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@Saitamagoated Yeah top 40 is alright @DiamondRainx Bro decided to spit facts @hulkgamerspamz Spittin for mashed potatoes @40yoMoomer Manga is amazing too I recommend reading @40yoMoomer @BasedLuffy56 Can't believe he's actually gonna do it @Saitamagoated Except the S tier protagonist take I agree with everything else @bleach_bryan Ssj2 @animeroto Bro what are they doing 😭 @Saitamagoated @xoxmicweeb @ZeinithK You lucky @ZeinithK @xoxmicweeb @Saitamagoated The fandom is not only conflicted by themselves and hate each other (depending… @xoxmicweeb @Saitamagoated Nah they're just one of the worst fandoms in anime @xoxmicweeb @Saitamagoated Haters are just as bad @xoxmicweeb @Saitamagoated The fandom is toxic af idk how you haven't had experiences with them @Saitamagoated @xoxmicweeb Big W imo @YassoAApples @PridefuISin Spittin imo @xoxmicweeb @Saitamagoated People who are dickriding Naruto like crazy and bringing the whole fandom down @sidz_250 I'm liking it so far @Shawn253059311 Wanna off myself after seeing this @Saitamagoated 😳 @Saitamagoated Yessir @Saitamagoated YOOOO BIG W TAG ME And don't pay attention to the fandom it's ass @PridefuISin What if my favourite female character is Jolyne🗿 @AnimefanJ11 🧐 @NameIessReaper Shit is so dumb 😂 @nkkolo87 💀💀💀 @The25thBam_ @AnimefanJ11 Crazy how I agree with all of these @reaper_szn Nah but fr start something else @BasedLuffy56 @The25thBam_ W imo @Shirohige4PF Which manga is the dude from bottom middle from @Sanjistars You'll see soon🗿 @SlikSimpsRin @AnimefanJ11 I always liked white chocolate the most deal with it @AnimefanJ11 @SlikSimpsRin W
@AlexandraALT03 💀 @AlexandraALT03 Warm milk clear @dumbjojofand4c Holy shit imagine @HawkEyeYafi Same @BlackClover_twt Agreed the adaptions look terrible @IllusiveTheGod Parasyte has a great adaptation? @HawkEyeYafi Bro that smg is broken and shotguns barely do damage @HawkEyeYafi W it's been fun actually but spray meta is so annoying @HiatusxHiatusss I'm ngl the cgi was throwing me off I couldn't even get past ep1 but don't let based see this @HiatusxHiatusss Damn @HiatusxHiatusss I've been watching Blue Period and it's not that had tbh it's a comfort anime for me @HiatusxHiatusss Dorohedoro?3x3 of my favorites female characters in animanga 🧍‍♀️
Retweeted by Luka 🥸 | CR: Tokyo Ghoul @The_Real_Savag3 Thanks goat @The_Real_Savag3 Yeah I guess so. Part 1 looks great so far and I think s1 adaptation was good @OneNear2 @kaio_9k @AlexOfAqua Bro chill 😭 @PainOKH @The_Real_Savag3 I am reading it, I watched it like 2 3 years ago @Honyarara00 @Sanjistars @TheRadio_Demon_ Facts @TheRadio_Demon_ Anything goes doesn't have to be this 4 @BrndOlivia That must've felt terrible @BasedLuffy56 Good enough ig @1036Jd Need a fact check @BasedLuffy56Kanao is so adorable
Retweeted by Luka 🥸 | CR: Tokyo Ghoul @BrndOlivia I need to peep the manga @BasedLuffy56 W top 4 I'd personally put Noelle or Mereoleona here tho @AlexandraALT03 Sadly that happens often @darkkingheezy You spitting for 7ds, can't say for TG yet I'm early into it @hasand_lelouch Last one is berserk @DiamondRainx Didn't watch it tbh is it really that bad @SANJAY439434951 Yeah true, they just adapting 1 chapter per episode at this point @MoreZayyy Spit @labydeta Quick question which ones do you recommend reading besides tg I'm reading it rb @The25thBam_ That's you @SANJAY439434951 Don't think anyone would bother ever making all of it ever again, maybe the first arcs @The25thBam_ Same as you, just replace Naruto with hunter x Hunter @nthbutahero_ Yeah definitely @Trxxcks That sucks why would they change that @bj11223317 Animation got ass and a peak fight was messed up @PkMemes9 I almost forgot about it, that slide show animation looked terrible @hxtoshi_ @AlexOfAqua Doesn't have to be, I haven't seen it so I can't say though @NameIessReaper Iconic opening @ItsPsychedd I wish it happens one day man @The_Real_Savag3 Fr... @Trxxcks This is soul eater? @FuriousSupreme Yeah manga is peak @DN1Z3N Need to read it too @SyhaMolly Yeah it's not @k7aNAyaan Does that matter @Nillwas S2 was good too @FNPanda_ Enjoying it so far @PridefuISin @kaisenpei That's why I only plan to read it @NameIessReaper Atleast s1 of TG was good @reaper_szn I'm really intrigued now because I don't see it happening any other way @reaper_szn Damn fr? 😭 @SlikSimpsRin Nah people definitely think SDS deserves a better adaptation, me included Also these are just examples you can say any anime @BryanNNTET Agreed @mugenws Knowing how much it's respected as a manga I believe this @SuBhAmMRidU Love* @SuBhAmMRidU I'd live for madhouse to animate tg ngl @AlexOfAqua @kaio_9k LMFAOO fr @AlexOfAqua Even I felt like that shit was rushed even thoNi never read the manga @FuriousSupreme Never should've changed their animation studio smh, used to be one of my fav series @DevDaami Really? I remember putting it on my watchlist long ago. Should I read manga instead!