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Myz be Lucifer and Iz live in germany. Furriends call me Luce. Iz born on 1 Mai 2018 an adopt to my furrever hom on 29 Jun 2018.

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Watch this scruffy feral cat turn into a blue-eyed beauty — and fall asleep on his mom's chest 😍
Retweeted by Lucifer - fank youz Axl 🌈Huge dogs and a cat adapt to their new baby sister — and then get a surprise new family member ❤️
Retweeted by Lucifer - fank youz Axl 🌈 @FreddyKitty @JoyceTurkington Hapee Birfdeys ladees 🥳🎂 @busterthecatto @JoyceTurkington Oh myz Dat pawful 🙀 Humilashun @stsweeney3 Youz de pees wal so dems no get into argumens? Or Jellybean an Scruffa naow lubly sibfurrs? @stsweeney3 @GingerLoafTigs @MyKittyVinnie @scruffkit An wite an grey bois, an blacc bois, an tabi, an calicos, an… @NaboCane @GingerLoafTigs @stsweeney3 @MyKittyVinnie @scruffkit Hamsum smol orinj babee of a kitteh 💚 @KittyTweets @ElizGriff2016 Hapee Birfdeys 🎂🥳 no place like home,so everyone keep your paws crossed that we can help make Jeri's dreams come true&find her…
Retweeted by Lucifer - fank youz Axl 🌈 @Lily_spokescat @stsweeney3 @MyKittyVinnie @scruffkit Speshily screm Miss Eevee 😹 @Lily_spokescat @stsweeney3 @MyKittyVinnie @scruffkit Mommy no otha cate pic on phon den mez an myz lubly Biscuitz @stsweeney3 @MyKittyVinnie @scruffkit Hoarda ob cate pics 💚 @stsweeney3 @GingerLoafTigs @MyKittyVinnie @scruffkit Ginga gurl hab somft spot for ginga bois @stsweeney3 @MyKittyVinnie @scruffkit 💚 @MyKittyVinnie @stsweeney3 @scruffkit Als de qutes Scruffas 💚
@ElizGriff2016 @YukiandHana2 @KleineLoewin66 Dobl expert eben @sarge_stan @ElizGriff2016 @YukiandHana2 @KleineLoewin66 Youz kno als bout somft clouds Miss Elizabeth 💚 @stsweeney3 @MyKittyVinnie @scruffkit But youz sho hims otha cates @sofeekitty @Lily_spokescat @ililita @AxlCat2 @scrag_cat @XenaBonina @scruffkit @BigBlackBeast4 @DUCHYKINS3 Aww Cha… @TrixyTheCalico @UnamusedSnorlax @scruffkit @RonnieP08 @JellyOzzy @zeldorb @dumplingisacat @Biskitty_Boy @UnamusedSnorlax @scruffkit @RonnieP08 @JellyOzzy @zeldorb @TrixyTheCalico @dumplingisacat @Biskitty_Boy @MilleGangs Herz wil hab goodi furriends otrb n wil be welcomd by ameowzing cates @MilleGangs Mez lot sowwy for Millie Herz be in hearts ob herz furriends an youz wil tus @MyKittyVinnie @JulesPierre19 Wey betta Viney @Florenc00526929 Sleeb gweat an peesful Flossie 💚 @MyKittyVinnie @JulesPierre19 But hab Viney furr on Dat mak it betta @MyKittyVinnie Viney mad a blep for gwaduashin @AxlCat2 @sofeekitty @Lily_spokescat @scrag_cat @XenaBonina @scruffkit @BigBlackBeast4 @DUCHYKINS3 @ililita Iz jus… @sofeekitty @Lily_spokescat @scrag_cat @AxlCat2 @XenaBonina @scruffkit @BigBlackBeast4 @DUCHYKINS3 @ililita See? Hims sowwy @Lily_spokescat @sofeekitty @scrag_cat @AxlCat2 @XenaBonina @scruffkit @BigBlackBeast4 @DUCHYKINS3 @ililita But...