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Dad to 4, husband to an inventor and entrepreneur. @jenksps parent. Secretary of Tourism/Branding. Lt. Governor of Oklahoma. #TravelOK

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A great announcement for Tulsa and for all of Oklahoma today. American Airlines will invest $550m into upgrades and…
We're excited for the end of February and the beginning of March! Celebrate getting a little closer to spring with…
Retweeted by Lt. Governor Matt PinnellWorking on better wayfinding #OK66 options with @marybethbabcock. Getting excited. Thanks Sawyer Manufacturing. 👌… @RDeerinwater We only used local artists actually. @sarahmsears was the team captain of our visual ID committee and… enjoy returning home to my alma mater. #ORUProud
The latest episode of #RoadTripOK takes us to another great Route 66 community, Clinton! There, the team checks out… @reidontravel Imagine thatHad a blast stopping by the @OKWildlifeDept during Rack Madness yesterday. Talked about the huge economic impact of… @RobOnEdge @stphntylr I dare you to try and forget our tagline.Thanks for all your hard work, @tfryer8! #PublicSchoolProud #OklaProud @mollz405 @iammainstreetus
Today I chaired the inaugural meeting of the Route 66 Centennial Commission. This group will plan for festivities a… @shopcrawlr @CocoLow17 @okhistory @ISAokla Absolutely. We will reach out. And you’re correct- #shoplocal on Route 6… times ahead for #Route66 in Oklahoma. #TravelOK time with attendees of Enid Day at the Capitol today. From the Chisholm Trail to Vance, Enid is thriving. Gre… ranks as #13 on @TripAdvisor's top 25 emerging destinations in the world #ImagineThat
Welcomed farmers and conservationists to town for the Oklahoma Association of Conservation Districts State Meeting.… @mollz405 @cityofokc @HalffAssociates @MACengineers @OKCadventure Exciting!Bear research, imagine that. #OklaProud just keep winning! #ThunderUp
@PC1170 Who else has a tagline that could spark social/political change? It’s the perfect dinner table conversation… swag and a passenger jet for a classroom. Find out more in my latest newsletter: Pinnell Sunday Notes - @cackiness @stevelackmeyer @okgov @_amyblackburn Noted. It’s a beautiful take on our new logo that dramatizes us as…
Cold dreary day 1 for us in Edinburgh. A beautiful country! No, no, it’s just a 465 million free-entry park in Okla…🙌 Online shop opens for state-themed merch @RMhigh7088 Once we have a running shirt version I’ll get u one. 💪
@Smurfinablender @manwithwood Looks cool. I love our new logo. The hub of America is a great message to visually display. @rhysfunk Imagine that.UCO students with their new Oklahoma t-shirts! Shirts and much more available at #RollChos Sen. Matthews is out for our @OKCMarathon State Senate relay team. A major blow to our already poor chanc… sure to check out the annual Angler’s Guide in the newest issue of Outdoor Oklahoma! This year, the guide takes…👍👍 #OklaProud @reidontravel First, I’m really pumped that you’re back in Oklahoma. I’m kinda a fan. Second, good article, and we… @dauber_11 And we’re good with that if so. You can’t forget it, it’s versatile, it starts a conversation, and it te… @NilesStuck @NathanPoppe We’ve got any color your heart desires.
Imagine that. #OklaProud @DanHaynes__ @Erikals7 can get you one! 💪 @claremoremainst this National Entrepreneurship Week, I'm encouraging you to pursue your dream and start your business right… @tabbiburwell @ThomasMcEvoy @GovStitt @VisitOKC And it’s great- good job. #SeeOKCYes! #OklaProud @MElizabethActor @okcchamber @TheOklahoman_ @okgazette Beautiful! @DennisSpielman @stevelackmeyer Not sure there’s a state tag that is more versatile. And love what OKC is doing, he…
This week's #RoadTripOK visits one of our great Route 66 communities: Elk City! Join the team as they visit the Nat… @ChahtaSmmr “We are STILL HERE & IF Nations want to open their land/culture to tourism, that is up to them.” Yes th… @MarcusAHigh I worked with Senator Matthews to secure state funding for the Race Massacre Museum last yr. Proud of… @DocFo I understand. That is the American star and it was in our original state flag. We wanted to make the pitch a… @ChahtaSmmr I’m working with our tribes, on a weekly basis, because they do in fact what to open their land to tour… @DocFo Our new logo, that Oklahomans created, visually points to our native heritage. That’s cool if you don’t thin… @DocFo I see our Native heritage throughout our new logo and in our language online. Also, many tribes were involved on the OklaX Committee. @davodn @OKDOT Yep. Here’s a pic from yesterday of our team reviewing some first concepts of welcome center makeove…’s Play Night! Claire’s final answer is 👌 #parenthood @tylerwslawson When you’re ready to come home, we’ll be here with the welcome mat.
