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Professional Adventure Cartoonist. Sailor Lady. Curious Empathy Machine. Author of 100 DEMON DIALOGUES & BAGGYWRINKLES. Rep. @barrygoldblatt. She/her. 🇺🇸/🇬🇧

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@j_zimms @sawdustbear I mean this is basically what happened when I signed up for the #verysecretgoodrockexchange. Best box of the year. @sawdustbear @j_zimms I was just about to say “CALL SHING.” @emilymadly Daaaaang friend you are leveling UP. I love these! @j_zimms IS NOWHERE SACRED @JaradGreene No, and I think that's the only reason I attempted these! If I'd been looking at perfect frosting jobs…
@PunkRokMomJeans Couldn't have done it without you! Thank you for the icing assist. @beep Wowwwwwww that's a hell of a look @leiladelduca Thank youuuuu @anomalily @bonbpdx It’s a heckin’ load of work! Would not recommend for large-scale projects like that.Today marked my first foray into sugar cookie territory and I am excited to report that I made it through the wilde… time this comic resurfaces online I feel a rush of gratitude for my IUD. an art night with some friends and drew a lot of butts. Adobe Fresco has some good stuff going for it.
@MrNathanHale @OKComics Gosh I can't even remember. TCAF? A2CAF? A CAF somewhere.I LOVE THESE 😍 @nonesuchmegan @MattHTaylor Oh yeah baby @OKComics @MrNathanHale Aaaaaa m'boy Powell! I had not. Excited to get my mitts on this, Nathan!Portland: @cartoonstudies alum @KaneIcarusLynch will be hosting a cozy and casual comics meetup this Saturday at Fo…
@alaskarobotics Juneau 😍😍😍Some good looking mountainside today.
Retweeted by Lucy BellwoodThere’s loads of ways to make your money go further with matched donations today, and here’s another! The XOXO comm… @TheSarahShay You will love love love this spot. Sonya is an incredible chef and she’s sourcing a bunch of local pr… @anomalily @Patreon Hard second for Lillian’s book! It’s called A Cat’s Guide to Money and I recommend it to every… @Patreon I’ve heard from a ton of folks that my book has helped them remember they’re not alone in their creative a… @jeslach Standing ovation for "woof-a-doodles."People take refuge in the idea that everyone is meant to behave in certain prescribed ways during certain eras of t…
Retweeted by Lucy Bellwood @OhColeman BEN. YOU MUST GO. It is obscenely good.Finally finally made it to my friend Sonya's new Jewish deli this morning and OH GOSH IT IS DELICIOUS AND BEAUTIFUL… were many gifts in seeing @HelenZaltzman perform The Allusionist live last night, but you should attend her u…
@cjwardart @thingsbydan @TinyMaster I revisit it all the time and it never fails to make me weep. It’s perfect. @OhColeman @jeffparker @sandy_jarrell @PaulTobin @ColleenCoover Aw, Ben! (FIVE!!!)Please purchase one of these plush demons so I can finally take a damn bath in my own home. @SemiProWizard Hahahahaha @SemiProWizard Boy there were a lot of typos in that tweet. @bekkalyndraws Yeah just plunge that sucker into a pulped pile of technical research material and you’re good. @SemiProWizard They tetanus’ me up good when I had my stingray up-in, so thankfully I don’t have to worry about tha… you know white pepper is a totally excellent rapid-blood-staunching, pain-killing first aid option for cuts? Ju… @jezburrows (have you seen jojo rabbit yet tho) @Kerstinlacross @GailSimone @dustinharbin Kerstinnnnn this makes me year up. (Also such good company yeesh!) @StacyLeFevre It REALLY DOES @jezburrows I can't WAIT
@daviddlevine Aw David, thank you. @GalaxyKate This makes me very glad ☺️And of course there are many maaaaany colorful postcards to choose from! you have nautical enthusiasts in your life, I have many fine boat arts in my INPRNT shop, too. Take 15% off with… online shop is offering free shipping on orders over $50 this weekend! There’s loads of books, postcards, prints… I said, 100% kitten content from this point forward.
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Sometimes I find joy in thinking about how there are people out there who will have a significant impact in my life…
Retweeted by Lucy Bellwood @CoastalWilliams So proud of you, Cass. Hang in there.
