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I really like anime, and play basketball

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I read chapter 1 of "Choujin X". #MyAniListI just added "Choujin X" to my list using #MyAniList! people followed me and 6 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by
21 people followed me and 4 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by
dozens of people followed me and 6 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by @Aiden2OP Ty Brotha appreciated🔥😌 @benjijneb_ Thanks Benji😌🔥 @batkaitom Thanks king😌💙 @batkaitom Last interaction but Fr goat🔥😤 @TBZOMBI3 @AnitwtLs Not gonna lie sometimes it really makes me laugh @iSaintsreal Thanks Chris😌🔥 @Josh_szn2 Gonna miss them🔥😤 @Josh_szn2 Facts🔥 @lifelessweeb25 Thanks goat appreciated😌💙🔥 @AnitwtLs You know I’m glad I’m gonna take a break not gonna miss seeing this shit😭 @Darkosis4 Thanks brotha appreciated🔥😌 @WetToas Thanks goat and take care @chxrlzie Thanks char appreciated🔥😌💙 @Aliban999 Thanks zoro mean a lot form you😌🔥 @Unbroken_Sin Thanks sin😼🔥 really appreciated goat and you close to hit 700 too my early congrats king🎉 @rehaze__ Cya hanks gonna miss ya and take care💜🔥 @_maugua @WetToas Thanks toast appreciated🔥😌💙 @BellaArata14018 Thanks naina appreciated😌💙you close to hit 340🎉 @SeibaSuperSimp Thanks jack😌💙appreciated and take care too @_maugua Lol gracias Mau lo aprecio mucho viniendo de ti😌🔥te voy a extrañar💙 @batkaitom Thanks Tom🔥😌imma miss ya💙 @toxruu Cya @sama_kj Thanks Kj appreciated🔥💙😌 @CEOofShirou_ Thanks bro🔥😌 @toxruu Thanks goat appreciated😼🔥gonna miss you💙 @LenalsBakery Thanks goat @UnbrokenSlayer2 Thanks goat appreciated🔥😌gonna miss ya too💙 @IconStinger04 Thanks Icon appreciated🔥😌🙏 gonna miss ya @Yoru_Akumu Ofc🔥😌 @LenalsBakery Gonna try to be in your marriage goat dw and thanks king need to do a lot of things🔥😌💙 @LenalsBakery Thanks goat appreciated😌🔥💙 @Grid_Glxy Thanks grid😌💙gonna miss your bangers tweets🔥😩Before anyone unfollows Thanks for the 470 goats🙏🔥Really appreciated😌💙gonna take an undefined brake so cya y’all @kavrimichi @hawksangeI He just want to be save 😭tr spoiler . . . . . . . . . . . . I only know PAIN
Retweeted by LUIS_xd @hawksangeI This hurts😭 @hulkgamerxx Go ahead @RailgunFan1 3rd circle let’s go🔥💙Tokyo Revengers is trending we love to see it 🔥🐐
Retweeted by LUIS_xd @hulkgamerxx Man love to see it😩🔥🔥🔥 @OverallOtaku Congrats King well deserve it😌🔥
@ITADIKEY Lol @xMellowo LmaoReminder that Takemichi will Never Give up🔥😤 #TokyoRevengers @xMellowo Banger tweet and gn mellow sleep well🔥😌The pool is filled with my tears💧👄💧 #TokyoRevengers
Retweeted by LUIS_xd @getovibes Same😭 @Yoru_Akumu Congrats Akumu🔥💙 GOOOO WOKE UP TO 600 (again)! thank you guys so much y’all are goats fr! getting closer and closer to 1k hope…
Retweeted by LUIS_xdlob 20? I follow back🥸
Retweeted by LUIS_xdbaji keisuke my beloved i cant wait to see you in the anime #tokyorevengers
Retweeted by LUIS_xd @vinkkinx 🗿 @rintohsakka Love to see this @ChainsawVespa Lmao @judaaime Gn taka sleep well @akirafudo99 Gn aki sleep well @ro0550 Lmao @hoesweremad Facts🔥 @getovibes Lmao😭😂 @hoesweremad Pain fr😭but takemichi would do it he never give up @hoesweremad Lmao fact😭😂This part was so funny, he ruined his wholesome date 😭 #TokyoRevengers
Retweeted by LUIS_xd @FalseDreams01 Dam glad I’m want here cya ani @BlackDiamond1X Ayo second circle let’s go🔥🔥💙 @Grid_Glxy You know I think this has become my top 1 @sammyverttt Gn Sammy sleep well @Ariluvsanime Big w enjoy AriI TOLD YALL THAT YASUKE ANIME WAS FINNA BE TRASH!!!!!!!! Now watch Tokyo Revengers
Retweeted by LUIS_xd @ro0550 Lmao😭 @Deggs123 Nice @SagelyMortal Gm aud enjoy your day @BlackDiamond1X Yes𝐼 𝑊𝑎𝑛𝑛𝑎 𝑆𝑡𝑎𝑦 𝐻𝑒𝑟𝑒 𝐹𝑜𝑟𝑒𝑣𝑒𝑟 ~ #TokyoRevengers #trtwt #東京リベンジャーズ
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