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Luís @LuisHWrites Somewhere in Florida

A 21 year old writer of #darkfantasy Here are some links!

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@VibekeHiatt I play really loud music and write stories anyway @Nightshade386 @JonAaronSandler @RahamanWriting @bayne_wendy @mc_harlow Things fall off the radar. @Nightshade386 @JonAaronSandler @RahamanWriting @bayne_wendy @mc_harlow No, I do not. @talesfromardonn Just do it. Which then inspired Nike which then got us a great memeInspired by those old 90s DBZ posters. Making promotional artwork for a tv/graphic novel series that never was. Sti…
Retweeted by Luís @brandon16b Hey dude, great poster, but something I’m noticing now. The feet seem a little big. @OctoberComics Feel better mate, something will turn up, enjoy your pizza @TheSpectraBooks @deapoirierbooks Brilliant!! @TheSpectraBooks @deapoirierbooks! Vote lavender town! Think of the children!! @carsonbohdi LAVENDER TOWN!!!!!Writing tip: When you start a manuscript create a cheat sheet of all your character names, who they are, and what they look like
Retweeted by Luís @deapoirierbooks Good tip. @geostylegeo Log cabin and land
@geostylegeo Color. If you need a visual tell. @cmramsburg Good luck tomorrow C. M.‘Twas the night before #PitMad, so don’t forget to leave out cookies and manuscripts for the literary agents ✨
Retweeted by Luís @geostylegeo Yay!! @ShivaMcnaughton Oh, okay. That changes things. @author_ayshen When in doubt, all of the above. Keeps it fresh and interesting and fun to write not having too many guidelines @ShivaMcnaughton Progress is progress. Word by word you’ll get there. @stormrosewriter @CassThomps13 Well done with the research paper, hope your back feels better. @ShivaMcnaughton That’s a beautiful note @CroweAlistair Adorable @kaibarcellos @Minus20Design Colour me surprised @kaibarcellos @Minus20Design @bayne_wendy @RebeccaEAI1307 @Kellyrei007 @JA_Roles_Author @J_WBerry @jlrothstein1 @ReneeGendron @CMatthewsAuthor @groot_molly @jimmyITG @mandeepstan @RangerTyion @richardbist @SoCal_Chemistry
Retweeted by Luís @Minus20Design @bayne_wendy @RebeccaEAI1307 @Kellyrei007 @JA_Roles_Author @J_WBerry @jlrothstein1 @jzpitts @sfmnu @NigamaRv @plstuartwrites @disneymom1126 @an_mishka @iammalicool @SPOFarrell3 @ForgottenAstro2 @CK_Ruppelt @KateTheFancy @YourMumKnows @PhoenixComrade Sometime between July of 2020 and now @cmramsburg @JaeMargal @kaibarcellos @PhoenixComrade Friends @Dovetale5 @EloquentEnigma Chocolate or coffee flavored for me please @life1ntroverted @CassThomps13 Yay!! @life1ntroverted @CassThomps13 With coffee and snacks in hand I venture forth!!! @SCEston Can’t help the way some people feel. It’s just the way it is bud. @JaeMargal @LuisHWrites This is just sadUntitled Crimes Against the Crown by Wendy Bayne Tags/Links or share you work/WIP @EvaAlton @brandy_cagle
Retweeted by Luís @Michaelbigchees The hat is great, the coat is a little off, but it’s an awesome picture all around. I’d say go for it,My boyfriend has to give his first neurological exam to a patient today & he used me as a mnemonic to remember the…
Retweeted by Luís @life1ntroverted @CassThomps13 Hasz I thought we were friends!! 😭Twitter doesn't have to be transactional. It's OK to support and share stuff you like without expecting anything i…
Retweeted by Luís @life1ntroverted @CassThomps13 I’m scared now. @CassThomps13 I actually just started watching Vampire Doaries for the first time thanks to @life1ntroverted Damon gets my vote. @KateTheFancy Have fun. @ArcherLewys Hope it’s not like regular popcorn where kernels magically get lodged in your teeth. Enjoy your treat. @PhoenixComrade Seems like funPreorder: #BookBoost #reverseharem #whychoose #rhreads #IARTG #EARTG #LGBT
Retweeted by Luís @ArcherLewys I’m all right, be safe. @RealFrozz But then I’d have to dig the hole and bury the body. Avoid cops and have an alibi. Much easier to just n… @EvaAlton @author_ayshen Sounds like a great dayMy life is like overcooked bacon. Not bad but nowhere near what it could have been
Retweeted by Luís @wolvy People still think I’m twelve so I definitely have to wait. @goldfishandgin @ArkHorton Thanks Magen, but I’ll make do. @goldfishandgin @ArkHorton @goldfishandgin @ArkHorton I’m not so good with the cold. But I’ll survive. Bitterly. How’re you handling things? @LillianRhaine I’d be pretty worried if it started to snow in Florida @ArkHorton It’s eight degrees Celsius here in my corner of Florida tonight and I hate it. @namaferd @RahamanWriting Thanks Naomi @RahamanWriting Take your time, it isn’t going anywhere. @cmramsburg Happy December!
