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Irish! Short? the world may never know 16/she/her ★ ✿

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Retweeted by luci goosianother sketch request i drew
Retweeted by luci goosi @scuffed05 @Darkyybrb @TKBreadSniffer @iFireMonkey I honestly haven't either, but my lobbies are just filled with h… @sunshine_dust_ @iFireMonkey Should be out on the 23rd @Darkyybrb @TKBreadSniffer @iFireMonkey My lobbies are the same, majority of players in most of my lobbies use grefg
some instagram sketch requests i drew
Retweeted by luci goosi @ViveeFox Melon Behemoth @ViveeFox Grape Incubus @ViveeFox Coconut Cacodemon @ViveeFox Apple Imp @reckoning__ @GaryTheCreator @iFireMonkey Where did the 7 months come from? @mamarinpalace YES legally you have to show me if you do @reckoning__ @GaryTheCreator @iFireMonkey 2 years ago? Ninja, Lufu and Grefg were announced only a year ago, in C2S1steam lets you edit background images for games so i did this
Retweeted by luci goosi @DEMECO2k @iFireMonkey Nobody knows when or what skins are releasing unless epic say it themselves @MadDogMan3 @iFireMonkey Damn that one letter really makes it hard for you to understand it huh @jackmacf12 @iFireMonkey Nobody knows when items are releasing into the shopGrubHub is facing multiple lawsuits for creating fake listings for local restaurants who don’t use GH. They result…
Retweeted by luci goosiFortnite Orin - just a quick doodle shaboodle of this boi ✌️😆💗💗 #FORTNITE #flowerbombv🌸💣
Retweeted by luci goosiHey everyone, thanks so much for sticking around. You guys are the best! 💙 I'm alive and still trying to figure ou…
Retweeted by luci goosiThe Predator Inspired by the short teaser they showed a few days ago, awesome to have the Predator in Fortnite so…
Retweeted by luci goosiRobot dog? Robot dog.
Retweeted by luci goosi色違いも全部好きです!ブルズアイちゃん! #fortnite #FortniteArt #FortniteFanArt #フォートナイトイラスト
Retweeted by luci goosi🦁[CONCEPT TIME]🦁 Lionesie, king of the midnight snacks.. I thought that kitty paws would make a great harvest too…
Retweeted by luci goosi @D3NNI_yt We stan The Seven in this house @DatStapleBoi @QtTrios @FortTory Same way as the iron man one I guesshey guys (og in replies) #pikmin
Retweeted by luci goosiCoincidental timing or have my dabs become so powerful that it caused the explosion? I haven't dabbed since and it'…
Retweeted by luci goosi @ssoule15 @the_thing_doer @ShiinaBR The fox was probably referring to the creator of the female midas skin, who has… @QuiGlaceon17 @thegoldennuber @rigbyfish @HappyPower @ShiinaBR It's the only skin we know of that it could be as of… @sackboy5055 @BEAR70095767 @CoolCHRISZ @Lucas7yoshi Yep, normal crossovers will just pop up and go, but if a portal…'S GOOOOO #BreathoftheWild #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by luci goosi @sackboy5055 @BEAR70095767 @CoolCHRISZ @Lucas7yoshi the portals are literally specifically for the hunters and nobo… makes a new friend :) #FortniteArt #FortniteZeroPoint
Retweeted by luci goosi @splatoongam @Ur_Boi_M07 @clunkyx @HYPEX @ximton The lever action shotgun got added to comp less than a week agodid a thing
Retweeted by luci goosi💗 Heart tsuki concept 💗 I made a tsuki valentines day concept ! something fun I had thought for a while ^-^ I thi…
Retweeted by luci goosi
Journey into the unknown...💫 #fortnite #FortniteArt #fortnitedrift #FortniteSeason5
Retweeted by luci goosi @jdblea3 @D3NNI_yt @FortniteStatus Better than nothing[Skin Concept]: LOTTIE ✨♥️♠️♦️♣️✨ Quick idea that I had last night while also working on another concept haha, jus…
Retweeted by luci goosi @Wurczy @iFireMonkey They almost definitely wont release until they fix them @dabes_anwar @iFireMonkey Nobody knows the shop until it happens
Retweeted by luci goosi @jdblea3 @D3NNI_yt @FortniteStatus Hence why its 15.21, not 15.30 This is already a lot for an update so minorshelter 🌧️🌱 bit of style and mood practice
Retweeted by luci goosiRoyal Feline Portraiture (short comic)
Retweeted by luci goosimfw i listen to "songs that make you feel like a villain" (Skipper belongs to @OPERATORS_ )
Retweeted by luci goosi
Retweeted by luci goosihey all im.still broke if anyone wants to help a chronically ill black lesbian survive pls rt and donate! v*nm0: @/…
Retweeted by luci goosi(FORTNITE CONCEPT) Rock candy Renegades! These two are the most bitter dudes you'll ever find, don't think they're…
Retweeted by luci goosi @VladimirTheDuck Yeah, Dutch would be in the same set as predator, because it relates to the set, not the skin itself @VladimirTheDuck @XTigerHyperX @Mang0e_ @FortniteGame Nightmare just refers to stuff relating to the predator, like… @XTigerHyperX @Mang0e_ @FortniteGame For example, the secret challenges are labelled nightmare too iirc @XTigerHyperX @Mang0e_ @FortniteGame Yeah, and Dutch would be part of that, would he not? @XTigerHyperX @Mang0e_ @FortniteGame that's the set's codename tho, if a character like Dutch were to show up he wo… Incoming Transmission - Reality Log 2053105-28 :: Target Description: Yautja - Trophy Hunter
Retweeted by luci goosisquish boy painting
Retweeted by luci goosi @luxchip @Mrbrandonard @OPERATORS_ @onslaughtiscool Fuck you beat me to it @VidyaChat @ItsYaBoi_Fox @iFireMonkey @ShiinaBR Ahh, makes sense Thanks for the info! @VidyaChat @ItsYaBoi_Fox @iFireMonkey @ShiinaBR I havent, but Dutch hunts it, right? Is that not his character? @YeetiGaming @PizzaPocketGod2 @iFireMonkey @YeetiGaming @PizzaPocketGod2 @iFireMonkey It's not, that's a separate creative mode The tournament is normal solosDoodling a new guy. He 'aight.
