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@TheMattDowell She was fighting an incredible player and she tried to distract her, and now her coach wants to distract us
Tennis is blind - Kevin Anderson totally lives here, but Wawrinka, Thiem should be part of the line up reaction hit her way harder than any ball ever did really niceeee one this girl
KEVIN ANDERSON IS AN AWARD ON HIS ON - pure class am a proud owner of 39 RF caps, but this award completely belongs without a freaking doubt to @KAndersonATP, who… when they are wrong and out of place like Serena Williams was, which is beauty and frustrating, but also calle… @SeanFennessey Well it took all of me haha so I do think it can take everythingYo creo que Felipe Calderon ha ido varias veces a Londres y ha de saber que tiene 5 aeropuertos.. empezar es 1 hra y 15 min de aeropuerto a aeropuerto, que es la mitad, y yo creo que las aerolineas tienen equ… is always the best
@linzsports Your president does not want to pay a $ 1 million bet he made 🤭 @4TheTennis @TennisConnected Are they thou? Raonic has made a lot with quite a limited game. I think he thought he… is the celebrity we don't deserve. Charms audiences, and critics, and pretty much everything on t…
Retweeted by Lucy Bush#TimotheeChalamet keeps the momentum as he charms audiences at Q&A's and #BeautifulBoyMovie pulls strong numbers at…
Retweeted by Lucy BushMaybe humans wanted to reach the moon, but not learn the hustle reaching it since #FirstMan flops, & #RyanGosling a…
Retweeted by Lucy Bush#FirstMan does not flop, but is not the hit people hoping it to be at the box office
Retweeted by Lucy Bush#AStarIsBorn with exceptional and exquisite @ladygaga performance
Retweeted by Lucy BushWhatever you think of #AStarIsBorn, #LadyGaga was PERFECT for this role
Retweeted by Lucy Bush#AStarIsBorn, my reaction - is the movie that does not stand for something political, social, but it's the movie th…
Retweeted by Lucy Bush#AStarIsBorn is everything #BradleyCooper and us wanted it to be. Definitely a very beautiful movie experience, bec…
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@danielapalos Si quieres pelicula con mas relevancia actual, no lo es, este es un romance melodramatico, donde te v… @danielapalos Que esta hermosa, no te atosiga con cosas sociales ni politicas, es ir al cine, ver un melodrama que… love/hate to find myself in Lena Dunham side of the spectrum because I am feeling all the feels as well with A St… @kylebuchanan That was a pretty good, hot first kiss.
They will rather sooner, than later
Eugenie making nanny proud by not stretching PDA we all should take this hike Nole took, and try to find what this guy found - take us @jelenadjokovic 🙏🏼🙄
A genious you know if players have/must play Davis Cup ties to be elegible for Olympics? @christophclarey @stu_fraser, see… @s_win_smith A bit. To be honest I built power lines mostly, I am always on the road. used to play a lot, it’s been… @s_win_smith A freak haha @s_win_smith Do you follow tennis a lot? @s_win_smith Seems to me I don’t mind since I keep doing that tourney after tourney, and it’s always a great experiece @s_win_smith I am always at tennis matches by myself haha
@carole_bouchard @DjokerSA @scambers73 @FortyDeuceTwits Sorry to get into a conversation no one invited me to - it’… @scottderrickson This has happened to two clos friends
I still don’t understand studios’s fascination with Bryan Singer, who is a sub par director who should not get this…
@ERCboxoffice Under
@s_win_smith His best mode?
@wendyedel @rennaestubbs @racqetmagazine @caitlin_thomps Mirka is not up to friends postings photos with her, seati… We've got the one and only @CoCoVandey on the pod this week, talking behind-the-scenes Fed Cup hijinks, her…
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Forgive tennis twitter for putting all the blame on Serena Williams for this. Unfortunate situation, Serena lost he…
There are now no active male Grand Slam champions under the age of 30... 🇨🇭Federer - 37 🇪🇸Nadal - 32 🇷🇸Djokovic -…
Retweeted by Lucy Bush @christophclarey Like a fine wine - @alizecornet Most importantly lets keep sport cleanWimbledon has always been, and remains, fundamentally opposed to any form of coaching during a match. Tennis is a g…
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@BenRothenberg Was this the good news? @christophclarey What? La Caja Mágica?
