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@wydstepbrOoke He looks so fuzzy 🥺People when they talk about student debt
Retweeted by Lacey @slippinonmeat Lmao thank godedward cullen when he sees someone without a mask:
Retweeted by Lacey @onikashawty @Rkaycue @talianic0le @4ren6G @PictureMeBitchy @imanicezanne @Unfinishedxo Then call me dumb back, don… @onikashawty @4ren6G @PictureMeBitchy @imanicezanne @Unfinishedxo Are you dumb? Why would those people come to the… @brihindthescene $100 a week???? A WEEK??? When I was stripping I made $100 in under 20 minutes, jesus @soupinhercan I heard it was just a fake rumourI’m looking respectfully 👁👄👁 @dietcokehead_ Light pink can go with more because it’s paler! @weeniehutmenu N OHave you guys seen Tiny Pretty Things? Why is that show so obsessed with sex and like,,, people being naked? Aren’t…
@saintbaddy I order from Amazon and AliExpress because I’m broke and living off of government assistance and my par… @samariaterry You look so goodBecause the point isn’t to be easily identifiable in case a civilian needs help. The point is to scare and terrori…
Retweeted by Lacey @memetazaa Fuck em (consensually) @ctinebennett Thank you! I’ll look into all of these. I actually already have an adult colouring book that I haven’… my sister was sick as a child, my mom tried to warm her blankie in the microwave and ended up burning a hole in it 😂 Bye-bye blankie 👋 @Coll3enG LMAOOOO @justky1018 I had to stop, run to the bathroom and throw up. 😔🥴 @AwDummy Bruh! I literally got into a fight with my father (chemical engineer) because I said I didn’t like Elon Musk 😂
@GrifterDrumpf @ZachDiggins1 @viiiictoriiaa I blocked and reported him. Not sure how much evidence there is of pedo… @GrifterDrumpf @ZachDiggins1 @viiiictoriiaa WHAT A PIECE OF TRASH he needs to go to jailno shirt, no shoes, no service has been around for years. idk why it’s so shocking to people that they can’t go int…
Retweeted by Lacey @MichaelaOkla Avoid alcohol. Alcohol made my nausea from my antidepressants way worse @idkimemotional GIRL 😂 @KingRickSC137 @simon_sayss @tsipes2299 @voicedvegan @SpenceNicholson @averagecupofjo LMAOOOO imagine how pathetic… @GrifterDrumpf @ZachDiggins1 @viiiictoriiaa Lmao he’s a fucking creep my first day of high school, I soon realized that the school actually didn’t give af about dress codes when I sa… @dropope @spookybarns @shelbee473 @clur19 Bruh.... America sucks @pantless_papple But what did you put it in? 😭 @averagecupofjo Raise their wage!! @averagecupofjo Some places have asked their patrons not to tip, as they raised all the servers’ wages so it’s not… @pantless_papple I am so confused???“unskilled labor shouldn’t be paid a liveable wage” bro that’s a funny way of saying you support slavery
Retweeted by LaceyWhat do you guys find helps anxiety? Not a full on anxiety attack, but the kind that just hovers in your stomach for several hours? @KingRickSC137 @simon_sayss @tsipes2299 @voicedvegan @SpenceNicholson @averagecupofjo my American followers 👀 @IvankaTrump Start with your father maybe????
