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BBC1 Homes Under The Hammer presenter, channel 4 -Best of Both Worlds, Lost & Found, The ultimate shopping list, Bang on Budget & ambassador for Carpetright.

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@freckleface1963 @MarinaOLoughlin Yes I am very aware @angelinakelly01 Feeling so much better and taking it easy xSt Thomas’s Hospital ICU is one of the best. Frontline staff exemplary. Stay Strong Boris. 🙏🏻#COVID19 @MarinaOLoughlin I miss restaurants 🙁💯 @lemontwittor Sending you sunny 😎 love Thanks for my bday wishes lovely 😊Staying home ☀️☀️ peeled off a few layers, sat on the sun lounger ...☀️ @RyanRileyy @KitchenAid_UK @LifeKitchen Oh wowwwww @RyanRileyy It’s all that running?!!!! Any update photos ? @RyanRileyy I was this morn !!!! @BobbyDavro1 Cheers bobs x
@Courtneysteve98 Sending love 💓 @loza2002 😘😘Lovely talking to @Telegraph today about my 50th in lockdown and how My big birthdays always seem to get put on ho… @tonypony #StayAtHomeSaveLives @vickihayward I know I understand if you are her career. My dad is 81 and I’m not seeing him - leaving he’s meals… @stephan19573 That is a joke people so selfish Im not even seeing my own dad who is recently widowed @RyanRileyy Or voddy cokes 😂
@LythamShop It must be unreal. Can’t imagine. Tell your fam they are doing a Stirling job🙌🏻 @mustbejp 😘😘 @anitathetweeter Everyone taking their hoodies back ..😂 @andyhargreaves Yes - that’s good - more tests the better to be on the safe side. At least he doesn’t need to worry… @alyp3112 No was my opinion / felt it lacked warmth tonight that’s all @Stephlarby I know she should be comfort eating like the rest of us! 😂 @ansonbolton Just a smile though these tough times? 🤷🏼‍♀️ @jonahzac @LKG1958 Was just waiting for a smile a glint. I dunno 🤷🏼‍♀️What are they testing #boris for if he’s already tested positive for #COVID2019 ? He’s staying overnight? Hope he’… @jarvo1912 Yes we hope so xHe’s home now and recovering - but alone, I want to look after my dad and hug him & make him soup. All so very hard… @melwils57006082 He’s home now thanksBeautiful things & colours in my garden to make me smile today. #notgreenfingered. 🌺🌸#stayhome #spring @RyanRileyy #proud @eliistender10 Think he’s struggled last few weeks xx @StephenMear Totes need cuddles too 🥰 @mccluskeypaul71 👍🏻Last my my dad called 111 He desperately needed a doctor. 8 hours later they called back. That’s how busy they are.… @The_Andy_Goode I love the queen just felt a bit more warmth needed Im her biggest fan @LKG1958 Meh 😑I am so happy we had #queensspeech tonight. our nation needs comfort - but I felt families & kids might have felt… @mouthwaite ❤️❤️
@GuppsL Oh blimey
@Alex_Hollywood1 I’ve been doing that with my 14 yr old. X @sachacowlam 😘 @andrewkeates @philipnormal Ohhh goodie @andywilbury Thanks @andrewkeates @philipnormal You could always send me a funny HUTH video that makes me lol 😂 lots?!!! @andrewkeates @philipnormal Me too 😢 @andrewkeates Awww thats so cute. Hope you ok, I want your t shirts !! Luv ya xx @kt_garner ❤️😍🙏🏻 @BeingBoycie 😘 @MikeGibson90 @RyanRileyy Thanksssss mate 😘 @thesdstewart Yesssss 🤣It’s happened. Flipppin eck. Thanks for all your kind birthday wishes. Looking forward to waving to my friends ‘one… @cocoraylove 😘
@Keith_U Same 🙄 @TheMoff67 🎈❤️🥳 @MagsBeaton Yup me too @k8_thornton Love u 😍 @josephmarine Yes same Sending love x @AvasMummy84 Dear lovely katie from Evelina @Ian1968original 🥰👏🏻🙏🏻 @Laura1206 ❤️👏🏻 @vivblackwell Still left with the paralysis but coping well x @laudoris72 👍🏻 @Laura1206 Transverse myelitis @keefpsycho I’ve got ten years to organise it 😂 @claireprocter40 BOOK IT @ParkerKirsten I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for Kitty & all your patients. You know you are all loved at Stoke M. Xxx @oliverthring Another virus another decadeThis time 10 years ago on the eve of my 40th bday it was cancelled due to a virus that paralysed my daughter and pu…’t forget the important people that need our support #ClapForCarers #clapforkeyworkers #clapforNHS See you on… @RyanRileyy Yeah I’ve had a shit day 😫 @angiesummers42 😘🎈🥳 @pauliesheppy 🎈🥳 @GriebRie 🎈🥰 @RavWilding You are my ma’an !! Me too 😂😂 @JLlewelynBowen @Cotswold_Idyll 😂I loved ‘Little and Large’ growing up. So sad to hear of Eddie’s death. This is all too sad for the families they l… @Cotswold_Idyll @JLlewelynBowen I’m doing tippex 😂 @Fern_Britton Omg that was MEEE minus the cat - why can’t we sleep ?? @lusardiofficial @samkane1968 That makes me so so sad 😭 xxx @MissRiley88 I can’t go on like this @stevemoss10 Ahhh have a good day Tomo xx @Brimstones1234 @Justdar3 @MartelMaxwell Lol @markmoreve 😂🤣I’m going to cut my own hair. I know. My hairdresser will be spitting his tea out right now. ✂️ It’s my birthday… @JuneThomo Get me one !! 😂😂
@BenJH_85 @BBCFOUR 💙Loving watching #georgebest such a ledge but boy things have changed for players today ⚽️ @BBCFOUR @katewood31 You too 😘😘 @KateRobbins Imagine when we all get to soho hse for wine!! @KateRobbins Awww 😍 @Essexwineman @JennyDiddles People just zoom in !!!!😂 @gary72PANDT Im inSo every time I go to buy a standard bottle of wine (£6.99) I ponder and end up buying the M&S meal deal for £12 W… @Hass_Aslam 😘 @gillyj60 Yes my birthday gifts I’ve ordered for myself!!!!! @RyanRileyy @MissRiley88 Can she be my sister ? @Hass_Aslam Nope 👎🏻😒