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go raibh maith agat, bush (sí/í, she/her) sound on the national question, cis woman yelling TRANS RIGHTS NOW #BiWithTheT 🏳️‍🌈

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@Engelsmuse she's not going to win @Engelsmuse so who do you vote for then? @AshMK1 But he’s all they’ve gotwell this is depressing @GerMcK1976 ExactlyBiden is shit no doubt, but he’s not Trump. If you’re still railing against Biden then you’ll be left with Trump an… who votes for this man has brain worms. Biden has so much wrong but no, there’s just no choice @PublicChaffinch @ByrneLuc @soapachu They *always* use bacon 😭 like why do they think it has magical mythical powers??? @CharlesMcDimis @SectorWriter I can’t believe anyone ‘liked’ this
@Nicovel0 @PublicChaffinch @soapachu Omg so true @JossWaddyProEU He’s a great person and my goodness it’s good to grasp that before it’s too late isn’t it x @soapachu @PublicChaffinch So so similar to being a vegetarian @JossWaddyProEU Oh Joss I’m really sorry xxI should clarify that my dad and I now have the best relationship and I love him dearly. I was once having the wors… these massive twats citing their dads in some ‘war’... my dad and I didn’t have the greatest relationship and h… love my bunny though now reclaim everything back from the British museum @Crossingthealps I work in HE/FE and attitudes like this are so so harmful. We need to be supporting students right… @Crossingthealps Seriously exclusively men actually, making false equivalences between university students going th… @SaltireBlack Glasgow IS Scotland @PyramidHead76 long 4 day Scottish bank holiday weekend, where did you go @Etienne_Sheff @welcomet0nature @Mr_JSheffield @Helen_Something sweet jesusOMG @Glitterbeard_ 🥺😭❤️ @Crossingthealps Did you not hear about it because you weren’t born?
my mind it is blown though, remember when the Panama Papers were released and they showed how basically every wealthy person on the planet…
Retweeted by Sorcha Ní NiaI love this so much B xx he holding it in? is it going to fall out? thing this pandemic has made me realise is how strange it was that (in the before times) people were expected t…
Retweeted by Sorcha Ní Nia @FrancesToomey @delthedeliris @marthaunplugged @Dani_L_112 @Femi_Sorry @afneil Oh ok, so you’ve never seen it so it’s never happened @StreetsOfTide Of course not :)hello @diana4hereford I have an Irish passport and am an Irish citizen yet am legally able to live and work here, are you… is one of the worst tweets I’ve seen on this site was a tomboy and I was never ‘pushed to change my gender’. Trans children will change their gender *because they… men deserve more recognition!
Retweeted by Sorcha Ní Niajust trying to help swear to god anyone who votes for Trump now needs an MRI @macTredo @Dani_L_112 What’s @brendanjharkin’s thoughts on this?
@elliotwg85 @JodyVezina1 There we go!!4 years ago today in Rome with some friends I’ll adore forever @elliotwg85 @JodyVezina1 there’s a photo of me somewhere with this Goliath @truthiness2010 Well that’s just absurd. Humans evolved to live in caves, yet I’m typing this on an iPhone...we only have bunnies at the moment but our girl thumps to a level to wake up the neighbours when she feels she’s no… @elliotwg85 @JodyVezina1 🥰 @elliotwg85 @JodyVezina1 :( are you thinking of getting another cat? @elliotwg85 @JodyVezina1 I get woken by bunny feet thumps @Michael_Dunn4 @gremisch @Nicovel0 Not having a go at anyone here, just genuinely surprised @Michael_Dunn4 @gremisch @Nicovel0 Most of us grew up with Uncle Tom’s Cabin and To Kill A Mockingbird though?a million percent says cats wrote this @Nicovel0 @Michael_Dunn4 Sadly not @Nicovel0 @Michael_Dunn4 ‘Uncle Tom’ etchi how do I apply for this job @pag1970 @supermathskid @davidallengreen Ok well that’s comforting. GenuinelyI can’t even weakly laugh at this. This is like asking a drug dealer to run a sobriety clinic @DeanRed123 @Michael_Dunn4 @paperghost @JimMFelton You guys repulse me, I don’t even know what ‘porn’ means but am off to google it @liamdobrien Was the lesson that you had used your family’s tragedy to try to shit on some university students during a pandemic, Liam? @DeanRed123 @Michael_Dunn4 @paperghost @JimMFelton I would genuinely love this cat with all my heart thoughlmao
