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@ZeRoyalViking @hutchinson This is my favorite track. It has such a feeling of mystery and airiness(?) and alonenes… @hutchinson The movie is awesome - My overall favorite part is the music. OMG. @djarii Alternatively, if you have our 4K60 Pro MK2 capture card, that works in both our software and OBS at the sa… @djarii Hey Djarii, this works with our 4K Capture Utility software. We call it Stream Link. You feed your camera… @DuncanCantDie The love of food
@iw_miked @elgatogaming @ElgatoSupport Interesting... Keep me posted. Another thing to try is start fresh - unclo… @iw_miked @elgatogaming @ElgatoSupport The fps clamping to 60 happens if you have another window open on a differen… @iw_miked @elgatogaming @ElgatoSupport Ok, does this happen with any other game? @mowseler That sound wonderful. Im jealous.Question for smarter people than me: If Trump starts blabbing like he does an admits everything, is there a legal recourse to get him out?"I didnt do it" Gets acquitted "lol suckas I did do it" @RyanWGleason @EposVox Does the matrix have its own power supply? @iw_miked @elgatogaming @ElgatoSupport Give that a shot - Its odd that there's no signal at all. Check in Windows w…
I’ll be at PAX East! Sound off if you’re going :) @iw_miked @elgatogaming @ElgatoSupport Alright, did you setup the cloning of your main display to the capture card… @iw_miked @elgatogaming @ElgatoSupport Its the only way I stay sane sometimes haha @iw_miked @elgatogaming @ElgatoSupport Alright, what we need to do is change the EDID of the 4K60 Pro MK2. Open t… @iw_miked @elgatogaming @ElgatoSupport Got it! What res/fps is the game running at? @iw_miked @elgatogaming @ElgatoSupport Hey Mike - Is pass-through on the capture card being used (HDMI output to mo…
@HeyDmart I don't make games but I always want to meetup. @TaranVH So which one is better in your opinion? @JenMsft Ohhh very nice. Wasn't there talk some time ago about bringing temperature monitoring to task manager? 👀
@AlexMourer @wesbos @stauffermatt Cam Link 4K is certainly the real deal. Compatibility with older cameras varies w… life hacks, more useful shortcuts but whatever. Windows 10 life hacks that I use constantly: Hold shift and right click on a folder -> open powershell window… @itsdehprey Stop going on twitter and enjoy it. @rukizzel OooOOOOoo congrats my dude!Going to be posting some footage to the @elgatogaming YouTube channel soon, captured with 4K60 S+ to SD card.Got to check this out early and I can’t wait to play more.“That was very Cash Money of you”
Moms spaghetti #Oscars2020
Thankfully it’s not my PC - a different PC I’m getting ready to sell.I fear no man. But that thing, it scares me. @SirCrest Fancy!
@PIPeJTV @mowseler You legally have to tweet this once per month as per your relationship contract @SirCrest Theres a WAN and LAN SFP+ port. @R1CH_TL @ubnt It’s actually not that much - 4Gb or so. Someone has the answer on the forums. @ubnt Quite*This is the newly released UDM Pro from @ubnt. Quick the powerful device.
Hello beautiful! @HostileGForce Wow way to go without me @CinderSlays Always we for brands. @Miss_Magitek @MTashed @RickKackis It was great meeting you both today :) @chhopsky @MLozada @tchelicongaming @HyperX @LogitechG @Razer @SteelSeries @AudioTechnicaJP @BlueMicrophones This can be arranged. @steinekin I feel attacked @rukizzel And I thought we were friends... @Flyprdu @MonkeyOnStrike I second this motion. @MonkeyOnStrike Love you dude and I miss hanging out ❤️
@timacfr None* sigh... @TaranVH Do you need hi-res imagery? You can find it on by non other than @timacfr, our Stream Deck lead dev! @TaranVH @Kephrii ❤️ @rivaLxfactor Have you been using it?Excited for a network upgrade this weekend. #UDMPro
@MillsTwitch Davinci resolve - it’s free. Some features are only in the studio version but you probably don’t need them anyways. @Sigils I’m here both days :) @Sigils Yeppp👀 @Scomo843 @elgatogaming @ipodkingcarter If that does not work shoot me a DM. :) @crosstalksol Hi, thanks for putting out your thoughts on the UDM Pro! Big fan of the channel - It helped a lot wit… @Gothalion Here’s some alternatives though most have the same caveat. @Gothalion Your mobo needs the THB_C header on it. The link has a supported list. @Gothalion Yes - if it’s a desktop PC you need to read very carefully about thunderbolt support. Not all boards hav… @Gothalion 4K60 Pro MK2 was tested in Highpoint RocketStor 6661A Thunderbolt 3 to PCIe 3.0 X16 Expansion Chassis @Gothalion It works. You just need the chassis with a x4 PCIE slot. There’s no downside from what I’ve seen/tested.
@itsdehprey @steinekin This is the way @Unyshek of War: A boy and his dad go hiking without camping gear and only a bow and axe.
@brennadactyl Being a streamer definitely gives you a leg up over anyone who has never seriously tried it before. @brennadactyl This happened to me as well. Over years I've all but completely stopped streaming - However im still… @The_Poolshark Ahead of its time really.Goose & Chewie are available for adoption now! Bonded pair must be adopted together. Full vaccines & neutered. 5-6…
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@shortyyguy Anytime! :D @shortyyguy The RTX NVENC Looks substantially better than older NVENC chips. If your into Tarkov with all that gras… @shortyyguy Have you set your profile to high in the encoding settings? It gives a modest but noticeable improvem… @shortyyguy No there won't be. x264 maxes out at around 20-22 threads (And the 3900x already has 24 "cores"). At th… @lizyybear I need to work from home
@BloodyfasterTV @CORSAIR @elgatogaming We believe in you doing your thing! :D @hitstreak Time to go home
@mowseler @TwitchSupport and?*tap tap is this thing working* @discordapp @TinyPixxels You got this. Easy peasy lemon squeasy. That blue ribbon (Do they still give out blue for first place) will be yours :DThis is a bruh moment.
@SirCrest lmao @MLozada @Nelstar15 Yep definitely. Use the GPU for encoding @steinekin @elonmusk Here's to the ones that always lift us up.
@brennadactyl @craigmabbitt Oh hi. Our mac support differs by product. The capture card I suggest is the HD60 S+ as… @MeatheadMilitia I need my nose to be running from the spiciness.📢 US Creators, it’s tax time! 1099-MISC tax forms are live: For more info, please review…
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@Drift0r If you decide to go down that road, happy to help set it up! I’m a DM away :)
@LotharHS @StodehTV @NickPolom Don’t be! If it’s working don’t touch It lol @NickPolom @StodehTV If you do need to clone we make that incredibly easy now by letting you set a custom EDID for 1080p240Hz specifically. @StodehTV @NickPolom Stodeh has the best setup. No cloning or anything janky needed. You could get an HDMI 2.0 sp… @Trobsmonkey A bit, and I'd like to finish the story, so im installing it again.Bless you gigabit internet. @ItsGime @Leviacore @itsdehprey @PR3SIDENT @dirtnapdragon @MikoRiva @LordElandrian @edplaysgames Good looking group of people!