… @sofeekitty @scrag_cat @Lily_spokescat @AxlCat2 @XenaBonina @scruffkit @BigBlackBeast4 @DUCHYKINS3 @ililita A week bit lomg Lily? @sofeekitty @scrag_cat @Lily_spokescat @AxlCat2 @XenaBonina @scruffkit @BigBlackBeast4 @DUCHYKINS3 @ililita It okie… @scrag_cat @AxlCat2 @sofeekitty @Lily_spokescat @XenaBonina @scruffkit @BigBlackBeast4 @DUCHYKINS3 @ililita Axl Youz be shoccd tus? @scrag_cat @sofeekitty @Lily_spokescat @AxlCat2 @XenaBonina @scruffkit @BigBlackBeast4 @DUCHYKINS3 @ililita Mez veby shoccd George! @scrag_cat @sofeekitty @Lily_spokescat @AxlCat2 @XenaBonina @scruffkit @BigBlackBeast4 @DUCHYKINS3 @ililita Dis no… @sofeekitty @Lily_spokescat @AxlCat2 @XenaBonina @scruffkit @scrag_cat @BigBlackBeast4 @DUCHYKINS3 @ililita Bad wur… @sarge_stan Foure dobloons @AlanSla90124663 @EdibleCatsClub @starbuckssue @parsleysmum @MrsToggit @FreddyKitty @Freeds @dizzydaydream8 @Andy18512371 @FreddyKitty Der a kitteh in de bag??? #UddysParty @Andy18512371 @mindthinkr @FreddyKitty @MunchPudding @LittleTess3 @KelliDa80763885 Hehehe Be bit lates cos Mommy ha… @Andy18512371 @mindthinkr @FreddyKitty @MunchPudding @LittleTess3 @KelliDa80763885 Hai sisfurr Maggie *Hugs* #UddysParty @AlanSla90124663 @EdibleCatsClub @starbuckssue @IdaSmedman @FreddyKitty @IndyCatBear1 @MrsToggit @parsleysmum @starbuckssue @AlanSla90124663 @IdaSmedman @FreddyKitty @IndyCatBear1 @MrsToggit @parsleysmum @EdibleCatsClub @starbuckssue @AlanSla90124663 @IdaSmedman @FreddyKitty @IndyCatBear1 @MrsToggit @parsleysmum @EdibleCatsClub @AlanSla90124663 @starbuckssue @IdaSmedman @FreddyKitty @IndyCatBear1 @MrsToggit @parsleysmum @EdibleCatsClub @BuddyakaBuddyB1 Dis seem veby francis 🤔 #UddysParty @georgiarealist Hai Puddin #UddysParty @starbuckssue Bit late cos Mommy hab to eats furrst #UddysPartyHewwo Pawty stil goin? #UddysPartySowwy Mommy no reply soona Herz hab needs food 🙄 De sho be supa fabulos an youz be pawsome meowdel dear Sparkle… @Lily_spokescat @PeytonReads @ShivaandJaya *deep blush* #wsfs @sugar88111 @starbuckssue @mindthinkr @Andy18512371 @PeytonReads @ShivaandJaya @mindthinkr @starbuckssue @Andy18512371 @sugar88111 @PeytonReads @ShivaandJaya Fanks #wsfs @starbuckssue @Andy18512371 @mindthinkr @sugar88111 @PeytonReads @ShivaandJaya @XenaBonina Herz so talentd #wsfs @Andy18512371 @starbuckssue @mindthinkr @sugar88111 @PeytonReads @ShivaandJaya Mez tus @starbuckssue @Andy18512371 @mindthinkr @sugar88111 @PeytonReads @ShivaandJaya Ye @mindthinkr @starbuckssue @Andy18512371 @sugar88111 @PeytonReads @ShivaandJaya Be mez? 