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Latest: KINDRED SPIRITS (on VOD & Amazon Prime) Also: THE WOMAN 4k remaster (on VOD, Blu-Ray & Arrow Video Channel ) Appearances:

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Shirley MacLaine, THE APARTMENT #Procreate5X
Retweeted by Lucky MAYkee @ArielFF33 🙂20% off horror prints in my Etsy store! Link in my bio!
Retweeted by Lucky MAYkeeThe official USA trailer for a film I wrote & directed a story in is out along with release dates for the film. Loo…
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@lorihole HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER is one of mine. But there are many!Disturbing cinema fans: What's the movie you love the most that you have a hard time watching? The one you respect…
Retweeted by Lucky MAYkee🇬🇧 Kick your Halloween off early with @hmvtweets' Shocktober sale! 👻 Trick or treat yourself to a frightful horror…
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Retweeted by Lucky MAYkee @vmenendezb LIKED @MrMarkRedfield I showed the boy and he said “Oh! I want a biter flower like that!”Our 3 year old’s new obsession is carnivorous plants. He calls them “Biter Flowers”.I thought I had accidentally rented the adult version of Terms of Endearment but it turns out that’s just how they…
Retweeted by Lucky MAYkee @_HeatherBuckley Dang.Hard agree. @Kolpitz Don’t think I’d capable of making that flick the way it should be made. @AxelleCarolyn @madmanmendez @PollyAMcIntosh @danagould @darren_bousman @YerPalSkipp @PaulSolet @patrickewald @Kolpitz There’s a fella out there that owns the rights that hasn’t managed to get it made.We need a modern version of GREEN EGGS AND HAM where Sam I Am takes no for an answer
Retweeted by Lucky MAYkee @madmanmendez @PollyAMcIntosh @danagould @darren_bousman @YerPalSkipp @PaulSolet @AxelleCarolyn @patrickewald 5th anniversary to “Tales of Halloween”! One of my favorite filmmaking collaborations. Thanks to the many tal…
Retweeted by Lucky MAYkeeAnd THEN, maybe go check out our episode where we gush about MAY and THE EYES OF MY MOTHER. We had a great conversa…
Retweeted by Lucky MAYkeeSo many MAY fans in my feed!!! I love you all! If you are interested, check out the piece I wrote last year for…
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It was less than 48 hours ago when I handed my mail-in ballot to my local USPS mail carrier, and my ballot has alre…
Retweeted by Lucky MAYkeeGreat news! I act in @LuckyMcKee’s horror-western short “They Once Had Horses” that is one of the doors to hell in…
Retweeted by Lucky MAYkeeRoll one up baby yum yum yum
Retweeted by Lucky MAYkee @sleezsisters Broccoli guard sponge?Here it is, our official US trailer! #DEATHCEMBER will be released by @ShoutFactory everywhere on digital VOD Novem…
Retweeted by Lucky MAYkee @JeffreyaReddick @iTunes @amazonprimenow @VuduFans @FandangoNOW @GooglePlay @Vimeo @YouTube @MSTheater Congrats, Jeffrey!Today is the day. My directorial debut, Don't Look Back, is now playing at the theaters below. If you prefer to wa…
Retweeted by Lucky MAYkee @sleezsisters Nope. You’re just smokin’ hot! @mccrabb_will @vmenendezb Just one is giant. Like Hellboy.3 years ago I would play Skype DND with an infant on my lap. And yes that is a 2lb bag of sour patch kids
Retweeted by Lucky MAYkee @vmenendezb Hello Venassa, we are Rushian fan bot account. Send berth certification and special security number and… @vmenendezb , I think our son’s choice of nap time buddy proves his Halloween spirit has gotten COMPLETELY out… was a fun one to contribute to! Super rad to finally have a flick on the Scream Factory label! @JRLloyd7 On my birthday, no less!!! Thanks for the heads up! I hadn’t heard about that!Bloody good news. ❤️ released our last song before the EP is coming out next week!
Retweeted by Lucky MAYkeeJim Carrey, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind #Procreate5X
Retweeted by Lucky MAYkee @bradmiska @Timobros It’s so special. @dlockz I worked with many excellent people - which is always the best part of every film - but getting to know, an… @bradmiska The very last shot. @Timobros @bradmiska And let me tell you: He was an excellent person when I was lucky enough to work with him. Cast… @vmenendezb Cho skrunee dopat, sleemo! @dlockz BLOOD MONEY was a clusterfuck from beginning to end, but it fed my family for a good minute. RED was more e… @kayleighmcenany The whole of the natural world is against you. Putin is for you and Steve Bannon is for you. Dicta…
Retweeted by Lucky MAYkee @rusticus_est Oh man that’s purty.I fucking LOVE that movie!!! @Horrorellablog 🤗🤗🤗 @JasminDarnell Hi! I love to paint people! And experimenting with different mediums and styles.
