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@MLozada Here's the official campaign version. I wish it came without Trumps face on it. @MLozada Who's the money going to?I'm exhaustedIn tonight’s presidential debate the President said the “Portland Sheriff” supports him. As the Multnomah County S…
Retweeted by Phil EggebrechtJust saying one thing I've noticed - Biden consistently talks to the American people. Has Trump looked at the camera once?Who tweeted this? @brennadactyl throws insults like a kid??? @Juicetra Biden hitting him left and right"Oh shut up." -Joe Biden is all of us.
Retweeted by Phil EggebrechtYESSSSSSSSSStream Deck give you easy 1-tap mic mute capability @cspanholy shitTHERE IT ISTrump and Wallace or Trump and Biden?Wait whos the debate between?Here we go.... #Debates2020 @cspan Hey the stream is muted. You forgot to unmute the mic
@EuroEclipse @xJamesDC @ElgatoSupport @elgato Working fine here. Is OBS Studio installed somewhere else than the default C: drive directory? @Steggy @JFest @JFest @MLozada @KPIXtv @Steggy North San Jose. I felt it clearly. @Steggy Yup. @mowseler @PIPeJTV It just started! First episode seems good so far.Fargo season 4 has started. Lets see if this show can pull off another incredible season.
@imSmash Hell yea👏 Right there with you - I just hit the 200lb squat mark today!a refresher video explaining America's tax code.
Retweeted by Phil Eggebrecht @Hijump62 @ShadowFoxTV @BackyardisTV @0BurkeBlack0 @CORSAIR 🤔
A Stream Deck at Times Square. I have seen it all.
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Streaming and gaming from the same PC? ✅ Update to Windows 10 2004 ✅ Update to nvidia driver 45x.xx or greater ✅ S…
Retweeted by Phil Eggebrecht @nicovald Smart! @ABritoArt @88bitTV VouchA musical interpretation of my mental state over the course of this quarantine/pandemic. 🎵: @marcrebillet
Retweeted by Phil Eggebrecht @HeyDmart Happy birthday my friend! @Darkness429 @rukizzel @MilanKLee @Professorbroman Couldn't* gdi twitter let me edit. @Darkness429 @rukizzel @MilanKLee @Professorbroman I repeated it for the people who could hear you :) Also, this v… @Darkness429 @rukizzel @MilanKLee @Professorbroman OLEDs black are truly black. The pixel it literally powered off.… @rukizzel @Professorbroman Mr fancy with the double OLEDS
@justicar Oh. My. God. I. Am. So. Hungry. Now. don't know what I expected, but this wasn't it.I can't select shipping, only in store pickup and I get this error? Ultimate tease... @GoldGloveTV fight me broRise and grind for that RTX 3090.President Trump gave a speech in Ohio on Monday that included some important false and misleading claims about jobs…
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I really love my @elgato Ring Light, hoddayum.
Retweeted by Phil EggebrechtIt’s official! We are now #NasdaqListed and trading as $CRSR. #CorsairIPO
Retweeted by Phil EggebrechtWe've been building towards the ultimate setup for more than 25 years. Today we're ready to make it public.…
Retweeted by Phil EggebrechtToday we launched Elgato Ring Light - our take on an incredibly popular form factor for studio lighting. A quick th…
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i fully expected elgato lights to suck, i came from an AV background where we rigged up whatever we could find or a…
Retweeted by Phil Eggebrecht @veryDaveTTV Its very much on the same level, it is incredible.And this...rounds out our lighting products 😎 @Lazarbeam Who?
@DigitalAnomaly No, that would make more sense imo. I really like Thunderbolt. @hagazo 24 hours to go and you'll see :)👀 @uliwitness I don't think its silly - I want to use this motherboard.Finally, a motherboard made for streamers. @steinekin Chief vs Doomguy🤯 @timothyreese Just plug in? As many as you have USB 2.0 (or 3.0) ports available. Usable in Wave Link software -… @Swindyyyy Walmart wants to make sure the PS5 comes in at a competitive price point. @hagazo 😂I read the email wrong. The new price of the pre-order is $23. Walmart is really being aggressive with their price… pre-ordered the PS5 digital edition from Walmart and got a price adjustment email due to price matching. Anyone e… @Nvader TrueSo who's the imposter, Word or Powerpoint? Maybe it was Skype. Ok definitely Skype.
@TheBROBQ @Namaslays @elgato Sure! Nama - Please shoot me a DM so we can chat :)
@mowseler @PIPeJTV Looks like a fantastic start to the weekend!
@EposVox Decent denoising. @TechnicalDIY @Drift0r Its useful for sure. @Drift0r Hey, in windows search type "Reliability" and hit enter and it should show you a timeline with errors disp… @brennadactyl Screw that one port in particular I guess @brennadactyl Why port 3?Get ready for another #PlayStation5 pre-order opportunity @Walmart will offer the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition ton…
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"Hello there" @rawrsnacks Happy little accident. @gerdelgado @BrokenGamezHDR_ Im glad to see that!not all videos are converted to AV1, so you'll still see AVC and VP9 playback here and there.YouTube lets you use AV1 for all videos it seems. Nice! @ABritoArt You did goodAnd it’s gone... Seems disc version is still available. 5 LIVE ON AMAZON Disc $499 Digital $399
Retweeted by Phil EggebrechtApple nailed spatial audio on iOS 14! If you have AirPod Pros turn on spatial sound and watch this Dolby Atmos dem… @renowned Should be available on Apple TV 4K as well.The best part about iOS 14 is 4K HDR YouTube playback on iPhones!
@nikigeoghegan Walmart @ThotsuneMiku YesHere we go! 2. @Haybayplays yessss @KaraCorvus Yep! @LotharHS @FredStreams Nope, the RTX 30 series added AV1 decoding, not encoding. @FredStreams What's incredible is how AV1 is capable of eliminating nearly all macroblock issues in this sample vid… @FredStreams Man, that looks good. I doubt it was encoded in realtime. Realtime encoding of AV1 is so far out sti… RTX 3080 reviews are out and 🤯
Im building my next PC in this case, thats for sure. USB wall adapter? No problem. Seriously - I have enough USB ports available. @fieldyfieldy Thats the real question.