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Lee 🧬🧯 @Ludaz_ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Student/Investor - 19

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@ajgadjie 😢 @sonicx161 19 is out? I think Im still on 14because of bitcoin I will forever be buying random shit incase it happens again @ajgadjie hit my ass @ajgadjie back it out, slap it out, make sure that I hit mans headyemen/egypt flag is fucking sickhe also asked for my discord and twitter names Im like nooooo chanceme and my bro in a room is an interesting combination someone that doesnt speak at all and someone who cant stop talkingme on my 5am walks dog is such a fussy fucker, her belly rumbling and yet refuses to eat unless its out of god himselfs hands
Sometimes I feel like my family are NPCs @B0WEEEE bayo 👍 slaughter 👎 @B0WEEEE 3 > 2 > 1 > 4Wish I could have a talk with whoever the fuck keeps undercutting me on this once specific shoe on StockX @hudsonwisler The way people are talm bout this movie I'm boutta watch it even tho I don't like marvel
@jammeeees kind of makes sensewhy the fuck people still think its acceptable to randomly call me dawg leave me alone or give me a 3-5 business days notice @heysweatea 4 days here and not looking forward to itI hate birthdays ngl LMAO beats > @bl00zer nah its just a bit shit init nothing I can do about it @bl00zer obviously not jameslove being hungry but not being able to eat cuz it makes me feel sickwas gonna cop but shipping price threw me off
can you stop sending me these encrypted emails Ive had enough @CIA gotta stop simping girls with 100k followers and focus your efforts elsewhere tf did LTC go +25% to -2% in the space of an hour LMAOwho killed captain alex?that was a fun ride like Ill have the chance anywayI been buying up litecoin, my only regret is not buying moreat least Im not a schizo MALONE @aj2trapppy we know
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bumpb1t is fucking destroying vitalityjust opened 1 case, not bad reddit users have some mad strains @dkcunt it may or may not be @dkcunt what a beauty @IIDaraII Leeski @Grahamelot followed bro @seanmiId followed my dudeIf I fart really loud on a path with no one behind or in front of me, does that fart really exist outside of my imagination @IIDaraII ich name por favormy ass bought hella clothes and shoes just to be in uni once a week for 2 hours @seanmiId what's ur nameanyone got letterboxd
Man U boutta destroy this season @IIDaraII @xdroook I stopped watchingI deserve pizza @RealSwesat mine was similar, right beside my bed where my chair normally is there was a tall shadowy figure, I kin… sure I had sleep paralysis for the first time last night, but I'm not sure bc it wasnt as vivid as people describe itfor reference heres a map of states I wanna visit in the US
@HarryButAverage @chancetherapper is that maya hawke??? @B0WEEEE that was a nutty play from him thoREFREZH YOU GODthis is my map of where I wanna go in europe what do we think Morning @jammeeees how did you end up doing this? did some psycho teach you orjust went into a load of low viewer american streams, half of them look like they're in a $50,000 gaming room and t… @h3h3productions the guy on the left (or middle I cant remember) @ajgadjie aye its nicelooks so cool outside, like silent hill, good time to go for a walk
@TristanGHill this is a good meal for one doe nglVitality beat Gambit in the quarter finals? @pokelawls I guess we're all living in combat zonesthis is what NIP see everytime he peeks is such a god manEZ Clapping emoji @jeffthrowcards all those years of not subbing really paid offI need it to be cold soondont even worry about it bro(Scheduled 2 years ago) you better have money stacked rn or Ima be disappointedLove finding a hard song after googling for something completely unrelatedbeing a troll in a world of dull people is toughDo you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary
rewatching this and I'm dying this is why dayz is the best game since H1 @_zisk thats the guy that did the texaco pump bar @harhock @riIeyswag @jedimasteriman TORILLE #1 :DDDDDDDDAkala - Find No Enemy @dj_negative yeah me too, although Im in the middle so either are pretty rubbishSeems a bit counter intuitive if you ask me usually hard left - always think they're correct - never consider other viewpoints - SOCIALISM - blocks everyone with a different opinion16-19 year old girls on twitter got the absolute worst opinions and think they're political masterminds @jedimasteriman @harhock @riIeyswag not wrong + ratio + L + dont care anymore I cannot change your mind so whays the point @jedimasteriman @harhock @riIeyswag Read my first reply, I never tried to make it out like I was some pro mathemati… @jedimasteriman @harhock @riIeyswag I'm not just gonna assume what I think is right over people who actually do mat… @riIeyswag @harhock @jedimasteriman I'm not talking about calculator, I'm talking about mathematicians that did the math themselves