@PHShriver @rogerfederer @serenawilliams @TigerWoods Roger,
@carole_bouchard Nowadays we have to complain and whine for the sake of our existence 🤣Can someone arrange a video of @DKasatkina with Stef? The king and Queens of skill Hilton Head Singles Title 🏆 Huge thank you to @SomersetLTA @MooreBlatch for your support to have Somerset Capta…
Retweeted by Lucy Bush @ChrissieEvert @LaverCup @rogerfederer 👏🏼👏🏼 to Tennis Australia, USTA and my uncle Jorge Paulo @whitelinefervor Alternate, and practiceThat you should had won, yet you refuse to win, overall pretty good event, and super event @lauramekiou @TrollandGarros Chardy’s
You read it here first you haven’t heard our episode with @SenGillibrand, check this one out—we went on a road trip to bring it to you!
Retweeted by Lucy BushI am very, very surprised by how pumped and into #LaverCup Kyle Edmund is.Roger Federer might be Swiss, but he should be #TeamWorld - and everyone knows what I mean #LaverCupI find this beautiful 🧚🏼‍♂️ sister is I believe to be @KAndersonATP biggest fan. She is always sending him DM encouraging him. It’s a bit em… Potter @SnezaCC It’s an exho, where you have Rod Laver watching, and Bjorn Borg and McEnroe. No one wants to play fool wit… refuse to believe anyone who has a bad thing to say about Kevin Anderson - he looks SO ADORABLE #TeamWorld Federer vs Isner match has taken all the excitement out of the @UnitedCenter - #LaverCupIF John Isner wins this (still long way to go), it would be super cool for Kevin Anderson to clinch it #LaverCup #TeamWorldMy man is very engaged, very frustrated, and so handsome at the moment #LaverCup #FedererWhen pizza is too good @BenRothenberg With Federer, Nadal, Djokovic in the line up, they could play in my backyard and make it a huge success. @samstennis189 Or maybe Djokovic or Zverev is going to practice with him. Verdasco was alternate last year and was… @lauramekiou @Kosturi23 Love how you have been sneaking around @samstennis189 Maybe Sacha won’t play? @tennisbih He doesn’t win too many so maybe he hasn’t had the chance 🤣 @Orlevy I think he is, along with Zverev who actually enters some doubles tournaments.I don’t understand the hate for @LaverCup - being in the presence of Bjorn Borg and Rod Laver elevates you as a per… Sock is the man at @LaverCup - she has not recognized her errors, and learn - but we want to move on as well 🤣 @LaverCup @CrackedRacquets In Laver Cup history @NNemeroff Why not?💀🔫 BOOM - word NEWS - Thiem will skip some tournaments in Asia for the sole reason of rest - @ATPWorldTour @Formula_TX This was beautiful and I find myself very embarrased with the tears that are slowly rolling down my cheeks @christophclarey He is playing the Tomas Berdych role from the 1st edition 🤭🤣 @NNemeroff If I had been McEnroe I would had gone with THAT doubles team, and put Kevin Anderson in all single matchesMy romance with Roger Federer is full back on - after a break over that hideous beard at IW - and I am feeling ALL the feels #LaverCup @lauramekiou It’s a full bromance now @DjokerSA Well he is invested in this emotionally, and economically - sooooo makes senseYou did honey! #LaverCup #TeamWorld @jakedavi5 It’s not an exhibition!!! @WesNeedham I can be a bitch sometimes honey 🤣 @WesNeedham Pointing out facts dude @TennGrand I think it was not on purpose, but Novak has not really catch any fire. Don’t think he can fire himself… is last year Tomas Berdych’s - has produced 0 points for #TeamEurope at #LaverCup
The Bradley Cooper praise keeps pouring out of this one. Truthfully he has never been better for the last 5 years. @TennisPig Last year it ended up being close and it was like this. I get your point. Tbh, it took me surprised how… @TennisPig Laver Cup is fun, is classy, you get to see lots of top players, they have fun, suddenly you find yourse… like this girl lots, nice fella, and good tennis