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@wernericeman When you didn't help me then why you expect it @wernericeman @IceColdMystic I have dm @pvpoke @AlolaHardowt Check tweets and messages. @pvpoke Sierra Lapras Arlo Pineco Cliff Grimer @pvpoke Hi Turtwig from grass Stunky from Dark Nidoran M from Poison Psyduck from Water @guizo_xv @nyankosensei252 OMG 😱 @nyankosensei252 What just happened?!😱😍😘😍😱😍 !! 3 in a row!!😱💚💚❤
Retweeted by Lana @koofydonnis @OzRlate1 Sierra Lapras Cliff Grimer Arlo Pineco @DarshanPardesh9 No @AarifMonu @DarshanPardesh9 @AarifMonu Just confirmed @AarifMonu Aren't they? @AarifMonu They are live 😅 @ThruMeSheShines Dope @OzRlate1 Once again the made a change to it. You can get it now from Sierra rocket leader .Currently no reports from balloons. @OzRlate1 Shiny shadow lapras is available from balloon grunts ONLY.Their dialogue ends with 'Winning is for winner… @OrangeHeart2018 Is that absol guaranteed shinyhowever, I will say it is fun simply because the battles take like 2 minutes because everything either one-shots ea…
Retweeted by LanaA mysterious duo has arrived in Pokémon GO via a...Meowth balloon? The two call themselves Jessie and James, and it…
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@CoordsPokemon @IceColdMystic Don't worry. She can't read English. Our secrets are safe @CoordsPokemon @IceColdMystic I was one who caught that. @CoordsPokemon Pokemon go is taking credit 😛 @nyankosensei252 1035* @gingerlykimber1 Ggs @tharyanking @FLWvideos Look your Content creator lost challenge haha He is a sucker @7evennpls Got it thanks @Black_22x @FLWvideos Don't worry dude @black_22x it's not about videos it's about editing which I'm sure FLW can do better man. @FLWvideos Name ANY Pokemon released or unreleased you want me to edit.!!!! Don't run away now dude. You officiall… @FLWvideos I guess you will not stay silent after challenging me. Reply to my tweet for official challenge. @FLWvideos Challenge accepted @FLWvideos Videos.
@7evennpls I'm really sorry for disturbing but can you please provide the link. 😞 @FLWvideos You terrible/lazy at editing lol @AzarayGeO @7evennpls Yes @7evennpls @7evennpls I can't read them.Please provide direct download link like google drive or one you had sent last… @7evennpls 🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎈🎈🎀🎁 @7evennpls Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy @7evennpls We did it!!!! @7evennpls Congrats boyyWell guys in spite of all that I have endured from the time I woke up this morning I would like to say just one thi…
Retweeted by Lana @DisneyGamer_ Too early hahaI was thinking about keeping him.. but I haven’t collected the costume pikas no reason to start now no matter how c…
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@GaryOakblog 👎 @7evennpls Btw please try to send me link of premier league. @7evennpls Go my boy gooo @Kelven91 Kyurem?Who knows what will be happening tomorrow, but just in case here's a graphic of Shadow Pokemon to target in case Fr…
Retweeted by Lana @7evennpls Link please
@ThruMeSheShines Rip @ChanhNguyen26 You sure are a pro. 💪 Yea I don't run for teams. I stick with my own team but yeah It takes me a lo… @LilGP1203 @ashkaijin X* @ChanhNguyen26 Thanks for explaination.Trying to learn from you pros. I hope I will be able to reach r10 some day. @7evennpls @limonlime94 @TheAsianMilkMan @ash_valor Hi @7evennpls .If you have premier cup info graphic please take… @Coreheypostman Plusle is balloon pikachu but just balloon @Coreheypostman Hi check dm @ashkaijin Hot things 🔥🚨 CONCEPT 🚨 Pokémon: Mega Charizard X & Mega Charizard Y Based on: The upcoming release of Mega Evolution in Pokém…
Retweeted by Lana @PoGoWh1skeyITJ @7evennpls (´∀`)♡ @AceLeaderSky @KINGOFCHARMNDRS Just after reading this tweet,I felt some kind of joy.I dont know how!!!MajesticRANK 10! RANK10! RANK 10!
