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@seewhatsnext @netflix @accessonline Why are we not able to see Dumplin in Mexico?
@isaacmagajor Ya estas en Cabo full time?
@martinsolveig You were an idiot just admit it
if Colin Kaepernick had beaten a woman instead of kneeled during the anthem he'd still be in the NFL right now.
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@KosmosTennis Vaya, yo soy fanatica del viejo formato, y a mi la Davis me encantaba como era, pero yo se que al que… @KosmosTennis Me parece muy bonito este diseño de imagen, sin embargo, lo hermoso de la Davis Cup, es su ambiente,… @KosmosTennis tan tonto como pudiera parecer yo les recomendaria hacer un video, introduciendo los cambios, crear c…
Love love this has the stupid idea that this is about Nadal, Federer, Djokovic or a star playing, has no idea what they ar… @joeldrucker @caitlin_thomps @DavidShaftel 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼True
This woman loves her country, a very good one at sports dug deep into the archive for this one: Buy the COMPLETE set of Racquet 1-8 (including the elusive Issue No. 4)…
Retweeted by Lucy BushAt the Oxford Union this week, Johanna Konta gave her considered opinion on the Serena Williams US Open controversy…
Retweeted by Lucy BushSAVE 20% on the world's best tennis strategy 🎾💡🏆 Choose from 8 Products. 1 The First 4 Shots 2 GamePlan 3 Short Bal…
Retweeted by Lucy BushIssue No. 8 is here, and my favorite thing about it is how friends and people I admire fill its pages. Get it now,…
Retweeted by Lucy BushIntroducing Issue No. 8—perhaps our most beautiful cover to date, shot by @RadkaLeitmeritz on an iPhone in Prague.…
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Nadal’s early days are astonishing either way we put it. was the lowest of years then, people were good for stretches of the year, and quite dominant at them.. @BenRothenberg Nor does their money.
It’s good comoany thou heart can't A deer entered one of the shops in Colorado. The shop owner gave him some chocolate biscuits and c…
Retweeted by Lucy Bush @christophclarey I think Karen is the one who goes deeper. Somehow media hype has nt catch up with him, taking life… @BrainGameTennis I read it, and Zverev did a bunch of things right, but Djokovic fell apart at some point in my per…
@TheTennisTalker The first twoIf Djokovic had played a good match, it would be ok to think this way. He came out so flat, so sluggish, always loo… ATP Fab 4 @abigailtennis Djokovic thought so to. It happened at QF against Cechinatto, and today. Djokovic has gotten a bit a… @AvernaEdin Both things can be true - Zverev looked super strong, return was super good, serve rocked. Djokovic was awful thou. @DjokerSA 2016Djokovic has never won an #ATPfinals championship match in 3 sets .. @josemorgado Why, is the pressure suffocating him? @raviubha @mzemek Did not happen @karenkhachanov Fancy KarenWe are finally getting a compelling match at the #ATPFinals - Zverev vs Djokovic turning out to be a worthy final Zverev is being better in every department than the best tennis player at the moment, Novak Djokovic - brea…’s Zverev return that’s making ALL the difference, and that serve today #ATPFinalsEver - also, looks sure of himself. The challenge will be to sustain it. I like Zverev more in S1 can’t eff stay away from our lives Djokovic peak one match too soon? #ATPFinals @BrainGameTennis best of luck @marzoTennis Accurate @Maria_Mouskos @DavidLawTennis If he had not played the style of tennis he does, he would not had the career he’s had @DavidLawTennis Djokovic
ALERT ALERT: Only a few spots left for our Club Racquet Presents @StretchArmy party tomorrow night at @momoresto! R…
Retweeted by Lucy BushThe best kid on the entire block
ATP Cup which will be played in 2020 already has a fancy video presentation - looks good, a lot more organized and…
@BrainGameTennis I envy your seats @BenRothenberg It’s a Virgil Abloh thing people, put context @GrandSlamSeason FootIronic fortune for Zverev who had no business winning in straight vs Cilic, plays a terrific 1st set vs Djokovic to… @newballsplease @DavidLawTennis Impressed how much fuzz there has been over the Bennetteau comments, and little wit…
John Isner might disagree with Luthi thought of Anderson as the most elegant and nice guy on tour. Today with Nishikori he was ruthlessly mean #ATPNittoFinalsIn all the brand new territories tennis is expanding and evolving, I never realized we have been on Diddy’s or howe… @mauri_mu @ATPWorldTour Why?What I have liked the most of Kevin Anderson rising is how smooth his ride in the TOP 10 has been. I is convinced h… @TheWrap @GameOfThrones @LaineyGossip you got a date finallyI don’t understand this desperate need of evolution tennis has brought upon itself this year. Instead of naturally… @dannymiche @tweetsbyjp Too much Dimitrov, and Kyrgios. Would have had instead Nishikori, DiManaur @ATPWorldTour The “tour” is proportionally too big, and no longer “world”? - I don’t understand this desperate need… really liked this half way meeting #SNL one does, not even larger than life humans. Thank you for Spiderman, thank you for all the stories you made, and… vs Federer, the intriguing rivalry in tennis nowadays 🤣 @newballsplease @LACOSTE @DjokerNole When will you make it avaliable in the US? @BrainGameTennis So we don’t really see fast courts anymore right? You are right about all the points, they should,… in the Claire Foy team thought this season was going to end up backfiring one bit - yet, I find it overwhelm… is so good at tennis, and at messing things up when he is leading - today I thought was a bit devastating blo… happened after #RG 2016, Djokovic looks like he did not enjoy it one bit and seems determined to be at the… bit worrisome how Federer looks like he lacks the feel of the ball at certain matches. The Cincy final, and his 1…
I feel Zverev is on a Laver Cup crusade haha Sock spiraling further down - good thing the boy is a magnificent doubles player, someone will want to pair wi…, true, true feeling like we might see a 2011 next year hah this is a mirage of things to come, the ATP tour should be A F R A I D @BrainGameTennis With the 🌏 no 1 team? @TennisTV I am pretty sure the only win Cilic must have at this event is when he was already elominated @BrainGameTennis Cilic put a bow on it @TennisPodcast Everyone is committed @livetennis The question is incomplete
@luciahoff Or lack of socks @luciesafarova @Petra_Kvitova @BaraStrycova Why are you retiring?! 💔💔 @FortyDeuceTwits @luciesafarova Whaaaaattt??!!! Why???!!! @JudyMurray Is it Andy? I hope he can play next year feeling 100%. I followed him to Queens, then Eastbourne, to Wi… @TennisPodcast @TheO2 1.- Andy Murray vs Rafael Nadal SF 2010 @TennisPig ExperimentI'm just going to say it. I don't have any problems with Viggo Mortensen saying the n word in the context that he s…
Retweeted by Lucy Bush @Zakiyyah6 Thankkkkk you!!!! @jakedavi5 Congrats
Are you guys subscribed to our newsletter? Get ON IT if you want to be the first to see Issue No. 8 and hear the ho…
Retweeted by Lucy Bush @DavidLawTennis As Nadal would say, the award for best human person on tour goes to Kevin Anderson 🤗 @BellshawGeorge I don’t understand what he saidThe kid saying true💥 a doubt @StephenJFarrow @QueensTennis @ATPWorldTour I am Mexican Stephen, & Acapulco stole your thunder for a minute, but t…
@audiolympics He is a bit of a brat, he will learn, he is young and he thinks he is misunderstood, but he is just young @BrainGameTennis I will - definitely. Going to London after Milan? @KAndersonATP Good
@BrainGameTennis You like how fast it is? I do like it, but I would mind on the tour thou. I like the tech that ser…