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Editorial Director for @Xbox. ✍️ History of editorial gesticulation in games. 🎮 Punned it and tiny human bean grown in South Africa. 🇿🇦 🏳️‍🌈 He / Him

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@Neilan Pretty much. But even that reveals a problem, because... what is the mission that is keeping them all together now? @Guybrush_Baltar I know that's what it wants to be, but the laziness of the ending makes me skeptical of what comes next.I really enjoyed the new characters, but did they ALL need to be conveniently connected to one hyper-specific incid… finished Picard a few days ago and I've been thinking about how weird it was that some aspects of it unfolded in… Ludwig, if you didn't do so much wordplay you'd be a better cook! Just look at this. Once again, you have -… @ajohnagnello @SusanArendt @Sliwinski
Apparently The Matrix came out on this day in 1999. Rad. In light of that, I'm re-sharing my essay on the film, que…
Retweeted by Ludwig Stay Home @mmahardy I am currently accepting recommendations on this genre of attire @lowpolyparker And will continue to be so until I run outGetting some Marshmallow Mateys vibes from these @SamitSarkar I all ways new you should of one @SamitSarkar That's a 33 percent increase in letters, that could really throw you for a loop (another good word to try)Congrats, you spelled a bug's name, just like the last four kids on stage. Am I supposed to be impressed? Try spelling something elseI mean, it's three letters - B then E and then another E. How can you have a whole competition around spelling bee? Seems easy IMO @abarton333 I'd buy this if we were talking penne, but fusilli??"Come watch these noodles dance around as I shake them in the strainer!" - @abarton333 The isolation has clearly proven too muchI wanted to see half of these out of Morbius curiosity @OldManKaidan Daily movement is keeping me together tbh @ben_silverman Blocked / socially distanced
Heads up: tomorrow is still March, but Wednesday is APRIL. (Today is Monday).
Retweeted by Ludwig Stay Home @tamoorh Bit early for a thirst trap, no? @Veronica Monday, March, April, Thursday, Friday @chrisgrant @ben_silverman You can have taste without reason @DakotaMiller23 I hadn't thought of this and now I'm excited[Incoming transmission] To all YoRHa units in possession of an #Xbox - #NieR:Automata BECOME AS GODS Edition will…
Retweeted by Ludwig Stay HomeGuess I'll be doing that Blade Runner 2049 / The Irishman double bill after all @BrydenKeks How are you able to work today🗣️ 3D World is better than Odyssey.Ok, the Arbalest is good, actually. But panicking is bad.
@nsuttner @sidshuman Sid doesn't want to deal with the shame of impulsively listing four Army Men games @SamitSarkar I guess there is at least one man who is an islandTFW you've definitely used the BFG too early @mikesuszek Yup! The recut version is bad and Season 5 is like being slowly poisoned by a loved one @mikesuszek Be sure to bail out after the original cut of Season 4. @aegies I still have to complete some Slayer Gates 😩
@tamoorh It's a bit infuriating @SamLakeRMD Happy birthday! May your codex entry be an extremely lengthy scroll.Janelle Monae pairs pretty well with Descenders. @SusanArendt No, I did not know this was a thing!Now would be a good time for you to finally watch Los Espookys and Dead to Me, y'knowLove the Frosty GlassTech in Doom Eternal Hmm, almost starting to feel ok in this moment Brain: Let's look at some AOC twitter replies
Lemony Snicket is having a good year since all his unfortunate events have been canceled @JoseMLuna 1 x hug @TimOfLegend Yes, but it really kicks in when you end up knowing WAY too much about a mundane genre of purchase, li… @PCBrown Tokyo Jungle 2 when @PCBrown Yat, congratulations! You're going to do an excellent job. @ajohnagnello You're thinking of "incorrect" @ajohnagnello Oh, I haven't played it, but I could feel the laser dots creeping up your body @ajohnagnello You can tweet things like this now huhAlso, how about another season of Seis Manos, @netflix?You lived in isolation for a long time before this mission, right Snake? I bet it gets lonely... Call me if you ne…
Retweeted by Ludwig Stay Homeis anyone else having trouble connecting to ICQ? I think the servers are down or something.
Retweeted by Ludwig Stay HomeA whip miracle! @jeffrubenstein Counterpoint: It's ALL waffle cone based and we never see them NOT eating the dishware @jeffrubenstein NOW I doAlso, must the receptacle match the tier of food? Like, if it's trash cafeteria lunch, does it come in a metal tray… have Picard questions: Can the replicator put food into an existing receptacle, or does it always make an accompa… @JarettSays Ok, drinking badlysThey're not traps in quarantine, they're drinking wells Croft GO is free on mobile: iOS Android
Retweeted by Ludwig Stay HomeDartistic. Dartisanal.
@hermann_otto @NickdeBruyne Ok, interesting. @NickdeBruyne What is their stated thinking behind banning booze?Wednesday, it's Lemon @Charalanahzard What's he gonna pet?? @BlondeNerd We just got a case of wine and I'm like... but that was just one case??I...
🚨I wrote a big piece about the future of the COVID-19 pandemic: how the US got to this point; what needs to happen…
Retweeted by Ludwig Stay Home @NetflixFilm Oat bran. @aegies I'm officially coming out as a Marauder fan @DanaSchwartzzz Will you be rolling into Korra next?This is extremely good @BrianLikesGames Yup, it's really great to see in serious cutscenes @BrianLikesGames Doom EternalIs this the new animal game
Trump only sees things through the idea of an ever-changing narrative. He is a reality TV host. He thinks this woul…
Retweeted by Ludwig Stay Home @juliemuncy23 He knows suffering, but not pane @Almondrobopanda @CodySDax This is good advice.Whoa, the ARC Complex is a really great level in Doom Eternal. It'll take a while for my shoulders to come down to earth."The economy cannot be fixed without solving the pandemic."
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@HotTopicDropout In dulcet tones @CaptionBarbosa The caterpillar of words
BREAKING: New real time Coronavirus cases. What you are doing is working. San Francisco put in place strict…
Retweeted by Ludwig Stay Home @JosephKnoop I'm sorry, that's awful. Is there any way we can help?
As covered here, if you're on PC and have the choice of installing Doom Eternal on an SSD - do it! @Syrik_Zero That seems pretty feasible! @BenjiSales Take care, and thank you. @SusanArendt The use button being the same as the punch button is all we need to knowThe Dark Souls of deadlines Remake is the deadline for completing RE3, which is the deadline for completing Doom Eternal.It must be the end because this is a best-of games list that I almost completely agree with?? @ClementEgan I tried that, but the option is locked out for that connection, it seems.Our apartment building has decided that polishing the lobby floor is essential, so residents have to move through n… @LikChan The first part of Frozen is impressively efficientAlso, those were some incredibly blissful Doomy hours. Being laser-focused on smashing demons does quell some worrisome thoughts.Anyone have any luck getting Doom Eternal on PC to work with a Bluetooth headset? I feel like I'm missing something obvious...
@kevinkam I think it holds up until the very end and even then I think it comes down to a preference on.... the exa… Invisible Man was the last thing I saw in a theater and it really benefited from the exceptional presentation a…