Retweeted by Sorcha Ní Nia‘Uncle Ben’ wasn’t real, Martin @liamdobrien Pretty sure your 18yo granduncle didn’t go to war so you could use his death to spectacularly misfire…“Those going to university this year should perhaps have considered enlisting in a historical war and getting BLOWN… @Red_UnderTheBed Really is. Music, smells and taste @Red_UnderTheBed Ah what wonderful memories!! @Red_UnderTheBed It really is! I just have to hear his voice and I’m a wee one again back in the car heading to see my Gran or NannyYusuf Islam/Yusuf Cat Stevens is one of the voices of my childhood, my parents brought me up on him. ‘Father And So… @tris_siam @SimoneClaire6 Schitt’s Creek is like having a hug with your best friends @SimoneClaire6 @tris_siam Seconded. Pretty disturbing though, obviously. Also Tris, please tell me you’ve watched Schitt’s CreekICE Cold Fact:
Retweeted by Sorcha Ní Nia @AidanCTweets tea is always acceptable @Bouri_D Oh god this is really eerie!a relationship should be 50/50 you feed and love me and in return I will allow you to cuddle and look at me you believe The X-Files had the gall to think Gillian Anderson was going to age like this
Retweeted by Sorcha Ní Nia
To those who joke about being an alcoholic: my father is currently in hospital: he doesn't know where he is, he doe…
Retweeted by Sorcha Ní Nia @ActuallyImSara @UofGlasgow Yes most students in first year live in halls @snigskitchen @Wer_ko_der_ko I’m just going to ask you to type in ‘Sammy Wilson Catholics’ because there’s too much @snigskitchen @Wer_ko_der_ko Sammy Wilson has long been known to Irish CatholicsI know all universities across the UK are facing unprecedented situations but I’m embarrassed that this,… @3788MG that makes me a wee bit sad tbh :( they are social animals, do consider getting him a wee pal @marty_mcd @JonnElledge Lol Glasgow is my alma mater so I’ve been keeping a close (if sadly critical) eye @3788MG Oh no, rabbits?? Always have two! One boy one girl, both neutered obviously :) bonded pairs generally bond for life! @marty_mcd @JonnElledge like if someone goes around licking people and coughing in their faces then maybe, but gene… @3788MG I just always think animals are boys until I know. dunno why @marty_mcd @JonnElledge they won’t. they desperately need the fees, the govt is doing fuck all. I’m not saying that… @3788MG could have been a lovely young woman but I didn’t invade their privacy to look @JonnElledge I work in FE/HE and I’m against a cut in fees for reasons I’m exhausted explaining on here, but I full… is amazing but the headline should read ‘Director of Auschwitz Memorial, Poland, and 119 volunteers from all o… @HarbourSeal I’m not sure. She’s definitely going to be torn come poppy season though... @HarbourSeal living her staunchest life @DanielBarclay79 every goddam chance I get Danielsame energy 11 years to this classic.
Retweeted by Sorcha Ní Nia @Snapfish13 I’ve seen genuine Irish people do it as well though who just haven’t been paying attention or something. Like...come on @waszaaaaak I hope you’re ok or as ok as you can be right now. Do remember that my DMs are open if you ever need xxxxevery time I see a clowncar of an account do this yes I’m RTingif you say you’re Irish and have the flag of the Ivory Coast in your bio I will not be taking anything you say seri…
Retweeted by Sorcha Ní Nia @commie_spice ahahaha this was ARTimagine being a princess *and* being pregnant with your first child and these are the first three words they’re sti… @brendanjharkin It would be a symbolic one Harkin