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dogshit val player ✿ your mom ✿ @akovisuals :p

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@sinarys2 still better than most players @sadIucas wtf ew @sinarys2 literally ranked 7k on osu and plat in val shutup @strangerkun MAN WHAT its so clear @PlayVALORANT no @sinarys2 lies @strangerkun gm :o @IzumiNSX no @gh6ul_ wow @shilynnvelez u so pretti ma @leyyakfps teehee
@natesayo @nawhhh @RemValorant STOP IT @natesayo @nawhhh @RemValorant sayo i hope u get soap in your eyes @nawhhh @RemValorant blocked for embarrassing me @Polafnbr @l9vyy yea i never lie @nawhhh @RemValorant im immortal >//< @nawhhh @RemValorant boy you know what rank i am @sinarys2 am i right @nawhhh @RemValorant fuck off @wolfyval we get it youre the best player in the world @RemValorant stop itdid you guys know that -4° looks like a guy taking a shit @gh6ul_ okay goodnight @gh6ul_ its 8:40 am @_bubxa pog @gh6ul_ go to sleep @depthsk skin? ♡_♡The older you get the more you just wanna get money and be with someone who brings you peace.
Retweeted by laila ❥ @kirniqua darn @WUBU12 oh sorry @WUBU12 + ratio @Naturres suresies gime tag @celofps no way LMFAOAO @gh6ul_ @momosFPS @AkoVisuals did i ask HAHAHA GET RECKED PUSSY @gh5stt oh yea my bad @gh6ul_ @celofps @celofps sleeping celo @Naturres oh hey @gh6ul_ @momosFPS @AkoVisuals fuck up @gh6ul_ @celofps shut your pie whole @celofps wyd celo @Naturres im immortal and i autolock reyna and top frag with 40 kills every game btw @gh5stt op @gh6ul_ @gh5stt lsg @celofps hi celo @momosFPS @AkoVisuals @Naturres baby killua @gh5stt HAHAHAHAHAH @gh6ul_ @gh5stt boost me thn pussy @gh5stt if i dont UHHH laila will drop feet pics on the tl @gh6ul_ @gh5stt nope @gh5stt im hitting plat before the act ends trust. @gh6ul_ @gh5stt 6:30 am 😜 @gh5stt stopit. @gh6ul_ @gh5stt ???????? @gh5stt i lied @sundownswrld why did you have to explain what an ANT is… @WUBU12 L @gh5stt WOW YOURE SO GOOD #POG @kuhiro416 :> @AkoVisuals no just no @AkoVisuals what is this EDIT @kuhiro416 :o @MoonKillerYT >///< @kuhiro416 night SRN kuro @YoloVAL_ oh @AkoVisuals what is this @MoonKillerYT goo night @nawhhh @natesayo breh i didnt even know i was in it o_o @nawhhh @natesayo wa call @nawhhh @natesayo youre weird @nawhhh wat @nawhhh no youre mean @aldovkey ALDO WHERE ARE YOU
@nawhhh hey kiddo @nawhhh yes @gh6ul_ @uneaseaf thats not very pogchamp of you @nawhhh youre so silly talon walon @nawhhh no its not @nawhhh shitter @uneaseaf same @angeIfps whys @sevfps wth @AnimesContents so hot uwu meow meow ruff >//< baka mwah mwah mwah @Ajinloll your mom @gh6ul_ shutup @scrollval oh
@strangerkun @gh6ul_ @yanimegif man what shutup @gh6ul_ @yanimegif pcos laila wanted to @gh6ul_ @yanimegif pcos laila put it there @gh6ul_ @yanimegif wut @nawhhh naw jit @nawhhh talon @natesayo @e1la123 @nawhhh no way. @natesayo @e1la123 @nawhhh TEN??????
@e1la123 oh same
Retweeted by laila ❥ @leyyakfps o_o