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@jazzedloon YEah!!! mazel @markpopham @whitneyarner the shirt could be yosemite sam shooting two guns but they both just have the “bang” flag… @Scaachi :( i just love to listen to civil debate @ryanlcooper we’re going full anarcho-syndicalist collective this time around. only in da big apple baby @Scaachi have dinesh on the pod @RaxKingIsDead comments are closed @RaxKingIsDead when you accidentally say the freaking h word and feel like an absolute fuckcrustable of a dickwaffle great to see the Israel lobby dump millions into opposition campaigns against Black and Muslim candidates lik…
Retweeted by matt lubchansky @nkulw 😎👍 @HotlineJosh the hotline not lighting up on this one. the hotline josh hotline @AgainstBerners have you tried shutting da fuck up @wino_sexual 🙃i can’t WAIT for that vp debate!!!! so many cool reaction gifs!!!! maybe they can argue over who made life worse fo…
@twolinepass hoirncar @redheadkurtz lol this her record @twolinepass hoirncar @sombrer0fallout got some ring bills over here, they’re neatalright got a few things out of my system. checking out some cool gulls now 👍 @SatansJacuzzi I mean we could have posted that funny guy from the times interview, rat photos, etc for like an hou… @SatansJacuzzi that would have at least been funny @srubenfeld good. gOOOD @JessicaValenti @JillFilipovic Sorry for not taking you off Jess, but like, coming from someone with jill’s politic… @JillFilipovic @JessicaValenti cool!!! i am resolving to think it’s cool that she put trans women in men’s jails 👍👍👍👍👍Kamala Harris' hawkish FP record has gone largely overlooked & hasn't factored heavily into public conversations ab…
Retweeted by matt lubchanskyReninder that as CA AG, Kamala Harris put trans women in mens prisons, leading to multiple trans women being raped.…
Retweeted by matt lubchansky @Tewkanz all my brain knows is worst case scenariosworking on a comic about how nice the khive is and how they are NOT a terrifying swarm of psychopaths and how they… @_pem_pem @HarronWawker had a guy telling me he was “sorry he could see The Truth” that protesting was pointless the other day lol likenihilism sux. its one step away from fascism. get a life!
Retweeted by matt lubchanskyinvoluntarily screamed "oh hell yes" to my computer at 1:01
Retweeted by matt lubchansky @lyta_gold ok im literally going into the woods now. thanks @lyta_gold lyta help I’ve been offline why is everyone saying it’s Peter @crusherbort disseminating this wide @arh279 caviar chaw, for the sophisticate on the go @TheBlackNerd *calmly* coffee chawthe ethereal plane of dudes shudders as a new guy is transported to the material planei feel like the very existence of “coffee chaw” is summoning a new kind of Guy into existence @davidgross_man *wiping tears from my eyes* the kids are so good @alyssakeiko long italian @alyssakeiko there’s nothing to get baby. that’s the italian hard lifestyle @alyssakeiko jaya is legitimately making me go to bed now for saying this @alyssakeiko calling this snack an “italian hard”stared directly into the sun for about four hours and now i can’t figure out what’s going on here. gonna grill some loukaniko now
@RaxKingIsDead Giraffe Father @RaxKingIsDead we simply love to be led to the land of milk and honey by a longnecked daddy @RaxKingIsDead i spent a VERY long time drawing necks the specific way moses was drawn as a teen?? weirdly sexy necktaking some days off from work but not from my real job....posting fun lil bits and goofs for my beloved followers.… @kendrawcandraw i preferred Female Male Assigned: Port of Call New Orleansthe kids will save us |
Retweeted by matt lubchansky @bigblackjacobin she's so cool @bigblackjacobin sunday vibin @RaxKingIsDead try to be less of a kween! @RaxKingIsDead perhaps you are too much of a strong woman for herthe kids will save us | @A_Guyton @pedantickilljoy idk who wouldn’t want to have a dialogue with this @jourdayen it rules
Retweeted by matt lubchanskyrorschach’s journal. august 9, 2020: joe biden is a proud woman of color @TheGayChingy they’re all perfect lil gems to moi @TheGayChingy we love to see a correct opinion @LouisPeitzman yes. YEs demanding to be on the podcast louis
wow the art on the new people’s bodega truck is pretty chill. i wonder who made it? will we never know???? @elongreen your funniest and most outlandish troll yet. bravo! @jourdayen fellas what is preventing you from knifin around @brendanowicz @charles_kinbote definitely tons more family guy clones out there. way more @charles_kinbote this is put really cheesily but they have a point imo. animation doesn’t have to just be kids shit…“disorganized” has become shorthand for “I do not respect nor care about the people who are currently organizing be…
Retweeted by matt lubchansky @NatTowsen it’s called having radical politics. look it up @TheHarmDoer im literally headed to a protest against our fascist police now. goodbye! @TheHarmDoer perhaps read the sentence above where I said they aren’t magic and nobody thinks that. My perspective… @NatTowsen he just told me direct action is reverse nihilism @TheHarmDoer you know I’ve been seeing people come up with excuses to not be out there in solidarity for months now… @iriecommie that’s very true! i think it’s pretty clear who I’m talking about here though. @TheHarmDoer “Basic observation of reality” is doing an absolute ton of lifting here. enjoy your nihilism dude. rea… @TheHarmDoer I’m asking you to think about why *you think* this instance won’t work, you dope @TheHarmDoer alright man have a good day. enjoy @TheHarmDoer i suspect you need to interrogate why that’s the case at this moment in history @TheHarmDoer damn you got me. better sit home and post about how they’re cringe @nosex_nosex 🙃 @pedantickilljoy “the truth” lmao what the fuck do you know @TheHarmDoer nobody thinks the protests are magic but sitting around doing nothing and belittling the efficacy of d… @TheHarmDoer who’s saying I disagree with that! come on @TheHarmDoer i hope you’re wrong too man! sitting around being pre-defeated guarantees it though doesn’t it. @pedantickilljoy i feel legitimately bad for you dudedamn gonna print this one out and bring it to the protest today, surely everyone will pack it up… @markpopham @jephjacques does anyone else remember the episode of the cartoon where sonic keeps having nightmares b… @pixie_casey this is also true @jourdayen sorry to the men who are bitter they aren’t the vanguard instead of just happy that a movement is happening lolanyways i found a pair of earrings i forgot i owned AND two tootsie rolls in a box i was about to throw out today.… @travelswbrindle or they are and don’t like who’s organizing them for reasons they don’t care to admit 🙃makes me legitimately sad that there are so many people out there that identify as leftists and think the current p… @pedantickilljoy i know it's certainly easier to pretend like we've already lost and not want to get out there in s… @pedantickilljoy i don't have the time nor the interest to sit here and answer every single question you have about… @pedantickilljoy is protesting in the streets for like 60+ days not a strategy? are the many, many, many organizati… @mtracey farking epic sir!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 zomg you win the internetThe USPS is incredibly popular and it would be the easiest thing in the world to run an aggressive campaign defendi…
Retweeted by matt lubchansky @pedantickilljoy damn incredible insight here, protests have never accomplished anything in human history. just very smart and genius stuff @DavidKlion the good news is maybe he’ll stop posting now, his mission completei’m an incredible friend because i am in fact so bad at remembering names that i WILL completely forget your deadname almost immediately @Patrick_Wyman @david_j_roth @Oneevol bringing a homemade pilum to a protest tomorrow