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@dreamoforgonon @elivalley two nice jewish boys, together!!! we love to see it @Abid_ism *de niro says something and then text on the screen directly contradicts him* that probably doesn't mean anything @SzMarsupial a gal can dream!!!!!!!!!!! @SzMarsupial just sad we'll never get communism OR funny place names over here tbhengland currently rules because you can be like "i'm voting for MP charlestongue thistledick (labour - upper dumbry… @jephjacques can i have a thousand dollars. it's for something else @jephjacques oh man, i would play the absolute hell outta thisi know just what will cheer me up: depressing music from when i was 17 @kenlowery did we ever get a ruling on whether or not that was him doing a bit
@aklingus now we're talkin baby! this is exactly the sort of stuff i'm gonna start saying for the next 20 daysneed a new bit to run out the clock on 2019...thinking about getting really into THE TWO POPES somehow @pilotviruet we just got our daily delivery....they got two whole popes in'd they do itnew comic: talking about everyone's favorite dead-eyed ghoul
Retweeted by matt lubchansky @edzitron i didn't know that sobe Lifewater came with matching shoes now @ryanqnorth @jephjacques ryan it's okay....the queen can't read it if you log on to twitter dot com instead of ca @shujaxhaider is it like the thing sometimes where you're watching a british comedy and they seem to implicitly und… @jephjacques yeah everyone just gets the one town now. just write your town and the zip code (NO LETTERS) @guerrasterisk we're fixing all of it. time to call it an eggplant like everyone elseit's also "Labor" now. we're removing the extra u's lads....muting all british IP addresses nowif i were an english citizen, i would simply vote labor. i'd also straighten out the thing where they call dish soa… @soniasaraiya it's a perfect encapsulation of Our Modern Times and on those merits is an accidental masterpiece @soniasaraiya gotti is a little low for my taste.... @Lubchansky Newman is tsundere
Retweeted by matt lubchansky @crushingbort damn.....newman really do be like that about a SEINFELD source material manga that would have explored the relationships from the live-action ada… @iammattchester you've got this exactly backwards my man..............shameful how far the entire meme review as a… executive order on anti-semitism does not look like what the Times reported it was.
Retweeted by matt lubchansky @joliekerr @mattiekahn @jayasax it's GALEnew comic: talking about everyone's favorite dead-eyed ghoul @shujaxhaider real heads use the broader classical definition of "semitic" @jephjacques the classic amount of sides to every story that we all know and love @elongreen gotta give credit to seth for being right at the end there @jeblucas final war sounds cool though. like ringwraiths and shit? i'm there @elivalley @AbiWilks if only we had a name for the sort of jews that aligned themselves with these powers for personal gain. oh well!yes he said some anti-semitic stuff, but he ALSO aligned himself with a far-right apartheid state and participated… be honest with the new york times, i don't feel super Championed here @audevwhite man this article's attempt to capture every side of the "debate" is resulting in some deeply weird fram… @rosadona you got it bbsaying “cheese” was obviously developed to make you smile for photographs. nowadays they ask you to say basically a… @jayasax come on @helenbholmes this implies the existence of a funny podcast.....interesting @whitneyarner yeah what the hell are you possibly happy about, freak @frankie_jay_tho i think it could have functioned well as the one that they sing when the audience is filing back in from intermission @tommchenry i see them and then quietly pick out my own coffin with the assistance of an orderly from the catholic… ever see someone walking down the street and they’re just smiling. what the absolute fucklooking at my phone and then doing a jim face at the camera back and forth so fast that my neck snaps
@marianbull krolweski jadlo still slaps @emilyhughes do it MORE often? you got itI wrote about the year in labor in the food industry and why it's hit a turning point
Retweeted by matt lubchansky @joshgondelman josh i can't tell if the tweet is good. i think it's great but the numbers are NOT bearing this out @chillhartman jimmy my man gonna have to hit the old DISAGREE button on your reductive take here. hitting the big b… may be overestimated peoples' awareness of a billy crystal autobiographical one-man stage play here @chillhartman I HEARD YOU LIKE CHILLI DOGSwho called it THE IRISHMAN and not 700 SUNDAES. thanksas always a big thanks to the chinless dullards of the UK press for falling for the pilot program version of this horseshit @ioascarium i feel fully insanetaking my top off and waving it around my head on the times square subway platform, hooting and hollering. next new… @geofflapid real heads will recognize gabbagooliano, the italian sandwich cat, from the original book @geofflapid which cat are you playing @AliceAvizandum FRAGONARD: thank you for coming, gentleman. i'm excited to debut my newest piece- BOARD MEMBER: is… @scumbelievable hmm. but she wore a suit, the bravest thing an attractive cis person can do??? @FlotsamAndJason do me and my partner have matching ones......yes also @Monster_Anatomy ayyy @tsayvs not a week passes that I don’t think about thisdo I have a stop making sense tattoo? m a y b e all my Talking Heads Fun Facts to a rat on this subway platform while listening
@pixelatedboat as the nib's official australianism deleter i can't believe i missed your obvious southern hemisphere slang this morning @Nicole_Cliffe nobody will be bad at you, just tell us which borat quote it is @whitneyarner nono don't slouch towards bethlehem to be born your so sexy aha @petegaines what's important here is that consumers have a choiceintroducing: eye
Retweeted by matt lubchansky @kcgreenn eagerly awaiting the return of animation for ADULTS where there's SWEARS and NIHILISM and like, a hot dog… @kcgreenn yeah i guess!! it felt more like a Kiddie movie, my niece n nephew seemed into it @kcgreenn it is firmly OKAY. minor laika but it's fun and she looks nice @iamchrisscott i'm certainly considering itjust realized 2020, which is coming up soon, is an election year! i’ll certainly be reading up on the candidates in… @BrandyLJensen my husband, robert barstool @vvorkingclass thank you.....i try to make goofintroducing: eye @cjkasulke *sighing so hard my lungs collapse* long eggbert
@graceelavery wasn’t aware i could feel this level on anticipation for myself to lay eyes upon a single baked good @andylevy WHAT crank had x-ray vision? Look inside, true believers!yeah you’re thinking about Saturday Universe neera tanden, she’s the one whose ship landed in the ussr instead of kansasi hate having to keep up with what the main characters on twitter are doing over the weekend. the weekend should be… @Choplogik oh my!!!
@aklingus massive disrespect to judge joseph force crater here....running out of stuff to say about being alive....time to undergo a massive personality change once more @franhoepfner i watched this on thursday and was completely zoning out and hearing this brought me WAY back in @pogform definitely thought the queens of the stone age album “songs for the deaf” was appropriate music for when i… anime guy gathering energy for a spirit bomb but it’s just me becoming more depressed the later i stay awake
@NatTowsen @MKupperman one police plaza @yellowcardigan excuse me i don’t see loomis, whom i believe needs accessories for his miniature car @MattBors @MKupperman im a centrist on this issue @joeyalison @MKupperman i was going to leave it to whomever a panel of lawyers decide is the world’s most famous cowboy @MKupperman it’s going right over my drawing desk for now though @MKupperman aw man ❤️ listen if you ever regret selling it, just let me know honestlyjust received the original art of one of my favorite comics ever made 😎 @spooky_dumbass get it though @lukeoneil47 i'm actually hearing that the president's toilet has been replaced with a joke toilet that's just for farts