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L. Tock @LTock Vikinglandia Environmental Chemistry and Health. Nanoparticles and Nano/ecotoxicology. Hate pseudoscience. Retweets ≠ Endorsement, and my tweets are my own. #Slytherin

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@pxwhittle @AP Nope. He doesn't give a shit. @KLGLASS2 If she wants sympathy, she can find it in the dictionary between 'shit' and 'syphilis'. @purplerainf @notcapnamerica FOH. @Sha_Elise24 @notcapnamerica Is that from over-processing? (I've only ever braided my ex-SIL's natural hair when… @UrbaneDoc4Kids @xismosita I had to play it three times to hear it. @notcapnamerica Not one fucking lick of sympathy for her. She was out to get him killed with her bullshit. @NicolasEdny She's complaining her life is over. If she's looking for sympathy, she can find it in the dictionary…"Little doubt that efforts to correct misinformation are worthwhile". So keep up the good work @CaulfieldTim Bran…
Retweeted by L. Tock @Angela86460733 @notcapnamerica The fuck did I just see? Get your goddamned feet and asses off my counter and TF o… @CandaceTX She drags that dog like it's a damn suitcaseThe fact that a non-epidemiologist doesn't understand that it takes time to learn about a new virus, or how much wa…
Retweeted by L. Tock @ScoutGreen1 @melodyMcooper White women are automatically given the benefit of the doubt and/or backing by police.…
@ingvar_arni @MilanovNina @PileOfGoop @HenningTveit @atrupar @DavidFutrelle What the actual fuck. @MSharifpourMD Cute little danger noodle! @AlsoDizzyEllie @TheRastamanCJ @Truxillogical @SherriSantosMSN They spend more time fellating the Constitution when… @jk_rowling I never got that logic. "I'm gonna show <insert name> how much I'm mad at them by destroying my own pe… @BigGoddy2001 @AbdirahimS @Ned_Donovan Could you shelve the whataboutism? I hear the Kallax shelving units are fabulous. @AbdirahimS @notdred Eid Mubarak! What a wonderful way to accommodate your needs! Good on Ikea for helping out! @Awithonelison RIGHT?? "ALL LIVES MATTER!!!"* *Unless you're black, brown, LGBTQ, old, have diabetes, COPD, or o… @MilanovNina @PileOfGoop @HenningTveit Nemlig. Det er kun @ingvar_arni som havde problemer, men hvis han begyndte… @MAhealthforkids @PatinkinMandy She nailed Wakanda :DEXACTLY. "Oh, but they had diabetes/obesity/COPD/whatever" Their lives still had value. They were loved. Eventu… @PileOfGoop @HenningTveit @MilanovNina And Henning and I followed it up with a conversation in Norwegian and Danish… @WFKARS "My husband was in the bathroom - he couldn't make it to the door for the delivery. Please attempt again tomorrow" @ProfCaryCooper @rjblaskiewicz "Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope" No wet paws for me! @pxwhittle Tillykke! @UrbaneDoc4Kids @rahm3sh Right?I just love it when anti-vaxxers from the US hold forth about what other countries are like, forgetting that their…
Retweeted by L. Tock @MilanovNina @InsideVaccines @JayGordonMDFAAP @EthicalSkeptic Yep. I'd wager hospital staff at Rigshospitalet woul… @WFKARS Get a hat and some suspenders. @MilanovNina @InsideVaccines @JayGordonMDFAAP @EthicalSkeptic And even the Stockholm area is nowhere near herd immunity. @notcapnamerica @liobserver @fecak @PeterHotez @RobertKennedyJr He's definitely anti-vaccine, which would also indicate a less than…
@lizditz @ingvar_arni @HenningTveit @InsideVaccines @JayGordonMDFAAP @EthicalSkeptic Could also be import from Boston. @eliowa I already wear one more or less daily at work. #acidsandbases @DidiFriendco @grey_geena @notcapnamerica I still have 9 seedlings indoors under grow lights. 2 tomatoes and some p… @DidiFriendco @grey_geena @notcapnamerica Yep. I have a watermelon and melon plant that are just hanging in there.… @ingvar_arni @HenningTveit @InsideVaccines @JayGordonMDFAAP @EthicalSkeptic Yep. 130 cases in DK were direct import from skiing in Italy. @DidiFriendco @grey_geena @notcapnamerica Everything that can be staked here, is staked. But there's no substantia… @DidiFriendco @grey_geena @notcapnamerica The wind is harsh enough to damage leaves on my pear tree. @HenningTveit @InsideVaccines @JayGordonMDFAAP @EthicalSkeptic Vi glemt at spørge @ingvar_arni om Island. @DidiFriendco @grey_geena @notcapnamerica I've got my raised beds squared away... But the wind where I live is jus… @jflier @Paulflevy Nursing homes, and elderly receiving in-home health services account for the bulk of mortality i… @SangreDulce1 @Kidfears99 Yep. The