@OhColeman GOALS @jeffparker Right?! Like roomier is nicer because you can get real beefy wooly boys down in there, but with the ins… think I need to eat lunch.I've been walking up and down the block in size 8s and 9s for an hour and while they both fit I thought the 9s were… still struggle so much with subjective decision-making for larger purchases. I need these weather-proof boots for… @TangoCharlie @TheBethBarnett Next goal: Big Beth Quads. @TheBethBarnett FUCK YES @TheBethBarnett Holy shit congrats on applying for a grant! It seriously gets easier every time (more content to wo…
@roseveleth I have a yoga teacher who starts class by congratulating everyone on making it through the hardest part… @roseveleth My first boss and lifelong mentor always bought a tiny succulent with each rejection, to remind himself…
Retweeted by Lucy BellwoodUgh that link doesn’t work so here’s another @jesse_hamm PAGING @smarx_ TO THE STAGE @beep Thanks, Ethan ☺️ It felt really nice to get ink on my fingers again after so much digital stuff.Expanded on this over on Patreon. “We don’t have to wait until it’s perfect to forgive ourselves. We don’t have to… love structured drawing challenges & deadlines & being a completionist, but I also loved giving myself permission… to explore the Exquisite Creatures exhibit at @OMSI today and WOW GOSH it did not disappoint. @alaskarobotics This is Very Good. @adampknave @ten_bandits Adam explain yourselfIt always feels odd to say I'm "happy" that people resonate with this book because I know what a pain this internal…
@ZomDa She's also named after a hot sauce don't think you can sneak that one past me. @ZomDa THAT'S WHAT I SAID.Then again I would absolutely respond to Lasagna.Andy just showed me this list he's been compiling on his phone. Might've gone over better if I'd understood that th… multicolored library of the world’s ochre pigments archived by Heidi Gustafson
Retweeted by Lucy BellwoodIt was such a pleasure to attend this talk on Friday. Evan was a kind and much-needed voice in an overwhelming week… @ten_bandits Finally, a flag worth uniting under.You can support Ted & Ro on Ko-fi to see behind-the-scenes process videos: And, of course,… haven't picked up anything that's grabbed me like @ten_bandits, @RoStein404, and @Treestumped's art on CROWDED do… @ten_bandits I always try to think of those eyeballs as people I wouldn't have reached anyway if the book was only… @ten_bandits My naive hope is always that those people who've been exposed to the work through pirated channels and… @ten_bandits Ugh, I'm so sorry. This can feel deeply disheartening and frustrating and so many other things besides… @jephjacques Jeph. @peripateticmeg Good plot twist in that last shot 😙👌
@JoryBowers His PAWS THOMet an EXTREMELY good bus stop cat today named Bruno.
I am sitting in a coffee shop before work re-reading The Year of Blue Water by Yanyi and I am in tears.
Retweeted by Lucy Bellwood @ErikaMoen @ashuping @dmeconis @TerriDrawsStuff On my way
@sawdustbear This is Very Good.Not pictured, but contributing stellar advice from the wings: @ColleenCoover & @dmeconis! @graemem Oh YOU. @BenHatke @HelioscopePDX THIS is why I enrolled in the Hatke Method Productivity Seminar.Headed to @HelioscopePDX to give our mentees a lecture about finances and creative careers today. What are the issu… @ten_bandits @alexdecampi *I* feel good about it, if that helps :P @alexdecampi @ten_bandits R E S T T T T T @adampknave By which I mean yes, yes I do do this. @adampknave Adam it isn't even 9am I'm gonna need you to tone it down over here.
Be Gay, Do Comics, the latest book-length collection from @thenib, is over 2/3 funded on their second day! HOT DAMN… of us think being publicly angry is a shield that protects us from needing to share our pain. Then others reac…
Retweeted by Lucy BellwoodJust donated to @dansinker for his tireless work on, a comprehensive (but blessedly clear a… @iSmashFizzle I was just thinking yesterday about the implicit asks in so many tweets. "Please see me," "Please ac… @wholemilk Cole was a tiny bit quicker on the draw so I'm sending them the book, but I love hearing that you've rek… This should be fun.