Retweeted by luci goosi @lvvkeyy @slashszn @HYPEX Mhm, now read the original tweet that said "announce" @slashszn @lvvkeyy @HYPEX Yall said announce lmao, get outta here with that @jorandebrueker @HYPEX Not sure how many player will get it free, and the price is unknown rn, that info will probably come out tomorrow @lvvkeyy @slashszn @HYPEX Mhm, sure they havent @jorandebrueker @HYPEX Free for tournament winners only, in the shop on the 23rd @LawsonJaxs @HYPEX Should be tomorrow at 9am et (assuming that I've got that timezone correct) @slashszn @HYPEX They did already, we've even gotten the backbling ingame and the loading screen in the filesSkull Kid cooldown, nighty-night
Retweeted by luci goosi @BruhMom21236224 @ItsYaBoi_Fox @iFireMonkey @ShiinaBR Highly doubt it, the portal makes predator sounds @ItsYaBoi_Fox @iFireMonkey @ShiinaBR Presumably one of the people who hunt the predatorThis is not a joke. A big zone of my country is on fire, my best friend lives in Quilpué, lots of people being evac…
Retweeted by luci goosiIf you could please please retweet this so he can’t hurt anyone else
Retweeted by luci goosiI can't sleep 😐 So I'm drawing LOL, referencing my Swamp Marauder concept, doing an action oriented pose drawing🐸👊💥
Retweeted by luci goosilittle reminder 🙂
Retweeted by luci goosi @MadDogMan3 @iFireMonkey Not to mention all the unreleased stuff, like brilliant bomber and wave rider I think he was called @MadDogMan3 @iFireMonkey The og remix lobby music is literally at 6 days aswell This is miles worse than 30 day rot…
@levelofcon @joshwarzone @gum_wyd @hussey_brendan @dreamisrented @Ninja As someone who's been in both communities,… @averyrrrr @TKBreadSniffer @iFireMonkey In terms of superhero skins having their own tab, they've literally had it…
Retweeted by luci goosi @taranfight @NotDodoo @iFireMonkey Oh, that's true actually, I forgot that it's only 1 challenge to go for her style @ZTHEBIGONE1 @crosn22 @VidyaChat @iFireMonkey Yeah, probably I could even be wrong, but I wouldnt expect it to rele… @taranfight @NotDodoo @iFireMonkey Hopefully not tbh, having a loading screen as the only reward this week would be kinda lame @NotDodoo @iFireMonkey This week, unless its extended so its 1 challenge a week @zASiRFoUd3beRma @TheDiscoSpider_ @iFireMonkey Plus xp coins and all the weekly challenges should be plenty with enough grind @spry031 @iFireMonkey No defined reward is for the challenge in the files, its connected to the predator stuff but… @ZTHEBIGONE1 @crosn22 @VidyaChat @iFireMonkey Yeah, cause they dont show the hours until it goes below 24 hours It… @crosn22 @VidyaChat @iFireMonkey Nah not until Wednesday @thatrobotxeno @endrefreshin @itzmechauncey @iFireMonkey There are 2 unopened portals, however no characters are co… and babby jellie
Retweeted by luci goosi @psykickYT @blannibal_fan @ninjagoaty @KeepShitClassy @ScreamingmadJoe @ichbinrael @St7e_ @OutSmp Dún an fhuinneoig @ninjagoaty @KeepShitClassy @psykickYT @blannibal_fan @ScreamingmadJoe @ichbinrael @St7e_ @OutSmp Ah yes, that's it! @Ibby66315666 @iFireMonkey Back in season 8 it was all 3 on rotation, but they've kept it to duos this season @BabySha86627745 @IBISFNBR @iFireMonkey Deal 2500 damage to players who are in vehicles @KeepShitClassy @psykickYT @blannibal_fan @ScreamingmadJoe @ichbinrael @St7e_ @OutSmp The direct translation is bas… @JainkoZ @Xzuremon @iFireMonkey Hey at least they returned ahaha Shadow cubes left after like 2 days and returned i… @judepardox210 @Xzuremon @iFireMonkey Those little kevin cubes from season 6 that turned you into a ghost Pretty su… @Typical_Nic_ @iFireMonkey Epic: