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Adventure Cartoonist. Sailor Lady. Curious Empathy Machine. Author of 100 DEMON DIALOGUES & BAGGYWRINKLES. 🇺🇸/🇬🇧 She/Her ✉️: PO Box 734, Ojai, CA 93024

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@kellianderson I made A Noise.
Tell the Turning is about to wrap up on Kickstarter! If you haven't yet snagged a copy of this collaboration betwee…
@imemi Gimme that sap I love it
@audkoch Oh this is just gorgeous, Aud. I love the URCHINS!It is @steve_lieber's birthday today, which means it's finally time to release this reference photo we shot at… @steve_lieber There it is. @victoriaying I got so much out of that session. Funny how these things come back around, right? @Lazuliart LOOK AT THESE CUTE-ASS AUTHOR PORTRAITS WHAT THE HELLI absolutely adore everything I've seen so far of @Lazuliart's interpretation—she brought this story to life in way… brainstormed this story at the @lightgreyartlab Iceland residency in 2017 as part of a brief workshop put on by…'ve got a piece coming out soon in @SpitballComic #7, drawn by the inimitable @Lazuliart! There's a few more days… @jellispants Jenn! Thank you for this. You're too kind.We're in the gentle glide towards our final roosting place on this Kickstarter 🦉 Join us, if you haven't already:…
🌱 Websites for Creatives 🌱 starts in 10 (?! 😱) days! 📚 If you can write a book, you can make a website 🗯 If you c…
Retweeted by Lucy Bellwood @jeeyonshim That would be a PARTY. Only two this year that I've seen so far, but they're very good floofs.Its sibling was on the other side of the same tree looking like a smug football. honor of getting my second Moderna shot this morning I would like you all to enjoy the absurd floof of this juve… Kickstarting this illustrated collection of Tara's poetry, still feeling very glad for collaborations between…
@MatthewBogart @Powells FACE OUT, BAYBEE.
@alaskarobotics OH HEYJust over a week left to reserve a copy of #TellTheTurning. Plus other good and beautiful things if you're intere…
Retweeted by Lucy Bellwood
@arianabeewitch @doug_hanke 😍 @doug_hanke Aw Doug! I'm so touched that you're still rocking this <3 @mrwolfcomics @BenHumeniuk Oh Aron. I reread your post about Dylan this morning, too. That lovely photo of you and… @stephencreates I am eternally here for it.
@lucyibutcher Thank you, Lucy <3I've been thinking about Dylan Williams all morning, rereading Jesse's memorial post about him from 2011. They had…
We lost @jesse_hamm this morning—an immensely knowledgeable and generous talent within the comics community and a m… @RipleyLacross This got a bleak laugh. Love you, friend.
Also can we just talk about this publication design for a second because DAMN. Book Birthday to @MatthewBogart and Jesse Holden's INCREDIBLE DOOM VOL. 1! A perfect read for folks who remem… specimens from #TelltheTurning, the illustrated collection of poetry I'm Kickstarting right now with @PDXpersky @wholemilk Representation! In! Media! @EvaFunderburgh Sounds absolutely dreamy. @Blackmudpuppy Damnnnnn look at these BOLD-ASS SHADOWS. LOVE IT. @jeeyonshim Can confirm. Stephen thinks so deeply and curiously and about all this stuff. I'd show u… @EvaFunderburgh Agh I've HEARD. It's definitely on my list. (I lost a whole day to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam for similar reasons.) you're a creator looking to build a website of your own, or just explore questions of what it means to have a co… know who else makes a mean model tall ship? Sergio Aragones. He's on the board of the Channel Islands Maritime…'s a couple more because I love them. recently finished Wonder Tales of Seas and Ships by Frances Carpenter (published in 1959) which was charming and…
I've seen some capital h Handwriting in my day, but Tara's absolutely sits among the most unique and beautiful. I l… @cassmarketos who is she
@imemi @sawdustbear @ttimemachines @WhitTaylorComix @dcorsetto @ezracdaniels @steve_lieber @Trungles @Lubchansky @ravenbookstore c o n s t a n t l yMother's Day [2/2]'s Day [1/2] @MatthewBogart SOON SOON SOON SOONKatie's comics about fostering are always so thoughtful and big-hearted. I loved this."Just because it is all I can do, doesn’t make it less." if you're still staring at that Special Election ballot and feeling adrift, Thursday has compiled an *inc…