Retweeted by Lana @ChanhNguyen26 Just one question,why did you not used that last superpower of melmetal. I guess there were reasons?… @CoordsPokemon You will be back in no time I know🙌🙏
@ElliotUnbound @pvpoke Thanks @Lucario88357817 @pvpoke
Retweeted by Lana @pvpoke I can have a better sleep if you post in like half an hour XD @pvpoke Premier cup infographic please✨ TEDDISURA NEST ✨ Lake Merced Park San Francisco, CA🇺🇸 37.725633,-122.491876 #PogoShinyMasters @FoxxyFoto
Retweeted by Lana @nyankosensei252 @IceColdMystic @dhaarvi7 Hey Aya,that was not a steal if they accept now cords from you.Sometimes… @Gucc1G4ng69 @Daniel68815734 They do only if they hit r10 lol @Gucc1G4ng69 @Fcup8181realJK Oh shit ! nice! Now you can mess around without a care in the world.
Retweeted by Lana @Coreheypostman I dont mean that😅Check dm for explanation🔭 🎊Ƥσкє́мση ƓO Ƒєѕт Qυєѕт 🎊 🔭Stardust Quest - Singapore 🇸🇬 🎣 Catch 8 Flying-type Pokemon - 1200 Stardust 🗒 Jul…
Retweeted by Lana @Coreheypostman If I win then please take my account ,I dont mind even when you scam me😘 @Coreheypostman Thanks.Just saying if you give a ticket instead of whole account,that can be X2 times betterGot another level 30 account to giveaway 😃🥳 got a few shinies n legends + stack of remote passes + gofest ticket an…
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@ShinyHunter420 Again someone had already guessed croagunk so I choose the pokemom which lefts after everyone has choosen.😫 @nyankosensei252 Good night @DisneyGamer_ Aw man.Sad😞 @DisneyGamer_ What exactly happened? @ShinyHunter420 Someone already wrote riolu so guess is croagunk @ShinyHunter420 RioluJuly is National Bereaved Parents Month..this is my beautiful Erin Nichole murdered January 06, 2015. If you know a…
Retweeted by Lana @nyankosensei252 ? @Will7vdv @pvpoke We love you heatran lol @IceColdMystic @nyankosensei252 Then gimme lol38.713905,-104.719419 💯Teddiursa CP1214 Lv34 #Shinycheck
Retweeted by Lana @IceColdMystic @ThruMeSheShines 38.713905,-104.719419 💯Teddiursa CP1214 Lv34 Lmao @OzRlate1 @CoordsPokemon Lol
Uh oh @shinypok3hunt3r I tell ya something funny is going on... That is 2 Flychus for me this morning. I usually c…
Retweeted by Lana @ZygardeFriends @nyankosensei252 Marshadow!!✨Shiny Ducklett✨ Little purple guy. Fake. Es Falso. RT ♥ #pokemongo #ducklett @engel_go #pokemon #Ducklett
Retweeted by LanaI can do Fully lobby Chain Raid Ho oh ✨ Charmander ✨ Bulbasaur ✨ Squirtle ✨ Pikachu ✨ Or other you want... there any specific Pokemon hunt you guys want me to post? Or you good? @ThruMeSheShines Where are you hunting, any spot with High spawns?? @MsLopunny @engel_go @ShinyHunter420 I don't like Kanto, still you can say maybe a clefairy @Kelven91 Finally that stardust fix
@ShinyHunter420🎈Flying Pikachu 🎈 Flying pikachu will be available on July 3 ,8 am local time. RT♥ #pokemongo #flyingpikachu
Retweeted by LanaTirtouga 💯935 L22 BOOSTED 1.252248,103.824479 #PokemonGO #pokemon
Retweeted by Lana @Kelven91 @DownloaderBot