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Professional Adventure Cartoonist. Sailor Lady. Curious Empathy Machine. Author of 100 DEMON DIALOGUES & BAGGYWRINKLES. She/her. 🇺🇸/🇬🇧

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TFW you divest your stock from a company whose values do not align with your own. @dmeconis Danse Batard.Whatever. @Plustenstrength Love me a good ham picnic. @MarnieGalloway I kept my Cintiq because I figured I'd want to go back to it, but I haven't set it up once since ge… @ObliviousWit Same, friend. It's nice to see your face, though. @coil780 There it is.Oh hey this is tomorrow! Me, @KatVellos, & @benbrown will be coming to you LIVE on @QuarantineBook to talk self pub… @RVoronaCote JESUS[inside washing machine] duvet cover: climb in my brothers every single piece of clothing: we shall build a new life in the big sock
Retweeted by Lucy BellwoodTomorrow night - learn about self publishing and making small books with me, @KatVellos and @LuBellWoo ->
Retweeted by Lucy Bellwood @JoryBowers I wish I didn’t relate to this but gosh I really do.Ah, baking. Black School is an experimental art school founded on core principles of Black love, wellness, & self determina…
@AbbyHoward I just legitimately screamed "WHAT THE FUCK" aloud at my phone this is SO GOOD ABBYHi hello crying can be great. Crying can be a friend. something to LOOK FORWARD TO in Quarantine! Isolation has made an introvert of me, and I didn't realize how mu…
@NativeApprops Thank you so much for linking to this (and for writing it in the first place). I've been thinking so… attend—I love the word attend—to the quotidian in all its repetition and randomness
Retweeted by Lucy BellwoodPlaying. @tellmesoiknow I reread all of Eat Mangoes Naked on the porch yesterday and I am here to tell you it was the medicine I needed.This quote stopped me in my tracks when I read it yesterday. I feel like I’ve spent the last few years wrestling wi… @Trungles @eli_swihart I assume many forms ✨ ✨ ✨
Never too early to start reading up on what's coming down the pipeline in the next election.And speaking of ballot measures: @moretreatment has collected enough signatures to put #IP44 before the public this… County has a chance to put Universal Preschool on the ballot this November! There are lots of folks out i…
@olliegerlach @paullicino I'm so, so glad 💛 @thistle_burr 💛💛💛This conversation with Paul was one of my favorites in recent memory. We got to talk really openly about all the st…
@inkandpen It takes as long as it takes 💛 @MikeyBadr Aw, thanks Mikey. I surprise myself going back to them, too!Take a moment to recognize the body you are in at this moment—the heritage and heft of it—and then read this stunni… keep thinking about this Demon Dialogues entry. Somehow it never stops being true. @sarahmirk Your zine was the first piece of media that introduced me to this concept and I’m THRILLED they did away with it here.I think I was up to number nine before the lightbulb went off.Shout-out to everyone yelling "I JUST DON'T KNOW WHY I'M SUCH A MESS" directly prior to listing fifteen intensely s… @SageCoffey @litebox_info YES SAGE. This will never not infuriate me.
@stephencreates Sometimes the only thing for it is to get the heck into bed. I'm sorry it's rough over there.Brief pause to appreciate the heavenly scent of this bad boy. @em_madly I'm so sorry you feel crummy but also so glad and grateful you are in the world (snotty or otherwise).🎉🎉🎉 Em is 32! I just donated $32 to @TheOkraProject in their honor and I hope you'll join me 💛 Give here:… @cavetoonist I roughed out twenty pages for our pitch and as soon as we started talking to editors it became clear… @schweizercomics aww I love this!If your local library system isn't fine free yet, it's absolutely worth dropping them a line to say you support it.Some much-needed good news: our library system just did away with late fines and cleared all outstanding $730,185 o… @MultCoLib Spectacular news!! @MatthewBogart 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛 @paullicino Yaaaaay thanks for having me! This was one of my favorite conversations in recent memory. @SarahFrisk I love this thread, Sarah! Thank you for collecting these resources in one place.