I believe there are about 7 of them left, but if they sell out there'll be ample opportunity to bag Stefan's chapbo… us #TellTheTurning teammates have our own creative practices, so we decided to offer a tier of everyone's work!…
I thought this was a tweet but it turned out to be a blog post. Ah well.I just have to remember that I always get to go back and forth. It's a playground, not a conveyor belt.I like to believe I can have both: print with spot gloss and fancy endpapers and send off for offset print runs and… I also know that the possibilities of scale have tripped me up—saddled me with expectations for my work that I… love what crowdfunding has done for us. I love how people have built publishing empires and launched new chapters… many creators approach mid-career success (whatever we might define "success" as), many of us are grappling with… feels like a crucial perspective to remember how meaningful that amount of money was to me. How utterly gobsmack… goal for that first campaign was $1500, which at the time felt like more money than I could possibly imagine. I… process has me thinking a lot about my first campaign—for a comic called True Believer back in 2012—and how fe… launched our Kickstarter on Saturday, because it is a gentle sort of project, and I'm very glad to say it has sp… @stephencreates WHAT! This seems like poor form and I do not care for it.
@LeviHastingsArt Good LORD Levi, the light in the body of the canoe is just exquisite! What a lovely piece <3(If you have children in need of demonic companionship, may I recommend: proof that Inner Critics can be tamed with a judicious application of comics. @drinkerthinker Deeply appreciate the positioning of this pigeon atop @beep's head.
Time to go take a snail walk <3 @PDXpersky Meanwhile I'm over here like: @PDXpersky @CrescentLoom Yeah the bioluminescent vibe is really blowing me away. This is very fun to see in process. @CrescentLoom Good lord, Olive. This game has come SO FAR! @joshmillard V into this @ObliviousWit trying to zoom in further than my phone will allow like @ObliviousWit Wow I only just noticed the TWO TONE COLORS in the piping. Fred Meyer, you have outdone yourself. @ObliviousWit @PDXpersky You've just been WAITING all day haven't you @lucyibutcher Oh thank you! (I secretly love seeing people I think will particularly enjoy the book finding it. You… @keirdubois Gotta get myself down there one of these days. The additional ocean factor really sells it. @thisbrokenwheel Thaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnk you: MATT @tale_of_the_fox @PDXpersky 💛🦉💛 @thursdayb Thank you Thursday, as always. This is SO MUCH work. Many, many Portlanders benefit from your thoroughness and insight. @RareSeaKat @PDXpersky @kickstarter @AmberDStoner Meeeeeeee toooooooooThis whole situation has me thinking so much about conversations with @wendell_britt around allyship and alignment—… is the good stuff. A huge chunk of joy in the #TelltheTurning process comes from being able to turn my own exp…┏┓ ┃┃╱╲ in ┃╱╱╲╲ this ╱╱╭╮╲╲house ▔▏┗┛▕▔ we ╱▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔╲ take walks to avoid obsessively optimizing creative work… and I both emailed the Kickstarter collaboration thread with photos from our morning and evening walks (respec… @ShoMarq @PDXpersky 💛🥳✨😍ANOTHER THING: making this goofy, sweet video for the campaign to try and capture everyone's Very Specific Energy. @fleenguy The cake is in Portland and I am in Ojai so it is safe...for now.Things I have loved about this project so far: - Responding to every instance of urgency with "What if we went slow… morning! #TelltheTurning, a collaborative, illustrated book of poetry by myself and @PDXpersky (published by B…
@doug_hanke "Today, children, we will be learning how to draw A DRY MARTINI." @rathergauche So wild there were three (four?) of us from the area on that call!A particularly energetic and inspiring CreativeMornings meetup this morning! Thanks to @djresy for the tunes,…
Retweeted by Lucy Bellwood @Chamisafe Ahh! So lovely, Chamisa. Thank you for coming. @eli_swihart No small amount of Miss Frizzle energy at play here. @wickglyph Definitely raided my mother's closet for this look. (The tie's my dad's tho.) @beep !!!!!!!!!!