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@danielapalos Yo si no pense que Bran fuera a ser rey la verdad
@ENTJPhD No not like and certainly it was not like that before. Rivalries change and Nadal FH was on fire today, ge… happened in Rome happened, but we will be in Paris no?Agree. Djokovic was very, very erratic today because of fatigued. Both have to hold on to this match, Nole got a se… match, whatever the outcomes, looks very promising to me for Djokovic. He is on one leg, fatigued and he still… moment Novak woke up in this match, Nadal started to play more passive. Tentative. I still don’t know the winne… @carole_bouchard He was never going to let that crowd down @burtonad Yes @RobKoenigTennis That first set was a warm up - 💁🏻‍♀️Finally a good drop shot from NoleForgive me for believing that this crowd will really wake Nole up. Not saying he will win, but not letting Nadal run with thisImportant to see how Nadal reacts to Djokovic awakening. @JohannaKonta @iloveellesse @Breitling @babolat @TeamGB Lots @luciahoff I think it has a disanvatage the night shift just because everything that goes after a match is over and the lack of sleepRome is where Nole is most beloved right? @luciahoff I think the schedule paid a toll on Novak and his amazing adversaries, but it’s true. They put at so muc… @christophclarey Did not age well @luciahoff Yes @MattyAT @rolandgarros @jivebong @ReemAbulleil How did Philippe Chatrier look like? Ready to go? Based on your pics amazing @jjvallejoa Architectural wise speaking? @jjvallejoa I just Djokovic only needs to know Rafa is on the other side to wake himself up. @URwithCS @DjokerNole No - sorry, will do so. Why @Roberts96Matt Don’t think soYou set the record straight desr @DjokerNole @christophclarey Djokovic always hAs it
@LACOSTE going for the 1st time to RG Men’s final. Beyond excited, any looks recommendation?! Loved the sweater you put on Marion Cotillard @LACOSTE @DjokerNole @ATP_Tour Stay with Nole forever, pay him what he wants, your combo is 👌🏼 @jakedavi5 My mistake, I meant Queens, I don’t know if he played douebles at Eastbourne @jakedavi5 Yes, I think he enjoyed that tourney a lot last year since he kept training there even after he was elim… @ollyofficial @TheO2 @BRAINWAVECENTRE All my respect to you both. Happy bday to N, what a fantastic way to celebrat…’s help Natalie reach her target! But also help others achieve what she did today ❤️🌟 To show your support text…
Retweeted by Lucy BushWow - @jakedavi5 Cringe worthy attitude by these two champions 💁🏻‍♀️ - hurting a chair much more authentic 🤪 @Certinfy A lot better if all the names ignore him.
Correct me if I am wrong but this #DelPotro / #Djokovic match is reminding me a lot of a semifinal Nole vs Murray in 2011 #IBI19 @nidssserz Either way he will walk out feeling happy about his level of tennis. A bit frustrated but these are the… me it has been great. @hbryant42 Rusty Del Po but this will only help him in Rg @RaminSetoodeh My Mimi knows her lightArrival and La La Land, and sorry but Lady Bird too @josemorgado The most beautiful - and time consuming - sport in the world @TylerGreenBooks @racqetmagazine @WTA @mariasakkari You don’t see it on tv either 🤣 @DASanchez__ Soy amante de estas expresiones @TylerGreenBooks @racqetmagazine @WTA @mariasakkari I think this is WTA’s fault. They truly don’t know how good of… good match, yet it felt like Djokovic turned it up #ItalianOpen @TylerGreenBooks @josemorgado @InteBNLdItalia They are complaining a lot more this year thouWithout a shadow of a doubt the best tennis tournament there is for a truly fan of tennis - could not had enjoyed t… @josemorgado He is a consistent Top 4 I guess hahaha @abigailtennis Very good week nonetheless for Kiki, put up a good fight vs a rising player who is proving strong on this surface @BenRothenberg It was actually an empathetic comment. He was not trashing him. Worth listening to his tone and have… @goalsandwickets @globaliteman @joeldrucker As it is with politics, it’s all about infrastructure. If there is not… @josemorgado And have gained some top star names