Mailing out another batch of prints today to folks who donated to help put @blackresiliency over a MILLION! The fun…
@SageCoffey Thank you, Sage.Super valuable thread of orgs offering affordable mental health support to marginalized communities. (If you're a b… @blackresiliency YESSSSSSSSS 🎉🎉🎉🎉 @chuckspear James you're such a gem of a human. Sending you big love from over here.
@PDXpersky I love that this is coming together at such a languorous pace 💛
@maxgladstone @tithenai YES YES YES YES CONGRAAAAAAATS @cavetoonist *whispering* t h e f r e c k l e s t h oI try to spend my time being proactive instead of just being furious about wealth inequality but also AGHHHHGHGGH @cavetoonist @saceramicstudio Uhhhhhhhhmmmmm hi hello hey wow gosh Ray you look GREATAdd this to Matt Korostoff's Wealth Shown to Scale ( for maximum motivation to shake up the…"That 2019 Yale University study, called 'The Misperception of Racial Economic Inequality,' found that Americans be… @Laelaps @The_Splash This is so heckin' cute. (also your taaaaaats 😍)Stunning and powerful work from Laura. (You can read the whole thing more clearly here: @Jordan_Crane @llaurappark Seconded! I've been asking myself all the same questions, and you've done such a beautif… more sweet art in exchange for giving to @blackresiliency this weekend? Christa has you covered. donations to @blackresiliency are DOUBLED this weekend! The fund is providing much-needed concrete support to B…
@mattbaker 👋 Hope you're keeping well!I continue to by absolutely floored by folks who can engage on Twitter with this level of nuance and compassion. Th… from Emmanuel "Onry" Henreid & Joni Renee Whitworth on @Portland_CM's livestream right now. They're working…
@meerahpowell Thank you for taking the time to cover this story and craft this thread.In response to youth expressing the need for connection and collective care, Brown Girl Rise will be hosting online…
Retweeted by Lucy Bellwood @justkelly_ok Feeling anxious doesn't make you any less of a badass 💛 You've got a deep bench. Go get 'em.Still mailing these out to folks who donate to @blackresiliency! They're currently over 825k and still going strong… @GameBiologist Yaaaay!
Sarah's work is always so compassionate and informative—I admire the hell out of her. continues to be one of my very favorite people writing about creative practice, activism, and identity. I… @ms_andreajoy @jkglei Ah! Yay. Glad we're in there together. @ms_andreajoy Aw thank you Andrea! This is very kind.Registration for this Friday's @Portland_CM talk with Nishat Akhtar and Tahirah Edwards-Byfield opens today at 9am!…
@RMH40 aghhhhhhh peak dad @sydneypadua WOW.750k! Holy shit.
@schweizercomics Extremely here for this thread 💛💛💛To whoever's slap tagging Rockwell Kent's illustrations from Moby-Dick in my neighborhood: I see you. progress in Breonna's case. Still a far cry from justice, but calls and emails matter. Thank you to all who ha… @MsKellyMHayes @bresha_meadows Done! Can't wait to see y'all smash that goal.(And yes, Juneteenth was yesterday, but imagine if we got to look back a year from now and celebrate the fact that… 2016, at the age of 89, Opal Lee began to walk from her home in Fort Worth, TX to Washington D.C. to advocate fo…
I didn’t know about Juneteenth until just a few years ago. Here’s a comic with the basics for anyone who is wonderi…
Retweeted by Lucy Bellwood @naomiyaki Naomi!! This comic is so beautiful (and full of valuable info)! Thank you for sharing it with us 💛Eleanor is a goddamn treasure. that I'm mailing prints to anyone who donates to @blackresiliency and sends me a receipt! I've mailed 57 p… @the_jennitaur Amen to that. @Khurzad @Gingerhazing @shoomlah Bit recent for me. Your primo source for Titanic comics and lore would actually be @MattHTaylor!
Four more days to sign up for Wendell's online course! @jayeperview Aw I love this! Your ten-year goal fucking rules.So important to acknowledge what's been accomplished when we're all fighting to feel like any of this is significan… you need help crafting an email, I'm happy to share the sources I used to write mine. Sending an individualized… June 5th AG Daniel Cameron said he "does not have a timeline for completing his investigation into [Breonna] Tay…
Badass artist Tessa Hulls is now doing an impromptu residency within #CHOP (formerly #CHAZ). She's looking for folk…