Our welcome signs are part of our first impression for visitors to our state. We have refreshed and re-energized th… @jerrywofford I think the new mark says so much about our native heritage. And I'm proud of the Oklahomans that bui… @RobertHefnerV @GovStitt @RichardJanes No, we didn't, and lot of logos are similar. Oklahomans built all creative c… I spoke to the Oklahoma Farm Bureau Leadership Conference. Our farmers and ranchers are key to ensuring a… @LtGovPinnell the state Secretary of Tourism & Branding. ...
Retweeted by Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell
Great to take part in today's Red Earth Festival press event. Red Earth brings travelers from across the world to O… @enidbecky76 @NickNicoll @mishopalong Again- all creative talent was Oklahomans. We hired a unbiased firm to facili… leading man in this weekend's box office winner is from Oklahoma! We are so proud of James Marsden's success!… @tlobekah No worries if you don’t want one, they already sold out anyways. @MegSalyerOKC #ImagineThat
@denwalt @SS_NowPlaying No one saw it better either. At least this one is bright and fresh. We’re working on lights. Don’t laugh, really, we are. @james_avery No thanks, I like ours better. And it tells a great Oklahoma story. Next time we need a brand facilita… @GrantHermesKWTV I love that mall...but I love our logo more. And I bet ours tells a cooler story and looks better on a T-shirt.It’s hype, it’s hype. #ImagineThat #OklaProud @realCarsonBall Glad you’re engaged and you know our rankings. That’s the first step. If our new brand gets more pe… @zachnash So you’re telling me we need a soundtrack? If you have a need for more #ImagineThat than @OKFilmMusic can deliver.A new Oklahoma brand, one of America's best music museums, and our beautiful state parks. Check out my latest newsl… @TheThunderNut Done in secret? I talked about it for a year. We had over 12,000 online surveys and over 200 Oklahom… @thowave @OUInnovationHub @_amyblackburn#Route66 Theme Night at Tulsa Oilers! How cool are these jerseys?!? #TravelOK
Did you listen to our interview with @LtGovPinnell yesterday?! What are you waiting for?! Go listen!
Retweeted by Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell @mitchelltalks @ThriceSavage @nondocmedia @NEWS9 @GovStitt @DanaHertneky I approve of that bolo tie, @ThriceSavage 🔥Oklahoma- one of our own is up for Favorite Music Museum! Go vote today! Woody Guthrie Center in the running for US… @kelzwithaz @OKCFooddude I was making the point that inviting people to the state is important too. I’ve always bee… @OKCFooddude If we don’t invite people to come to Oklahoma then we’re not creating sale tax revenue for cities. We…
@BEzzell @CordonD I definitely see native heritage in our mark. And the star is clearly the American star, our the… are all of the states’ logos in one handy spot. I’m #OklaProud of our new logo and brand, and we stack up pret…
Retweeted by Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell @craft_ryan Let’s go! #Tulsarise @GaddieWindage Looks great! There are always similarities with designs. Our mark tells our story. It’s modern, dive… @TheMikeHarris Got it. Well, I hope in the months and years ahead that it does become a authentic mark and shares a… @TheMikeHarris I know there are boondoggles in government, but this isn’t one of them. A couple hundred grand to fa… you know that @RusticCuff products are available at over 250 boutiques across the country - including in Disney… @TheMikeHarris Cute, but I like ours better. Don’t you @sarahmsears?Special thanks to @OKDOT for getting started on our new welcome signage! Quite the before and after, don't you thin… @rushnaround @coveraday @JTurnbow @landerchamber Here’s another one guys! Do a google search and find all the logos…'ve had a lot of people ask where they can get shirts with the new brand. Ask and you shall receive from our frien… @gwshark11 That’s the thing, we didn’t actually have a uniform brand. Maybe the outline of our state or the letters… @FCTulsa
OASSP/OMLEA Exec Director Will Parker greets Lt. Gov Matt Pinnell - who reminded 300 secondary and mid-level educat…
Retweeted by Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell @jakefisher That’s a fact. @heinslmn Keep looking!Did you know that the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association represents over 5,000 Oklahoma ranching families?… Cloud Chief Fire Department is looking great in our new state brand! Thank you for all that you do as volunteer… @joshuagwatts @RDeerinwater All the people that designed it are Oklahomans. The facilitator wasn’t. @danlovejoy Yep- we’re working on a specialty plate.