recently @christophclarey I think this could be closer to their Barcelona match rather than Madrid but Tsitsipas has only su… @TylerGreenBooks @ElliottJMR Therapy - that’s all I can think about as someone who has anger issues hah but have ne… @StephintheUS Gotta talk with you. Traveling to Rome at the end of May.. hahaha need tips @RealNiKLo Me disculpas pero esa lastimada de silla me parecio de alguien fuera de cabales. @jakedavi5 A mess, is how I would call itWas surprised when results were not coming for Diego on this surface. Hard work paying off - gets one of the better… @globaliteman Murray has not played much since 2017Cringe worthy to see an educated person take the high road publicly 🤣 @DjokerNole 👏🏼’t take me wrong but I think he woke up really, really sore and is takin precautions no longer expensive at @InteBNLdItalia @ATP_Tour @andy_murray Have been doing it for a while @Yolitatennis @tumcarayol Stan Wawrinka motives, and Kyrgios were very, very different. Wawrinka plays with integri…
@Yolitatennis @tumcarayol @jjvallejoa Drama is the air writers breathe, hahahaha I read that somewhere and could not be more true.Somehow I think we got the QFs we wanted, last one is surprising, but it can turn entertaining, if not another 6-1… @abigailtennis Maybe is the Mexican-ness of myself, but I just don't get it. @josemorgado Fun stuff happening tomorrow, all interesting match ups, and they all could use a big win on this surf… @abigailtennis I am sick of how political everything is getting. We have it too good for ourselves right now and pe… @abigailtennis I find it a bit absurd, but the MTO is fair point @GrigorDimitrov Happy birthday - see you in Cabo @StephintheUS You have been to many tennis tourneys. How would it fare compare to others? @Busta2810 @Dimonator @j_j_j_t_m But is not the future of tennis. Of that I am sure of. @Busta2810 @Dimonator @j_j_j_t_m I don’t know what people call bad these days - but I do this @RealNiKLo Para nadie @christophclarey Amazing experience to see Federer at Grandstand because to see athletes up so close can be a sight to behold @luciahoff He so desperately wants not to be a cliche, it’s embarrassing how much he is. He is very self aware and… @luciahoff sadly the ATP and media have celebrated this guy way too much for his own sake, and his team does not se…*Gives player with obvious issues platform to utterly self-destruct on, egging on & asking Q's tailor-made to creat…
Retweeted by Lucy Bush @luciahoff Embarrasing to say the least @Dimonator @j_j_j_t_m Rome is not gonna fall over this, and certainly not tennis, yet I don’t see this as good either.I am baffled that anyone thinks this is genious. People celebrate too much nowadays no manners in exchange of being… @christophclarey Should be suspension @Dimonator @j_j_j_t_m If 1 takes such an objective point of view it might not be so bad, but if I had my kid seatin… @BenRothenberg Pffffff hahahahahahahaha a bit arrogant to believe that the world number 1 would tone down his celeb… seem to repeat myself but: good for the game means respecting the game, building the game, transcending the game,…
Retweeted by Lucy Bush @NNemeroff Does not have a coach, according to him he is uncoachable @Yolitatennis You live in Mexico City?Cringe worthy lovely stuff - 🤗 is what Nadal was referencing to regarding his attitude and all his wasted talent - @NNemeroff So much stupidity. Very dissapointedHe is too attention seeker - it’s cringe worthy honestly @BenRothenberg @NCR_Tennis Did not age well hahahaha @DennyIRL @BenRothenberg @NCR_Tennis E X A C T L Y @sunnervik @BenRothenberg @NickKyrgios @NCR_Tennis I also did not understand Ben’s position. With such a political… @sunnervik @BenRothenberg @NickKyrgios @NCR_Tennis On the contrary I ended up not understanding him at all. He play… @DavidLawTennis Quite honestly I did not find it good at all. He says nothing, just “salty” and frustrating things.… @simonrbriggs I liked Tipsarevic’s a lot more to be honest @TrentonJocz And the hipocrisy of Ben Rothenberg as a women’s champion. He would comment on everything, and he said…