#DarkLordCouncil #TheGardenWithers #Chapter #Eight #wattpad #TGW The eighth chapter of my Wattpad story The Garden… @tawlobat Yay!! @dana_lyr @bryanna_gary @mphippstessnear Thanks Dana Out 3: @bryanna_gary Thank you for being a light of sarcasm and a force for righteous anger in this troubled…
Retweeted by LuísShout Out 2: @DoctorKokomojo Thank you for like, way too many things to list here. @JDGreysonwrites Thank you for g…
Retweeted by LuísTwitter Shout Out 1: @Nick_Teal I miss smoking blunts and talking music and life philosophy w/ you @terracards I mi…
Retweeted by Luís @LindenmuthWendi Brazil @CassThomps13 Heya @hatter7607 XD Thank you P. D.I forgot my tags 😂 I'll tag these 3 lovely writers I wish to know more of: @OminousHallways @kaibarcellos
Retweeted by Luís @goldfishandgin @kaibarcellos will be most pleased to hear this @FosterFamTravel Sweet, pictures afterward? @FosterFamTravel It’s just the way it is Foster Fam. XD How’s life by the way, everything good? @FosterFamTravel With my family? Nope. With some friends, for sure.🧵**Tweet Thread**🧵 Welcome to my laboratory! I wondered which had more chocolate: a plain M&M or a peanut M&M. I…
Retweeted by Luís @kaibarcellos @EloquentEnigma Sure thing. morning everyone, remember, coffee/tea/juice is our friend. @kaibarcellos @EloquentEnigma @kaibarcellos @RahamanWriting The power of the puppySo! I usually have trouble getting to sleep. Sometimes I manage to fall asleep early and wake up early. Other t… @EvaAlton @CassThomps13 @LaraAnnDominick @author_ayshen @Spyder_Collins @LiteraryMemes1 PLEASE @EvaAlton @CassThomps13 @LaraAnnDominick @author_ayshen @Spyder_Collins Hmm...I don’t think Mr. Spyder has graced t… @lumbiepie @RahamanWriting What could it mean 🤔 @EvaAlton @CassThomps13 @LaraAnnDominick @author_ayshen I am constantly changing my face. A habit I stole from good… anyone who needs to hear it: I wrote seven novels (and had two lit agents) before my eighth was published. 4.5…
Retweeted by Luís @lumbiepie Gotta give points to the radio demon. @newberg_sean Depends on the kind of aid they need, if they’re being assaulted, sure. If they’re choking on food, I don’t know first aid.Brain Vs heart who's the real winner?
Retweeted by Luís @sfmnu Usually heart. People should look at things logically, weigh the pros and cons, see things a certain way.… type of personality are you attracted to?
Retweeted by Luís @WriterRaptor @stormrosewriter you Nigama ☺️ Link/tags @EloquentEnigma @SarahStrix @NyxEnchanted @LuisHWrites @borbalabranch
Retweeted by Luís @AndrewSlinde @RahamanWriting Angel of death would be fitting for the character. I was hoping to stay away from ang… @LuminaryChaos_ Here’s a meme