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Full-time streamer on @twitch | Team Lead @squid_squadron | Partners @Discordapp @Streamlabs | Victorian Architecture, Resturant Owner, Technical Director

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@discordapp My discord user name is my username. Deep Story. @alistacton fallout 76 with golden pass @SheriffEli @hell_let_loose HANS BRING ME MY TURRET CAPthe state of fallout 76
Retweeted by LtVictory On Twitch ( GTARP NoPixel Vic Torino ) @Slasher Uhohthe NBC esports show is being made from the executive producters of the Big Bang Theory so esports is now official…
Retweeted by LtVictory On Twitch ( GTARP NoPixel Vic Torino ) @Strict_Twitch kek @TheDMeSports Well you can increase storage per every character alt and up to what 8 bag increases in wow at least.… do the Japanese and Americans have V2's on wake island tho. @TheDMeSports Yeah... the fact we have to pay for storage space now is.. insane. Storage space in a game about being a pack rat. @TheDMeSports Considering I dropped the game like a steaming turd... yeah pretty meh. @PackBenPack @Nibellion
Retweeted by LtVictory On Twitch ( GTARP NoPixel Vic Torino ) @ZhugeEX @Nibellion same tbhReally not sure how to feel about this. @BigaySodaPop Sexy @Chasing_Carrots WHEN CAN I PLAY IT DOOOEEEEEE @fiveub @ChairPlz ITs beautifulHey look what #BattlefieldV should of been from the start. @tha_rami How is it each w2k game gets worse. @PartWelsh Such happy killing facesOh great the fleas gave my dog worms noice @BwittanyLive yoooooooo @CinderSlays DO IT YOU WON'T @sodakite Glitch in matrix
@TheDMeSports Thanks man.. hope you enjoy along see with us!Hearts and minds @RebelIncGame fedex just delivered a morning. Bank once again messed up closing cost mmn @Shauna_c_jones Like smoke pouring out of the cabin when I opened the door. Signs from the company saying no smokin… @Shauna_c_jones I loved my taxi driver the other day filled the entire taxi with smoke while waiting for my appoint… @BigaySodaPop @ZiggyJG @EA Micro transactionsHe finally became hokage. Now he is ready to teach the world how to get into area 51. @TheAndrewNadeau Lul. @sodakite YOU CAN DO IT @jimmywhis GOOD LUCK BRO @netsirkTTV @ConfusedDevil1 LMAO WTF
@GreatWallofChin @DeePxSnake @XXLGaming haha @Com_Raven 👀Live for a Bit then gotta pickup a book was all geared up to start my research diet and they delayed it this morning to the 28th because they couldn't ge…"Chile's president says 'we are at war' while extending state of emergency" @ABlondeAvocado Or so you can experience what it's like to be cared for by a motherly figure instead of beaten daily and tossed aside. @fiveub God I love the meme this has become.Whoa... Insane view of Dallas tornado, that moved through moments ago.
Retweeted by LtVictory On Twitch ( GTARP NoPixel Vic Torino )Weird 3am dreams tho @aka_Kimchi Streamer life seems good. Nah but for real bro we here for you @Simplynvm Spoopy @ZoeCatfu You could use one of them child internet banners that shut down your phone or wifi for that time of day."The Simpsons celebrates its 666th episode with 30th Treehouse of Horror" @ZoeCatfu Well tons of dudes have hair that doesn't grow like 90s rockers, more like afros that are super hard to manage. haha @GearboxOfficial That moment when GearboxOfficial followed me on twitter... wait... @NoisyButters OMG. Pure sword to the heart
Well just had my final meal. I should of planned better. Final meal was deer tenderloin tacos, with shrimp and donu… my phone reminding me it's been 2 years since twitch con. I was at my best shape and point in life. Amazingly… @TehraniTwitch uhoh @Shauna_c_jones 1:Delete Snapchat 2:Trash your Phone 3: If you hook it to a PC I think snapchat has it's own folde… is right around the corner and so few people are talking about it !?! @paeragon @sodakite ThiccccNA @TeamLiquidLoL FEELSBADMANIt was a hard group. We took our shot. It wasn't enough. But we'll be back, and for your support this year, Th…
Retweeted by LtVictory On Twitch ( GTARP NoPixel Vic Torino ) @thatnerdviolet niice @SophiaArmen I thought they were protesting by throwing food in the center tbhmy homophobic aunt staring at me across the table at Thanksgiving
Retweeted by LtVictory On Twitch ( GTARP NoPixel Vic Torino ) @LilNasX I got farts from the back, ate me to much cornbread.Person demands we turn up the heat because it's freezing in here "in a full sweater" it's currently 72 as per the h… @TwitchPluto @ChunandRice holy shit @SeanTheBaptiste Like the x-men home but for 007 bastards. @PENTA_live Aww dude ripWell guys I have exactly 24 hours until I am restricted to only eating what the research doctors allow me to. For t… video from an Oregon high school shows how a football coach disarmed a student carrying a loaded shotg…
Retweeted by LtVictory On Twitch ( GTARP NoPixel Vic Torino )Happy 5 am @sodakite Pog @Ashic0rn grattz @thatnerdviolet GRATZ he talll @Kyente pooog @jimhejl NICE
@Keally22 Wouldn't have a three way with her friend @netsirkTTV i thought this was milk and chocolate milk at first @kittyhouseknife So uh you're divorcing him and taking the baby right @GTAWiseGuy I belive i can fly @MrBeastYT This kinda looks first just saying @TravisShreffler Didn't we talk about this not that long ago @cosplaydiver @badnewsbaron !I sense a movie night in our future! 🍿
Retweeted by LtVictory On Twitch ( GTARP NoPixel Vic Torino ) @sodakite OUR DREAM FINALLY COME TRUE I've talked about this with so many people prior! @WholeWheatPete Could really throw your back out if people walk on you @Shauna_c_jones That's ridiculous! @Andy_Lunique Stardew @FairzzTwitch yuuuup @thatnerdviolet gl @fiveub @Mrgregles LMAO @BindiIrwin @AnimalPlanet awwww @cosplaydiver LOL @DANNYonPC The world would be a lot different if you guys turned them another color.It's saturday morning and @discordapp is down.... Are you making me spend time with humans... with my family... ON THE WEEKEND? @Shauna_c_jones Had this happen a lot... It sucks. I know a lot of girls this happened to... It seems to be oddly s… @Kiwion A lamb among wolves 4head @MrFig_ NICE!
@CinderSlays nice @Slasher oh SHIT