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@LA_masala She’s a seriously thee cutestalright folks where's the mugshot? #GhislaineMaxwell
Retweeted by 3.0Just in case you thought the protests magically disappeared... they didn’t. The media did.
Retweeted by 3.0As long as I live I will never understand why the press lets him just say this shit. This doesn’t happen elsewhere.…
Retweeted by 3.0that doot @IDK dope af. @KaitMarieox pulled the poll cause it got a answer they didn’t like. round 2 anyone?
Retweeted by 3.0Still no arrest photo of Ghislaine Maxwell..!?!?!
Retweeted by 3.0 @KapKallous she ain’t in custody @Abs1er Maaaaaaan😩OC is different bruh @DREWOFLA no dad. No pops. Guaranteed. @CHINOXL the BABY.🤯if you squint he's telling the truth
Retweeted by 3.0youngstas so damn disrespectful🤦🏾‍♂️ @cuntass_chica They're mutants.
Retweeted by 3.0So Ghislaine Maxwell who is charged with sex-trafficking minors - ignores police when they knocked on her door then…
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NBA escorting you to bubble quarantine after you met postmates for some ribs
Retweeted by 3.0a few bad 🍎’s Politics
Retweeted by 3.0All it took was a Terry Crews co-sign for chance to end his bad string of tweets. Terry crews needs to come end Twitter beef more often
Retweeted by 3.0"Do you acknowledge that [Covid-19] is going up for other reasons too?" This reporter's Q to Trump is everything…
Retweeted by 3.0Chance and Terry Crews competing for coon of the month.
Retweeted by 3.0"How did the interview go?" "Well, I made Christiane Amanpour sad, how's your day going?"
Retweeted by 3.0When being on live goes wrong 💀 I’m fuckin weak 😂😂😂💀
Retweeted by 3.0 @KapKallous 😂betsy devos is a perfect example of awful white women being passed off as “stupid” or ignorant instead of what they are, which is evil
Retweeted by 3.0None of the officers involved in the murders of Elijah McClain & Breonna Taylor have been arrested! Elijah was Mu…
Retweeted by 3.0A little #MotivationMonday for all of you. I interviewed @eligh of @LivingLegends fame We talk Hip-Hop, art, life…
Retweeted by 3.0thread.
Retweeted by 3.0Today in Kentucky! Keep it Up!✊🏾 still want justice for Breonna Taylor.
Retweeted by 3.0 @chancetherapper yo bitch ass up.😑 @brkicks tweet is from February 5th - before a single American had died. They knew it was coming. And they did nothing…
Retweeted by 3.0San Diego today! Keep it Up!✊🏾 this where we pitch ideas for Unsolved Mysteries?
Retweeted by 3.0Darth Vader confirming that Luke Skywalker is not cake.
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Me proving to my friends that I'm not cake even though they never asked me to
Retweeted by 3.0Last night in Portland, federal “law enforcement” shot an peaceful protester in the head. The federal occupation of…
Retweeted by 3.0is a ticket to Disneyland currently the most expensive way to get Coronavirus?
Retweeted by 3.0Out of 3,315 homicides against white Americans in 2018, 2,677 of them were committed by other white people. Out of…
Retweeted by 3.0 @KapKallous Thas actually a dope name😂“ethnic intimidation” shit.
Retweeted by 3.0wypipo @LTBRpodcast @CoralVenerio @CHINOXL 😂#TuckerCarlson once said he’d never even met a white supremacist! Apparently he’s never been to his writers room! #TeamDl
Retweeted by 3.0👀
Retweeted by 3.0Rock paper sza @daylyt30
Retweeted by 3.0 @KapKallous @MacLethal maaaaaaan. Toe stomping would make me cry @TheKetobelle Summer Walker?Here's Surgeon General Jerome Adams comparing the bad advice he gave in March that "masks do not work for the gener…
Retweeted by 3.012th July 1967: The historic Newark Rebellion began. It was sparked by the display of police brutality. It was one…
Retweeted by 3.0 @lagboot ExactlyJorge MAGAvidal fans mad on this app tonight😂Is this your B M F?!?!?!? 😂😂😂 #UFC251
Retweeted by 3.0What Usman is doing to Masvidal left leg and toes #UFCFightIsland #UFC251
Retweeted by 3.0BEAT HIS FUCKIN ASS #UFC251Max won that😤meanwhile, in a serious country
Retweeted by 3.0Aye #Freewoj man 😂😂
Retweeted by 3.0who got the ufc linkFuck @espn Will wants to get back at Jada, I’m here.
Retweeted by 3.0damn surf world Florida reopening likes this.
Retweeted by 3.0 @LuckyovLegends Man put mike p vs saga back on
Retweeted by 3.0Arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor
Retweeted by 3.030 #NOMEX😂😂😂 won.Did they both choke in that first round ? Thought it was 6 mins 😂
Retweeted by 3.01-0 Luxwelp. just disrespected all them leagues y’all work for & y’all ain’t sayin shit. Shame on y’all. s/o @OrganikHipHop
Tay Rock got a blazer on this over. Daylyt 3-0
Retweeted by 3.0Cobra Commander @kevismson he prolly nextFlorida man does the simplest thing.
Retweeted by 3.0he gon cry in the back #NOMEX @adam22 It’s craaaaazy impressive🙏🏾🙌🏾this nigga hired a old white man #NOMEXthis is CRINGE #NOMEXDayum bruh. #NOMEX NIGGA CHOKED🤦🏾‍♂️ #NOMEXi got $100 that says if you watched hamilton you can’t whoop my ass
Retweeted by 3.0 @miakhalifa @zaralarsson #NOMEXPowerful where @AvocadoIsGod at? This ain’t it🤦🏾‍♂️ #NOMEXthat nigga pulled out the MJ thanos glove #NOMEX#NOMEX