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@nachosarah This will get more favorites than all-of-my-tweets-ever combined. And I’m cool with it.Goddamn, it felt good to vote today. Highly recommended!!!Yes, @texasdemocrats have an amazing voter protection team. For anyone experiencing voter suppression or who has qu…
Retweeted by Lucky MAYkeeLonely Halloween. @vmenendezb You’re pretty. Wuddup with them digits?
Retweeted by Lucky MAYkeeBonus Voting Gift Baggie Contents: 1) Q-tip (“discarded”) 2) “I Voted” sticker. 3) Pair of Anti-Septic Towelett… for the morning crowd. This has become one of my favorite pieces
Retweeted by Lucky MAYkeeJeanne Moreau, JULES ET JIM #Procreate5X
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Hey Tejas! You're known for always doing things BIG & BOLD. In the face of shameless voter suppression by the GOP y…
Retweeted by Lucky MAYkeeIf Texans continue to smash voting records, Joe Biden will win Texas & the election will be over ON ELECTION NIGHT.…
Retweeted by Lucky MAYkeeInstead of Inktober I’m spending the month experimenting with #Procreate5X, painting quick portraits of my favorite…
Retweeted by Lucky MAYkeeTexas - you can end this
Retweeted by Lucky MAYkee @Mad_Randolph You just described the exact plot. @Mad_Randolph 😳
Angeliki Papoulia, DOGTOOTH #Procreate5X
Retweeted by Lucky MAYkee @vmenendezb Don't tell your husband about any of this. Just found out he's my boss. @vmenendezb Does this mean I don't have to write any more pages today?I used the same technology they use in all the sci-fi movies...
Retweeted by Lucky MAYkee @vmenendezb My bad. Thought you were single. @vmenendezb I’m in your house.#VOTE
Retweeted by Lucky MAYkee @ImanOpera Oh it’s fucking spectacular. @vmenendezb Hi, Vanessa!#PortfolioDay Hi! I’m Vanessa and I like to paint people and experiment with mediums and styles!
Retweeted by Lucky MAYkeeTexas! Early voting begins today!! El Paso, don’t wait, find a polling location near you and help save our country…
Retweeted by Lucky MAYkeeI swear the next time I hear anyone of TV repeat the #GOP talking point about #courtpacking as if it's a legitimate…
Retweeted by Lucky MAYkeeTEXAS CAN GO BLUE. Watch @ThePushbackFilm! #FlipTexasBlue #VoteForChange #VoteLikeYourLifeDependsOnIt
Retweeted by Lucky MAYkeethey grow up so fast 🥺
Retweeted by Lucky MAYkee @JeffreyaReddick @LuckyMcKee Something is wrong with me. I saw it twice in theaters and once at home. Weirdest, most confused boner ever.
Retweeted by Lucky MAYkee @AlecEngerson @JeffreyaReddick 😂😂😂😂 @JeffreyaReddick 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣This movie is ruining lives. it started // How it ended
Retweeted by Lucky MAYkeeFolks, we made 2,942,597 calls to Texas voters today! All thanks to the thousands of volunteers who stepped up and…
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Today's sham hearing – on a holiday, 22 days from Election Day, during a COVID-19 outbreak in the Judiciary Committ…
Retweeted by Lucky MAYkee @PrestonFassel 2020 has made me weak.As you watched this diseased spectacle in the Senate Judiciary this morning, keep in mind they are doing this *INST…
Retweeted by Lucky MAYkeeThe @ArrowFilmsVideo SHOCKTOBER sale is on now at @diabolikdvd !
Retweeted by Lucky MAYkeeThis is one of the favorite prints hanging in my house. @vmenendezb did it for a screening of Michael Tolkin's THE…
Retweeted by Lucky MAYkeeBen Whishaw in PERFUME: THE STORY OF A MURDERER. #procreateart
Retweeted by Lucky MAYkee @mangiotto Hahaha. Way goddamnit. Not wag. @trc2rockon Good suggestion! @mangiotto It lit his brain up in the neatest wag.Dodged a repeat viewing of CATS by throwing on ZATHURA. Kid went bananas for it. All is right in our world again.
Retweeted by Lucky MAYkee @Mad_Randolph No, but they eat plenty of humanoid cockroaches.I promise this is the last CATS tweet. 😳