American model of healthcare is broken. Between insurance, pharmacy benefit man… lovely feeling after judiciously using the mute option on someone with verbal diarrhea. #enjoythesilence @old_crankygamer Johnson was the first president to utilize a blind trust. You're really bad at "gotchas". Take… @old_crankygamer You should read what was posted, and not your interpretation of it. Trump has used a revocable tr… president in the last 40 years used a blind trust to avoid conflicts of interests. Except Trump. Off you go… @ChrisEvans I'm willing to be your audience! @old_crankygamer @mattyglesias The President should not be patronizing his own properties. That is a direct conflic… @old_crankygamer @mattyglesias I think he should be prohibited from profiting from the presidency while in office,… @WalshonMergers Just put some annuals around the pear tree @franklinleonard Kitchen aid stand mixer. Yay for making baking easy! @HenningTveit @InsideVaccines @JayGordonMDFAAP @EthicalSkeptic @HenningTveit @InsideVaccines @JayGordonMDFAAP @EthicalSkeptic Sten, saks, papir for den? @HenningTveit @InsideVaccines @JayGordonMDFAAP @EthicalSkeptic Men, lad os være ærlige... vi vil kun have Skåne. Du/I må gerne få resten. @doritmi @InsideVaccines @JayGordonMDFAAP @EthicalSkeptic She needs to buy better travel books for her library. @InsideVaccines @JayGordonMDFAAP @EthicalSkeptic Right. Been to Bergen lately? @doritmi @InsideVaccines @JayGordonMDFAAP @EthicalSkeptic Pretty much @HenningTveit @InsideVaccines @JayGordonMDFAAP @EthicalSkeptic Hvor mange andre lande er lige så .... lige som vores? @InsideVaccines @JayGordonMDFAAP @EthicalSkeptic So, where are you going to try to move goalposts to now? @InsideVaccines @JayGordonMDFAAP @EthicalSkeptic "Yet 90% of those who had died as of Apri… @InsideVaccines @JayGordonMDFAAP @EthicalSkeptic Nordic Countries offer similar setups for… @InsideVaccines @JayGordonMDFAAP @EthicalSkeptic They're comparab… @old_crankygamer @mattyglesias There's a wealth of difference when the money goes to his own business. Literally. @WFKARS @JenniferRaff The decades I spent in the midwest... "You hear a freight train?" "Yeah, get inside. There…
Retweeted by L. Tock @gorskon @DShadowgazer I'm working up to biking to work, save gas and money and help the environment. @ArtWendeley @pbreit @CT_Bergstrom They're not testing enough either. @DawnDavenport74 @notcapnamerica There's too much color on that chicken. (For my mother). But yep. 100%Answers: My life I do not have to grow a human if I don’t want to I do not have to grow a human if I don’t want…
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@ArtWendeley @pbreit @CT_Bergstrom The CFR in DK is 5,0% And they're on the low end of the CFR totem pole. Those f… @InsideVaccines @JayGordonMDFAAP @EthicalSkeptic Sweden absolutely has not hit herd immunity.
Queef @notcapnamerica I bought PVC beds. 120cm x 240 and 30cm tall. I'm on the coast and lumber just rots with the salt and damp. @UrbaneDoc4Kids Right??? @SoulNSubstance My deepest sympathies for you and your loved ones. @WalshonMergers That's my job. Muahahahha @WalshonMergers They tasted phenomenal. The BBQ sauce I made yesterday was liberally applied. The ribs marinated for 6 hours. @UrbaneDoc4Kids Does it pass judgement?High winds prevented me from grilling tonight, but I think they came out fine in the oven. @UrbaneDoc4Kids Yeah. We loved on to homemade napalm. @abigiles21 Nope. No issue sharing a bathroom or a locker room. I draw the line at sharing deodorant. That's just tacky. @UrbaneDoc4Kids Yep. Last time I fucked around with fireworks.All this. @MjStrawbridge @fuckcancer56 I'm so very sorry for your loss. May her memory always be a blessing to you and yours.Is there a support group for gardeners who keep buying too many plants? Totally asking for me. @MaineEli @kmegan1 @hora_de_ganar @ScottGottliebMD Mortality rates for the elderly are similar irrespective of coun… @UrbaneDoc4Kids Made homemade M-80's. Put them in green tomatoes and would throw them. Was great, until the wick…
@rjblaskiewicz Adam Can'tGreat Shite @cher @tx_blue_dot @PeterJohn501 @notcapnamerica Yep. Had a cow and her calf stop by Mom's garden while we were on the b… @notcapnamerica Wait until they eat fermenting apples. Ever see a moose in a tree? #meanwhileinsweden @ENOgden Yup. New England @GBeckingham @gorskon I deal with things that will either melt your face, or make a big boom. @GBeckingham @gorskon We have a limited number of pressurized vessels; w/N2.