Retweeted by Lacey...I need to remember this 😒 people not realize that if the minimum wage goes up, jobs that require post-secondary education will also get paid more???people don't like the idea of servers, janitors, etc. making higher than a certain amount because then they wouldn't feel superior to them
Retweeted by Laceyevery day on twitter someone is like “ppl deserve to live and also eat maybe” and there will be 100 replies that ar…
Retweeted by LaceyBig Mac in USA: $4.80 Big Mac in Denmark: $5.15 McDonalds worker salary in USA: $7.25 McDonalds worker salary in D…
Retweeted by LaceySo like. People who are all "I only make $15 doing [job], why should a fast food worker make that?" really don't un…
Retweeted by Lacey @KaiaVictoria @alyssa_schoener I think it’s harder to stop your period after it’s already begun vs preventing it fr… @MichaelaOkla Um... why? 😅 @achalaugustine @AnyaVolz @showmetheyamz Work that you are fine going without for the rest of your life or doing on… @achalaugustine @AnyaVolz @showmetheyamz Let’s compare chefs to cabinet builders. Which do you think would be easie… only reason we think of "flipping burgers" as a bad thing is BECAUSE of the pay. not the other way around. if f…
Retweeted by LaceyHi. I manage a restaurant with dozens upon dozens of employees. $15/hr is good. We will be fine. The burgers won’t…
Retweeted by Lacey @msdanifernandez When my mom was an elementary school teacher she told her kids she was 99. They all believed her.… @milf_g0d I really really really hope the “ironic rape” she is trying to talk about is consensual roleplay. @ZachDiggins1 @viiiictoriiaa expecting sex workers to help you for free
Retweeted by Lacey @aMortalEngine @_reecespuff_ @MichaelaOkla @CoolEmoGhost Uh yeah, Cass already said that. 12 hours ago.
@alyssa_schoener CW: EDs I know this isn’t the same as sports but it is the weight argument: I didn’t get my perio… idea that prices will raise astronomically if we pay workers a living wage is a lie fed to you ur whole life by…
Retweeted by LaceyMy condo is great because I have my own mini balcony off my room which always lets light in. Like tbh maybe the rea… go big or go home him: it’s as big as it gets :(
Retweeted by Lacey @CassLynnMark @_reecespuff_ @MichaelaOkla @CoolEmoGhost Dang that’s a word trip @_reecespuff_ @MichaelaOkla @CoolEmoGhost If you can’t have LESS, you’re at the bottom. Maximum meaninglessness.Scandal 😌’m immune to edibles :( I once took four gummies and still felt nothing. @dietcokehead_ Oh dear godI love sleeping but I hate falling asleep :/ @AwDummy Omgggg so good!
@biboofficial I was an English major and I only recognize about 20% of the names on this listI had my first DBT session over Zoom today 😶 @cryb0i Omg that’s so scary @reallyhotpants Why are you my entire timeline lmao 😂 is it that Charlotte Lawrence dropped another anxiety anthem just as my anxiety starts to act up again? 😳😍 @SaraHaboubi1 @AnitaBa50700688 @yuhline @peterjukes Or actually let me guess - you don’t own any! 😂 @SaraHaboubi1 @AnitaBa50700688 @yuhline @peterjukes Are you not washing your masks? Dumbass. @justky1018 Navy Blue by Charlotte Lawrence @vulnicuravirgo I was on my YouTube recommended page last night and I realized that Anya Taylor-Joy was in a Hozier music video??? @theHetal @geauxtroh My favourite show ever @alyssa_schoener Um? No? 😅 @peachontwitta OMG ME @girlpowertbh @SamCarbajal6 Um... ok @the_el_system Been suggested yoga for everything from my scoliosis to my depression. Tried it, didn’t like it, did… @philly_danny @talliesinyoung Bruh. High School Musical, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody?Why the hell is everyone tweeting about sea shanties???
@beckylaflor Me too, it’s the depression @endofanerajc A lot of EDs is rooted in habit, which reinforces the circuit in your brain. Breaking those habits ca… @endofanerajc Myself. I couldn’t look at my body and appreciate it for years. For me personally, it’s not that I le… @endofanerajc Yes absolutely. When I started eating normally again, I didn’t remember how much to eat because I’d l… @UmbryKane @Tenchfroast @kasuwellpro @marcellacomedy @SugarJones Um? I’m a bi woman, am I supposed to support Trump… @biboofficial E4@ @endofanerajc I used to be anorexic. I started eating normally again in 2014, but it took me the last six years to… @AHomlessStray @ValterSkarsgard BIBBLE! From Fairytopia @georgeinsuit I miss the one that you have @tinqywinky I’m obsessed with her @peachprc1 I think it’s supposed to help plump your skin and get rid of wrinklesI tried meditating this morning and idk if it worked or just coincidence but I actually did not have an awful day f…'all STILL catching corona in 2021?????? i thought we all agreed to leave it back in 2020🙄 Embarrassing.
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