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L. Tock @LTock Vikinglandia Environmental Chemistry and Health. Nanoparticles and Nano/ecotoxicology. Hate pseudoscience. Retweets ≠ Endorsement, and my tweets are my own. #Slytherin

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@LauraDekker1 @UrbaneDoc4Kids @PGE4Me Yeah I'm not feeling the whole root cellar / icebox bit. @showusyourwork @KevinMKruse I knew I had saved this pic for a reason. Feel free to pass it along!
@notcapnamerica It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.
Retweeted by L. Tock @TakeThatCDC @AlumiLynn @MeddlinMegs @TinFoilAwards @lizswiger1939 @BGLTHMND @SMcwoof @JaneEOpie @chaoticsx2 @AlumiLynn @MeddlinMegs @TinFoilAwards @lizswiger1939 @BGLTHMND @SMcwoof @JaneEOpie @chaoticsx2 @jkellyca
Retweeted by L. Tock @enigmatica Right? But guys who have to 'be the man of the house' are another story, altogether. @jdgimzek @smpackham @mcfunny @kmerian @erikwilson1975 @Plasticdoe @SMcwoof @jhan79601992 @TinFoilAwards @KevinMKruse I'm not a historian, but what he's said is an olympic case of proctological spelunking. @jdgimzek @smpackham @mcfunny @kmerian @erikwilson1975 @Plasticdoe @SMcwoof @jhan79601992 @TinFoilAwards @JasonSCampbell That's some impressive procotological spelunking. @PatriotMacK @notcapnamerica Hell, I don't think he even manages a bag. He's a shitstain. @MonicaBisha @KevinMKruse I'm willing to wager Trump did a fist pump when he heard the news. @kevinfolta And let's not ignore the fact that he let those rats suffer; they should have been euthanized LONG BEFO… @Yamiche Oh, that's awful. My deepest sympathies to his family. We have lost a great legislator, and civil rights…
@itsonlyzach @WFKARS That was to WFKARS, which is why I replied to him. @WFKARS @scopedbylarry I'm very sorry for your loss. @WFKARS @itsonlyzach Kaine. @WalshonMergers From the thumbnail, I thought it was a hat :/ @jean_pjtwood @contactribg @gremalkincat @justthevax We hired a taxi from the airport to our hotel... and they didn… abortion rate has been declining for decades. If you're going to pull this bullshit, at least note that sex ed,…
Retweeted by L. Tock @gremalkincat @justthevax I had to take a business trip to Manchester two years ago; it was a horrendous experience… @Baranir @angelikastalman So somehow because the vaccine market is going to be worth 92 bi…
@chaoticsx2 The goalposts move so fast you get whiplash.I dag er der film-optagelser i Tybjergparken ved Brøndby Strand og der vil i den forbindelse blive brugt attrap-våb…
Retweeted by L. Tock @KaitMarieox Well, that answers that. You really ARE that dumb.
Gnight Twitter. @StevensTeam1 @JaneEll28751995 @RohannenZorbia @IBM Oh I read it. You misread it. Similarly, it is not yet possib… @StevensTeam1 @JaneEll28751995 @RohannenZorbia @IBM It literally says they found bias against women. Our results r… @StevensTeam1 @JaneEll28751995 @RohannenZorbia @IBM And yet they found bias against women. Our results revealed th… @StevensTeam1 @JaneEll28751995 @RohannenZorbia @IBM " Although the differences in ratings may be perceived as modes… @StevensTeam1 @JaneEll28751995 @RohannenZorbia @IBM "Our results revealed that both male and female faculty judged… @StevensTeam1 @JaneEll28751995 @RohannenZorbia @IBM Indeed. Keep insisting there's no bias. @StevensTeam1 @JaneEll28751995 @RohannenZorbia @IBM I told you where you were wrong. Besides moving the goalposts… @StevensTeam1 @JaneEll28751995 @RohannenZorbia @IBM Again... @StevensTeam1 @JaneEll28751995 @RohannenZorbia @IBM The topic is women in STEM. Now you're moving goalposts. (Also… @StevensTeam1 @JaneEll28751995 @RohannenZorbia @IBM National Review is not a valid source for Nordic Countries. No… @StevensTeam1 @JaneEll28751995 @RohannenZorbia @IBM Sure you did. @StevensTeam1 @JaneEll28751995 @RohannenZorbia @IBM It's like you don't understand how hyperlinks work. Or, you're… @chiefsroyalsmu @NerdyAndNatural There's a bleed off at the PhD level. @StevensTeam1 @JaneEll28751995 @RohannenZorbia @IBM You should have quit while you were behind.… @chiefsroyalsmu @NerdyAndNatural Less interest... right. I remember being told I shouldn't bother with advanced sc… @StevensTeam1 @JaneEll28751995 @RohannenZorbia @IBM No, the problem is individuals like yourself. @notcapnamerica Well ALLRIGHTY THEN. @notcapnamerica @BernieSanders @0rf A PM at my work labeled the project "The Dream Project" and had the audacity to… @MsTrixter @anhisu7 @VeritasEver @PranaySinha_md @NIHDirector @JillGrimesMD @GretchenLasalle @IDSAInfo Right? Poin… @GeorgeTakei Bob Harris, Lost in Translation. He should have won the AA for best actor that year.Because as I said, it holds particles in solution, and prevents their aggregation and agglomeration. @anhisu7 @MsTrixter @VeritasEver @PranaySinha_md @NIHDirector @JillGrimesMD @GretchenLasalle @IDSAInfo What, the shill card already? @anhisu7 @MsTrixter @VeritasEver @PranaySinha_md @NIHDirector @JillGrimesMD @GretchenLasalle @IDSAInfo Polysorbate… @notcapnamerica I've got nothing. @anhisu7 @MsTrixter @VeritasEver @PranaySinha_md @NIHDirector @JillGrimesMD @GretchenLasalle @IDSAInfo MICROGRAM.… @anhisu7 @PranaySinha_md @NIHDirector @JillGrimesMD @GretchenLasalle @IDSAInfo You realize that there's no elementa… in @sirajraval's livestream yesterday he mentioned his 'recent neural qubit paper'. I've found that huge chunks…
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@UrbaneDoc4Kids @SaraJBenincasa /flirt @UrbaneDoc4Kids @SaraJBenincasa I'm a Scorpio and that's why I am a beautiful person. Winning. @jasaggie @KamalaHarris Here's an idea: delete your account. She had NO TIME to comply, or REACH to his warning before he shot her dead. @mxsandry @EDeblackmere @PatriotMacK Yeah, you didn't bother to read what he said. @StoweVT2 @GovHowardDean Exactly. Fundamentalism and Fascism are rampant in this administration. @RogueTrader84 @joss Reminds me of Sleepy Hollow when the Horseman was coming out. @notcapnamerica And keep dragging him. All the way into the current century. @notcapnamerica Glad you shitcanned her ass.Citation(s) from the peer-reviewed literature required. "Clinical experience" is subject to confirmation bias and c…
Retweeted by L. Tock @notcapnamerica Yeah, no sympathy here, either.
@LisaSpisa68b @NBCNightlyNews @Naomi_Osaka_ What is she trading? @ScottWalker Buddy. Just no. You've done nothing but misuse public funds for your own private purposes. You don'… I think I'd hope for Stephen Fry. @BadAstronomer Dammit, send me some! (Because this isn't a thing in DK *cries*) @Pththya_lyi @DrJenGunter Ditto. That's a delicate muscle, not your personal trampoline. @sandzNJ @WFKARS The soap taste is because he has a genetic variation so that cilantro tastes like soap. Organic won't change his genes. @TheDingo8YoBaby @gehrig38 @lynnetully @DanKelley66 Pretty much this. @ThePlumLineGS @RudyGiuliani @WalshonMergers @LinkedIn I nuked my LinkedIn because AV folks were stalking me @DonOrsillo Well, of course! You two work well with (and off) each other!
@notcapnamerica I didn't know there was a #LGBTQTownHall. But then, it's the whole Denmark thing going on. @notcapnamerica Who the hell is he? @prince I sincerely hope you can sue for damages. @Jonsbet @DocBastard @LibertyBarham Chemist here. You should probably stop posting. And delete your account. @LTock @Per_Damkier @Peter_R_Hansen @JLIMD @MortenElsoe @KVarming @PGtzsche1 @stinuslindgreen @KareMolbak @SSI_dk
Retweeted by L. TockEnsuring that kids have access to their #vaccinations, and teenagers access to their #cancer prevention, is just so…
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@UrbaneDoc4Kids @va_shiva @PeterHotez Oh, THAT asshole. Yeah, he's shitty enough to do just that. @deralteGaukler @crabb_vicki @auntjo601 @va_shiva @ViraBurnayeva @AmerMedicalAssn I mean, who wouldn't want a compr…
@LindseyGrahamSC Cut the bullshit. You're not going to do anything about it. You lack the spine to stand up for yourself, or the Kurds.America, the country that thanks you for fighting and dying on our behalf by letting you be slaughtered.
Retweeted by L. Tock @ChrisEvans Or they don't see what's happening as a bad thing, since it won't affect them. "Why should I care abou…
@NBCNews He is simply a national treasure. The embodiment of service, love, and kindness. @Juicebox911 @YNB @soledadobrien @TheEllenShow I think it's amusing that you have to try so hard to label other peo… @Juicebox911 @YNB @soledadobrien @TheEllenShow You don't think Ellen is critical of others when called for? That's adorable.
@Juicebox911 @YNB @soledadobrien Nope. If you say something demonstrably incorrect or ignorant, being criticized f… if men are insecure snowflakes who cling to outdated patriarchal bullshit and have a pathological need to be '… will support PhD applicants for Cambridge Trust funding for Oct 2020. Interested in responsive materials or solar…
Retweeted by L. Tock @notcapnamerica He IS a stain. @boholbo @PGtzsche1 @Rosewind2007 @darrisrules @PGtzsche1 Less of a swan dive and more like a rocket towards the earth's core. @stinuslindgreen This is so irresponsible. @1andonlycamille @IWashington @soledadobrien Yeah RIGHT? Nothing screams insecurity like having to tag a posse for… @Juicebox911 @YNB @soledadobrien Where has she said he can't express himself? Freedom of speech doesn't mean freed… @mcfunny @kalley45218152 @MsTrixter @glenpyle What a pile of bullshit they're spouting.
@_talia_t @notcapnamerica Yeah, I'm a diehard #RedSox fan, and I'll heckle the pitcher about his control, delivery,…