😏 #wsfs @mindthinkr @PeytonReads @sugar88111 @ShivaandJaya @Andy18512371 @starbuckssue No wories It a veby respecful Peyton… @starbuckssue @mindthinkr @Andy18512371 @sugar88111 @PeytonReads @ShivaandJaya It dees confoosin tym zons silly hoo… @Andy18512371 @starbuckssue @mindthinkr @sugar88111 @PeytonReads @ShivaandJaya Naow wez enjoi Sparkls sho an den go pawty wiff Uddy @LittleTess3 @4Kattins @sugar88111 Yum Fanks Tessie 💚 #wsfs @starbuckssue @Andy18512371 @mindthinkr @sugar88111 @PeytonReads @ShivaandJaya Butiful auntie Plum #wsfs @mindthinkr @sugar88111 Oh ye Eberyfin sharkie be herz fabrit #wsfs @Andy18512371 @mindthinkr @sugar88111 @PeytonReads @ShivaandJaya @starbuckssue Myz sisfurr Maggie much pwetty 💚 #wsfs @sugar88111 @PeytonReads @ShivaandJaya Fanks mez wuld laik a vanila shak pwease No wana be gweedy an tak dems als 😹 #wsfs @mindthinkr @sugar88111 @PeytonReads @ShivaandJaya @Andy18512371 @starbuckssue Oh no Dis hat so pwetty #wsfs @LittleTess3 @4Kattins @sugar88111 Hai Tessie Culd mez hab sum poped corn pwease? #wsfs @sugar88111 @PeytonReads @ShivaandJaya Fanks Carrot Veby noice #wsfs @hcarpenter98 @PeytonReads @ShivaandJaya *blush* #wsfs @PeytonReads @ShivaandJaya Fanks Peyton #wsfs @seachelle669 @PeytonReads @ShivaandJaya Fanks Bentley #wsfs @PeytonReads @ShivaandJaya Peytonrazzi 😹 #wsfs @PeytonReads @ShivaandJaya It a gweat tym Sparkle 👍 #wsfsThis stray puppy was so terrified he wouldn't stop screaming — watch the moment he finally asks for a belly rub 💞…
Retweeted by Lucifer - fank youz Axl 🌈 @PeytonReads @ShivaandJaya *arivin at de #wsfs carpet an pos for Peytons cam* an hers extra fuzzy blankie fitting in perfects in #PurpleTowelGang!
Retweeted by Lucifer - fank youz Axl 🌈#missingcat #missingpet #plymouth #plympton
Retweeted by Lucifer - fank youz Axl 🌈 @JulesPierre19 Lub als furriends an dems hooms @JulesPierre19 JP mommy be gweat hoom an cates ob tweety lub youz lots 💚 @bao_bao_bun Veby noice an speshul choccy beans 😻 @JulesPierre19 @MyKittyVinnie @stsweeney3 @scruffkit At leest! @bao_bao_bun Ye an ye @TpnetRoger Impatan nappe tyms @MyKittyVinnie @stsweeney3 @scruffkit Ye Hims so sads hims hab watafals unda eys Dis can jus be mak rite wiff humen… go happen today! A teaser be on Go show yous on da red carpet from 6PM CET!…
Retweeted by Lucifer - fank youz Axl 🌈Do you follow Steve @SteveStuffie? If you don't you are missing out! Besides being an expert bartender at…
Retweeted by Lucifer - fank youz Axl 🌈 @MyKittyVinnie @stsweeney3 @scruffkit Hims heartbroke @MyKittyVinnie Iz kno dat @stsweeney3 be masif hoarder ob cate pics jus for de purpos of tel poor @scruffkit haow q… @MyKittyVinnie Luce saf Viney dade! Mez lub youz boff lots an veby sowwy youz be gib hards tyms!Dweam ob lgbt+ rites! #CatsOfTwitter #BlackCat #PanfurrSquad #LGBT #loveislove @oneeyedwillow @twoeyedbuffy dems 2 be as qutes as sum pawdorabl sisfurrs mez kno 😻💚 @sarge_stan gonsida de doblons! @tthiking @scruffkit Fanks 💚 @scruffkit Ye @scruffkit Der be Scruffa! But mez growl at dems an bwing Mommy bacc hom @marmitetabbycat Youz looki qutes Marm 💚 @tthiking @scruffkit Mez be! An looki stylish wile at it!