, so I expect some adjustments (but I don’t think… @CCalcano The prize structure is quite a bit different, but that’s not as easy to change and is trying to accomplis… @Adamc_snook For me it was firmly in between, but definitely closer to a Pro Tour. @dmccoy You overall get more magic, and at most you miss some of the quarters. I think it’s a good trade off.Agree, this would be a cool / low-cost way to increase the prestige of the Player’s Tours. @Mr_Wills_Stats I did notOh also, @bsweitz123 winning the GP with the tilt Satyr’s Cunning is awesome, and exactly the kind of thing I love. @ChannelFireball Eldrazi ConscriptionFun weekend at #PTPhoenix - this was a great tournament and a lot of awesome people did well. Was hoping that… and long overdue win for @Corey_Burkhart - awesome job dude, and really happy for you!
@wildestnacatl Despite not telling me all the rules and you having played hundreds of times, I prevailed. @Mengu09 Great hike, enjoy! @MSigrist83 Yeah that play was gassy, well done Siggy.This was in response to asking “will these sweatpants get me fined?” @Correl_ No