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shawn @ltsCamo Indiana

do mod stuff for @Avalanche100t @Class @Asunaa

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@Asunaa LETS GOOOOOOOOOOO ASUNA POG @diceyzx lets gooooooooooooo quan @HBSaburo @brax1wnl vouch @leahdb98 i havent been able to do photos or videos on twitter for about a week now, i have to change my internet in order to Lol @notoliviabee damn :/ welp rip phoneplays against a cheating jett, starts 10-1 (all headshots) we call him out he proceeds to shit the bed til hes li… @notoliviabee what if i tell the virus "no" @shivisdumb LWETS GOOOOO SHIV SO PROUD AND HAPPY FOR YOU @C0Mtweets wait... are you color blind? @TristanGHill please man send me that invite @hudsonwisler GOOOD MORNING MS GAMORA FJDOIAFJDSAO @itsKuba_ twitter is breaking atm in generalDeranking in val with @ltscamo
Retweeted by shawn @ActuallyCaseyy stocks only go up @CartmanCG maybe its a sign mr cart man @AbelStreams @Reck___ hes not wrong abel...... youre slacking @Ironmikewilson @ConnorW564 @Theonefro @CalvilloTX98 @MachZeroth @getFANDOM @Variety this isnt at the end of the mo… @Asunaa @kyedae HUH????????? @notoliviabee you missed out on the chance to say oliville @notoliviabee you guys call it like loovil we say louisville @kyedae i have never heard of a timbit... those are clearly donut holes @notoliviabee actually true @courtnieerose oh... @courtnieerose is this a sign you want to watch it
@KeviSkillz all i heard is streams in a month..... LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @ActuallyCaseyy yo?
Retweeted by shawn @DmAbbyMs @charlestewartt @Hiko no @charlestewartt @DmAbbyMs i know where to hide it @Hauntterr felt like a filler at first but it provided a lot of small details leading up to the final episode imo @skeetyuhh @Chloricc skeet you a bummans got me crying on a friday afternoon man :( @iPurrple @MassiveDumps4U @supMitchh downerval is here pog @skeetyuhh @Chloricc ok and? lol @Chloricc @skeetyuhh do you want to be in pain dude LOL @skeetyuhh @Chloricc wait i forgot about that. caide dont you dare fucking eat pizza rolls @Chloricc yes @notoliviabee but liv... @notoliviabee nah he stinks, heard he doesnt shower @CartmanCG this isnt about thatlove when people you thought you were super close with lie to your face like nothing happens. love this world we live in @CartmanCG this reads like an @notoliviabee tweet... @notoliviabee your normal or my normal? @notoliviabee which voices @notoliviabee who you talking to @AddisonRose7 HHAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY ADDISONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN WE NEED TO GAME MORE (my fault) BUT HAVE A WONDERFUL D… @Mangooos_ @AbelStreams @jack youre dumb + counter ratio @kay6e yea... that doesnt happen @notoliviabee we would provide him with a quality time tbh @notoliviabee is this an open invite cause im built like an elf @notoliviabee i mean... you dont live on the north pole..???????????????? @_MaddieSims this not happening @_MaddieSims you reply almost instantly for me? @YourEmbracee @WedidOfficial @brisklul thank you for saving the orphanage from burning down last weekend @WedidOfficial @AbelStreams this dude fr your biggest fan, man talks about you all the time as his favorite playerON GOD!!!!!!!!! TALK TO THEM!!!!!!!! everyone follow @ltsCamo he 7 off 1k followers
Retweeted by shawn @AbelStreams WHAT DO YOU MEAN @notoliviabee how do you know his body temp? he might need to go get checked out
@notoliviabee hes alright @notoliviabee is it possible for someone to be BAD at breathing? @notoliviabee ..... i...... wh.... huh @YourEmbracee @nerdstgamers vouch @YourEmbracee @nerdstgamers ty @nestorswrld @Mangooos_ @nerdstgamers ty @_MaddieSims i didnt recognize him at first. SHEEEEESH he looks GOOD @nerdstgamers if you guys need a mod (since theres not one in the main stream and it needs one badly rn) twitch user LtscamoFIRST JUDGE OF THE $3,000 DISCORD TALENT SHOW IS THE STREAMER OF THE YEAR HERSELF @Valkyrae!! 🔥 April 25th, 1pm P…
Retweeted by shawn @ImDehV @hitchariide @KeviSkillz @scump TRUEEEEEEEEEE @hitchariide @KeviSkillz @scump at oh wait he doesnt stream 🤣🤣🤣 @_MaddieSims .... @tarik you come back from taking a shit and shit on the enemy team (1v4) @skeetyuhh @AbelStreams nice pun @_MaddieSims never watched it @skeetyuhh @AbelStreams yo that notcamo dude kinda cutei swear every insta lock reyna on my team puts up this type of performance man.... @KristerNorstran @sixandzero23 @LEBRON23STAN @BleacherReport hell noIf ur real, rt for a homie pls 🥲@MichelobULTRA
Retweeted by shawn @iPurrple @MassiveDumps4U @m0rawn @supMitchh @PlayVALORANT @sheebT_T @RiotZiegler @_skag @JoeBiden @Avalanche100T @supMitchh lets goooooooooooo mitch @JoeyTheSuperJew @AbelStreams bro i hope you get your fucking pizza LMFAOOO @Sticeyzx um........ did i leave out the 5th? ahahah yikes man... @AbelStreams enjoy your pizza if you got it man... we didnt need you after all LOLits too easy being a sage player sometimes lol @notoliviabee i would join the olivia cult ring @notoliviabee arent you the cult leader?
@HBSaburo i know we arent close or talk much but love you man <3 youll get through this @skeetyuhh @AbelStreams skeet.... abel killed me twice this game dude.... i had to face the other team AND abel @AbelStreams @AbelStreams wish you played like this in my games !!!!! @KyleMarriott99_ kyle... you got balls of steel for not buying any of those @KyleMarriott99_ jokes on them, im not spending money on anything for awhile (dont you fucking dare add something cool riot) @notoliviabee i cant believe i really misspelled noticed..... of all words @JayLags69 right? LMFAOOO i wont be getting any of them tho @_A113N @A113N how long he been napping for.. @_A113N @A113N if its over like 3 days long yea