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“... it’s folk music it’ll never die”

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all clothing comes with a direct download ride the zeitgeist
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“LuckyMe is the label that writes the texts” 🎵.@JacquesGreene plays twice in London today 🌺 Join us for • Live at Rough Trade East at 6 • DJing at F…
Retweeted by LUCKYME®.@JacquesGreene plays twice in London today 🌺 Join us for • Live at Rough Trade East at 6 • DJing at F… answers 20 questions about on his new album, early rave days, his love for @youngthug & more
Retweeted by LUCKYME®Jacques Greeneの新作Dawn chorus。 今まで知らなかったけど、聴いてみたらめっちゃいい! 気持ちいいハウスに脳も身体も溶けていく。。
Retweeted by LUCKYME®Today! listen to “Dawn Chorus” now! Proud of @jacquesgreene for what he captured on this album. Honored to have played…
Retweeted by LUCKYME® @halllokween @LuckyMe that shall occur right after we talk about every other song for a 3 hour minimum as well, thi…
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Dawn Chorus is @jacquesgreene operating on an entirely new level — his fullest and glossiest work to date. Read Jac…
Retweeted by LUCKYME®dawn chorus by jacques greene is a musical masterpiece, but can we talk about ‘understand’ for at least 3 hours minimum
Retweeted by LUCKYME®Love the new @jacquesgreene album so much
Retweeted by LUCKYME®dawn chorus, the new @jacquesgreene album, is out today. immensely proud of my brother and always so honored to wor…
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Retweeted by LUCKYME®This Week's Essential Releases: @jacquesgreene works from a general base of dance music, but the way he approaches…
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Retweeted by LUCKYME®Joel the god thank you Chorus is my AOTY thank you @jacquesgreene @hassanrahim @luckyme & everyone involved 🌟 #NowPlaying
Retweeted by LUCKYME®Stack №252, handpicked by @jacquesgreene. His new album, Dawn Chorus, is out today on @LuckyMe. Featuring tracks f…
Retweeted by LUCKYME®Check that @jacquesgreene album just dropped its fucking excellent
Retweeted by LUCKYME® @TheRealKano @joesefjoesef @floatingpoints Start your day with #DawnChorus, the new album from @jacquesgreene 🌅…
Retweeted by LUCKYME®ON IN 10MINUTES ON @NTSlive 🌅 🌅
Retweeted by LUCKYME® @katietweets26 @jacquesgreene 🌺Been asked to inform you that Jacques Greene is on stage early tonight Doors at 7.30 at St Pancras Old Church Th…'s Dawn Chorus is intimate yet immense
Retweeted by LUCKYME®"Serenity" by @jacquesgreene
Retweeted by LUCKYME®wrote about @jacquesgreene’s new album DAWN CHORUS which I loved a lot and think is his best!
Retweeted by LUCKYME®it's out. 😧
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What a brilliant year we’ve all learned a lotit’s out in japan, downloading, thank you @jacquesgreene
Retweeted by LUCKYME® @LuckyMe @jacquesgreene Every track is an absolute banger so far! One of the strongest albums this year for def! 💥🧡🔥
Retweeted by LUCKYME®This album is definitely going to make my 'best of 2019' list... And that opening track.... 🎇 @jacquesgreene
Retweeted by LUCKYME® @money_marcs @bleep @jacquesgreene A solid international database of all academic research plz
Retweeted by LUCKYME®Dawn Chorus — the second album by @JacquesGreene out at midnight Oct 17 Berlin 18 London - st pancras old churc… @adnansorg They all join the blue man group at the end @adnansorg @bleep @jacquesgreene Yes absolutelyit begins
Retweeted by LUCKYME®Very proud to introduce... ‘Let Go’ the beautiful new single by @JacquesGreene featuring Rochelle Jordan…
Retweeted by LUCKYME®Shipping Now: Nathan Micay - Blue Spring Kiss T-shirt @LuckyMe @BwanaBeats
Retweeted by LUCKYME®🖤 @jacquesgreene @Machine_Drum and myself :) “LET GO” from the new album DAWN CHORUS. This was fun creating with y’…
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2019“Dawn Chorus” — the album out FridayVery proud to introduce... ‘Let Go’ the beautiful new single by @JacquesGreene featuring Rochelle Jordan…“I’m a club kid that can't make a straightforward techno song, so I've always made tracks like an out-of-body exper…
Retweeted by LUCKYME®To celebrate the release of Jacques Greene's 'Dawn Chorus' we are giving away a limited signed test pressing of the…
Retweeted by LUCKYME®.@jacquesgreene has spoken to @LondonInStereo about his new album (out this Friday on @LuckyMe) ahead of the…
Retweeted by LUCKYME®JUST IN: 'Dawn Chorus' by Jacques Greene: The Canadian producer returns with his second album, a collection of ha…
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Shipping This Week: Jacques Greene - Dawn Chorus @LuckyMe @jacquesgreene
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This new TNGHT mix is playing 5D chess while the rest of us are playing parcheesi
Retweeted by LUCKYME®.@HudMo and @Lunice share new material in @TNGHT Essential Mix.
Retweeted by LUCKYME®Track list once more -
Retweeted by LUCKYME®🔊 @HudMo X @Lunice = @TNGHT Listen to an absolutely MAMMOTH @BBCR1 Essential Mix on BBC Sounds 🎧
Retweeted by LUCKYME®Listen back to @TNGHT's Essential Mix, available now 🌙 ft. exclusives from @HudMo, @Lunice, Rustie, @SOPHIEMSMSMSM
Retweeted by LUCKYME®Thanks everyone for listening to our essential mix from the bottom of our hearts
Retweeted by LUCKYME®With music from @S_Type @jacquesgreene @patttten @holodec_ @Madteo__ @iamkucka @WHOISCONWAY @youngmarco2600 @Alchemist @LouisSalami and moreTUNE IN NOW - with guest mix from @ELWDSOUNDS @badtastefam > now it's @LuckyMe with #ELWD on + 106.8FM
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Up at 1am it's @LuckyMe with #ELWD on + 106.8FM
Retweeted by LUCKYME®My unreleased song is drop on @BBCR1 . Thank you TNGHT. 僕の未発表曲がBBC RADIO1sにてTNGHTがMIXで使ってくれました!なんで彼らが持ってるのかというと、ね!色…
Retweeted by LUCKYME®Listen back to last nights @BBCR1 Essential Mix to hear @TNGHT premiere 2hours of new music. Exclusive TNGHT,…
Retweeted by LUCKYME®Two hour mix by TNGHT? 👀👀 Brb...
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@LuckyMe @Elbow bon apetit
Retweeted by LUCKYME®Thank you @DJmag 😘
Retweeted by LUCKYME®Here’s ur essential mix tracklist troops listen back @BBCR1
Retweeted by LUCKYME®Get a taste of new @TNGHT in the duo’s new @BBCR1 Essential Mix
Retweeted by LUCKYME®Shipping Next Week: Jacques Greene - Dawn Chorus @LuckyMe @jacquesgreene
Retweeted by LUCKYME®Listen back to last nights @BBCR1 Essential Mix to hear @TNGHT premiere 2hours of new music. Exclusive TNGHT,… shittttt. Archive will be up Asap w tracklist if you didn’t catch 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Retweeted by LUCKYME®Thank you all for tuning in and thank you @bbcRadio1OnAir for having us put this together. ❤️
Retweeted by LUCKYME®that was one of the most hype mission statements I've ever heard in my entire life @TNGHT on @BBCR1 #EssentialMix
Retweeted by LUCKYME®yoooo what a fucking experience thank you so much @TNGHT @HudMo @Lunice
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next week
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Jacques Greene - For Love
Retweeted by LUCKYME®Wuh Oh - Pretty Boy (HudMo remix)
Retweeted by LUCKYME® @HudMo James steak-BlakePeople been asking me what’s your favourite record cover of the decade and the answer, since 2014, has been @Elbow’… Chorus is coming to record stores worldwide next week
@Elbow @HudMo @Elbow @BillieMarten @HudMo @Elbow @AlbumDayUK @HudMo @Elbow @HudMo Journalists, we thank you for your consideration at the end of this, our decade, awards season... ‘glass swords’
Retweeted by LUCKYME®Otro inminente álbum es del canadiense @jacquesgreene. ‘Dawn Chorus’ es el segundo en su cuenta particular, un trab…
Retweeted by LUCKYME®"For Love" es el segundo single que podemos escuchar de "Dawn Chorus", nuevo álbum del canadiense @jacquesgreene qu…
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speaking of influential early 2010s dance records - probably dead obvious how big an impact this had on me!!
Retweeted by LUCKYME®Rustie’s Glass Swords came out in 2011. We don’t need to talk any more about decade-end lists.
Retweeted by LUCKYME® @HudMo You’ve got five there I think. Maybe six depending on ultralight beam mixSERPENT. The return of @TNGHT 🌙 Listen now →
Retweeted by LUCKYME®Hear Jacques Greene’s new single, “For Love.”
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@ClaudeSpeeed You shitposting about mark e smith is the most joker thing I’ve ever seen
Had a lovely chat with my pal @eclairfifi 🔗
Retweeted by LUCKYME®I firmly believe the world will sort itself out in the end. Believe it with me. At least none of us will be around to be proven wrong
Retweeted by LUCKYME® @ClaudeSpeeed Yeh fair lemme let off a couple shots then I’ll delete all evidence and keep posting smart urls to recordsTodd Philips making an ode to Taxi Driver is like Zedd making an ode to Rocket To Russia